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 Fight Logs

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PostSubject: Fight Logs   Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:36 am

Fight Logs
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PostSubject: Re: Fight Logs   Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:36 am

Noctis: Fall, a season most favored by some for the vibrant display of fiery reds, warm oranges, lulling yellows that caressed the otherwise dull and mind numbing grey that created the walkways and paths of Karakura town. While some savored the iridescent display of natures turning, others cursed the nuisance all the fallen leaves introduced into their hectic lives. Sometimes it was useful to be young and carefree as one such individual often though as he sat upon one of the benches in the park near his home. Not one to socialize and often cased aside due to appearance and attire, Iori Shingen favored the life he lived. Always found wearing a mask that covered half his facial features and bluish green hair to adorn his head and partially cover the remaining exposed skin, he was a rather mysterious individual. Though headphones hung loosely around his neck, the vibrating rhythm of some form of instrumental tone echoed loud enough for those passing to hear and it was rare he would actually wear the things correctly. Leaning back in the seat, arms stretched out either side of his along the top of the bench, legs stretched out in front, left heel resting atop the rights ankle ,head tilted back and eyes closed he looked very at home in the public eye, not caring for any that walked passed and whispered their dislike for the youth of today. Within his right hand Iori held tight a silver zippo lighter, an item more precious then his headphones and the mask that covered his features from sight. Using his thumb he continuously flicked the top open before pushing it closed with his index finger, repeating the act over and over again, almost absentmindedly at this point in time. It was fall season after all, Iori's favored time of year, it was dry, the sun still held some warmth and he took every opportunity to bask in the outdoors. He would not change these fleeting moments for anything.

KagaraMinzaru: -The cool air of this prelude to the coming winter whipped through the streets of the city, blowing crisp leafs that had long been stripped through their trees in to a dance through the world. Meera had just finished her kendo practice, a hobby she took quite a passion to over the years had had since won her fair share of tournaments. She had her winnings slung over her shoulder, two saber's of roughly three feet in length from the but of the hilt to the tip of the gently curved blade. She did not much care for competing for money but a new piece to her collection was never a bad thing. She was still in most her kendo gear other than the pads, her feet were wrapped in a thick white cloth and were shoe-less and her lower body was covered by a deep red hakama with an orange belt, a little something to match the season. While her upper body was bear other than white dressing the covered her chest. Her long white hair that drifted to the back of her knees was tide up in a pony tail and whipped around behind her like an angry snake as another large gust of wind bit at her. She lifted her left hand to shield her cool blue eyes from the dust that had been kicked up by the slightly aggressive weather. When she lowered her hand, just as she was crossing an intersection she spotted something...or more so, some one. A male across the street...he has spiritual pressure, very light for the most part, someone who had not reached fullbring yet but his energy was larger then most at such a level. She was slightly shocked it had taken her so long to spot him. She quickly crossed the road and was now walking roughly 20 feet behind him, something about him did not seem the type to bite at "Hey, you're a supernatural being, come with me if you want to live" So she would have to improvise. The thought came to her as she noticed the man playing with a lighter...the focus. A small smile crossed her face as she picked up her speed. Soon she could almost reach out and grab him but she suddenly tripped, a ploy, and ran right in to his shoulder. She jumped up and stuttered. "I'm so sorry!" She said before turning around and walking the other direction....flipped the top of the mans lighter up and down in her hand with a loud click. She had picked it right from him, what better way to get someone to follow you than to steal something from them and make sure they knew it. At once she would take off in a sprint, there was an old building her fullbringers used to control this side of town just about a mile out and with her head start she should be able to keep him at a safe distance behind her, if she could not she could always just use light bring to keep her head start in affect. -

Noctis: It was getting close to evening, almost time to at least find something to eat, or if nothing else to get up from the seat he had been sitting in for the last number of hours. However, life had a funny way of changing ones priorities at the last minute. Only for the lax state he now occupied, dozing slightly, listening to the music, not paying much attention to anything other then the cool breeze and the dancing of the leaves as the clung onto the branches in a last ditch effort to stay the inevitable grasp of times clutch. Inhaling deeply, Iori was about to raise to his feet when something struck against his back and knocked him forward slightly. His immediate thought was upon his lighter for he felt the foreign body of another's digits coil their way like vipers into his grasp and remove the coveted item from his personal possession. Raising to his feet his body was still under the control of momentum causing him to take a couple steps forward, more then enough time for the female who caused the interaction to make her escape. Finally sliding to a stop Iori gave no thought as to why this person wanted what was his, who she was or what her purpose was, his mind was completely focused upon the retrieval of his lighter. Bounding forward he leaped over the bench he previously occupied, using his right hand as leverage to vault over the motionless object and using that addition in forward thrust to begin his pursuit. Ducking down a side ally, Iori was keeping pace with her, not that she was hard to miss with the long ivory hair, red hakama and almost none existent upper body wear. It seemed as though a couple of times he would loose her, but something in his mind kept telling him just where to go and how to find her, as if he could 'feel' her every move and turn. Yet no matter how much he pushed himself Iori could not close the gap, as if an invisible force kept her at the same distance every step of the way. After what seemed like hours Iori slid to a halt outside an old, seemingly abandoned building. She was here, he did not need to see her enter to know this nor did he question such a thought, he simply walked forward, hands loose, not balled, head held slightly forward causing his eyes to remain shadowed behind the multitoned strands. One way or another he was taking back his momento.

KagaraMinzaru: -She slowed just in time to opened the door to the building, disappearing in to the devouring shadow within, glancing over her shoulder to glance out the door as it closed behind her to see that the man was in fact still following her "And all the peaces are in their place..." She said as she turned to her right and felt down the side of the wall for the light switch, once found she would give it a nudge up before the old industrial flood lights kicked in. No one had been here in ages since the quincy started their crusade against almost anything and everything that was not them. She crossed the small reception area to a set of double doors just across the room marked "Employees only" As the door swung open against the push of her hand her the lights had just started to kick on in the room, it was obvious the building had fallen in to disrepair. As the dark was elevated from the area she would take a few more steps inside, while dropped the lighter to the floor just about five feet from the door. She would spike her energy levels, she wanted everything to go as planned. She crossed the room and slowly lowered her self to sit with her legs crossed on the dusty wood floor to face the door, her two swords siting sheathed across her lap. Hundreds of weapons adorned the walls of the room, all of them mostly being types and styles of swords from across land and time. This was the practice room of the fullbring that served under her mother, a fitting place to once again follow her charge. The room echoed with energy from those that once filled it, to most humans it would only make their skin crawl, or at least the more sensitive ones. However, to a fullbring, this was a place of power. She would bide her time, and keep checking on the mans energy, to make sure he was following her, but he seemed to have no problem so far, and she did not much think that he would fall short now. -

Noctis: Unseen eyes noted each structural detail of the buildings face for faults and indents that would tell a person trained in architecture, if such a construct should still even be standing. Though the females 'energy' was in the epicenter of this crumbling mess, it seemed that it would hold, for now. taking the first step to, what cliché stroywriters would describe as, the rest of his life, Iori entered in time to see the last remnants of flickering from the lights that were adjusting to being used again, a low hum or whine even offering the illusion that they protested been awoken from their long slumber. It did not take long for the black clad, baggy clothed male to find the room he needed, though instead of the polite, push and tread carefully into parts unknown, Iori lifted his right leg while at the same moment placed both hands inside his pockets and booted the door open. Not being stupid enough to walk forward straight away in case the metallic sheet door slung back and broke his knows for his troubles, Iori paused a moment only to find when it connected with the back wall it's inertia was absorbed into the concrete, and so he walked towards the female he could see resting against the adjacent wall. Halting once he came to the center of the room a foreboding silence reverberated around the cold stone facade that cloaked some form of, feeling, a stirring perhaps, as if history itself cried to be heard and speak it's tale. Yet all that greeted ones ears was silence and the shifting of cloth against skin as either figure made slight adjustments to their posture. "My lighter." Was all Iori would offer in terms of conversation.

