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 Neo's Awakening

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Artorias: Kalosis, known to those of the Athlantian Pantheon as the underworld, to others that know of it's existence, it could be seen as the Overworld of the Underworld. Ruled by the Goddess of Life, Death and Wisdom. Apollomyi. The landscape resembles that of a cavern, the ground formed from the half rotten corpses of the dead and the skeletal remains of those whose mind broke and with it their body vanished, yet even in their state, each bone, each joint can still be inflicted with torment and pain for eternity, proving that their is no respite in hell. Tall columns, that from a distance look like stone, stretch to the unsealable roof, hidden behind a cloud cover of pure blackness. Upon closer inspection however, the columns are formed from bodies of the damned, forever tasked with keeping such a realm intact, thousands of bodies, all screaming in pain, writhing in agony and praying for release from their torment, yet no such salvation given. Running throughout the casum, a river, though more of mist it would seem then water, flowing and carrying the bodiless forms of souls being drug towards and unknown location far in the distance. The Cavern of death, dimly lit with only sporadic torches of purple flame dotted about it's walls, held by hands stretching from the pillars of corpses. Silence was not known in this place for the dead never rested easy in Kalosis, the constant cries of anguish and suffering were a lullaby to those creatures that called this realm home. No living being could survive long in Kalosis, their very essence draining from them the moment they set foot upon the dead soil, fatigue gripping at their soul, the will to carry on waning, their drive to continue vanishing until they wished for nothing more then to rest, never move and wither into a creature known as a husk. A being, not alive, nor dead, yet with no mind of their own only the ever engulfing feeling of despair and hopelessness. Their eyes rotting leaving black voided pools of darkness, their skin shriveling against their bone which withered to the point a soft breeze would snap them, becoming almost living corpses, completely rotten yet not allowed to die. Such husks litter the caverns of Kalosis, foolish living beings seeking their glory in retrieving loved ones long dead or the fame that came with venturing to Kalosis and returning alive. As for those that were neither dead nor alive, the Undead that ventured into such a realm, a euphoric sensation grasped at their core, a feeling of calm, peace, serenity that many never knew existed. Such a feeling of completeness, that like the husks, they simply wandered Kalosis, no goal in mind yet their mind robbed of self, goals, ambitions and drive, forever walking, never leaving. But it was not only the dead, the husks, the mindless undead and the Goddess Apollomyi that called Kalosis home, there was another, long lost to the world above, a whisper, a myth and possibly to some a legend, yet this being existed, in the heart of Kalosis, deep within the caverns hold a mountain rose from the dead ground, a monument of bodies, skeletons, husks and undead gathered to form this colossal structure that almost reached the ceiling, his own little realm within a realm, corroded and twisted by the maddening will of a Death Knight that even in hell itself, was a creature of Knightmarish proportion. Atop this gathering of death sat a throne, fashioned from bones, massive and bright white as if each section were polished to a gleaming finish, each bone taken from a different body and if broken, still felt by the origin of agony. Upon this throne of the damned sat a contrasting figure. A large black skeleton, only see-able due to the bright background it rested upon. Each bone, a glossy texture of obsidian view, perfectly formed, almost mesmerizing, it's lower jaw hanging open, skull tilted to the right, fingers resting over the front of the arm rests and feet resting firmly upon the ground. As if this creature died still ruling such a landscape yet too powerful to fall, even when tendons and muscle were rotten and only it's remaining will keeping the large black skeletal frame in place. This being, this remnant of a time forgotten by some, known to those who called Kalosis home as the Jailer of the Damned, known to others as Overlord of the Forsaken Legion, and to a a very select few as Neocrosis Chroepsis. To know that this was Neocrosis, one need only ask the dead who holds their chains of torment. Yet it is unlikely one were foolish enough to venture so deep to find such a being. Or was it. It seemed the gods had other plans for such a being, plans that the Knight himself thought long since finished and forgotten to the passage of time. What will be the result of such a summon, will the realms join, or will the fate of many end with the arrogance of one.

Sanelleypoo: With an earsplitting whistle the ancient little creature summoned her ship. The massive beast of a vessel sixty lead shot guns lined the decks, and two large energy cannons decorated the bow All of which were trained on the fire elf as she approached, the sound of the weapons priming, and loading echoed the closer the fiery one got to she ship, ready to unleash absolute hell upon her at San's command. Climbing up onto the ladder the little being made her way over to the wheel She couldn't control the monster of a ship telepathically through the multiverse, and in certain planes their link was disrupted, the realm of the dead was one of them, so as soon as the little flaming wretch slithered on board, San jerked the wheel har to port, most likely sending the elf tumbling around the deck, and off they went, high into the air. Finally activating the liches medallion tearing open a hole in the multiverse for the ship to enter.

