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 Heavy Metal 3000 Act 1

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PostSubject: Heavy Metal 3000 Act 1   Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:37 am

Arador: Typical lab or medical center found aboard a prison vessel with cold walls, cold steal tables, instruments kept relatively clean and a doctor that wasn't recruited for his medical expertise of willingness to go above and beyond for patients. No one tended to care about prisoners, and even less cared about pirate prisoners. Even other pirates would stab you for a piece of gold or an extra bowl of gruel in this dump. The only saving grace was this was a prison for special class of pirates and thieves, outlaws and space bandits. It was the only one designed for cyborgs new and old and even the experimentation of federation space combat gear. Null was one of those experiments. Caught as a cyborg with no other enhancements but a new left arm, the federation prison had seen fit to give him a new right arm and two new legs, and all that was when he just went in for a minor cough. Funny what medicine can do to one these days. The job, however, that Null had seen fit to be captured for on purpose, was suppose to be a quick in and out, week max. Well, that was 3 years ago and a few 'upgrades' later he was finally ready and willing to leave. All it took was the doc to tighten the last bolt on his forearm piece and then, bam. Null's arm shot out and grabbed the man by the throat and crushed his windpipe before he could issue the shut down command. Being on the 'good inmate' roll now for a while, the guards and attendants had become a little too relaxed around him which of course, caught poor Edgar off his game. Hopping from the table and placing Edgar upon it, he covered the male with a sheet and retrieved a small scalpel from the table adjacent. A quick knock on the door, stab to the jugular and jerk inside and the guard posted in the hall was too quickly dispatched. Two corridors down and 3 doors from the left, Null would find his target, another Pirate that was far from on the guards good books undergoing some maintenance on his old suit. The increased security made things a little tougher, but not harder. With that, Null grabbed a clean lab coat, put it on, and slipped out of the room with a clip board covering his face, given he also recieved a new jaw for his 'good behaviour'.

Acheron: Systematic shocks sent his body into spasms for roughly ten seconds a time, you’d have thought that years and years of shock treatment they would have learned to turn things up a notch on the torture but in doing so they would have risked losing something valuable, well multiple valuable things if you wanted to be precise about it. Graves’ body hit the table with a thud, metal clashing against metal as the sound of the machine charging once more filled the otherwise quiet room, some old man in a doctor coat, two armed cyborg guards with pretty modern tech and then the warden of the lovely establishment stood in front of him; ears open waiting to hear information that they’d been trying to get for years. Semi grey blackened hair fell against his face as his head rolled to the side, it was odd how even though they had basically nailed different pieces onto him over the years that he still felt pain, muscles still ached from the shocks, even worse with the added metal strapped to his body. “Turn it up, but try not to kill him before we get the information we need.” Graves’ eyes opened, bright blue hues aimed towards the doctor who currently held the button that was inducing the shocks to his suit, apparently a new upgrade that was more so meant to damage him that help out whoever it was they made these things for. His eyes passed over the guards in their shiny metal and gold trimmed gear, the kind of equipment you really only got from being rich, stealing it or protecting someone who had a lot of money, eyes falling to the warden and the man strapped down spoke, his gritty voice hoarse from lack of water or any type of nourishment. “Why do my upgrades never come with the shiny armour? I have a reputation to uphold and you’re fucking with it, that alone gives me more than enough reason to take your…” His threat was cut short by a small chubby finger pressing the button that connected all the wires to different parts of his suit, this time the count went well past mere seconds, but on the brighter side he wouldn’t have to charge for a while.

Arador: As Null made his way through the corridors, turned out guards didn't give a second glance to someone in a lab coat. Probably because they never considered someone trying to break out of a prison ship. Not a whole lot of places to run when floating around space. Even though the guards were as geared in cybernetics as the inmates, theirs was a little 'newer' and better maintained. They didn't however, have the training, and suits could only get someone so far. After the last turn, Null stopped at the corner, 2 guards standing before the room he needed to gain entrance too. Rolling his shoulders, clipboard held before his face once again as he turned the corridor, walking towards the guards. As always, both looked forward, not paying much heed. That was until he stopped between them. "You know. The coat's comfy and all, but white really isn't my color" As the guards turned to look and the second delay that came with the realization that Null wasn't a lab assistant, was all the time he needed to smash one guard in the face, the heel of his hand driving against the mans nose killing him instantly. The second he grabbed by the arm, dragged him closed, punching him in the stomach and, as the muscles in his leg tightened, the suit reacting to the action, increasing the power in his leg 10 fold, he kicked the guard dead center in the chest and drove him through the door into the room that held Null's. Standing in the doorway, a smirk tugged against the corner of his lip, though it was hidden beneath a mask. "Lucy. I'm home."