KagaraMinzaru: -Blue eyes glanced up to meet the man as he entered the room, she offered him a small smile as he asked for his item back of which she nodded her head in the direction of the lighter of which she had left on the floor only a few steps away from him. She made a note of when their doors own weight brought it to close and slowly she lifted both her hands up in the air before her face to clap, only once. A green circle of energy would appear on the door as she called on its soul, an old disgruntled thing and asked it to lock, and with the sound of a turning dead bolt she would smile, and thank it before the circle vanished, and she left the soul to rest. "Your item is returned...but..." She took the two swords in her lap and moved them outward to her right side and pressed the tip of their sheaths against the hard wood floor and used them to help her heave her self from the ground. "I'm afraid I can not let you leave." her tone sounded truly sorry for him as she came to stand erect. "Not until you show me why it is you love that lighter so much." She would move her left hand to take hold of one of the hilts of the two sabers and dragged it free of the scabbard that held it's sharp blade from sight. The sword was new, never used and it's polished shimmer reflected that. Her right hand did the same with the other sword, and left both sheaths siting on the floor before she gave them a gentle kick to send them skittering and clanking across the room, until they hit the cement wall with a thud. She rocked her head to the right, and then to the left to bring attention to the walls "You may take your pick of the lot, I'm not sure if you are any good with a sword but it seems that it is all we have at hand today."almost one hundred blades sat sheathed on the wall, held up by stands or just bolts that had been driven in to the stone to keep them up right. A thick coat of dust covered many of the items as if to show their lack of use to which she can only note "I assure you they are not as bad as they look". Once again she would smile, almost cheerfully as if she found this situation entertaining on some level but she did always love new recruits-

Noctis: A stoic composure kept his already partially hidden face from showing any sort of emotional reaction as he stepped forward and picked the lighter from the ground. As if to check it's authenticity, Iori flicked the top open and closed a number of times until he seemed satisfied and holstered the small metal box back in his pocket. Head rising a couple of inches, Iori glanced across the open distance between them when he heart her speak, the metallic clicking of locks, a hum of green energy, the playful, sad yet enthusiastic tone in her voice were all signs of what she had planned long before she stood from her rested posture and unsheathe her blades. Two katana, high quality, well maintained and cared for, something the male could appreciate and respect, unlike the dust covered siblings that lay dormant upon the walls surrounding. Finding hardly any reason to debate the coming tidings, Iori turned to his right and strolled over to one of the walls laden-ed with Katana, all roughly the same length, 10 in a set, and grabbing the hilt of each one he tossed them behind him in random direction causing them to land handle up into the varnished wooden floor. When he reached the 10th however Iori kept a tight grip upon the weapon, left hand still deep in his pocket as he turned and slashed the air a number of times, testing the weight, flexibility of the metal and over all condition of the instrument of both defense and destruction. It was clear This female was well versed in the art of the sword, an observation one did not need to confirmation of the swords she wielded to accern. Moving back towards the center of the room, Iori drug the tip on the blade along the wooden floor, passing a couple of the randomly scattered blades as he did so, a soft clink echoing as the weapons point ran through the gap between floorboards. Finally returning to the spot he initially held, Iori kept his sidewards stance towards the woman, left shoulder, hand still in pocket, facing her, the katana hanging loosely within his right as the index digit tapped periodically against the cloth wrapped handle. "Shingen, Iori" A simple gesture and sword wielder would recognize, offering one's name before combat ensued.

KagaraMinzaru: -She adjusted her weight to her left foot as she waited for the man to make his selection. Only to cock a brow when he started to discard weapons one after the other, he was picky about his weapon, she noted. Most would not notice a differences but he did seem to, a mark of someone who knew their way around a sword "This may actually get good" She thought to her self as she watched until he made a selection. She cared little for the weapons that were thrown, or the floor that was damaged. There was no need to get upset over something so small. She waited for the man to return to the center of the room, while he dragged a sword to witch she could only smile "Well don't act too enthusiastic" She would say in a mocking tone at the mans nonchalant actions and just overall lackluster personality "Or I may just get bored to death" She thought before she took a few steps closer, kicking any of the swords that sat in her path out of the way as she moved. She would come to a halt about five yard away from the man just as he introduced him self to to which she offered a small bow " Nogenata, Meera" She lifted her head to smile once more. "It's a please" Her tone was please, the plan set, the peaces moved as she so pleased and the board was set for the real action to which she lifted the blade in her right hand and moved her stance to almost mirror the mans own. Her stand to took to the side, with her left side facing him and lifted her sword to bring it's point to bear. She held it loosely in her hand, her wrist slightly angled down which her elbow gently bent while her right hand and sword were held behind her, low and with the blade pointed to the floor. She took two swift step forward, her foot work quick and agile as she thrust the sword in her left and in a quick stabbing motion angled right for the mans nose, but the motion of the arm was slow, weak, she by no means planned on doing any damage with it, but just to draw out a reaction from him, to draw him out of such a stance and get the fight going and what better way than a faint-

Noctis: A deep inhalation of cool air, chest raising, heartbeat slowing, lids falling shut, mental faculties sharpened to the task presented, eyes opening slowly. Each step meticulous, planned and carried out without much thought towards time taken or wasted, openings possibly given, yet the woman held the same code as he and her name was exchanged in full. The stage was set, pieced placed and the pawn was cast as Meera stabbed towards his. One must always assume full awareness of both body and position when battling, distance and posture playing as vital a role as the weapon and attack itself. Because of this Iori was able to lean back, left foot sliding with him to create just enough distance between them both so the tip of her sword touched the cloth covering his nose but held no piercing properties. With that things moved forward and Iori pushed himself back further still to slide along the wooden surface as if it were ice, coming to a halt beside one of the cast away blades. Quickly and fluidly he raised his right foot, placing it against the top of the swords vertical handle, and pushed forwards and down, increasing his momentum at the apex of the fall so that the sword sprung up beside him, spinning around in the air. Turning 360 degrees himself Iori ground his right foot around against, timing his execution very well so that his foot kicked the butt of the katana's handle and fired it dead straight towards the center of Meera's form, piercing the air like a bullet, unwavering and fast in his assault. Once his right foot touched the ground, Iori too was off, running directly behind the sword yet crouched, in an awkward angle. Right as the sword would hit, it seemed he vanished in his low posture, yet it was a trick, utilizing the blind spot in ones vision and quick trajectory to move into said spot, sliding his left foot forward and slashing around with his right hand, sword in toe to cleave the female just below the last rib on her left side as she faced him. Legs kept tight and controlled giving his a focused center of gravity to hold his form steady and strong.

