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 Thundercats Log

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PostSubject: Thundercats Log   Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:08 am

Clumsy mitts of a floppy eared white rabbit padded the cool stone floor of the temple Pendulum. Chaos was not usually the order of the Pendulum, but the annual Day Of Omens was upon Third Earth which meant all the newly trained, newly recruited warriors of Third Earth were about to be pushed into the real world and left to decide their future. So this poor rabbit, still not used to the length of his ever growing appendages clambered up the stairs balancing a tray upon his head, held in place with the folded grip of a one floor length ear. Tucked under thin arms, and protruding from under uniform robes of the monks of the Order Of The Pendulum, were heavy tomes which kept slipping onto his clown-like feet. His thumpers constantly clipping the lip of the stairs put a snails pace into his frantic climb up the stairs.

Face first our young monk did come skidding to a stop at the top of the landing, tray wobbling on a stiff ear, tomes scattered about his little form. The hem of a well worn robe dusted across his twitching nose a moment before the cool metal tray was lifted from his ear. "Thaddeus." Came the voice that betrayed years of wisdom and patience. "I know, sir. I tried." Replied the rabbit, speaking faster than the twitch of his nose. A sigh left the old monk as he turned with the tray and moved deeper into the chamber.

The rabbit gathered his floppy limbs off the floor and piled the books into his arms but as he went to follow his mentor the rush of noise, the flash of colors and the general bustle of the world below the tower caught his eye. Kilometers away, the city of Thundera was alive with movement. Music reached the tower as a mere whisper but the rabbit suspected that in the city it was booming and the inch to dance began to thump his foot. Colorful banners stretched from tall stakes creating vibrant canopies under which goods would be traded, and festival trinkets would be sold. The smell of rare foods crept along the breeze behind the sound of music, causing his stomach to growl and chops to be licked.


The stack of books wobbled as the rabbit hopped to attention, carrying the heavy tomes to the old monks, who were busy programming the coordinates of destinations far far away. Beyond the stars some of these young warriors would go, beyond time. There were times the young rabbit wished he were not so lanky, not so clumsy and not so under born so that he too could travel the world or at least another one.

Standing tall amongst proud monks, were the fade metal towers abuzz with electricity or life, however you want to see it, flashing colors almost as bright as the day outside, looking strangely out of place yet ordinary in front of the ornate stone work of the temple walls.

His ears brushed the floor, tangling in his cloak bottoms as the little rabbit turned to gaze out the window once more; at the world beyond.

Thump thump thump, the straw thatched roof of the house reverberated with the beating of drums and chiming of the flutes, whistles, banjos and any other type of instrument one could find just to join in the celebration. The streets were alive with activity and the square outside the castle was lined with stalls of food, clothing, tools, the pedlars out with their wares at any opportunity they could find and with such a large crowd, who could blame them.

Not far from the center of the hustle and bustle was one of the vibrating houses. The inside of such just as busy as the streets beyond the wooden door. Leonidus, or Leo to most, shuffled around his house, ducking under beams, almost knocking over tables and grabbing slices of meat here and there from the counter-top as a snack as he went about his preparations. Today was indeed the day, The Day of Omens to be exact and Leo was one such lucky individual as he was about to venture further that most ever dared dream. "Leon, you better run cub before you are late."

The rumbling sound that easily cut through music and festivities was the call of Lessa, Leo's mother as she watched her son shuffle into his cloths and attach any extras he could grab. "I know mother, I know" With the morning pulling to a close and midday creeping in, he was finally ready. Standing infront of his mother, Leo smiled as she grabbed his mane and nuzzled his nose with a soft purr. "Be safe little cub" Despite the fact he was standing almost 7 feet tall, he would always be his mothers little cub. So with that the large, yet still young and slightly clumsy Lion, left his house.

The streets were packed with animals of all type, mainly cats though with everything being this close to the castle, the dogs tending to keep to the lower levels save for a lucky few. Forcing his large body through the crowd, Leo jogged as best his bulky form would allow and rounded a corner, the castle standing tall above the houses. The day was definitely here at last.

"Ondine! Ondine! Ondine! By Omen, kitten where are you?"

Feet appeared first, arching over the tall stone wall that looked out beyond the castle to the city below. Mismatched paws, covered quickly by the flutter of ruby silk, landed softly on the ground. The silk was smoothed delicately down by petite paws, metal worked corset shifted back into it's original position. Swishing back the long chocolate strands of hair and pulling all of it over one shoulder, Ondine, princess of the Thundercats, flash a sweet smile to her Nannycat. "It looks so beautiful out there. Everyone is so happy."

The grey and aged cat standing before the young princess, shook her grey tapered mane and fought the urge to smile. "Grief and grey, kitten, that's all you give me. Why must you climb walls in your good dresses?"

"All my dresses are good dresses. How am I suppose to see if I don't climb?"

Shaking her head, Ra, fanned the length of the princess' hair out around her shoulders, long tresses falling down her back and front. "I suppose you can't. You shouldn't tuck away such fine fur. Come on, it's time to join your sisters to watch the ceremony."

Ondine smiled again, gathering the front of her long silk dress into one paw as she took her Nannycat's paw in the other and they wove through garden, then the castle to the rampart landing where her father would address warriors of the Day Of Omens and send them out into the world, or worlds if they so wished to go. O too wanted to go out into the world. She wanted to explore every world she could, but that was not the destiny of princess cats. No, they were suppose to be married off, or sent to the temples to become priestesses and if you were a lucky flew you could join the clergy for the fastest cats in the land and combat skills and magic. Sadly O was not fast nor did she have a knack for magic and Ra had a seared patch of fur to prove it.