Azarel: Saku said nothing as she boarded the ship known as 'The Secret' standing still as she was able to as the witchy bitch known as San jerked the damned thing here and there and giving the woman a glare. 'Imma kill you Llanowar' she muttered in her mind, waiting for them to get moving to their destination. Oh yes, the joys of heading to a realm that she would prefer to keep away from. Huffing softly to herself, she watched as the 'sky' tore and the path to another realm opened. This was something she had stopped doing herself, having gotten comfortable where she resided, but it was a somewhat familiar feeling to her. Still, she wondered how the hell San was capable of doing this herself, since as far as she knew, the woman was anything but a planeswalker. Once out of Gaia, and into the new realm, Saku blinked and could do nothing but stare. The name 'Hell' didnt even seem to fit this place, yet that was the best way she knew it by, aside from the usual 'land of the dead' and whatnot. Not even a minute in the place and already she felt the effects, and did what she could to fight them off. "Oye Sanelley, how the fuck are we finding this guy?" she questioned, knowing that San had heard her and wondering if she was going to get a decent answer or the usual bitch fit.

Sanelleypoo: It felt odd being at the helm of her ship. since she had stopped traversing the multiverst, she had become accustom to letting the beast fly herself. Crossing the blind aether and into the land of the dead, the ancient creature smiled a vicious determained litle smile "you know ... many a night I have thought of sending you here ...though not just for a visit" taking the beast low The creature strained to peer over the deck to the land below. It had been some time since she had ventured into the lands of the dead. but it never changed "I have no rightly clue ... btu aboard my ship .. it's Captain ... "she jerked with wheel, rockign the massive vessle in the air, showing that she could just send her overboard if she truly wished. Bring the ship to a low hover, San locked the controls, and stepped towards the edge. The very pressure of the place was something that was even difficult for San to handle in her normal humanoid form. So gritting her teeth, she dropped to her knee and cloed her eyes, drawing in what strength she could, and brought bout her true nature. A sight that she was sre Saku had ever seen before. as her kind were rare indeed. Her body was engulfed in black, what, at first looked to be silk, but soon the shimer of feathers appeared, and unfurled into two large black wings. her hair flowing a pure, untouched white, and her eyes glowed a vicious crimson in the dark hell of a realm. Standing now at a substantial, six feet with her boots. the beast took to her feet once more, and looked to Saku with a smirk. "Though if we keep going ... we should find something" her voice holding a darker, more mature tone to it. and all around her body wicked little shadowy flames that if one grew too close to would snap out at, and give a sting much the same as a tiny bullwhip lashing out Peering out int the hellish realm as the ship floated along, the river became visible to the Crusnik, aswell as the cavern. "Looks like we're going to have to go in, on foot" she said, and shuffed over to the controls, folding her wing back as she brought the massive ship in towards the cavern and in tfor a smooth-ish landing, whatwere a few scrapes and dents in the hull, compared to the glee of making that little wench stumble about. Once on the ground San took to the air for a few moments, scouting ahead and behind to see if there were ant threats about. before calling down to her travel partner "Are you ready little one? .... to stare death in the face and laugh once more?" she let out a twisted little cackle as she darted back down towards the ground. Not being a true physical plane, the dark celestial being could exist freely in her true form. so it felt good to fly on her own, without having to wory about her body giving out.

Azarel: "The day I call you Captain, is the day you call me by my proper name woman" she muttered with a bit of a smirk, not at all caring that the ship kept being jerked here and there. She knew San was trying to get her off deck, one way or another, but again Saku was a stubborn woman and wouldnt give into the midgit. Speaking of said shortness, Saku glanced back in time to raise a brow at the rather changed Sanelley. It wasnt something she saw every day, but she figured, crossing realms into hell kinda too the cake for strange things today so she just blinked. "Guess I cant call you midget now can I? she stated/asked, not really expecting an answer before once again glancing about. She wasnt exactly looking forward to searching for this man, Neo if she remembered the name correctly, with San being the guard. 'My luck Ill get left here' she sighed in her mind, before frowning at the fact they would have to go on foot from here. If she was already feeling the effect of this place just in the air on the ship, it was probably going to be a hell of a lot worse once upon land. "Just great" was all she could say to the thought as she made her way off the ship, glancing up when San called out to her once again. "Im staring at you constantly arent I? " she replied, a smirk coming to her lips even as fatigue crashed down upon her. Her will to complete this 'mission' waining, Saku cursed and slapped herself, forcing herself to keep moving, and refusing to just sleep her life away. "This had so as hell better be worth this bullshit."