Acheron: His body finally stopped beating against the table he was strapped to when the sounds of fighting came from outside, he definitely heard a crack and moments later the door gave way to another guard looking guy who was standing on the other side. Graves’ eyes moved towards the intruder with brows narrowed, he had no idea who this guy was but it was clear he wasn’t a guard, some kind of inmate was the next choice but that didn’t explain the door being kicked in or the obvious scene he was making in front of the warden and his guards. Both guards turned and took steps in front of their boss, hell with their new and improve frame suit they were sure they were protected from just about anything else on the ship, even if they didn’t have the skills to back it up, after all they were merely glorified prison guards. “Don’t just stand there idiots, kill him!” The warden ordered and like good little solders they rushed towards the mech standing in the door, warden snickering from behind his metal guards and the doctor backing into a corner not really knowing what the fuck was going on. Graves’ shook his head from side to side, trying to get the shock out of system, his head back on track and his thoughts clear again, from his view he could only see the shiny backs of the guards and then the warden who was turning around to him currently. “Finally someone trying to break you out huh, looks like there’s more people out there who want that head of yours…To bad for them I’m going to get there first.” Graves’ leg twitched as he kicked upwards from the table, again and again until the lock came loose and his leg was free, the bar that had his foot bolted down flew up and with a kick forward the flat of his foot knocked the piece of metal into the wardens head, a hole the size of a can left on the wardens face and only other thing that could be made out after the wound was the smirk he wore before dying. “You talked far too much.”

Arador: Standing in the doorway, Null threw the clip board he still held against the forehead of the first guard like a Frisbee, cracking against his skull and splintering in multiple fragments. This knocked one guard off balance as the other launched a series of blows towards Null, each one blocked downwards with a slap of his hand, taking two steps back to cause the guard to over extend and loose his balance. Quickly followed up with a step forward and a headbutt directly against the bridge of the mans nose. Cybernetics or not, they were hopeless and as his body crumbled, Null offered one more blow that came in the form of a knee to the face that shot the man back into the room. This knee came in the form of a leap forward as Null launched towards the guard he hit earlier, Grabbing him by the throat and tossing him backwards and into the wall, a spinning toward the center of the mans spine was enough to finish that little excursion. "Well, if you are all done resting, pretty sure we should fine a ride off this rust bucket." Null didn't really wait for the guy to reply, at this point, that was their only option. Glancing at the lab assistant that was torturing Graves, Null fienged a lunch forward "Boo" This was enough to cause the man to almost back-flip away from him, tripping over one of the guards and Null to laugh as he jogged out of the room to the right.

Acheron: His attention was half on the man who had just broke in and started fighting and half getting out of the restraints, now that he didn’t have guards on him or electricity flowing through his body they weren’t so hard to break out of, a couple of slams later and he was free to watch the end of the fight and by that time it was clear that the Mech wasn’t a guard, which meant he was a prisoner, and one with some form of skill. Graves’ eyes glanced towards the doctor as he fell and ran out of the room, they followed up to the intruder and narrowed at what he said about getting off the ship, it looked like someone had finally gotten around to breaking him out; only issue was he wasn’t exactly ready to leave. “Right, sounds like a good idea, I assume you know the way so I’ll follow you.” Graves’ moved his hand towards the door gesturing for the stranger to go first.
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PostSubject: Re: Heavy Metal 3000 Act 1   Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:38 am