Standing third in a line of three princesses and two princes, Ondine was the only cat of her color; patchy caramels and deep browns, a short fluffy tail, beside her large back paws rather petite features to go match her height which was a little less than average for other cats in her family as her sister, the older and the younger, were both taller than her, and her youngest brother, the youngest cub of the litter was a head and a half taller than her.

The massive shoulders of her father nearly blotted out the sun as he stood looking over the city and addressing what was possibly all of Third Earth. Ondine, angled herself around her siblings in order to see beyond the towering lithe frame of her mother and the mountainous expanse of her father to see the people in the city. When she couldn't take it anymore, she slipped out of the royal family line and back to her room, where she pulled on a long cloak that would conceal her features and slipped out a small back gate, to join the "real people" beyond the castle walls.

Getting to the castle was a test in and of itself for one of Leo's size. People rarely wanted to help anyone else if it did not benefit them in some shape or form. As such he pushed and shoved his way though the hordes of felines that littered the streets and by the time he got to the square it seemed the royal family was out and ready to begin.

Quickly Leonidus slipped into the rows of other felines that were of ages and eligible to undertake this great exploration. Though the big difference being that Leo was the only Lion in the line up. Tigers, Panthers, a couple of Cheeta also dotted the ranks but Leo was alone, and there was a very good reason for that.

Outside of the main family line that led Third Earth, there was only a handful of lion families, and these families made up the Kings elite guard, they were chosen fro no other species of cat and to prove such Leonidus' father, Lukio was head of the elite guard. These guards numbered very few, 3 standing on each side of the king and his family with Lukio standing just behind the king to make the 7th. Leo was born of a highly respected lineage.

Standing tall in the ranks, head held high, his loose leather pants, stomach covering top and belt harness across his chest with a cloth hanging around his waist front and back, wrist braces and finally a single shoulder pauldrin atop his right shoulder, the matching of which sat alone on his fathers left shoulder. Though the distance was great, Leo could still pick up the wink his father passed him across the courtyard square.

"THIRD EARTH. The Day of Omens has ARRIVED."

The Kings voice roared across the square and everyone erupted in cheers, applause, rolling roars of their own and clawed paws stamping the earth. It was a proud day indeed and none dared miss the Kings speech as he continued introducing the candidates for the days event.
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PostSubject: Re: Thundercats Log   Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:10 am

Ondine cleared several security check points with out much of a hitch since most of the guards were moved to the front of the castle. Beyond the castle the city was vibrating with life with music echoing off every wall, being honed in by every colorful canopy and even above that her father's voice still soared. The world was turned to face that massive cat, while Ondine stood close to the side of one of the pillars by the main stairs looking out at everything but the castle. The castle she knew like the back of her own paw, but this was all new.

Predesignated cheers went up in waves to whatever it was her father was saying. When the animals stopped cheering and started to roar or howl, Ondine looked up at the line of warriors being addressed. There was only one lion this year. Some years there were as many as six, mostly all from the same litter but there was only one this year which meant only one of her father's personal guard could retire.

O's flickering attention span couldn't stay on the ceremony too long, she wanted to venture further out into the city but her hind legs were still shaking, after all this was the furthest she'd ever been beyond the castle walls her entire life. Excitement and fear were roaring in her chest. Pulling the cloak tighter around her, O nuzzled the stone and ran her paw over the vines that grew there. She'd made it this far but now everything seemed so big and foreboding.

'Just one outing. It's so busy no one will notice. I'll be back before anyone misses me. What's the worst that could happen?' She coaxed herself and yet still couldn't move.

The speech went on for a while, though it seemed to be drawing to a near as the crowd started to get anxious to return to their celebration, forgetting that this ceremony was the reason any of them were here in the first place. Unlike the crowd however, all the participants, the young cubs that were ready to venture through the Pendulum, all of them still fixated on every word the Lion king roared.

As the last farewells and well wishes flowed from their lord, fireworks shot into the sky behind the castle announcing the start of the celebrations and the ceremonies end. As the crowd roared and turned in their cheering, pouring through the streets and to each stall for food or drink, the candidates were marched to the right out of the courtyard towards the temple Pendulum as Thundera went about there day or celebrations.

Leo was a bit anxious, though to admit it allowed would only cause him grief and the leering of his peers, so he learned a long time ago to keep it to himself. After all, if the biggest, strongest cat and heir to the head of the Elite Guard post was afraid, what hope did the rest had. Leo was determined to lead by example as his large, 6'10, wide shouldered and muscular frame walked at the head of what he would refer to as, the pride.

"I will make you proud father." The thought whispered around in his mind as the temple games began to open and the large machine that looked both ancient and new was streaming to life, electricity shooting about it's creation signalling it's power conduits gathering energy in preparation.

The monks of the Order Pendulum moved with purpose around the machine, scrolls piling on tables as each calibration was being precisely checked and inputted. The oldest of the order, a rabbit was being shadowed by another lanky creature of his same species that looked awkward in his own skin, a feeling Leo knew all too well.

"I hope you young ones are ready."

The words rung with years of wisdom, carried from a kind face that eased Leo's mind somewhat. The time was finally here, their future had truly begun.

Just as she'd mustered the courage to lift her paw and step forward fireworks lit up the dimming sky as the sun started to set on the day. Ondine jumped, pivoting on her feet to turn and look at the fireworks from a completely new angle. Aw'd, she took a step  back and another and another until she'd bumped into someone. The gruff laughter of a huge alley cat rolled over her. "Watch it there, kitten."

O flashed a large smile and giggled, she couldn't help it. "Sorry, Mister."

The cat ripped meat from a large leg in his paw and chuckled again; even the down and out couldn't be grumpy today. Not Ondine knew that alley cats would usually take her head off for such an offense, maybe she was just lucky that way.