KagaraMinzaru: -Her sword caught nothing but air, just as she had expected and at once her feet quickly reversed her advance in a step backwards to open the gap, a counter would be on its way but what she saw happen next caught her off guard, even if the attack was as easy to read as an open book she had to give him points for innovation. As he licked the sword at her she ducked down as the played flew by over head while she recoiled her sword arm and crossed it horizontally, perfectly parallel to the floor as she noticed the man charging for her to which she took another step back, opening the gap wider to give her that extra moment of time to react. She swung her other hand to her front, to hold both swords before her as she lowered her body to an even deeper crouch as the mans blade came round. She brought her left hand up and over her head while keeping the tip of the sword pointed to the floor and in between her body and the mans own weapon to catch the blade and revert the trajectory to follow her blade, up an over her head if he followed through with the swing. With her weapon in her right hand she would thrust the tip of the blade foreword and try to drive it in to the mans rib cage. While the action took place she made sure to keep tabs of the weight of the mans blade on her own sword, to see if the weight was lifted before the projected time she had set for it hitting the cross guard. That would be her first signal that he had recovered from the swing and after that time, another attack could be expected, with this data she made sure to keep her center of gravity steady and centralized to make sure that she could have a full range of movement if it was so needed.

KagaraMinzaru: -Her sword caught nothing but air, just as she had expected and at once her feet quickly reversed her advance in a step backwards to open the gap, a counter would be on its way but what she saw happen next caught her off guard, even if the attack was as easy to read as an open book she had to give him points for innovation. As he licked the sword at her she ducked down as the played flew by over head while she recoiled her sword arm and crossed it horizontally, perfectly parallel to the floor as she noticed the man charging for her to which she took another step back, Only to have him move to her left. She took another quick step back as she lifted her arms out of the way of the slash while pushing her body back up right while leaning back, she had hoped the blade would come short of it's target but as the bite of metal lit of her skin as she stepped back, the blade sliced in to her side about two inches deep, the wound could of been far worse if she had not moved but a flesh wound was far from anything she would worry her self with. She quickly readjusted her center of gravity as she brought the sword in her right hand down for the crown of the mans head while taking a step foreword with her right foot to make sure her reach was correct to get the sword to its target. Her left hand brought her sword back to her side, the tip pointed at the man, waiting to strike out at what ever action he took should she need it. It was quite a thing for first blood to be taken from her, normally it was the other way around, and first blood was the end of her fight but that man seemed to leave far fewer opening in his attacks than most, the style was well grounded and solid, something she tried to do with her own and yet she was the one bleeding.-

Noctis: Cool metal sliced against skin, splitting the flesh like a hot knife through butter, such was the sharpness of the old blade. It was an impressive feet for part of Iori wondered if the blades had dulled over the years they lay sleeping upon the wall. Such close range gave perfect conditions to launch a quick and devastating counter attack, something Iori was very aware of and as his blade exited out her other side and she adjusted to pain and position to attack, he turned his blade inward so the butt of the katanas handle faced her. The choice of counter though was not ideal in Iori's mind, an overhead slash taking too much extraneous and wasted movements to be truly effective. So as Meera pressed forward, taking a step towards Iori, he too slid his right foot forward outside her own, the gap closed instantly bringing him inside her outstretched over head slash and jolting the butt of his Katanas handle directly towards the center of her breastbone, the attack which would cause damage to both her bone but also her heart beneath. The descending arm would hit against his shoulder at the elbow join which would cause undue strain and more then likely weaken the join in the long run. The advancing movement was not just an attack but also a defense, as he made his counter move he kept in mind her second blade pointed towards him, such a thing was hard to miss, and as his form moved forward her defensive blade would pass through the opening created through his left arm and the side of his body, pining the metal tightly between two pieces of cloth only allowing for a forward and backwards motion with her arm and not being able to twist the blade as to deliver a deep slice into his side or arm. Keeping his feet in a focused hold pyramid shape was the key to his quick reactions and rock like posture.

KagaraMinzaru: -As she brought her sword down, she noticed the mans movement foreword and reacted be trying to revers her momentum and move back, but this action was far slower then that mans own advance do to the time it would take and the distance made would not be close to enough as she watched the man bring the but of his sword foreword and at one her left hand let go over her sword, as the man trapped the blade it would be useless to her now and with a swift thrust of her hand would smash the encroaching blow from the side to knock it off center and to her right side. Her sword swing for his head however had been all but avoided for the most part, though steps back had caused her forearm to crash in the the mans shoulder. With another step back of her left foot she would drag her right arm back in her direction while narrowing her body so that the but of the sword only nicked her right side from the blow of her left hand, the pain rocketed up her side as even from the glancing blow her ribs bruised and complained from the shock . As she pulled her right hand back she would also angel it down, to try and drag the blade across the crook of the mans neck in an attempt to cut the skin and sever his carotid artery while bring the sword back over his shoulder as she back peddled. She may of very well lost one of her sword but it was better to lower her own combat output then to have her ribs crushed by such a blow-
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Ithrayin: The ghostblade.... The enigma clad in black is a 6'0" tall male who's shrouded in mystery as is his nickname. In folktale his figure is always obscured by a thick fog and his strikes are said to come from nowhere.... A unsettling story passed off onto children, warning them to return home at the first sight of a thick mist..... In olden days, the secretive man was one of the most noble in his village. He served with honor and performed his duties the best he could. But all that had changed.... "Clank!" A loud metallic noise rang it's harsh sound onto those unlucky enough to stand closeby. The man, draped in a ebony hakama with a black top that covered half his body and one arm with an oversized sleeve, jerked his head to the location from which the noise came. His wolf-like yellow eyes glued endlessly to the deserted building that seemed to be the remains of an old temple or arena of sorts. Listening and watching for the slightest sight or sound to alarm his senses. After a pause that seemed to stretch on for hours, but actually lasted a minute, the lone-wolf continued walking. The ghostblade was a character of folklore, said to appear only when lives had to be taken away. A true deathreaper.... However like in all stories, exaggeration is a well-present fact. His name was Ithrayin, however it was a name that he had not heard in many a year. As his black sandals kept hitting thelarge stones beneath his feet, the massive blade on his back bumed and wiggled uneasily in its place. Being such a oversized weapon, it was a drag to bear on a journey.... The handle was at least 20" long, if not a couple more and the blade itself covered a stunning 2 yards in length and 10-12" in width. It's design was very plain, being a regular steel-gray. The handle had a ribborn wrapped around it to provide some extra grip, but other then that it looked to be a normal oversized sword. The ghostblade glanced around and clasped the black-nailed digits from his right hand around the hilt of his weapon. No information was known about his opponoment, but he was most likely to be lurking around somewhere. A dreadfull sigh was released from Ithrayins lips as he awaited in the middle of what seemed a ring designed for battle.

