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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 29, 2017 12:04 am

General Rules AKpo771

1. NO god-modding/power-playing/mixing. We will NOT put up with it in this realm. You will get two warnings, then will be booted from the group.

2. No playing indestructible characters. Everyone CAN die one way or another...even Gods.

3. RESPECT. That's what it is all about in here, people. And also on that note, just remember this: To get respect, you must EARN it. Respect everyone OOC. Don't be a punk and start mixing.

4. Anyone who has been a member for just 5 minutes and asks to become a Group Officer, or a very strong character IC, will be shot. There are sacred spots in this group. If you want it, earn it.

5. No bringing your RL problems in here. We don't want them...

6. We are not a pansy zone. Rooms are always open fight zones and kill zones. If you can't calmly decide amongst yourselves who wins and who loses, then the fight/conflict is void. Mods are ordered to boot those that take an IC fight OOC and can not come to a conclusion amongst themselves. That being said, role-play does not/should not stop if a fight is going on, and don't ask people to stop. You wanna fight, do it. The world doesn't revolve around you and this is not an arena.

7. Problems with other characters? Deal with it OOC in your own time. Remember that not everything in life is hunky fucking dorey, so, yes there will be drama. Your character may not like another character and in turn that character may not like your character. IT'S JUST A GAME. Wanna have it out? Then do that. If you as a typist have an issue with another typist, then simply ignore their character or leave. You will not be missed.

8. If you have a problem with a character's typist, please do not take it out on the character, and vice versa. Hash out typist to typist problems in the OOC room. If you think you need a mediator ask an officer/mod of the group.

9. Keep OOC to a minimum. If it gets out of hand in the Chat, then you will be warned, remember we have a room for strictly OOC talk. So take it there if you're not in the mood to role-play that day.

10. Rules are subject to changes as we see fit.

11. This is an active group and would like to remain so. If you cannot access Chat, then please let us know on the OOC Board. Other than that, if you are a member of this group, then you are to remain active by showing up to ROLE-PLAY. Hanging out in the OOC room when role-play is going on is not considered active. If you can not abide by this rule, you will be removed from the group.

12. Fight fair. If one person backs down from a fight, let it go and move on.

13. Please look over the Ten Commandments of Role-playing and the Role-player's Creed. They, and the Rules, are up to help you.
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General Rules
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