Pulling up a veil over her mouth, the Thunderian princess had breached her fear and curiosity now took over as she peddled through the streets, rolled with the crowd that was following the warrior cubs to the Temple Of The Pendulum. Unable to push her way through the crowd, O simple let the crowd take her. She was enraptured by the joy emitting from everyone she wasn't paying attention to just how far from castle she'd gone. The Temple of the Pendulum was at the edge of the city, a tall citadel that could be seen from every corner of Third Earth.

Awestruck once more, Ondine was swept to the front of the line, just as the only lion in the pride lead the rest toward the massive iron gates of the temple. The crowd around her roared with excitement, Confetti flew into the air and more fireworks went off. Some of the warriors rushed into the temple wanting their coordinates put in first. Others sprang for the Day Of Omens games. One poor lanky rabbit-monk tripped over his own ears and rolled between the feet of several larger animals with is mentor simply shaking his head. O giggled and without thinking she stepped into the street, intent to cross the busy road to help the poor rabbit, unknowing of the great chariot carrying the banner of Thundera at rampant speed down the main street.

The temple was almost completely open to the elements on the bottom level with only a few walls spaced few and far between, the massive pillars that ran almost to the tip of the castle were it's main support structure with the floor on each level keeping everything together. Running along the pillars and walls were vines, disappearing out of view up into the clouds. The building was ancient indeed, dating back centuries but it always hosted the Monks of the order Pendulum.

Leo stood at the threshold to the temple, awestruck almost, indifferent to those that pushed and pulled around him, the shoulders inflicted against his sides as his fellow candidates ran inside as excitement overtook their actions. It would still be a few minutes before the system would be ready and so Leo turned around and took another glance back over his home. It would be a year before he would see it again and he tried to imprint as many faces and structures as he could for those nights that loneliness overtook him.

Something else though caught his golden hued attention. Someone in a rather nice cloak was on their way towards the middle of the street, soon to be in the path of a rather fast approaching chariot. Cat like pupils darted back and forth between the two before his body tensed and powerful legs carried him swiftly as his large body easily shouldered his way through the crowd, some scrambling to clear a path for the massive Lion.

A loud roar brought the attention of those not facing him awake. It only took a few strides to reach the much smaller cloaked figure and Leo wrapped one large paw around her and carried her through the air, free from harm as the chariot barreled past their former location.

Sliding to a halt on the opposite side of the road, just beside the fumbling rabbit, Leo made sure to hit the ground first and protect the other. Setting the figure back on their feet, Leo stood up again and brushed a paw through his fur, knocking off the dirt gathered along his exposed chest and as much of his back and mane as he could manage.

"Are you OK little one?" Leo's voice betrayed his size. It was soft, gentle, misleading and surprisingly kind given his imposing nature.

Half way across the street a loud roar cut through the crowd, causing Ondine to turn fully way from the chariot headed right for her, the one with the driver that was so busy waving at the crowd he still hadn't seen her, and look toward the sound. Was something interesting happening else where? The princess was so overwhelmed by the excitement and all the activity going on around her, it was hard to focus on one thing. Just as she turned, the massive form of that single lion in the line was barreling toward her.

To this she turned, only to find that the chariot was mere feet from her and approaching fast. Letting out a frightened mew, arms going up and just as she was about to bolt to the other side of the street, something like a furry tank collided into her back. Her eyes squeezed shut as she felt her petite frame sail through the air feeling the whisk of the chariot breeze by her and finally the thud of her body coming to halt on top of her savior's. Her hands had come down over her face and she was shaking like a leaf when she found herself on her hind legs again.

Her knees knocked together as her hand slowly slid from her face, revealing a barreled chest and a heavy tuft of golden fur. Tilting her head back, a smile swept across her features, when her eyes found the face of the massive lion. "You saved my life!" The princess practically squealed. "That was amazing. Did you see how close that was?! I mean, I didn't. Not really, but I felt it. Boy, you have some reflexes. Mine should be better, but I'm just not used to all of this. Are you? I bet you train for stuff like that. Well not exactly like that but the rush! Oh wow. The rush! That was incredible! How can I thank you?"

Still adjusting himself back up onto his large hind paws, Leo payed little attention to the crowd that had gathered around them to see just what had happened. But it wasn't so much the claustrophobic enclose of fur lined pelts but rather the barrage of questions from the small, obviously female, form that was fixing herself also.

Leo was almost about to take a step back as if each question was like a physical blow, instead however he just blinked ad waited until she ran out of breath and actually allowed him to answer even one of them. A long almost growling breath left him, though no tracing of threat followed as Leo racked claws through the back of his large mane and smiled.

"I'm glad you are OK, and you are welcome."

The thought of offering advice on being more careful or looking where you were going would have been appropriate he thought, but at that time he could only think that he was far from the observant type when it came to his surroundings. Was just by chance he was not in her position, so the pot calling the kettle black rang through him.

"Please be careful."

That was all he could say to her. With her features mostly covered Leo could not tell that she was royalty, if he had known then he would have bowed or gone pale with how he mishandled a princess.

"I'm Leonidus. My friends call me Leo."

Leo still had time before he would have to go through the pendulum, so talking to the female was a pleasant way to spend them, provided something else didn't take her attention away. The crowd slowly started to dissipate after the action packed few minutes dwindled away and the food and ale kept flowing, beckoning them to rejoin the celebrations.

Well her rescue-er certainly didn't have much to say not that O noticed or really even cared. The way most other people never really seemed to phase her. Whether they were grumpy or shy or crazy, didn't bother her. Now, in a castle where everyone had to respect her and keep their tempers in check even if she was in the way or worse that was an okay mentality to have, but out in the real world where people didn't know she was royalty or wouldn't really care either way, she was in for some serious surprises.