Sanelleypoo: Setting herself down on the ground, the creature looked to the fire elf and shrugged, her large wings folding against her back as she looked into the cavern "Looks like it' clear" she said, as she pulled her massive blade from her back, and rested it on her paldron. While in crusnik form her sword took on a few interesting properties. Normal weapons couldn't harm celestials in the celestial realm, but being a soul bound weapon to a dark celestial being, it was one of the few types of weapons that could permanently kill a true celestial, so she figured the inverse would be true. giving it real power inthe land of the dead. Into the cavern she went, makign sure little miss hot head was behind her every now and then as she stalked through, finally to the mass of bones at the end, the large skeleton at the top made the creature smirk, though she wasn't here to talk. she wasj ust there to get Saku in, and out alive. and if all went well, a few pieces. but that wa a concern for later. A slender clawed hand pointed upwards as she motioned to Saku "I think we found him" she said with a snicker "that being ... up there ... on the bones" she said slowly, ensuring that the wretched knife ear could nderstand what she was saying, or just poking her once again, one of the two "Do your thing ... lets see if that tiny mortalbrain fo yours can think of anything .... If I have to drag his ass back ith me ... you're not coming along" she said with a little laugh, completely serious, and she was sure Saku knew this

Azarel: She said nothing as she followed after San, keeping her gaze on the woman infront of her and nothing else. She minded her footings, and made sure not to fall behind and the likes, but aside from that her gaze never dropped from the winged back of one Sanelley Highwind. She figured, if she let her gaze stray from the target, then she herself would end up following wherever her eyes landed, which in turn would probably have her lost here and all that lovely crap that would no doubt follow. It wasnt until they came to a stop within what seemed to be a cavern, that Saku blinked and rose a brow, eyes following where San pointed to and frowned. 'Why do I have the feeling this is going to be like pulling teeth?' she questioned mentally, shaking her head and stepping around San while hoping the act wouldnt get the rather large blade through her back or the likes. How in the world was she supposed to get this skeleton up and moving, if indeed it was this neo character that she had been informed about. "Well, how the fuck id this gonna work?" she questioned, walking further into the 'room' and stopping a distance away from the throne of bone. "Oye, Skull head, you 'alive' up there?" hey, when ya cant think of something else, go back to the usual standard of greeting right?

Artorias: As bones crunched beneath the boots of the visitors, whimpering pleas and rotting hands reached from the very ground as if seeking aid from those who were obviously not of this plane. Digits crawled across their boots but crumbled before they could grasp their quarry. Still the large black skeletal being sat motionless, dead upon the ivory throne, no acknowledgement given to their presence, unlike the corpses around them. As they arrived before the mountain of tortured creatures, the entrance to the cavern seemed to crumble, bodies falling from the ceiling, hundreds, thousands of corpses piling up, filling the entrance in seconds and blocking the 'intruders'. Suddenly, when the elf shouted her greeting, silence engulfed the cavern, no sound, no wailing, creaking, moaning or the familiar sound of tortured beings resonating about the large room. With a quick snap, every skull in the entire cavern fixated upon the winged female and the elf, their abyssal eyes boring into their very beings as a hundred thousand voices called in a whisper from every direction conceivable. "Whyyyy are you heeeeree?. The dead do not suffffffer the living to passss" Even as the uncountable whispers of misery spoke, the black being remained still, his being the only skull that did not more.

