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PostSubject: Supernatural   Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:22 am

Family Versus The World


This role-play takes place in a "Supernatural" (The Show) realm. If you haven't seen the show, a link is provided in the soapbox. It's also good for refreshing your mind on the type of lore "Supernatural" uses for creatures.

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Home Tree Community
Twenty Years Ago

An averaged sized man, wearing the standard issue sheriff's department uniform, pushed the gearshift of his standard issue squad car up into park and pushed the heavy door open. The front lights of his vehicle shone a misty white light over the back license plate of a car filled with two girls. These two girls had previously been boisterous and full of life, bobbing around the car in a cast of shadows no doubt singing along to one of their favorite songs, but the swooping lights of his squad car had quickly brought all the merry making to a halt. The moment the car came to a stop on the side of the road, the girls could be seen shuffling around in the car, no doubt hiding contraband and turning down the music, even fixing their clothing to look a bit more presentable. The driver checked her visage in the pull down mirror of the visor, fluffing her hair a bit, before shifting around for something else.

License and registration.

Now both girls were sitting primly in their seats, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the officer. He took his time. He took his time gathering his pad and pen. He took his time calling in to the department to report the license number and his reason for the stop. Tail light was out. There was, of course, also the possibility that the girls were high, or drunk or under-aged. The thought of them being under-aged tickled his fancy and sent a shiver of excitement down his spine.

Calm down.

The officer took a deep breath, pulled his finger off the talk button of his walkie and exhaled slowly. The excited tickled dimmed a bit but there was no denying it. It was going no where. Not until his thirst had been quenched. The quiet buzz of the talkie while the receptionist confirmed his report, filled the squad car. Click, click. She spoke. The report was in. He hung up the walkie and pushed himself out of the car, boots clicking on asphalt as he made a slow measure in each step toward the car.

Breathe. Calm down.
They might not even be what you want.
A couple of junkie bitches on the road too late at night.

Not his type. Defiantly not his type.

The officer shook his head, well combed hair remained firmly in place. He was a picture of precision. From the way his facial hair was trimmed, to the press in his uniform; all precise. All well thought out. Details well discovered. Of course, this late at night, with the moonlight only filtering so much through the trees that lined the desolate highway, the girls wouldn't be able to tell that his nut brown hair was freckled with strands of gray. Gray that hadn't quite made it to his beard yet. His fingers curled against his side, fighting the urge to jump the gun. The toes of his shoes slid under the car as he parked himself at the side of the driver's door.

Pooled in fades of moonlight, a heart shaped face looked up at him. It was framed in dark well tended curls. An obvious dye job. Not a bad dye job, but a dye job none the less. Regardless of the fact, he liked girls with dark hair. The girl in the passenger's seat was a shade lighter, but still dark enough. Both girls were holding in nervous tremors as best they could. Something was obviously up. The officer shifted his gaze to the back seat. Two duffels on the floor, a box full of bottles sitting within reach stuffed between seats, on the seats were old probably worn clothes.

The hand beside the door went for his crotch. The twitch of excitement behind his zipper was hard to ignore. His dark eyes spied a few strings of lace, lace that could only be from panties. Another twitch. Suppressing a groan, the officer shifted himself around and peeled his eyes away from the back seat, but not before taking note that some of the bottles were open. Hence the nervous trembling from the girls. This was all to his advantage. Just as he opened his mouth to ask for the normal paper work the girl handed it to him. It was a task not to let his rough fingers glide inconspicuously over the girl's.

Calm down.
Not too fast.
Almost there.

Feigning interest in the documents, the officer hummed a bit to himself. He handed them back, requesting that the two girls step out of the car and follow him to his vehicle. The thick soles of his shoes clunked hollowly on the damp asphalt as he made his way back to his squad car. The door of the car had remained open, so he simply reached in, opening the console to retrieve a pair of cloths that were conveniently tucked inside a zip-lock baggie. It was easy to pull free of the bag with two fingers and conceal on the side of his leg, as the timid girls reached his door. Nodding his head, the officer motioned for the girls to move to the hood of the car, while informing them that their were going to be checked for contraband. That seemed to rock them a bit. They shared nervous glances. Slowly, they bent over placing their hands on the hood of the squad car.

Taking slow, even breaths the officer placed his hands behind his back as he moved around behind the girls. He needed a cloth in each hand.

"We're not holding, officer, really." One of the girls said.

The other nodded to confirm, thick curls bouncing around her shoulders.

He didn't respond. Needed to concentrate.

Just as the driver turned her head over her shoulder to protest a bit more, the officer stretched out his arms and cupped his cloth covered palms over their mouths. In that split second, the girls' eyes widen with the sudden realization of the strangeness of the situation. Then there was, of course, the fear. He was only able to glimpse it for the tiniest of moments before the chloroform  took hold. Their eyes rolled to the back of their heads and their lithe bodies went limp on the hood of his squad car. Perfect.

Home Tree Community
Present Day

The speakers drummed visibly on dash board and their little cubbies in the sides of each door. A thin film of smoke was starting to fog the windows. Yvette leaned forward from the passenger seat and flicked on the defroster so the smoke would go out. In the back, Tori cracked a window and the hiss of the air freshener was drowned out by the heavy guitar solo. Carmen was humming along to the beat, fingers drumming along the top of the steering wheel. They were having a grand ol' time. That is, until the swooping blue and red lights came squealing out from behind the lock of trees with a small depression in it.

Carmen sighed gravely and eased her foot up off the accelerator. It would take another twenty miles an hour before she would hit the legal limit. The hiss of the air freshener went off again and the window went down a little further. Tori timed it then flicked the last of the joint into the line of the trees as as Carmen eased the car onto the shoulder.  Yvette turned the music down. The girls waited nervously as the squad car pulled along behind them and the officer stepped out. Carmen stole a glance at him in the rear view mirror and made a face.

"Isn't that a really old uniform?"

The other two girls stole glances, but just shrugged.

They couldn't tell ass from elbow when it came to officers since they tried like hell to avoid them. Carmen however had an uncle on the force. Two towns over, but they uniforms stayed pretty similar. She was suspicious, but shuffled around for her paperwork regardless.

Tori gasped. She leaned forward and whispered quickly. "I think he just disappeared."

The locks on the doors popped up. The girls jumped. Two looking at Carmen.

Did you do that?


Knuckles wrapping on the driver's side glass caused them all to jump again. The shadow of the trees cast over the name on the badge.
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