Arador: Making no effort to to step over the guards, Null stepped on the one male he had kicked in the lower back, shattering a few vertebra and with it, he took special care to twist his foot when coming off the man, knocking him out due to the pain overload. A smirk tugged at his lip as he left the room, not really ,looking back to see if Graves had followed, hearing his words was enough to already make Null not trust him, not that he did anyway. Keeping enough distance between them to react to any malicie intent and still close enough to react to guards popping out from around corners, he passed down one corridor, then a second, through 3 doors before arriving at one of the life pods. For some reason the whole prison was almost deserted, which should not have been the case. Especially because Null over heard from a guard that a shipment of new inmates were arriving today. When he stopped before one of the escape pods, he found it not as empty as he would have expected. Sitting inside seemed to be the form of a female, obviously not human, yet, still cute. Taking a step inside, Null leaned down and, unceremoniously, knocked on her head same as one would a door. Nothing happened for a second, and then, alarm bells sounded. "Ah, there we go. Though, if her head is connected to the alarm, what's the rest of her connected too" Null wasn't the most, serious of pirates, warriors, space outlaws or people in general. Which was strange now given his demeanor and combat suit, though if he knew a cold could turn someone into this, he would have sneezed years ago. "Guess the fun starts here huh" Null glanced back to see where Graves was at this moment.

Acheron: Crunch, snap followed by the sound of shattering bones and the man who’d broken into the room was finally over the bodies, it wouldn’t have taken him much effort to bypass harming the guards but it was clear he took more enjoyment hurting them than leaving them alone. Graves’ hand griped the side of the door frame as he moved around, the suit he wore still felt heavy and he wasn’t used to walking around just yet but it was all coming back to him, after all walking was just like riding a blue Terileptil stripper. As he watched the male vanish from sight Graves’ took the second to move the other way, he really didn’t need to move that fast considering it seemed like the guy didn’t even notice he was gone, he really wasn’t doing a good job of breaking out the prisoner but that’d probably be addressed later. Minutes later and he found himself searching the warehouse that was a few stories down from the hanger deck, box after box he’d break, push, smash, whatever it took to get it open and view the content, and like clockwork he’d go back to doing it all over again, and with only a few hundred shelves left he was bound to find what he was looking for eventually. Ringing and red lights interrupted his search for a second, seemed like the other escapee had done something to get attention drawn, and hopefully by the time the cyborg was caught and dealt with, Graves’ would have the item he was looking for and be able to stroll out of the place with ease. “Amateurs.”

Biird: Thunk. Ondine rocked in her chair, leaning back until she hit the headrest of the chair behind her, which sent her toggling forward and when she was finally righted in her chair, the sirens had started to go off and her inner gears had begun to whir. A coil, freed from the tear in the leather at the back of her seat pinged off the small door at the back of her neck, barely covered by her cropped purple hair. The door sprang open as has she rocked back, the coil caught on her on switch and her teetering in the chair flicked her on. Immediately, the android's eyes lit up. The shining purple irises coming to life; for lack of a better phrase. As if no time at all had passed from her previous mission to this moment, Ondine sprang into action. Her hand dancing across the controls in front of her as the pod began to power up. "Under heavy fire, Captain." Her voice boomed into the small space. "Rerouting auxiliary power to rear turbines. We'll be out of the auto gravity in no time." It was obvious she was still on her last mission as she never turned to see how had turned her on or even registered that the pod was docked and now powering up. Once it had though... "Setting course for the Candy constellation. ... Route confirmed. All systems online. Rear turbines power... Warp speed on stand by."

Arador: Null wondered why it was so quiet coming down the corridor, obviously too preoccupied with being caught to notice the other inmate had slipped away. "Well, there goes..." Though his normal witty banter was cut off at the former lifeless android started to spring to life, barking out a series of commands that would impress even the most seasoned of pilots. Though if the alarm wasn't razed before this it certainly would have been now at the pod roared to life. At the last section of her sentence his eyes grew wider. Warp speed? While clamped in place to the prison ship? He liked himself, sometimes even thought the world would be better with two of him, but to be ripped in half didn't really fall under that grand scheme. "Hey hey hey. Tin Lady. Might want to belay that order if you don't want to tear the ass off the pod." Grabbing her shoulder, he tried to spin her around to face him. "Not sure what you were dreaming about lass but best to wake up." Null knew it was her programming, but to jump back to life right in the middle of those actions could only mean she was shut down a bit too quickly. Reaching in front of her his fist came down on a section of the control panel that shit off the engines. "I hope that pea shooter has some rounds left, because now they know exactly where we are. But where the other one is is the issue now" Null turned back to the door as the corridor started to fill with the sounds of boots falling on metal. "We need to go lass if we are going to come back. So lets make with the oldest and noblest of pirate traditions and Fight, so we can retreat. by fight I mean run". Null grabbed her wrist, not really waiting for her mind to adjust to the situation too quickly and bolted towards a staircase.