Noctis: The Salvanous Temple, an oriental structure located atop the summit of Mt. Obanne, the highest mountain in the land, breaking through the clouds and exposing it's ancient stone carvings to the unrelenting force of the sun. Yet the height kept the area cool and manageable though the air was a smight thin. Those that resided within the temple were, for the most part, priest and student's studying the way of the Salvanous teaching, though they had their warriors, guardians known as The Harbingers, The Bringers whom fought when the time called for such action. There were 5 in total, positions that were never empty for too long and were normally kept very secret to anyone but the highest placed within the temples walls. Many came here looking for answers, to test themselves both mentally and physically, some came simply to meet their end yet none were ever turned away regardless of race. After the male entered the Temple grounds one of the large wooden doors began to creak and protrude and object to being moved and pushed open. The tree like symbol in the middle of the door split in two and both sides were moved out of the way and from the darkness without a figure dressed in pure white emerged. hands tucked deep into the pockets of his hakama, a slight breeze animating his haori and golden locks, from which protruded a a series of small horns. From beneath his fringe, vivid golden orbs with cat like slits for iris' caught site of the new male. The mental pressure from the mans gaze was almost malleable as he approached, walking down the small slop into the octagon shaped arena. Each step brought a soft swoosh sound as his dark straw sandals brushed across the stone work floor. By his side hung his daishou, weapons carried by samurai in feudal Japan which consisted of a Katana and it's smaller brother, a Wakashi. The obsidian sheath keeping the blade hidden from view though the golden glint and ivory wrappings of the weapons tsuba were indeed a valuable sight to behold. Stopping just inside the inner octagon, the male, keeping his hands within his pockets introduced himself. "My name is Iori Shingen" He offered a slight nod with his name as a proper formal greeting but made no advances, his body remaining calm, feet shoulder length apart with his right an inch or two behind his left, face stoic but eyes never leaving his opponent who seemed also to favor the oriental attire as Iori did.

Ithrayin: Wolfish and cat-like yellow eyes met in a clash of stares. The cat's stare malleable and the wolf's glance ever so calm. A nod of the head was given in return to the greating. "I'am Ithrayin." Knowing that no further introduction was required, he clenched his right fist and pulled the massive sword from his back. Whilest doing so, his shinigami power was released and revealed. A white flow slowly began to emit from the shinigami with a wave-like pattern. It's spiritual pressure was minimal, on the other hand it was soothing. Another quick nod was then offered before Ithrayin pushed himself off the ground with a quick and low jump. After he made his landing, he immediatly dashed off towards Iori. Ithrayin's black garb fluttered heavily as his feet moved rapidly in a quick sprint. The sound of thumps, produced by the minimal touching of his feet upon the floor, followed each other in such quick succession that it produced a low-scale rattling sound. His oversized clothing now seemed a perfect fit as his muscled body moved freely and... fast. Angetsu was the name of the zanpaktou that clung unto his back, it's spiritual capacities forever locked in a permanent state of the first release. The broad blade was raised overhead as Ithrayin closed in on Iori. With only several yards seperating them, the Ghostblade elevated slightly in a quick dash forward. Accompanied by speed and gravity, aswell as the fierce strength hidden in the shinigami's arms, the upper part of the massive weapon aimed to crash down on Iori's head. Sunshine's rays caused for a dooming shadow to appear on the temples floor, showing a intimidating weapon crashing down. However... at the exact moment when the sword crashed down, a unseen force erupted from below. A invisible ghost-blade attempted to cleave Iori from bottoms up, exactly the opposite of his zanpaktou's strike. The visible and invisible blade saught to clash together and cleave whatever they sliced in two.

Noctis: "Itharyin" Iori rolled the name around in his mouth as if getting a feel for it though said nothing more and gave no more actions in reply to the mans introduction. Keeping his body relaxed, golden orbs ever watchful, Iori noticed something different about this male from other fights he had participated in in the past, just what that was though he could not speculate just yet and he doubted it made a great deal of difference in the conflict. When the man skipped and shot forward Iori took a long breath, body unmoving along with his head, eyes locked onto Itharyin's as the giant buster sword rose into the air and started to slice downwards. The force would be 10 times greater then a normal katana's power due to sheer size and as he was about to react, the stone beneath his feet cracked as if something was coming up. 'A hidden attack?' he mused in his mind though he did not let it rattle his concentration and with a quick motion of his form slid his right foot back behind his left, body dragging with him and as the large sword came down, inches from his face it severed a few strands of hair from fringe. Moving his right hand from his pocket he placed it upon the large blades hilt adding a bit more downward force to keep it low and with a quick horizontal slash with his left hand he aimed a blow directly for the mans throat in his some what defenseless posture given the weight of the blade he was swinging. Then rotating his form around back around around to his left Iori positioned himself behind Itharyin and aimed a second powerful blow up and towards the bottom of the mans rib cage, dead center of his back with enough force to shatter his spine and his lower two ribs on either side.

Ithrayin: A loud "Clank"rang violently through the area, as the giant blade crashed down into the stone floor. It's tip nearly seemed to break through the stone itself leaving a large crack, similair to the one created by the invisible blade. Ithrayin's collected yellow eyes, gazed with the serenity often felt around a old wolf, met the fierce golden eyes of Iori once more. The shinigami's eyelids drew apart slightly as he retrained himself from flinching. Suprisingly, his blade seemed to accelerate in the final inches before colliding with the floor. Pressure was exerted by a external force which didn't draw the Ghostblade's eyes. They remained fixed on Iori, noticing the sickening blow coming from the left hand that seemed to escape Iori's pocket within the blink of an eye. The trajectory of the blow seemed decided from it's explosive start, it came in straight at the defenseless throat of Ithrayin. However, with animalistic instincs a reaction came almost immediatly. A chin was lowered quickly as a fang-bearing mouth was widdened, before clenching down on the left hand of Iori. The force coming from the blow shook some teeth loose in their pink gum, while a heavy thump blew through Ithrayins face. A sickening headache came up but was ignored completely by the battle-obsessed male. In that single short-lived moment of ferocity, the calm yellow gaze shifted into a menacing stare for split-secnond. The powerfull bite was by no means enough to ssever a hand, but this bite was strong enough to tear through a layer of flesh and crush weak bones. Immediatly afterwards, the busterblade was turned sideways by a twist of the handle, turning the sharp side towards his right, In Iori's direction. A left hand was quickly sent to the handle before yanking the blade back towards himself. Attempting to either catch Iori on the broad beginning of the blade itself, from handle up, or to slice his upper legs with the sharp side of the blade. Meanwhilest, the ghostblade made the exact same movement from the opposite side. Meaning that if the broad part of the blade caught Iori, another were to attempt trapping him. Were the slash to make contact, the back of Iori's legs also had a incoming slice at the exact same moment