Regardless, Ondine waited rather impatiently for the words to slither from his muzzle. Not that she was annoyed or anything, just that she was teeming with anticipation for the next exciting thing to happen. Her large ears twitched uncontrollably jumping from one sound to another, her front paws rubbing together with glee, hazel eyes jumping from one curious onlooker to another and finally back to the massive lion. His request for her to be more careful was drowned out by the sound of a band drumming up a lively song not far from where they were standing. Soon other animals were joined hand in hand and dancing around in circle and everyone was singing.

"Everyone calls me O." She squeaked, gripping his massive paw into her own tiny one and tugging the great beast toward the music. "Do you dance? I love dancing. I've never danced with this many people before! It looks fun. Come on, dance with me please..." As O backed into the line of dances she plastered Leo, the total stranger, with a pleading wide-eyed sad cat look.

Another glace back towards the temple and Leo's mind was again on just what today meant for him and those of his age. Her name distracted him when she spoke, her voice light and squeaky, pleasant to the ear and definitely one that was awestruck by everything around her that normally someone of her age would be use too. Though with her next question he was thrown into confusion again.

Dancing? Leo had never danced a day in his life. Not even being sure he knew how he just shook his head. "Never."

Though by the loud booming of the music and his low tone, it was lost to the beats of the drum and when she grabbed his large paw and began to drag him towards the gathered crowd. Being caught a bit unprepared, Leo had no choice but to follow, his large form bumping people out of the way where as O's simply slipped through the cracks in the masses.

"I..." Starting his protest was squashed by the pleading look in her eyes. It was hard to say no to such an innocent face. "I suppose if you show me how." His lips parted with a smile, showing rows of sharp teeth, but that was hardly unusual in Thundera, and so taking her other hand in him he waited for her to take the lead.
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PostSubject: Re: Thundercats Log   Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:16 am

O's pleading eyes narrowed into upturned slits of joy when he begrudgingly agreed to dance with her. "It's not hard!" She encouraged, pulling him a little closer then back again. A step in, out, arm in arm turn, a spin, a dip and a change of partners only to do the whole thing over again. Each time they changed partners the song picked up in beat a little until the steps required a little hop in movement. O's favorite part was the spinning where she could be heard giggling loudly behind her veil. She spun happily from one partner to another, occasionally looking around for her original partner until finally they were back standing in front of one another and a few girls were going around handing out bracelets made of bells and sticks with what sounded like rice sliding from one end to the other.

Still giggling and a little out of breath, O's bright expectant eyes flashed up at the young lion as she slipped her wrists into the bracelets. Throwing her hands into the air and flicking her wrists so the bells chimed, another pleading look filled her features. "One more! Oh, please, please."

Leo had to admit, even though he could not dance worth a lick, the simple patterns were easily picked up and he was even starting to enjoying it. Luckily the lion couldn't blush, and if he could then his face would be extremely red with the switching of partners.

Finally after a few rounds with others he returned to O and she seemed to be like a child at Christmas, those big brown eyes sparkling with delight as she received bracelets and sticks to add to the already abundant noise. Not being able to do much more that smile Leo simply nodded as he took her hand just as the next set started.

This time leading her, confidence building somewhat, he twirled her around and then went about following the correct steps he could see from his peripheral vision. He was a little slow at times but Leo was a fast learner and a growling laughter rumbled from within his chest.

Jiggles teemed from her as she and Leo spun her around. They started the dance and O quickly followed the actions of the massive lion with delighted laughter. They stepped around each other, hands up, hands down, Leo clapping the sticks together, O jiggling the bells in time with the music and the other dancers. She followed his movements and they scooted left to right, spun around and did it all over again.

The simple steps added to the fun she was having and when Leo began to laugh her enjoyment seemed to spike just that much more, after all it was her who dragged him into the festival dancing, if he had been sullen and grumpy it would have put a bit of damper on her joy. His rather large form loomed over hers as they dances, the silken edges of her gown and cloak dusting over his over-sized hind paws. At times even their hind paws clattered over each other, but they quickly recovered and rejoined the other dancers without deterring from the dance.

When the song was over, O spun around once more, arms in the air as if hailing the sun itself. "Oh what a wonderful place. What a wonderful. day. I bet the food is great too. Can you smell it? Come on let's try it." Depositing the bells and sticks in basket of a girl passing by, O once again had a hold of Leo's paw as she pulled him toward one of the many food stand.

"Mm. Yummy, yummy. I'll take that, and that, and two of those and that drink, please."

"That'll be two silver pieces, kitten." The server said holding out a paw.

O was stumped. She'd never had to pay for anything in her life. "Silver?" She repeated, confusion furrowing her brow. "But.. But... I don't have any..."

"Then no food!" The big cat roared. "Next!"

Her joy washed over him like a warm wave, enveloping him. Leo was by no means a grumpy person, just awkward and unsure of himself, especially since his growth spurt. With the music over, O had their next adventure planned as she followed her nose out of the crowd, the large lion in toe and weaved in around the people as he bumped them out of the way with apologies and wary smiles.

When they reached the food stand and the large cat, some weird mix of what looked to be a tiger and a leopard, but as fat as a house, shouted at O who was visibly shaken.

Taking another step forward Leo made his presence a bit more, well, present. Looming over O and even that of the fat cat, the vendor coughed. "Things run on money cub, it's how the world works."

Leo knew this fact very well and O's reaction confused him a little. Shaking his large mane, the massive lion reached into a pouch and retrieved 3 pieces of silver, picking up an extra couple of bread loaves that were lightly spiced and handed them over.

"That should cover everything."

In fact that was a little more than was required but where Leo was going he didn't really need the extra coin, and with a glance to the vendor he could see the man was pretty happy. Maybe he would leave it with this girl, seemed like she needed it, kind of. That dress was pretty expensive looking. Probably the daughter of some noble.