Sanelleypoo: Lifting a clawed hand to her face, the ancient creature smacked her palm against her forehead. Her head shook at the oh so eloquent greeting of the knife ear "Useless" she said to the woman as he took to the air once more, looking to the skeleton "do i look living to you" she mused softly as she approached without fear, without hesitation "I am Sanelley Highwind ... Sworn sister to Llanowar Eladamri. Llanowar and Luciender sent us to collect you .... and your sword ... The beast lives once more ... And you must know of the consequenses .... Not even this dead plane is safe from the serpent" she called out to him as she beat her wings heavily, letting herself hover above the throne, in front of the skeleton "Neo ... we require your aid ... we need your sword, The four blades must come together .... Rise and join us ... or fall ... Even a deathknight knows to fear the might of a Crusnik .... do not make me ask again" her voice took on a commanding tone as her deep crimson gaze locked on the skeletal being. Not much more subtle than the fire elf, but at least she did not insult him

Azarel: "Fuck you midget" she muttered, flicking the woman off before letting her do most of the talking. For all that Llanowar had asked of her, he never really mentioned what she was supposed to DO once here. 'Leave it to the brat to forget the important details' she thought to herself, rubbing at her eyes before shaking her head furiously. It wouldnt do her any good to go drifting off down here now would it? "What the flying woman said basically. Whats her name.." she trailed off, trying to think of the name of that gunslinger who just wanted her dead as much as san before snapping her fingers. "AH Lumen Courteissy!...or something like that...mentioned much the same...all this ominous bullshit and that Neo, which Im guessing is you, was needed" she stated before remembering another piece as to why she agreed to being here. "Also, tall dark and boney, did you kill Alysta?" she questioned with a glare, remembering that it was he who had taken on her 'sister' of sorts, or at least that was what Llanowar said to her.

Artorias: Silence befell the cavern again as the winged female approached the throne, all empty eyes were upon her as she spoke, her tone far from convincing and demanding things, throwing names and reciting a forthcoming conflict. Still nothing moved other then the soft scraping of bone on bone as the heads turned to follow her. Another quick snap followed and all eyes were upon the fire elf, her insults filling the void yet again. These were who were sent to gather up the resistance brought together in order to save the realms? It might have been faster to fire a bomb into hell with a note, 'Come quick asshole' strapped to the front, at least that one would be over quickly and the dead could move on with their tortured existence. But alas, they had to suffer threats, demands, questions and offerings. As the fire elf voiced her query, the clouds above her began to swirl, part, soundlessly, unnoticeable to the two beneath given the pure darkness that covered the ceiling, but from it, a large blade fell. 7ft from hilt to tip, almost two feet wide, and within it, visible through cuts in the metal, a dark purple swirling vortex raged, the outline of faces passing by the indention periodically. As the blade fell, it fell towards the elves head, rapidly approaching, soundlessly, with enough force that if it connected, it would split the elf clean in two. Upon the throne, before the Crusnik, a small wisp of 'dusk' breath forth as skeletal fingers twitched and the loose hanging jaw closed. Slowly the skeleton being returned to a more regal sitting position before the winged female and it's soulless black orbs fixed upon her. "Llllanowaaaar" Another breath of dust left as all one hundred thousand voices converged on one being, whispering through a single row of obsidian teeth. As the skeleton came to life, the screams a dieing wails of the dead erupted as if terrified that this creature stirred again and an untold millenia of petrification. "Lluuuuumeeenn" Again he spoke and from behind the Elf, if she were not already split in two, a smokey figure came forth, passing through the elf and hovering above the blade. This creation of destruction, instrument of divine war, now corrupted to the point it was almost unrecognizable was Ashbringer, and within it lay the trapped being of Uriel, the Arch Angel

Sanelleypoo: from behind her the ancient warrior felt the evil presence, and heard the air displace from the blade falling, and with a quick slash she threw her blade hard, and fast to intercept the sword, that was even larger than hers, to at least knock the sword off course, and mot kill Saku, aybe maim her, take an arm, something. The sword was large in it'sown right, and crafted of darksteel, a heavy steel said to be indestructable. even with the size of the ashbringer, it should have little problem diverting it's course "Yes ... Llanowar ..... You know him ... he sure as hell knows you" she said, and pulled forth the uramasa from it's sheath, a weapon born of this realm. it's powers surely known through out the plane. Lifting the katana up in a loose defensive stance she kept her gaze locked on the skeleton. The sounds around her causing a deep cringe through the beast. She was a natural hunter, so her senses were mch higher than those of a mortal "We don't have time to play games ...If you come with us ... I may be willing to let you have the fiery one ... .she could prove entertaining" of couse she couldn't just hand her over, but once they were back in Gaia, accidents were known to happen "What the fuck was that little shit thinking ... sending us here ..." she growled to herself "Listen ... we need your help .... you want to keep ... " she looked about the cavern "doing what ever it is that you do ... You wield one of the four ... it is your duty to rise and help ... " she glanced to the bones "and besides .... Most of thse that you sit upon ... I gave to you ... You owe me .... I made your fucking throne"