Noctis: Smashing into his opponents face was not a satisfactory outcome in Iori's mind but the wet feeling of blood as teeth were dislodged from their root would make up for a small portion of the failed attack. Being so versed in both swordsman ship and hand-to-hand combat meant even the most unused muscles a person would normally leave unnoticed were strengthened beyond normal means. Teeth still broke skin and bit into muscle, a single bone was chipped and pain rang through the entirity of his left hand, but the stern muscles seemed to provide a slight cushion from major imact damage or leaving the hand unusuable just yet. As he spun and saw the blade coming back, Iori's eyes widened slightly, impressed by the recovering ability and speed of his opponents actions. He did not, however, ease up on his movements but instead opted for a test of sorts and still drove his right hand forward but rather then a fist he aimed the heel of his hand for it's intended target and struck the buster sword once more at it's hilt. The test though was carried out when he left the sword close in on him a bit more before blocking it, but enough so that the hidden strike from behind cut into his fluttering haori. Pushing into Itharyins blade it seemed that this also stopped the other sword from behind. 'Mirrors' Iori thought as he jumped upwards and flipped back moving away from his opponent and feeling behind himself, examining the strike. It seemed he figured out one of the mans abilities and a very troubling one at that. "Hmmm" Reaching across with his right hand, Iori drew his katana from it's sheath having decided it would be better then continuing with an unarmed attack stratagy for now. Taking a few steps forward, Iori began his advance and once he was in range of what he wished to do his body leaned forward and his speed accelerated drastically, then when he was within 1 step range of Itharyin, Iori seemed to vanish from sight, carrying out a move known as Ikazuchi Kata 3rd mode. Rumbling god. By moving your body forward then suddenly and with great acceloration change from a forward movement to a sideways movement by crossing your legs over one another and entering your opponents blind spot, then quickly accelorating forward again, Iori slashed his sword forward when he was directly beside where Itharyin was, aiming the strike for the mans mid section. The tip of the blade would enter his opponents waist at his navel and cut half of his body in half should he fail to dodge. The movement in all would move Iori in the form of a lightning bolt, his speed seeming to match such a description perfectly for it was nearlly untracable.

Ithrayin: A pit of blood was spat out before his right hand moved to whipe away the red saliva from his mouth. Teeth stinged in their gums as a small chipped piece of bone was chewed upon and spat out. When pulling back the blade, it's movement was suddenly halted. Muscles strained but couldn't make any noticable change to the swords momentary moment of pause. Then the sword moved for a slight portion, before halting again. Ithrayin's right foot moved behind the left once more, as he attempted to give it his all in a final pull, aiming to release the blade. But when he moved his foot, Iori was seen juming upwards and out of reach.... "Quick.." The percision with which the man had hit the hilt of the blade was a true sight to behold for any warrior. However the powerfull muscle that took most of the bites damage slightly troubled the shinigami. This man was trained in ways that could not be imagined. Luckily, the same rule passed for the Ghostblade. As he saw he opponent draw his blade, Ithrayin turned his torso towards the adversary. His left foot turned to point towards Iori, alongside his right foot which was placed 1 ft besides it. The heavy blade that was held by a right hand moved upon Ithrayin's shoulder. The wide steel resting upon the shinigami's muscle whilest the sharp edge pointed outwards and the tip to Ithrayin's back. The sudden outburst of Iori came without warning, the white-clad man moved before dashing out with astonishing speed. Seeing his opponoment running towards him, Ithrayin tensed the muscles in his legs and awaited calmly. At the moment when Iori's final steps on closing in were made, Ithrayin dashed backwards and smashed down his blade with a overhead strike. However in stap last step, Iori vanished from sight.... Even shinigami senses were no match for the perfectly executed movement which took him away from Ithrayins sight. Within less then a second, Iori appeared to Ithrayins left, had the Ghostblade not moved, he would have found half his torso ripped by the slash that was still coming towards him. That slash however, found itself knocked on by a shitload of steel smashing down from above and an invisible smash from below. The buster blade and it's ghostly counter part attempted to either cut the sword in two with their massive weight added onto sharpness. Even if the sword survived the blow, the force released on the sword was enough to momentarily numb the muscles. Knowing the extreme potential of Iori's muscles from the confrontation with the latters hand, Ithrayin quickly twisted his hanle, causing for the flat of his blade to lie on the flat of Iori's blade. Then with a sudden jerk while twisting his torso and waist to the left, the sword was slashed across the edge of katana. A screeching sound of metal scraping metal was produced as the outter half of the buster blade moved in to slice Iori's left arm, whilest a ghost blade moved to slice Iori's right arm. Ithrayin's left foot stepped out while performing the slash, trying to get as much force in the slash as he can within the small space available.

Noctis: The tension felt through the blade as the katana was caught between the seen and unseen buster sword, almost like that of a sissors, canused Iori's grip to loosen upon the swords handle. It seemed Itharyin had manage to luckily evade an attack he did not even know was coming but it was the speed in which he recovered and manipulated the large buster sword what impressed Iori more. This move though was not quiet as simple as a normal cross slash as most would expect for the white clad male had grown accustom to this warriors fighting style. So with a upward flick upon the very end of the katanas ivory and gold handly he caused it to spin up and around the opponents slashing katana and at the same time Iori skipped and brought his knees to his chest and his head down so that he could squeeze in between the two blades that he knew were coming for him, one above and one below. When he handed again he grabbed the sword once more with his opposite hand due to the numbness still being felt in his right arm and stood up to his 5'6'' height once more, arms almost crossed at the chest with his left laying upon his right, blade pointing down towards the ground, his left side facing towards Itharyin. With his eyes now wide he took the chance of the opening provided by the powerful strike of Itharyins attack and flicking the inside of his left elbow, then use his sword arm like a whip, he placed all of his weight into the tip of his sword, thereby increasing the destructive power far beyond normal power, enough to even slice through the buster sword with his katana. The move was known as Kagutsuchi Kata 1st mode, Hibashira. It was a deathly fast and deathly powerful move.

Ithrayin: Indeed, it was a portion of luck that had saved Ithrayin's guts. There was a strategy behind it though, by moving backwards he gained more time to see what was goin on in front of him. The large portion of his blade that restd on his shoulder and pointed out backwards, kept his rear reasonably save, even when slashing his blade up. A proper dodge, he thought to himself. While feeling a drop of sweat running down his forehead, reminding him that luck was probably all that kept him from spilling intestines. This was a mistake that couldn't be made again. The thoughts raced through his mind as he slashed towards Iori. The unexpected flip of the katana however moved the buster of it's trajectory. With proper agillity, Iori dodged skillfully before landing on his feet. By straining his muscles to their limit, Ithrayin halted his blade as quickly as he could, while feeling his weight shift onto his left foot. The amount of pressure made it impossible for Ithrayin to regain a defenceworthy stance. As Iori lashed out his sword with menacing force, the Ghostblade clenched his right fist and made a uppercut movement. Causing for the tip of the buster blade to aim downwards, providing a wide barrier of steal to block the incoming blow.... Or at least, thus he thought.... A silent moment seemed to freeze all time as both blades connected. The velocity of the katanas swing and perfect aiming of the tip caused for the smash to be so unbearable... that the buster blade's top 30" broke clean off. The shattering noise pulverized the shinigami's eardrums as the top portion of his zanpaktou spun and raced past the right leg of Ithrayin, leaving a bloody trail in it's wake. Pain quickly made it's way through the entire leg, as the deep gash leaked blood. Slowly.. the shinigami took a few carefull steps back and regained his stance. Feet positioned besides each other with 1ft in between them while his entire body was pointed towards Iori. A soft sigh left his lips, as he closed his eyes for a second and felt some strength return to his leg. Only slightly more then 1 yard of the swords blade remained. No sign of any emotion whatsoever was read on the calm and blank face of the man. His wolven eyes piercing and staring directly into the feral eyes of Iori. Then... quickly... Ithrayin dashed forward again, this time slower then his previous run. His right leg was lagging drastically however the speed which he managed to reach in this short dash was still imressive As he covered mere yards, he moved to slide his buster past the Katana while shifting his grip to the end of the handle in the last moments. This shift caused for the buster to reach further then the Katana, hoping to outreach possible rettaliation. The yellow eyes grew fierce once more as the now blunt-tip plunged forward in a lethal stab aiming to bash against Iori's chest. Meanwhile, another invisible ghost blade made it's way to smash Iori. This one however, came in fon Iori's back. Aiming to crush the white-clothed man in between steel.