When the vendor bagged up everything Leo took it and walked away from the stand, this time pulling O with him instead.

"Come on, lets eat before I have to leave."

Leo had to admit, this was a better last day then he expected, the ladies were always wary of the Lions, guess it was there nature to be submissive around the supposed king of the cats. But O wasn't, she was so carefree it was comforting.

A shadow shifted around her, a paw extending over her shoulder to the fat cat at the kiosk. His eyes brightened at whatever was in Leo's huge paw. Silver, O assumed. Her confusion now fluttered into embarrassment which was luckily hidden behind her veil. O shied away from the exchange only to back herself into Leo's chest, and her being there didn't seem to interrupt his exchange with the vendor. It was then that O realized in such a short space of time she'd become rather comfortable with Leo. Maybe it was because he'd saved her life, or maybe it was the dancing, or maybe it was because he was as big as her guards, whatever it was she suddenly felt as if she'd be lost in this big world without him.

Leo took her by the hand and led her way from vendor to a clearing for them to eat. She couldn't help but giggle at him clearing a path through bodies of animals where as she would weave through the cracks, it had never occurred to her that he couldn't do that. Well, a lot of things never occurred to her.

Swinging herself around to his front by ducking under his arm while still keeping her hand in his, the connection now swinging back and forth, O had to apologize. "I didn't know about the silver. I'm sorry. How can I repay you?" Then something dawned on her. "Leave? Where are you going? May I come too!"

Glancing down at their intertwined digits, Leo felt that same heat against his face that he felt earlier while they were dancing and switching partners. She really didn't mind his size or what he was at all. A smile pulled at the corner of his mouth but he quickly faced his direction forward as a large group of tigers came their way.

Looking to be just a couple years younger that Leo, he assumed next year it would be their Day of Omens. But unlike Leo or whatever there were 4 of them, all tigers and with attitudes that rivaled a demons. Leo was still bigger but there were more and O was very small in comparison.

Their leering was not lost on Leo when they saw the two holding hands and shifting his grip around her waist he pulled her in closer as two went on either side of them and continued past as if trying to intimidate them.

A low growl rolled in Leos chest as he let O go and glanced back, finally ready to answer her question. "It's the Day of Omens, we are leaving for other worlds soon."

Chuckling at her wide eyed enthusiasm when they stopped in a suitable location he spoke again. "I don't think so. Only those chosen to be guards can leave through the pendulum. Though I have to return in a year unlike the others who have a choice."

His words seemed heavy, as if he did not wish to return, or maybe it was just the lack of choice period that he wasn't comfortable with. Reaching into the bag he pulled out cheese and one of the spiced loaves before moving the bag for her to take her pick and sat down on the grass.

"I doubt your father would be please if you vanished."

O was still swinging their hands when Leo's eyes narrowed slightly and he pulled her into his chest, wrapping his mighty paw around her waist. It nestled against the small of her back, long fingers reaching around to tap the metal waist plate she was wearing. O's free hand landed on his chest, the other still in his. Surprise at his movements, O's eyes widened only to soften and almost close. She almost purred. Unaware, innocent, naive, O hadn't even seen the tigers headed their way.

The intimidation attempt was lost on O, who snuggled into Leo's chest. No one had ever dared be this close to her in the castle. Not even visiting princes dared flirt with her; her father was just a touch too intimidating himself. O had great, vivid dreams about her personal prince charming; the way they would meet, their first kiss. While she never pictured exactly what her prince would look like, Leo wasn't a bad idea. Not a bad idea at all.

The tigers parted around them, snickering and standing tall, chests puffed out, but there was no way they could look more intimidating that Leo, who wasn't even trying. The low growl rumbling up his chest, shook O's entire body and caused her to giggle as his chest mane tickled her nose.

They peeled apart and found a soft grassy spot to sit down and eat. Dipping her hand into the bag Leo handed her, O pulled out a piece of the pastry she'd ordered and started to nibble on it while listening to the low timber of Leo's voice. She'd almost forgotten that Leo was one of the warriors that had been in the line up for the Day Of Omens. For a split second a frown pulled the corners of her of her muzzle, but the sound of the Pendulum perked up her large rounded ears.

Her pink tongue flickered into existence for a moment as she licked her muzzle free of sprinkles of sugary paste. "How come you only get a year? You don't seem to happy about it. Oh boy, a whole year gone away. Exploring everywhere! What fun." For the last part, O's eyes hazel eyes drifted off somewhere far and she clutched the last half of her pastry to her chest. Blinking out of it, O grinned. "Father wouldn't even notice I was gone." There was no malice in her voice, or remorse. For O it was just a simple fact of having a father that was king of a whole race.

Plucking the last of the pastry into her mouth, O crawled on front and back paws over to Leo and stayed liked that as she looked into his eyes. "I have an idea. May I come to the temple? Please. I just wanna see. It might be the only chance I get. Oh please. Please. Please say yes."

As half the loaf and a large piece of the cheese disappeared into Leo's mouth, he gazed up at the sky. There were little to no clouds today thankfully, would have been rather disappointing if his last images were of a damp, overcast and wet day in Thundera. Leo loved his home and the people in it, that was a big factor in why he wanted to be a guard, not that he had much choice but it played out nicely when it was something you wanted to do and not just something you were being forced to do by birthright.

The sound of her voice, it's light innocent lilt it possessed, snapped him back to the small patch of earth they had claimed for the evening as he swallowed the mouthful of food. "My father is the head of the Elite Guard that guards the king. I'm going to be taking his place and because of this I have no choice but to return."