Acheron: And just like everything else it was in the last place he looked for it, what was it with things taking so long when you had such little time to do them in. The alarm was getting louder, the sounds of multiple soldiers heading towards the warehouse increasing yet he still wasn’t ready to leave until he cracked that last box and grabbed what was inside and soon as he did he was off, there was no more slow walking to let his feet get used to the mech add-ons they had been experimenting on him with, and no holding back to see the limit either. By the time Graves broke out into a full run the floor below him was giving out under the weight and pressure of his boots, metal acting like sand from the sheer force. Unlike the other one he didn’t know the way out, in fact he was basically running down a straight corridor and hoping something would come out of it but rather than luck be on his side things started to go a little iffy when his feet stopped moving but the acceleration of his body couldn’t exactly stop that fast and with a tumble he flew into a wall, crashed through the metal and slid down some stairs, thankfully the suit took almost all of the damage and aside from blood running from his burst lip he was in pretty good shape. “No sudden stops, got it.” The dark haired experiment pushed himself to his feet and made way down the stairs, the sound of heavy feet catching up on him and he couldn’t tell whether they were coming from above or below, either way his hand reached behind and gripped lightly as his pace down the spiral stairs picked up.

Biird: Mid-motion to push a button to send all the power to the rear turbines, someone who was not her captain grabbed her shoulder and spun her in her chair. Ondine blinked rapidly, her hand still hovering over the button as she tried to push past her rapid train of thought left over from her last mission and process what he was saying. "Dreaming?" Was all she caught enough to put thought toward before he reached for her controls. Hissing as if he burned her, and swatting at his hand which did nothing to stop him from power crushing her pod back to dead mode, Ondine pushed his hands away. "Don't touch my controls! You'll ruin it." She was, no doubt, exceptionally possessive of her little pod. He wasn't really listening to her as he yanked her out of the chair onto unused legs and dragged her out of the pod going on about something about fighting that was really fleeing but not really or something. "Hey! Get you hands off me." Ondine was half running, half stumbling along behind him while trying to get out of his grip. "You're not my captain. I don't even know you. You shouldn't man-handle me, you big brute! Let go of me. You're going to mess up my lower ligaments and you don't look like you can afford to fix me!" As they reached the staircase, something like an explosion but almost everyone in the corridor in a pause. Another prison rolled across a platform, righted himself and started down the stairs above them with guards in hot pursuit. Meanwhile O, crashed headlong into the cyborg in front of her and continued to rant. "You know this is all very unappealing. Where is my captain. Did kill him?!" The last question punctuated with a smack to back of of his shoulders and head. "Are you listening? Answer me. Where is my captain?"

Arador:Question after question, flung at him in such rapid succession that Null thought it best to just let the short female android finish her ranting thought process before trying to interrupt or even interject to answer a single question. When the crash silenced her, albeit only for a single moment, he was about to turn and tell her to stay silent, but he saw the shattering wall was caused by the guy that had ran away from him. "And I lost track of that" Null almost face palmed himself for loosing something so obviously inept at even walking. When he was then about to turn to talk to the female she smacked the back of his head which caused him to blink. "Ok Mighty Mouse. I don't know to the first, No to the second, yes to the third much to my own bemusement and refer to the first to answer the last. Got it? Get it? Good." Without waiting for her to really computer what he had said given he had spoken quick, fast and didn't really elaborate or even reiterate her words to make sure she could follow. Thus, while she was bemused, he picked her up, tossed her over his shoulder and vaulted forward in a quick paced run. Easily keeping up with guards and the other inmate even with the android on his shoulder, hopefully still working through his replies. When he was just in front of the guards, whom he could see due to the grated floor, he launched up, grabbed the ceiling/floor and pulled. Literally pulling the floor from beneath them causing all chasing parties to collapse in a heep on the floor below. Hanging for a moment to enjoy his work, null smirked and flung himself and his compatriot to the floor above and took off down the hall after the other cyborg. "Lets hope he has an escape plan, cause this really isn't going according to my well thought out 3 week turned 4 year one anyway."
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Heavy Metal 3000 Act 1
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