Noctis: Taking the laps in attacks as a moment to breath, Iori slid his right foot back behind him a foot, keeping them roughtly shoulder length apart. A deep breath filled his lungs with air as a beed of sweat dripped down his brow, between his eyes and dripped to the floor. The action went by without reaction from Iori as he watched Itharyin gather himself and prepare for his own assault with his already heavily damaged body and blade. Drops of blood fell to join the drip of sweat as Iori switched his sword back into his right hand. A smirk tugging against the side of his lips, eyes relaxed with lids half open as always. 'A 5 I think' Iori thought to himself but decided not to give true voice to the idea as he watched Itharyin prepare for one more advance, the trail of blood that lay in his wake was sizable. Taking up his own stance, knees bent, sword tip pointing forward put turning the sword upside-down, Iori placed the palm of his right hand against the butt of the katanas hilt and gripped just below the hilt with his left and steadied himself. With another breath he watched Itharyin come towards him, much slower then before but still above the normal speed of a human and as Iori prepared for what he knew was coming, a pincer attack that would smash into him from both sides. Lowering himself even as they were about to make contact he dodged the main part of the blow but the sword sliced deep into Iori's shoulder, though he could not let the pain falter him as he pushed himself forward and released his left hand grip on the sword's handle and with a twisting thrust he focused all his power from his back leg, up along his body and into his right arm, his shoulders turning as he pushed his right side forward, he thrust the tip of his sword directly towards the center of Itharyin's body as he faced him. The move known as Kosen, the power increased several times over then a normal thrust and would destroy anything in it's path from bone to steel. Iori's eyes widened and grew firocious as he pushed everything forward just as Itharyin had, using the largers mans off center body now as leverage for as every swordsman knew, the time you are most vulnerable to a counter is the moment you launch and commit yourself to an attack just like Itharyin had done and as Iori was doing now.

Ithrayin: The cold stone clicked gently against Ithrayin's sandals as he dashed. A soft wind blew through the hair of both warriors in the final moments befre their clash. It seemed as if an eerie sound rang out it's high-pitch across the battlefield when the buster-blade sliced through the shoulder from both sides, before resting in a deep gash as his adversary made his move. The lowering had triggered the shinigami's alarms and as the left hand was released, it was obvious that the right hand were to push the blade forth. Not obvious, was the percision by which this move was performed. Iori's entire body seemed to move as a single destructive force, unleasing a thrust with insane intensity. Already standing still, Ithrayin quickly stepped his left foot behind the right one in order to minimize the open area on his chest.... All light then seemed to fade for split second. Another eerie screech filled the air as the calm gaze in Ithrayin's eyes seemed to dimm.... The katana's tip ripped through the shinigami's flesh as if it were butter. The blade went right through the left side of the Ghostblades chest. Taking out two ribs and a large part of flesh with it. Blood began to make it's way across the katana whilest Ithrayin uttered a wolfish growl. Tensing the muscles in his left arm, he turned his torso to the right and caused for the katana to rip out the final remainder of flesh before freeing itself, leaving a 2 inch gash in it's wake. A left knee came up smashing towards the face of the crouched warrior, whilest Ithrayins left fist followed up with a smash to Iori's left jaw. Meanwhile, the hilt of the busterblade was turned once again, it's sharp side now facing Iori's neck. The knee attempted to knock the man off for a short moment, allowing the punch to come in from the left and smash head and nest towards the right, onto the sharp edge of the buster while the right hand that held it tried to force itself to pressure the busterblade towars the neck. Were the sharp side to reach the atery on the left side of Iori's neck, the bloodflow would be cancelled and damage might be lifethreatning.

Noctis: The feeling of steel slicing flesh told Iori all he needed to know, though it was a short and precise, not like he had planned. The very short distance between the two men meant leaving unscath completely was impossible but he did escape with his life for now. Still holding his left arm up so his left fist was protecting the side of his face like any compitent martial atrist would do was mere instinct now for Iori given that many years and many battles he had been in so when the knee rose he was able to guard against it's impact while uncharacteristically releasing his sword after the thrust letting it slide along the stone floor. The punch though was not fully dealt with as it smashed into his jaw and cracked the bone along the bottom of his face. The impact, though strong was lacking in enough force to properly shatter Ioris jaw bone meaning something else was coming, and with his low stance he could see the slight shift in the mans feet indicating another strike that could only come from one location. As his face turned to the side from the punches inpact, Iori secrectly moved his right hand back to his side and drew his wakashi, the smaller of the two blades he carried but far more perfect for ultra close combat such as what they were in and using the momentum from the punch Itharyin threw he twisted himself and brought his right arm up across his chest, wakashi in hand and blocked the incoming remnants of the buster sword. Still using his twisting body Iori pushed up against Itharyins buster sword moving it up an inch and threw his left palm forward, fingers and thumb doubled in on themselves leaving his palm exposed and drove his hand towards the gapping wound in his opponents side with enough force that would drive the broken ribs deeper into the mans innards causing them to tear and rip through his organs like shrapnel, this move was known as Kosen Mutou. Pushing them with his right heel Iori flew back along the ground, sliding along on his back before flipping backwards up onto his feet but landing in a low crouch and holding his damaged jaw finting a couple of teeth having been dislodged and spitting them to the side with a large amount of blood and a smirk. 'Now a 7' He mused in his mind once more.

Ithrayin: A cleched fist bruised immediatly on impact with the strong jaw. Eyelids peeled back for spli-second as the busterblade was attempted to continue into the finishing move. Brilliantly executed howeve,r was the quick draw of the wakashi which efficiently blocked the buster blade from any further movement. Ithrayin's fist had already moved past Iori's face whilest the buster was pushed up slightly. Alerted by the movement, Ithrayin snapped back his left arm, sending his elbow down to collide with the incoming hand. As the elbow collided, it managed to block the blow from reaching the open wound. But save for his life, little else was spared for the shinigami. The sickening intensity of the force that drove through the move, raptured through the elbow and the flesh and bone that stood for it's foundation. The entire upper-arm, from elbow up, was cleaved right off before Iori slid back and flipped onto his feet. The excruciating pain didn't swell up for another few moments. The Ghostblade knew that his body still had to adept to the shock. In a twisted setting, his eyes kept serene and his posture collected even though he dropped down onto his left knee. Slowly... the dimmed right hue was covered by his eyelid, whilest the left eye strained it'self to make out Iori's figure in the blur that fogged up his vision. Then suddenly.... The skies seemed to dim slowly whillest Ithrayin slowly got back onto his feet, lifting his right arm before yanking it down with the last remainders of his strength. His zanpaktou was released when the arm was reaching the lower part of it's swing. Causing it to soar directly towards Iori and aiming to cleave the massive blade through or into his opponents chest. A repeative woosh...woosh was heard as the blade twirled an soared towards Iori rapidly. Unlike the previous effects of the ghostblade.. this time it didn't strike from the opposite direction. It followed in the same trajectory as the zanpaktou itself, only with 2 seconds of lag seperating it. Nothing betrayed the arrival of the ghostblade, but the pain that it were to bring if it made it's hit after a possible block of the first attack. Were Iori to charge towards Ithrayin immediatly after the throw... well.. a slice were sure to follow. After his throw, Ithrayin moved to pick up the dropped Katana, once again dropping to a knee whilest steading himself with the tip of the weapon.