It seemed a lot of things were predetermined for the young, large lion, all which worked in his favor, which may cause anyone else to scoff and rebel. For that alone Leo counted himself special. The Tigers though seemed to try and take the fact his life was not his own and use it against him since they were all cubs, some still tried, but after Leos growth spurt it just turned into whispers and sneers. Not being sure which was more annoying Leo just ignored everything. Normally he didn't even growl at them but with O by his side he felt the need to protect her. It was an instinctual reaction, not even realizing he had done it till he just thought back on it a moment ago.

"The temple is open to anyone, there are guards posted to make sure only the chosen are allowed past so if you promise just to watch behind the line I'm sure no one will mind."

Leo finished the last of his bread and sat back with one large paw behind him looking at O. There was something so familiar about her yet he still could not place it in his mind. Perhaps it was just the excitement of the day playing on his mind. Though he unique coloring, surely that had to tell him just who she was. Alas he was cast in a sea of none conclusive thoughts.

"Just be careful, there will be a large crowd to watch the chosen off. Don't get squished."

"Your father is the head of the Elite guard?! Oh wow, you have some tough fur to fill. He's amazing. I mean dad...oh, um,  that's what people always say. You know, you hear all that praise going around." O blinked and scooted back to sit on her hind legs, her fingers fluttering over her veiled lips and wondering if Leo caught her almost slip about who she was.

When Leo okay-ed her going to the Pendulum with him, O's arms shot up and her eyes brightened as she squealed with joy. Pulling her arms down and pressing her arms on either side of her chest, she wiggled from side to side, squeaking. "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I get to go to the pendulum." Shooting forward, O lobbed her lithe mass onto Leo's chest, throwing her arms around his broad shoulders and mane. "I promise I'll be good. I promise I promise. Thank you, thank you."

Pulling her head around, O pressed her muzzle to Leo's and went cross-eyed looking down into Leo's golden hues. Pursing her lips and trying to make her voice deeper, Ondine tried her best to put on a stern tone as she repeated,"I will not get squished."

Leo could do nothing as her small frame locked itself around his shoulders. Blinking was about all his body would allow in terms of movement. No one had ever hugged him before save for his mother, but then again that was basically her job. The fur up along Leo's spin stood up and tingled, even his tail flicked without his command. When she finally did let go of the hug he thought he was free and began to un-tense his large muscles. That was until she grabbed his face and kept their faces touching. A long gulp ran down his throat.

This was crazy, the female was about half his size height wise but 3 times smaller in physical structure. Yet she could make him doubt everything he believed in himself. A lion, barely able to think in the close presence of a female. For a split second he almost knew why his mother ran their house and not his father. When she spoke his mind unfogged and he chuckled, but it was a long low rumble. "Good"

Eventually she did let him go and he took in a long, freeing breath, though a part of him did not want her to let him go and that part confused him most of all. He barely knew her, how could she have such a pull on him. From the center of the town the large bell rang out, when it reached them it was still humming and it signaled the starting of the final section of the ceremony.

"Well I guess we should be off."

Standing up he reached down for her and looped his hands under her armpits and lifted her with complete ease onto her large feet. She was amazingly cute, that part no one could deny, her large brown eyes were inviting, kind and very innocent. But there was a feeling of safeness in them, that he could do anything as long as she was there. Quickly he shook his head and released her looking to the ever gathering crowd at the entrance to the temple.

"Lets go little kitten."
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When the bell rang out, Ondine's head swung around to the source of the noise which was the highest tower in the Temple Pendulum. Even from as far as they were, O could still see the huge iron bell swinging slowly back and forth as the sound resonated beyond Thundera. Leo's voice brought her head back around. Then suddenly O's hind legs were swinging above the ground as Leo lifted her up from under her arms. Giggling, O kicked her feet as her eyes locked with Leo's. He seemed lost in thought, the light dimming in the gold as his mind wandered else where while O felt like a real kitten again remembering how her father used to pick her up like this.

When Leo set her back on her feet and spoke, Ondine tried to suppress a giggle by putting her hands up over her veil and letting a tremor ripple through her body. "Oh boy, oh boy." She whispered excitedly. Reaching back, O beamed up into Leo's face. "Oh boy!" Snatching his paw in one of hers, the other gathered the front of her dress and cloak and funneled her way through the crowd at the temple to the front. Ondine wasn't pushy. She didn't bump people as she went along. In fact the crowd seemed to part for her, or at least O thought it was much easier to get through the crowd that it should of have been but giving it no second thought, she would never realize the reason the crowd parted was because Leo was looping behind her.

Guards stopped O at the foot of the steps to the temple, and she was immediately frowning, pouting even. She watched as their eyes moved from her and slowly up toward Leo. Their spears parted slowly but one held out his hand to Ondine. "You can go in, but she can't."

O wined and wiggled. "But I can't see anything from out here! I won't touch anything I promise." The end of the sentence was turned to Leo with big pleading eyes as if he could do something. "Oh Leo, please. I'll be good."

It was not every year that a Lion was presented as a chosen. The guard were so few that they were rarely replaced, besides the fact it was even more rare to find a Lion outside of the royal family. As the crowd parted a few tried to touch his massive arms in a sign of luck. Leo only smiled and looked forward not wanting to be rude and they did not really hinder his advance.

When they reached  the guards and both were stopped before Leo was admitted entrance, he glanced down at O and felt a pull at something inside him. The feeling was still not something he understood but it was there, clear as day and he could not just leave her here. "I will vouch for her as next head of the Elite Guard"

Lions always held more pull and the guards stopping him looked at each other. Leo could tell they were new to their position and he did not really want to get them in trouble. So lifting O up he sat her on his large shoulder and walked past them with a wink, his golden hues sparkling as the electricity from the machine shot around the large conduits. Moving to the side he saw a rather big table that was at a perfect height for O to see everything clearly.

