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 Mar and Ondine

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PostSubject: Mar and Ondine   Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:41 am

Artorias: "Go to the second tree and take a left she said. You can't miss it she said. It's a straight path from there, she, said. Yeah well, maybe for you it's a straight path!" The loud voice of a male echoed through the forested glade after a series of mumbling words. Looking left, right, up and down, it was blatantly obvious that the crimson haired figure was completely lost. Dressed nose to toe in black he was a bit difficult to spot in the darker area of the forest, only for his bright red hair he could almost sneak up on anyone at night. With all his shouting however, coupled with the hair, he wasn't the most stealth of characters, though his frustration was not so much with the direction given from a rather old woman in the town a few leagues behind him, but rather at his complete lack of directional abilities. He would get lost on a straight rode if he wandered it alone for more then 3 minutes.

Snapping branches, kicking stones, huffing and otherwise pissed off, Mar trudged on. Eventually e would find the next town or city? Right? And this time he would take a cart to his destination, at least that's what he told himself, but pride, or possibly stupidity often had him determined this time he would not get lost, yet lost he got. Night had passed, the sun was well into the sky and his mood was only getting worse, but at least the rain had subsided. After a few more miles, the directionless dolt fell upon a set of structures, obviously abandoned from the overgrown visage and all round unkept landscape. The forest had reclaimed this portion of it's forest, and by the looks of it this had happened a long time ago.

"A town, I wanted a town, not a project" -Mar shouted towards the clouds as if someone would hear him. With a sigh, he made his way further into the clearing. There could possibly wild animals about, though now that he had shouted his disapproval to the gods, they had surely run off. Tactical as always was Mar. Moving towards the main house he started pulling vines from the entrance, the door long since fallen from rusted hinges. Glancing about it looked as if whoever lived here just up and left one day, vanished as if into thin air, though it was so long ago the table seemed to have come alive again as sprouts grew from it's surface, the bed was tipped to the side and the fireplace was covered in cobwebs.

Pulling the last of the vines from his way, a russle came from under the table. Sliding his foot backwards, Mar's deep blue eyes squinted, fighting against the dim lighting of the room to see what it was. Then, suddenly, bursting from beneath the table a black horned figure lunged at the man. Right as it was about to contact with Mar however, it veered sharply to the side and took off out the door, squealing and bounding into the forest. It was a boar, a young one at that for it wasn't very big. "Guess the residents are not all that accomidating, huh." Shaking his head and chuckling, he walked inside and towards the fireplace.

Still wet from the nights downpour, he chucked the vines he held, along with scraps of wood laying about into the hearth of the fireplace, he took something from his pouch and with a few quick strikes, sparks flew from the flint and steel and ignighted the dry wood. Quickly warmth once again flooded into the room and light bounced off the decrepid interior. "It's not a kings suite, but it's shelter" As the flames bounced around, something caught his attention in the corner of the room off to the left of the fireplace. A figure, not alive obviously, yet human shaped, or rather elven shaped from those pointed ears. Moving over too it, Mar's brow knotted as he knelt down.

"A mannequin?" Reaching forward he poked the head of the wooden form, pushing it back slightly causing cobwebs to snap and dust to fall along it's dress. "You're a bit big for a kids play thing aren't you?" Mar wasn't expecting a reply, though it seemed he was rather fond of his own voice for he spoke to himself quite often.

Absolum: O's lavender eyes had been wide open but light had long since left the small hut especially after the recent downpour. Outside the dusty windows the world was overcasted and grey but the smell of fresh earth was almost sweet. The doll hadn't moved an inch when someone came into the hut. She remained, slumped on the floor in a heap just as she had been left almost two hundred years ago. In fact, it had taken the entire time span between when Mar entered to when he poked her forehead for her mind to slowly return to the surface; for lack of a better phrase.

His finger pressed into her silicone like skin which was made of rubbery tree sap and magic. Rocking back slightly, O tittered forward and her eyes slowly closed and opened again. Her jaw creaked as her lips parted. "K-K-Kids?" A rusty but soft voice ventured. Ondine had never seen children before. The mage had always filled his cart and gone for days into the city by himself. Her jaw worked slowly, the silicone like skin stretching and moving like real lips and facial skin. O blinked again. This time a bit more rapidly but it still didn't look much like a blink.