Noctis: There was no waisted movements in either opponents actions, each were skilled in their own ways of martial arts and each were wounded and loosing blood. Iori kept having to empty his mouth of blood due to the missing teeth and and cracked jaw but even his escape lung was not just to gain slight distance. Positioning himself over his tossed katana he reached down to pick it up and as he did he took a couple of steps forward but paused when he saw his opponent rise once more and ready himself to throw his weapon. The coming action was readable given the worn state of the man but his speed and strength were still present. Taking another seemingly staggered step forward as the blade was tossed, Iori began to fall, his body decending to meet the floor face first. As he was falling he tossed the wakashi somewhat feebaly it seemed at Itharyin and just as he was about to meet the floor face first he struck. The forward speed of the fall due to gravity, greatly exceeded normal expectations, from there Iori gained extra acceleration, by using all of his physical strength to achieve super acceleration, by doing this the force of gravity and his physical strength are combined. Iori flew forward passing under the spinning blade, but was caught unexpectidly by the second one, not directly but instead by the wakashi that he had throw. It defected off the ghost blade and dropped down, stabbing Iori through his left calf. The move however was already underway and he moved towards the downed Itharyin with intense acceleration, sword held in his right hand but tucked down by his left side until he was directly in front of his opponent and with a devistatingly fast upward slash would send the blade through the mans body, diagonally from his right shoulder down effectivly cutting him in two. This was known as Ikazuchi Kata 2nd mode, Shindensen and was almost 3 times faster then the lightning bolt move of the 3rd mode he preformed earlier. A normal healthy opponent would have an almost impossible time keeping up with this move for the start would already throw an opponents awareness of the situation off balance only to have to try and react to the intense speed of the dash and cutting force of the slash.

Ithrayin: Slowly the pain began to become more and more of a burden. The gash in his side seared with pain whilest his body finally began to realise the missing arm. Gritted teeth made a uncomfortable noise as the teeth stung in their sockets. Slowly but surely, the color began to fade from the shinigami's skin but his eyes, remained as collected as ever even though the right one remained closed. The oncoming Wakashsi was seen soaring towards him as Iori fell forward. He and his sword were connected, thus even though ta large part of his sword was broken off, Ithrayin could still detect it's exact presence. Which seemed to be a yard or so behind him. Ithrayin instinctivly rolled backwards, grabbing onto the piece of blade that had broken off previously. As he came back onto his feet, he saw the Wakashi being bounced off by the ghostblade in a lucky collision. Iori however, was already too close.... The speed of the man was ashtonishing and beautifull for any warrior to behold. Gushes of pulsating pain blocked out any hearing functions of Ithrayin, while his blurred eyes did their best to accompany his senses. With effort, he noticed the position of Iori's blade as he dashed.. Seeing the katana held low by the opponents left side. It's only possible trajectory was to rise up in a slash, unless the hilt were to be used in a bash. This gave Ithrayin about a second to react to the powerful slash. The broken piece of sword was clasped tightly as the shinigai grinned and threw it up. The peek of it's rise were to be reached at nearly the exact same time of the slash that ripped through Ithrayin's chest. His eyes twitched before rolling back in their sockets as his mouth opened in a sounless scream. Blood bursted from the massive gash that revealed pulsating organs and messed up tissue. A slight grin however, seemed to appear on his lips as he fell backwars. Accompanied by a soft howl that rang from somewhere in the woods. He did not go down without a final plan though. As the broken piece reached to top of it's acension. A ghost fragment of the blade crashed down in the exact opposite way. Due to the blades mirrored rotations they rolled around eachother in mid-air instead of clashing. When the thump of Ithrayins collasing body was heard, the ghostblade aimed to come chopping down with intense speed from the drop. Were it to hit, it could easily split skull or bone....

Noctis: The Shindensen slash was a success, it pierces through flesh, bone and organs to almost sever the man in two though he move backwards stopped the blade passing through to the other side of his opponent. Even as Itharyin carried out his final act, something that was not unseeable due to it being so obvious, Iori did not skim on his assault and once he was done he still pressed forward a bit more soas the falling blade decended towards him, Iori was stabbed just below his bottom right rib severing straight through his body and cutting his kidney completely in two.  The blade pinned him in place and with a loud cough blood erupted from the mans mouth and coated the ground before him, some splattering onto the fallen Itharyin. Holding himself in place for a moment he glanced around with one eye closed then proccedded to push himself backwards, moving himself up and off the blade before collapsing back onto the stones behind him, barely managing to keep concious. Releasing his katana beside him, Iori removed his haori with great pain and ease before tieing the entrity of the jacket around his mid section. Pulling it tightly closed and a grunt and a soft shout, feet gritted and only one eye keeping open as he fell back onto his ass. "8/10" his words were now given true voice as he looked to the fallen Itharyin, then rose and used his katana as a flimsy support.
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OblivionEdge: ::It had been too long since last Sono Shiranai was freed from its resting place and perhaps this fight would allow it to glisten with the crimson liquid it cherished as much as dehidrated man longed for a glass of water. Last time it felt the warmth of the seireitei sun was against the 6th division Taichou known as Ginyoku. An interesting bout but this was different, new opponents bringing new challenges, new obsticels and even more important, more conquests. Moving threw the maze of streets Aido Minami made his way towards the oh so familiar area known as the outpost. A gathering place for the masses and a place designed for relaxation and contimplation though today, like in the past it was going to be thrown into combat. Wearing clothing he was very unfamiliar with Aido resembled more of a living human character then that of his former position. Once the proud captain of the 11th division now turned rogue due to an unwanted infection, Aido was now a wanted fugitive in his own home. Though the infection was unwanted it was far from unwelcomed once embraced and concured. Cracking his kneck from side to side Aido ade his way towards the center of the outpost, the heat of the sun tampered only slightly by the cool mid day breeze which animated his jet black locks. Liquid silver hues surveyed the landscape picking out definable features which were very new given the fact last time he was here he destroyed most of them. Now however he held no love for this land, felt no connection to its people or its habitates. Perhaps he never did though whatever bonds were present were now severed. Playing with the tsuba section of his katana with his left index finger Aido approached his intended quary. A shinigami he did not know but one he had heard was speaking ill of the former captain. This was not something Aido would stand for though he would test the waters with this unknown shinigami to prolong and inevitably enjoy the conflict. It seemed the man was more the eger to start and Aido never was one to just stand by and chat, he cared little for the plesantries of name or rank, such meaningless things were better heard by the regestry dogs who prefered a pen then paper. Moving with purpose on confident footfalls Aidos speed began to increase. The space between each foot growing wider until he was coming at the man in full sprint. It seemed odd for a simple head long attack with no variation and not even a weapon in hand. Sono Shirana stayed sheated and as he drew in about 100 feet from the man Aidos direction and purpose changed. Fazing in and out of reality, or so it seemed, as his body shimmered and appeared off to the left then right then a few steps forward and also occasionally a few feet behind where he was. All in a ploy of confusion and unnerving actions. Eventually he reappeared to the right of Bara though he did not appeare simply standing there. He was already a quarter of the way threw a spinning kick bringing his right foot around 360 degrees aiming for the temple of the man before dropping to the ground in a crouched pose and spinning again attempting to sweep the legs out from under him. The first spin never meant to connect however it was a simple diversionary tactic to induce the ducking reflex and bring the man down from the leg sweep. Fazing from sight again he appeared directly infront of where the male was and sent a fist punch towards his abdomin, infused with his own power to increase its destructive force. If the leg sweap worked Aido had moved fast enough to position himself infront of Tsuka to hit him as he was still falling and sending him flying back towards the structure behind him. There was no half arsed attempts in his movements, Aido was an expert in CQC and it showed by his body structure, form and posture when executing the lightning quick strikes::-e-