So taking her off his shoulder he sat her down on the table and smiled "This is where we part little kitten. I will see you in one year I'm sure. Try to stay out of trouble. Oh, and here" Reaching under the cloth that hung around his wait, Leo retrieved the pouch of silvers and handed her the bag. "Get as many pastries as you can afford."

Giving her a light ruffle on top of her head Leo turned around and took a deep breath as he saw everything was ready. 'Guess it's time' the thought echoed around in his mind as he took a step forward and moved towards the line that formed to the entrance of the machine.

Princess Ondine squealed with delight as Leo mounted her on his shoulders. The guards exchanged worried looks and the people behind them were all whispering; rumors quickly coming to life with Leo's small gesture. Unaware of all that O petted Leo's mane, with her arms wrapped around his head as they entered the temple. Flashes of what Ondine could only describe as lightening sparked around the room, connecting to one big metal tower after another. Her eyes were wide and gleaming, her body trembling on Leo's shoulder in an effort to contain her excitement. Which was expelled slightly when Leo took her from his shoulder and sat her on a table.

A small frown pulled the veil over her muzzle when Leo spoke and she held onto his muscled biceps and part of her didn't want to let him go. At that point she was a mix of emotions, some of which she'd never felt before. "A whole year. What if you don't remember me?" O put her hands around his paw when he held out the bag of silver, then she pushed it back to him. "You keep it. I'll get by I promise. What if you need it where you go?"

Her eyes closed when he ruffled her head, paw slipping off his when he turned to enter the line to the machine. O's hind legs swung slowly back and forth as a mixture of excitement and fear filled her. At the gates of the temple other animals were breaking their necks to get a look at the brief exchange they'd shared as well as the other warriors disappearing up a tube of shivering light heading somewhere they only knew of. The princess' hands rung together as she watched Leo get closer and closer to the entrance of the machine. Each time a warrior shot away, the crowd outside went wild screaming good lucks, and well wishes.

Leo was going to be the last person to enter the tunnel. Once he was gone, people would go back to their festivities and in a day or two Third Earth would be back to it's daily grind. A foreign hand patted O's knee. The old rabbit monk, who knew very well who she was under all her dress, gave her a cheer up smile and for once in her life O couldn't muster the urge to smile only chew her lip nervously under her veil. When the tiger in front of Leo stepped into the chamber, O cleared her throat. It seemed the tiger was gone in a flash and the monks were already quickly plugging Leo's coordinates into the machine.

A knot tightened in O's stomach and the wait seemed to go on forever. Would he turn around? Wave? Smile? She didn't wait to find out. Shooting off the table, O closed the distance between them by slamming her body into the back of Leo's, arms locking around his wide waist. Her face just barely reached above the leather waist band he wore, nuzzling into his fur. The princess felt as if she should have said something there, but she couldn't think of one good thing to say, until.. "Thank you for the best day ever."

Just then another set of guards came crashing into the temple. "You." They roared at Leonidus. "Unhand the Princess at once. You are under arrest for kidnapping and you have no where to run."

Ondine blinked rapidly, starting to pull herself from Leon's great form to explain. She couldn't have his Day Of Omen's ruined because she wanted to have some fun. But just as she opened her muzzle to speak, the lanky, awkward rabbit apprentice came stumbling up some back stairs, a tower of books on his thin arms. He stumbled, tripping over his own ears. Books went up into the air and came crashing back down, clonking one of the guards on the head while the rabbit rolled forward and scrambled to get up, ripping the cloak off of one of the guard and with the cloak came the guards fur, revealing a stiff looking lizard. Suddenly the room was in a frenzy as the real palace guards came into the temple and the lizards made a mad dash for Ondine.

Leo balled his large front paws, his claws were retracted so they did not dig into the rough pads of his palms. The only time the large Lion was ever really away from home were the nights he spent in the barracks training with his father and during the day when he fell in with the other upcoming guards. So this was going to be a rather large step for the large cat.

But that was not the only thing pulling at his stomach. The small female he had spent the last couple hours with seemed to hold a part of him he couldn't explain. Wanting to look back but also wanting to do his father proud and enter the Pendulum standing tall, he forced himself to stare straight ahead. At least that was until two furred arms wrapped themselves around his waist, only just barely coming together at the far side. The distinct coloring was undeniable and Leo smiled, almost relieved by her brashness.

As he was about to turn around after her soft words fell from her lips, the roar of commotion stirred the crowd. Guards were storming into the temple and shouting accusations towards the Lion. Completely stunned Leo couldn't help but look around to see just who it was they were shouting at for he still was oblivious to who O was under her veil. Though that did not last long when she stepped out towards them only to have the guards relieved for what they truly were by a rather clumsy rabbit. Fur, cloaks and disuses few through the air as more chaos racked the temples walls both inside and out.

Lizards. The sworn enemy to the cats and other inhabitants of Thundera. There was 6 of them in total and 2 came barreling towards the princess as the other 4 fought back the guards. Much like earlier in the day when the chariot almost took Ondine's life, Leonidus sprung to action right as the first Lizard reached her, and with a massive paw, claws extended, brought it crashing down on top of the Lizards head. Even though he still wore his helmet, it provided little protection as Leo crushed his head into the stone floor and roared so fiercely that one would swear the very walls of the temple shook. Such was the power of a Lions roar.

The second Lizard backed away a couple of steps as fear gripped him, clearly they had not counted on a Lion being in the ranks of the chosen. Yet with a shaky spear the Lizard lunged, only to have Leo tilt his head to the side, his massive form still protecting O and biting the spear in half, almost taking the attackers arm off. Backhanding the Lizard away, he crashed into a table and was instantly unconscious.