On the floor her hands were resting against the earthen floor and vines had sprung up from the soil looping around her arms, bunching the sleeves of her dress and growing wild about her little form. Her wrists pressed into the earth, palms turned upwards and her fingers began to move. Crick - crick - creak. She had Mythril metal joints and bones under her sappy skin. Her teeth were carved from the tusks of fallen boars and her tongue was the same rubbery material as her skin but it all seemed to work together well enough to allow her a voice. Spiders wiggled free of her long, tucked back hair and skittered down her face, and arms. The awkward tickely feeling that usually made people squirm didn't seem bother the doll and she didn't even react to it.

Her eyes closed for a moment, then opened again - another blink. It was as if her programming were coming back online. Turning her head to the side emitting a sound much like an unused door being opened slowly. She twisted her neck to the other side and let her head loll forward for a long moment. The silence lasted long enough for one to wonder if she'd gone back to "sleep". Creeeeak. O lifted her head. Flames danced across her pale skin and she gave another blink that was almost at a normal speed.

Standing in the frame of her vision was a man with bright red hair and his form was shrouded in black cloth and fur. He was not her mage. He was far to young and from what she remembered of her lessons, creatures got older not younger. "Who... are... you?"

Artorias: It blinked? The action performed by the previously thought inanimate object didn't fully register with Mar for a moment. Figuring it was his grumpy state and the idea of possibly having company obviously led him to seeing things. It was a doll, even in a crazy world like this where the dead walk, children's toys tended to just stay toys. Right?

It was a good theory at first, until the 'doll' spoke. As if struck, Mar fell slat back on his ass, dust from the gathered centuries forming a plume around him for a moment as he himself blinked. Though not as slowly as the doll, rapidly, numerous times like a shutter on an old movie projector, trying to comprehend what was happening. Then, it began to move. Sliding backwards, Mar stayed on his ass, pushing himself along the floor though not able to tear his eyes from the toy coming to life before him.

Each creek of her fingers, the rusting and clicking strain of her body parts moving again after who knew how long in 'atrophy'. Least that's what would happen if it had been alive. It was like something from a nightmare, a doll coming to life to kill everyone around, Mar half expected it to pull a knife from it's dress and lung at him. But instead, it's head lulled forward and it froze again.

In the long silent pause, the male turned his legs behind him and rose to his knees, now on all 4's and still looking at her. Then, once again, she came to life. It was a she right? Had to be, even toys had sexes. Least that's what he gathered when seeing children running around with their much smaller dolls.

"Who am I? What are you?" The shock was more then clear in his voice. His tone rose when he rebuttled her question with one of his own. "Since when does furniture come to life? Are the chairs next? Is the bed going to jump at me?" As if scaring himself, Mar's head shot around the room, looking from piece to piece confirming or denying what he was saying, and thankfully it was the latter.

After a moment his own head lulled forward and a long sigh escaped him. Well, his father would certainly be proud of him today, getting startled by a doll. The son of a Proto-God, scared of a little girls toy. More then likely it was just on a timer, an action that was programmed in to give it a life like appearance so a child could play with a friend so far from a town or city.

"Shesh. I'm talking to a doll, great." Lowering his head to the floor, Mar started to laugh, no longer believing the doll was alive, thinking it only a toy that was going through the motions. "I must be seriously tired, first a boar, now a doll. Good times" He spoke into the dirt, resting for a moment as he calmed himself.

Absolum: This time she blinked with correct timing. Her head tilting to the side, dust fluffing out of her hair, stray tendrils of silk woven hair wisping about her features. His questions jumped at her too quick for her readjusting mind to comprehend and it was clear in her placid features she didn't even attempt to let them whirl the literal gears of her mind. Instead while he rambled on, Ondine managed to turn one of her hands over and start to unwind it from the tangled the weeds. Unwilling to break the vines, she only managed to make more of a mess.

Once again silence stretched between them. One trying to calm his nerves, the other unphrased by his confusion and fear, tangling her limbs in vines while trying to free herself. Lifting her head once more, O's lavender eyes peered through the wavering darkness at the mat of red hair on the ground. "Excuse me..." Her voice was slow, precise as if she were reciting. "Excuse me, sir, would you mind helping me up?"

Artorias: Once he was regained himself somewhat, Mar rose to his feet and dusted off his clothing. A machine, that's all it was. A very advance, scarily lifelike machine that seemed more like an experiment then a child's toy, but maybe that was the end result. Though why was it left here of all places?