Azarel: She twitched slightly at the rather creepy effect the skeleton known as Neo was giving as it moved about. Now honestly, why she was creeped out by this was unknown, considering who she happened to have met during her time on Gaia, but still the point was that it was fricken creepy. Blinking at the rather off track her thoughts derailed upon, Saku sighed before spying Sans blade come swinging her way. With a rather vocal curse and a bit of a startled move, she somehow managed to get out of range of the murderous...thing and could only blink in slight shock as another blade, this one all the more massive compaired to Sans, crashed into the ground close to where she once stood. "OYE! Stop trying to kill me already! She does so enough for one lifetime!" she hissed, jabbing a hand at San before clamping her hands over her ears at the seriously screechy, and not to mention loud, cries that were this mans voice, or thats what she was gonna call it. She bit her lip hard to kill the scream she herself wanted to let out due to the noise, falling to a knee while trying to block it out. "Shut...up" she hissed once again, fighting to get back up and standing while constantly glaring at 'If you could even call him that' she somehow griped in her mind.

Artorias: An amusing creature, a Crusnik was. Since he had taken his throne in Kalosis, Neocrosis had never come across such a being, and though he was old, his age was measured in a not so con-formative sense, this creature was 'older' so to speak. Ashbringer crashed into the corpse ridden earth, deflected by the winged female, San, barely missing the elf that was now, clearly succumbing to the effects of being a living creature in Kalosis. Slowly, creaking, dust falling from every bone, the black skeleton rose to his feet. Turning his 'skull' towards the elf, his whispered words in a thousand voices were clean. "The angel is forsakennnn, there was no call." Uriel was trapped, using every bit of power he could to stop hells miasma from infecting him, even if he were an Arch, he still had his limits. The pleas of the pigeon were not lost upon the Death Knight, but instead they were welcomed, Neocrosis had indeed fallen far from the grace he once helled in life, yet his realm still stood in danger of destruction and he, even if a primeval reborn in Kalosis, he was no fool. Though as he spoke, another voice called into the head of the elf, his 'eyes still transfixed as two conversations took place at once. "You are weaak, Amaranthosss. Alystaaa is mine. Youuuu are mineee. You were seeeent to die hereee, there was no negotiaaatiooon. You are aloone, Aaamaranthooosss. Ressst hereeee, sleepp in Kalosiss" While the words of venom rung in her mind, Neo's outwards voice of souls spoke simultaneously. "The call will be answerrred, the bladddee will be brrought. The deaaad willll maaaarchhh" The spectral entity that hovered above the Ashbringer now rose further, towards Neocrosis and seemed to engulf the skeletal being. Each wisp of smoke solidifying, the skull disappearing into a hood, hair of creatures long dead forming a coil about his shoulders. A single pauldrin, spiked and swirling with the same purple chaotic energy upon his left and a gauntlet upon his right arm which was again mimicked upon the necklace of 5 drawn faces in clean anguish appeared about his neck. Around his abdomen, steal encased, from below a long robe grew from the smoke. Feet covered in spiked metal boots. The once skeletal figure becoming whole upon the mountain of corpses. Though still the elves mind was bombarded with hells 'kiss'. "You are alonnnnnne"

Azarel: 'More with the creepy' she thought to herself, watching the skull of Neo turn to apparently stare at her. Well, she at least thought it was staring at her, was kinda hard to tell with the no eyes thing going on there. It wasnt until she started to hear a voice, one that wasnt causing her to go deaf thank you very much, that she jerked and stared right back at this tall creep. She said nothing, going stone still as she listened to what was being spoken to her, not entirely sure if she was the only one hearing it or if perhaps San was as well, yet she dare not look away from Neo. She frowned slightly, lips parted as if to deny whatever was being said to her before actually listening. Whoever it was, she could only guess it was Neo as he was the one looking at her, offered her to just rest here in this place, to sleep. She blinked, the fatigue that she had been pushing away falling heavily on her before she bit her lip hard. This wasnt her, this wasnt Saku. She didnt just roll over and give up, that just wasnt her nature, so instead, she did what she usually did, and fired back at him. "I am not alone you son of a bitch, and I sure as hell am NOT YOURS! Shut the fuck up and stop repeating your god damned self already!" she glared at him, panting at the exertion it actually took to speak back, she was nearing her limits it seemed. "You will...WILL...return Alysta to me you overgrown excuse for a dog treat! I will not die here by your feet, I will not bend to your words Neo! I am Sakura Zentoku, I am the last of the Amarantos, and you have NO say over what I shall do!" came the shouts from her as she stared him down, doing her damndest to rise from her spot, yet being un able to and keeping to a knee, which was soon joined by another before she just sat there in a slight daze. She twitched, still feeling the effects and hearing voices but she kept her glare, while muttering that she wasn't alone.