What was going on, how did Lizards get in here. Quickly turning back around to O, Leo grabbed her shoulders and checked her over. Even though he now knew who she was, there were things a little more pressing then titles at hand and standing on ceremony. "Are you ok Princess?" His golden eyes were narrowed as he waited for her reply. Though they were still not safe as the remaining 4 lizards fought with the ever increasing guard number.

In the middle of what was about to become a full blown riot, Ondine froze. Lizards. What would lizards want with the middle child of a royal cat family? How would they even know she was here? Maybe the chariot was no accident. A fine tremble started in her hands and exploded all over her body, her body coiling against the back of Leonidus', huddled into his leather garb and strong back. The smack of paw on a helmet and the thud of face hitting the stone floor, made her squeak in fear. Somewhere off in the distance she knew Leo was moving but couldn't make out what he was doing. Only that they resulted in a room moving roar that somehow, in the midst of all this, filled her with calm and then the snap of a spear.

Her eyes were so tightly shut that when the massive cat that had now saved her twice in the day, shook her shoulders, Ondine let out a feeble, startled meow and blinked quickly back into reality. She was still shaking, eyes wide and rimmed with tears from being squeezed so tightly shut. When Leo's words finally breached her numbness, O nodded a little to rapidly. "Now I just want to go home." Her voice was shaky.

"No chance of that, princess." Came an old, wise and unusually calm voice from the old monk. He put some sort of small screen into Leo's paw, smashed he and O back together forcing Leo to keep a tight hold of her, while he motioned them closer to the entrance of the machine. "Take this so we can signal when it's safe to come home. Protect the princess that is your test, young Lion."

With a bit more strength that an old rabbit should have been capable of, he put the two into the chamber and began to quickly calculate some far away place to send them into hiding. O looked up at Leo, still huddled to his side as the chamber began to shake and tremble with the force of current shooting through it. It felt as though they were being shaken in a martini mixer. The world outside the arched chamber door became a blur of color and slowly, O felt herself starting to life upwards. Then there was a sudden crash, yelling from the old monk and there were two maybe three more bodies in the chamber with them. Squealing with fright, Ondine clutched herself against Leo as they were shot through space and time, lizards catapulted in a blinding comet behind them.

O was startled, not really a surprise given a princess was usually kept far away from all matters of combat while Leo was brought up in the thick of it. A more visible representation of such couldn't have been clearer by the scar that ran over his left eye. Relieved that she was unharmed, Leo was about to turn around and help the guards finish off the remaining Lizards, but before he could O was latched around his waist and the old monk was pushing them into the machine.

A blinding flash and the echoing remains of the rabbits words were sucked into the Pendulum so fast Leo barely had time to react to anything. O's safety was his test? How could he protect her from dangers he did not even know were out there. Yet he knew, when he took over in his fathers place, no danger is known until it's right in front of you. So wrapping his arms around the small cat, Leo swore to do as he was tasked.

Glancing down in the wormhole that was transporting him to a distant planet he could see the remains to the lizard attack force flying after him. They were just as disorientated as he was yet they also seemed scared, they had no idea what was happening.

The journey didn't take long before a planet came into view and Leo could have sworn that at the speed they were going the landing would have killed them. Yet right as the ground came rushing towards them everything went white and Leo found himself standing in the middle of a wide open field. Behind them a large forest spread up the side of a large mountain, covering it all the way to the peek. The sky was cloudless yet instead of blue it was a green and below them the grass was blue. It took Leo a couple of seconds to adjust to the inverted color system that covered the planet. But he did not have long before a scream like noise alerted him to the coming of the lizards.

Keeping his grip tight around O, Leo dashed to the side as the Lizards appeared. They were dizzy, disorientated, though it seemed only 3 of the remaining 4 made it through, the other was probably killed by the guards. Not wishing to waist any time Leo left O to sit on the ground and ran towards the small group. Reaching out with one mighty paw Leo grabbed the closet lizard by the face and crushed it without any effort at all. With his size and strength, the lizards stood no chance and they knew it as one tried to flee and the other fell back onto his back as Leo dropped their now dead comrade, blood dripping through his claws as a long threatening rumble coursed through the lion. Leo could see the fear pooling in the male lizards eyes and it caused him pause. This was the first time Leo had ever killed someone, well second if you included the other at the temple moments ago.

"Get out of my sight."

Even with his temper subsiding, his words had not lost their threatening nature as the lizard backed up a few meters before rising and running into the forest following his friend. Turning back to O, Leo walked over to her and knelt down.

"Are you OK, Princess?"

There wasn't much room left for O to curl into Leo but she managed as the rapid speed in which they headed to some unknown planet had fear locked in a lump in her throat. She was near curled into a ball when Leo landed on his feet. Shaking like a leaf in the wind, O started to uncurl, just as Leonidus took a mad dash avoiding an incoming. The movement was sudden and sent O's feet flying behind giving her the feeling of being as light as a doll tucked under the arm of a child.

O didn't look while Leo made quick work of the lizard in their pursuit. The rumble in his voice shook the earth up to her feet where she sat trying to pull herself together. On trembling knee's Ondine stood up and slowly dusted herself off. She made a point of not looking up until Leo spoke. The metallic smell of blood accosted her nose, she'd never smelled something so raw and fresh. It made her nose scrunch. Unhooking her veil and pushing her hood back, O looked up at Leo with an expression of distance and fear, but a fear that was fading. Her line of vision dropped to the floor again watching the small strip silk that had been covering her mouth float along the wind then slip across the tall blue grass.

"O." She said, softly, with vocal that didn't quite work yet. "Everyone calls me O." Her worried hazel gaze caught, Leo's, pleading for normalcy in such a sudden turn of events.
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