When she spoke, Mar again hesitated. He wasn't the most adventurous of types, which given his upbringing was a baffling conundrum. One would expect him at the head of the battle lines, charging flaming sword in one hand and female in the other, a hero and warrior from old. Though, that wasn't the case. Mar could hold his own in any situation, yet it was his relaxed state that tended to confuse most rational beings.

Walking over to the doll, the young looking, male, the only skin showing being that of his eyes, ears and forehead, smiled, chuckled almost as he started to untangle the doll from the vines, though not having her delicate touch, he broke them, tore them and tossed them into the flames, adding to the fires lifespan. Reaching then, under her arms, he picked her up and placed her on her feet.

"What are you? An experiment?" Still he was not convinced she was 'alive' but rather a system with set responses to set questions. The one he asked he could only hope was programmed into her.

Absolum: O stared blankly at the man as she waited to see if he would indeed help her up. She was hollow to a certain extent, not physically per say but emotionally and not completely at that. Because she was quite emotionally detached there was simply nothing going on in her head as she waited, just as there had been when the mage left her. Told to wait where he'd rested her on the floor in the corner, she'd done just that and nothing else for almost three centuries. Thus, if he never answered her or even turned and walked away, she would feel no which way about it.

Finally, however, the bewildered man began to rip her free of the confines of the vines. Hoisting her up, plumes of dust curled off of her and long abandoned spider webs fell off of her from giving the illusion of smoke to an extent. The doll was back on her feet, which had turned inward as they flopped back to the floor. She slouched forward, shoulders stooped, head lolled forward and to once side, knees slightly bent. Her left arm twitched with such force that it flew forward only to drop back to her side. "Hmm..." She mused as if that was not reaction from her arm that she wanted.

His voice drew her attention, head, arms and back jerking, twisting, jolting until she was standing stiffly upright and all the dust had been worked out of her upper joints. The doll gave two slow blinks and her lips parted,"Ex - per - i - ment... Experiment. An orderly procedure carried out with the goal of verifying, refuting, or establishing the validity of a hypothesis." Turning her head, O gazed right into his eyes,"No. I do not believe so. Perhaps. Are you?"

Artorias: Mar had to fight himself off of shivering at her quick, jerky and creeking movements every time she wanted to do something. Oh yes, a guy of legend was Mar, one to be emulated across the millenia. Shaking his head to regain his senses, he chuckled at her response. It only made him think she was a machine all the more. Was he an experiment? An odd question to say the least.

"You could say that." Mar wasn't always open to talking about his past or his existence as a whole. He was the son of a Proto-God, the prototype for the pantheons that those of today worshiped or hated. They were in all respects, experiments of the creators and Mar was just another generation.

Turning away from the doll he ran his gloved hand through his hair and sighed. "I'm talking to a toy" Perhaps now he really had lost it, this thing was not alive, it was akin to talking to a parrot in his mind at this moment for the crimson haired male was still not convinced the doll was a sentient being. "I'm hungry" He spoke, not to anyone in particular, but rather to himself, as he so often loved to do.

With his mind rewinding he cursed himself for not catching that boar earlier, or stocking up in the previous town, it looked as though he would have to hunt for his dinner yet again. Still scratching his head, a glance was cast back to the doll. "Don't suppose you have food tucked away in a hidden compartment, huh?" It was more a sarcastic question, making fun of himself for even starting the communication process with the toy. Though, at least he wasn't alone, so to speak.

Absolum: Most of his responses didn't really spark a need for her to reply or continue conversation with him. 'You could say that.' Might of had another person asking questions or internally wondering what he meant by that, but at this moment O had no curiosity in here. Her development of emotions was stunted with her long "sleep" in the corner. He did make a rather off handed statement that sparked a response from her though. "I am not a toy." Her words were flat, having the same lack of infliction as when she recited the meaning of the word experiment. She wasn't annoyed or indignant, simply stating a fact.

Ondine didn't no hunger, if she had she might have moved even a little bit all these years, but she had no need for food nor a craving for it. She did, however, remember watching the mage eat and understood that other beings and creatures needed sustenance. She could prepare meals, even hunt animals but had no need for what their cooked corpsed produced for others.

Twisting slightly to look at him since he'd turned away from her, her eyes seemed bright even in the dim flickering light of the small room. "Com-part-ment. Compartment. One of the parts or spaces into which an area is subdivided." Her head shook, dust sprinkling around her. "No. I am not divided. I will make food."