Sanelleypoo: Hearing his words, and watching him get armored. The ancient beast took to thr ground once more. The muramasa slipping back int it's sheath as she landed "Good ... We are greatful for your assistance" she said, before turning to the seemingly insane elf, that seemed a bit more crazy now. Walking over to her as she started screaming, and babbling to herself, the powerful being balled a fist, and lashed out an impressively fast punch towards the jaw of the fire elf, aiming to knock her the fuck out. if it connected, the ancient creature would go about collecting her weapon, and restrapping it to her back, before making her way over to the elf, and picking her up throwing her over her shoulder like a sac of smelly elven potatos to carry off towards the ship. If somehow the punch was dodged or blicked, San would strike out with a vicious heeled poot, aiming for the side of her head, intending on leaving her there for the dead to devour. If the elf was on her shoulder as she intended, she could start off back to her ship "You know the way right?" she called back to the skeleton and took the elf home to report their ... success

Azarel: Saku was still glaring at Neo, as if willing him to just burst into flames by glare alone. Which, had she not been feeling like she was, probably coulda happened. Not sure how well it would work, seeing he was a skeleton thing and all, but hey she could try later she supposed? She huffed mentally before her eyes caught sight of san apparently deciding to hit her and she did the only thing she could manage at the time, which was lean back as flippen far as she could and hope it was enough. She felt the air move past her face as she managed to dodge the punch that had been aimed at her, yet the second, which she honestly should have seen coming but didnt, connected solidly after she bounce back up from the first dodge. "Fucking...bitch" she cursed before fully slumping to the ground, unconcious from both the drain, and the rather uncalled, in her opinion, kick

Artorias: It seemed Hell's Kiss had taken it's toll on the fire elf, her maddened screams and challenges of defiance were simply, the effect of a strong mind breaking. Neo, even in his dead isolation, had not forgotten just what the Amaranthos were and what they had done in the past. A low pulse began to reverberate through the Ashbringer sending forth wave after wave of dull purple and black energy as if the very blade itself were coming to life in the anticipation of combat. Though this, 'awakening' was brought about by corruption, the eager pull of death, the hungry awning of the coming meal to be savored. Death was coming, whether they won or lost this conflict. As the pulses intensified, the cavern began to quake, bodies falling from the columns that 'supported' the ceiling. As the boot of the Crusnik connected with the elf, a low, deep laughter echoed and grew as each pulse became louder. The cavern started to crumble. In it's disturbance the entrance shook clear an opening for the winged female to return to her ship and leave the plane of Kalosis. The elf, however, remained. As everything collapsed, a figured walked from one of the crumbling columns. A female, nails long, rotting plants dripping as they corroded from her back and shoulders, skin barely clinging to a visible skeleton. Alysta, or what was left of the female Amaranthos walked to the unconscious visage of Sakura and picked her from the ground. A quick glance was cast toward Neocrosis as the now 'whole' skeleton walked down the crumbling mound of death and stood before his blade. It had been long since he held his weapon, long since Ashbringer and Death Knight fought again, and when Alysta approached, walking as if a mindless puppet, she placed her hand upon the blade, and Neo placed his upon the top of the hilt and in a flash of purple and black flames, all 3 were seemingly incinerated and turned to dust. The cavern though only increased in it's own implosion. Bodies piling, the mountain flowing as if a sea of death and should the Crusnik not hurry, even her ship would succumb to the flowing tied of hells occupants.

Sanelleypoo: As the cavern started to collaps. the beast took to the air one last time, and flew to her ship. and hurredly started fiddling ith the controls not bothering to wait for flight, she just flipped the proverbial switch, and let the ground beneath her open and suck the ship back through the multiverse, back into gaia before the cavern collapsed atop her. to bring word o Llanowar of her 'success'
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Neo's Awakening
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