Not waiting for his answer, the doll took a jerked step forward, her upper half folding almost in half. She froze. Her upper half swung upwards; upright again, and she took another step. Step after step, she moved toward the fallen door grace forming in her steps as she moved. By the time the doll stepped over the threshold she was moving like a normal being. Before passing the grown over lamp post, she removed the glass bowl twisted somewhere deep within it. The sun was about half set, so the ground was dusted with firefly that were easily scooped into the orb and replaced in the lamp post providing a dim moving light.

O went into the abandoned barn and not long after there was a deafening squeal of pain before it simply, abruptly stopped. Emerging from the stables, Ondine had the limp body of a small boar under her arm. Her trail back to the cottage took longer than her stroll out while she picked mushrooms, uprooted potatoes and carrots. She was even able to find a few apples under the tree. The bushel of veggies and fruit held well in her skirts and was deposited on the table the fire, pig and all. Picking up a jar from the stove, the doll was off again, only this time to return with the jar filled with thick golden liquid and again her skirts were filled, only this time with herbs. Then she was off again, bucket in hand, returning with it full.

With a branch from the fire he'd already started, she was able to start yet another under the stove. She took down the dusty wares and rinsed them off in the bit of water she'd poured in the wash basin. She started a pot of tea, and after finding a knife and sharpening it on a wet stone, she put chopped veggies into a pot of boiling water, then began to dismember the baby boar.
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PostSubject: Re: Mar and Ondine   Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:42 am

Artorias:Mar was starting to consider rethinking his choice in words as the droid like doll recited another definition, dissecting his words and placing them under a microscope before simply saying, no. Shaking his head, a chuckle was about to rumble in his chest, but before it was brought to fruition, she was up and off.

With how she moved, one would think it was only a day ago she had zipped around this structural glade, gathering items, cleaning what needed cleaning, cooking and preparing a meal. At the rate she was going, all Mar could do was stand to the side and watch, one step in the wrong direction and he was almost sure she would run him over without giving it a second thought. Because of this, his mind nor tore between the idea that, was she a machine carrying out a preprogrammed set of guidelines including responses and information. Or did she in fact hold a sentient mind and she was simply 'waking up' after who knew how long.

At his previous guess, Mar considered her to be the creation of an elf. The pointed ears, perfectly framed face, high cheekbones and strong jaw, even if it were all gears and silicone to give of the illusion of life. For the first time since he arrived, Mar wasn't the clumsy unsure figure he often portrayed. His features her stoic, mind reeling and arms folded across his broad chest

The elves were known for their magic, though it was the dwarves that delved into the realm of mechanics. Was this a compilation of the two? It, or rather, she said she was not an experiment, but what else could fashion such an object. Unless it meant there were others and she was just another in a stream line of production. But even that seemed unlikely. 'Living dolls' were rare, even in a world of dragons and gods. Life had order, this thing, this doll, defied that order and perhaps it was this fact alone that pulled the young looking male to his senses. Being the son of a proto-god, even life had meaning to him. The order of life and death, even if one were immortal were never rended astray. Just what does this elven dwarf hybrid creation mean on the greater scheme of things.

Another shake of his head pulled his mind from question after question and Mar walked across to the table. Pulling a seat back, he tossed his large form into it's hard embrace and kicked his feet up on the table. Once again his demeanor changed. If one were to look upon surface value alone, the man might have seem to hold multiple personalities almost.

"What is your name?" His question came calmly, not wishing to startle her from her task or seem too pushy as to sound demanding. Though why he took the aspect of feelings into the equation he could not out rightly say.

Absolum: Seasoned meat, set aside, the doll continued her work chopping up the apples and glazing them with the honey she'd taken from the hive in the tree. Emptily unaware of his musing and change of demeanor but aware of his move from the corner to the table, the creation slid the tray of sliced apples to the side and washed her hands off. As she was drying her hands his question pierced the silence of the room and she froze, looking slightly up at the ceiling. Long, errant vines were dangling there weaving in and out of each other, tangled and yet still reaching for the floor.

She wasn't contemplating anything, not in a normal sense anyway. Her mind was still more like a file folder, most of it's pages were blank though with faint lettering showing up here and there. Nope. The file with her name on it had such faded, half formed letters so O simply blinked once and went back to what she was doing, ignoring his question altogether. Whether she was simply bidding time for the letters to appear stronger in her mind could not be deciphered from the look on her face.

Thick, meaty bits of boar were shuffled into the thickening soup. While that cooked, she poured out a cup of tea an walked it over to him, staring down into his face or what she could see of it. The bright color of his hair, pale features half covered. Placing the steaming tea down in front of him, her hand simply wavered over the table, shifting from one object to another without actually lifting. A normal person would have pulled their hand away and then reached back down for something else. Instead, Ondine just let her hand shift over like a scanner to the dusted over candles there. Peeling back cobwebs and pushing dust away from wick, she picked up the wax column and stuck the wick into the fire. Once it was lit, she lit the other on the table and replaced it.

Keeping busy, the mannequin set the table rather formally. She even swung out the dust from a fine napkin and folding it under his flatware. Removing the iron pot from hanging over the fire and placing it on a small stand in the middle of the table, O dished him out a full bowl of stew for her guest. In the midst of walking back to grab the tray of apples, she froze, literally mid step. Seconds ticked by, and she remained just like that, then suddenly her bare plastic foot hit the ground again. It made no noise, but dust plumed around it. "O. You may call me O." As if nothing unusual had taken place, she retrieved the apple slices and placed them to caramelize over the fire. There she remained until action was again needed.

Artorias: Not having his question answered immediately or with a list of factual responses gave Mar a gleaming insight into the mind of the doll, though it was more like a quick flash then anything. It's not really like you can read the minds of programs, they follow tasks set before them without much consideration as to why they do them, just that they have too. Though the pause she took with her own name gave him some idea as to how long she must have been 'sleeping'.

It wasn't a secret that if you leave a computer for too long and turn it on, it's cold core would struggle to regain all data, though it was all still there, just 'rusted' behind years of unuse. This fact gave Mar another confirming fact that she was just an object created, probably to maintain the up-keeping of the house for whoever lived here.

When she set the tea down in front of him, Mar looked up to her, then back at the cup again and eventually to her slow moving hand. Again, another step in a preprogrammed move-set, least that's all he could think of. After she turned, he reached for the cup but paused for a moment as she finally seemed to find the section that contained her 'name'.

"O" He repeated, casting the sound to memory. A simple name, but more like a designation. Perhaps it went by the human alphabet, which could mean many came before her, another hammer in the production line of manufactured past. Raising the warm cup to his covered lips and sipping the hot liquid through his mask as if it were nothing out of the ordinary, he let out a satisfied sigh, placing it down at the same time she returned with the stew.

A loud grumble rumbled in his stomach, his body reminding him he had taken far too long to feed himself. Taking the now clean fork to his hand, he smiled, though unseen in all portions of his face other then the light and slight squint of his deep blue orbs. "Thank you." Stabbing a piece of meat, Mar rose it to his lips, though, just like before, he did not remove the mask, and unexpectedly, the form and meat passed through the fabric unhindered. Tearing the meat from the utensil, Mar chewed and let out another groan of high satisfaction.

"Perfect, O." As time passed, silence only breaking as he chewed and drank, Mar finally came to his next question. "Who created you, O?" He did not break his eating pattern though, speaking slightly through bites of food and sips of the warm tea, not wishing to waste a second and depriving himself of a moment of tasteful relaxation.

Absolum: Time didn't pass for O. In motion, frozen, it didn't seem to matter. Being of no use gave her time to internally do some dusting of her own. While doing so, she heard him repeat her name and somewhere deep in her knew that single letter was not all there was to her. The fire light flickered across her face, lavender eyes empty as she sat internally. She did not respond when he thanked her, or complimented her cooking skills. To a certain extent she was programmed. The first time she'd "woken up" the mage had taken a long time to teach her to do many things. The more she did them, the more "humanly" the actions appeared, but after so long of inaction and wait, many things had been pushed down and her actions were still stiff compared to his fluid, natural motions.

The last time he spoke, O turned her until her chin was resting on her shoulder and she could see his face. Then, without her head moving, she turned her body to meet it's current position. Craning her head to the side, slightly she regarded him for a moment. Truth be told even as she began to remember days past with the mage, the mage had been her own companion if you could call it that. Never once in her years of living had O come across another humanoid creature. There was no one else to speak with, take care of, or learn from but the mage. This man, whom she did not know, was a new stimulant. Thus, every time he posed a question or statement that caused her gears to whirl the sparks of curiosity within her started to flash wanting to come to life.

"The mage." The words finally echoed from her. The mage. That was the only way she knew to describe the man. It was how he first introduced himself and therefore it was the only way she could recall him. If this man gathered nothing from her response he would he out of luck for deeper inspection of her words.
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Mar and Ondine
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