KingBaranGrimourus: -Tsuka gaped in awe as Aido appeared exactly where he had thought he would right out the front of the outpost. His eyes narrowed as Aido’s pace began to pick up speed until he was in a full out sprint headed directly for Tsuka. Interestingly enough Aido-sama hadn’t drawn his zanpakutou yet he was simply rushing probably intending to do something painful and possibly humiliating to Tsuka before drawing his sword. Tsuka caught the heavy scythe like head of Doragon in his hand making sure that there was sufficient slack in the chain to do what he had in mind. Tsuka lowered his body to the ground in an almost crouching position waiting to see what Adio-sama would do first he had heard many things about the former captain and most of them were brutal. That didn’t bother Tsuka if anything it excited him to be able to test his knowledge of combat against one so highly thought of when it came to combat. Tsuka’s mind snapped back to the task at hand as Aido vanished and reappeared in front of him his right leg coming up in a round house kick aimed at Tsuka’s head. Tsuka almost dropped to the ground before Doragon’s voice slithered through his mind, “Think boy if you were going to attack an opponent what would you do.” Tsuka stopped his ducking movement before it had even really begun, he whispered to himself, “It’s a diversion he’s going to hit me somewhere low.” Tsuka threw his body backwards as Aido dropped from the diversionary round house and tried to sweep his legs from underneath him. Tsuka did several back handsprings putting distance between him and the much larger man he was already disgusted with himself he had almost made a rookie mistake and all because of the aura of power that radiated from Aido-sama. Tsuka unclenched his fists his body coming up in a slow controlled movement now was the perfect time to rush ahead but only with a plan and Tsuka was good at thinking on his feet. He charged forwards his body low as he prepared to launch himself Aido and do as much damage as possible. Dust rose in a circle around Aido as Tsuka ran around him in what appeared to be an effort to obscure his vision. Once the dust was thick enough for what he had planned Tsuka leaped from Aido’s left side his leg cocked back to deliver a powerful kick to the bridge of his nose. Just as he came within striking distance Tsuka’s body blurred as he used shunpo at the last possible second leaving nothing but the wind from where he had been on target to kick Aido in the face. Instead the real attack was coming from an entirely different direction much like Aido’s original attack he expected his opponent to react in a certain way but Aido being the combat veteran would not likely make a rookie mistake like ducking what was obviously a feint  designed to get him to duck he would do something entirely different. In order to counter that though Tsuka had to be a bit creative when he used shunpo he reappeared behind Aido on all fours and kicked out backwards his feet aiming for the center of Aido-sama’s back though what he was really aiming for was more like the center of Aido’s chest he was just going to have to go through Aido’s back to get there.-

OblivionEdge: in the midst of combat though all this came as second nature to this male. His fist opened and clenched repeatedly as he watched Tsuka charge him though with the way his body was poised it did not seem like this was going to be a head on attack, his conclusion obviously proved correct when the man started running around him in circles. The dust that was kicking up did hinder his sight but if one had seen his Vizard mask which represented him oh so well they would know that sight was not someone Aido relied on. It was a sense that was easily confused, easily dodged with the right moves and speed and one that in the end of the day one could consider more a hinderence then a gift. Aidos musces suddenly tensed and when the initial attack was launched his left hand came up to block and even though it connected with the leg of Tsuka the power behind it was infintismil so it was clear it was not meant to strike but simply confuse. Suddenly before Tsuka reappeared Aido shot out a blast of power in all directions, it was more to disperse the wind then to be an attack and its objective was to clear the dust from around him which it did. Hearing Tsuka then appeare back on solid ground as one might say Aido knew his poisition behind him and his odd posture. Down on all 4's, facing the other direction and kicking backwards? not only was it a very strange, though no unusual attack, it was in Aidos eyes diotic and careless. The range is limited in such a posutre but Tsuka was close enough to hit so that was ok but it left him vulnerable and not only that but should the kick miss he would put undue tension on his knee joint and that would slow him for the future of the fight. All this went threw his mind as quick as a spark before dying out and with incredible speed and great reflexes that any captain level fighter would be pushed to match he spun around 180 degrees, bend his right leg at the knee, brought it up and over the back of Tsukas leg and down the other side. Closing his leg then by bringing his calf up to his thigh he locked his foot around Tsukas leaving no room for escape for the man went into the kick full heartedly. Next he turned his body around the 180 degrees after his leg and went down in a crouching position thus locking Tuskas leg completely.  Bringing his right arm up he locked his elbow in place and brought it down with intense speed and would drive it straight into the small of Tsukas back, if he was unlucky Tsukas back/spin was now broken. This was followed by him twisting his body to the right which would inevitable dislocate Tuskas right leg at the hip followed by Aidos left hand reaching back and grabbing Tsukas ankle and pushed down breaking his leg at the knee before twisting his hand and shattering the mans ankle. With all this done Aido rose from his presumably crippled target and took a step to the left but kept his eyes trailed on the back of Tsukas head.:: -e-
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[size=85]Aido: Lazy. Best word to describe the mood of the unmotivated Captain of 11th division Aido Minami as he lay on his side, head supported by his left hand and right index finger drawing concentric circles on the tabi mat he lounged so carelessly upon. The silence only broken by the long yawn and the rustling of his haori as nails dragged over the fabric scratching the skin beneath. There was little scheduled to do on a day like this and even few tihngs to do that his division could not handle on their own. Pushing himself upright with his left arm after it flopped from under his head, muscles straining and protesting at the sudden usage Aido forced himself onto his rear then up onto his feet with another groan. Crimson hues glared idly about the small office then with a sudden gust of vigor he was gone, a slight wisp of dust the only thing left in his wake as the captain shunpou'd out of his office and barracks grounds and into the maze like streets of the Seireitei. Easily and effortlessly he bounded over the tiled topped walls, some cracking when he connected, making his way towards the outpost. Today's was 11th's turn to stand watch and it was an easy task to just sit around and wait for an enemy that never attacked. Another handy day to sleep in the sun. Arriving moments later Aido landed upon the well maintained grass, it brushing lightly against his feet though going unnoticed as he looked about the place. Dead, as always, just the way he liked it.

Solar: Seated on top of a large look-out post was Solar, his feet dangled over the edge of the small platform he sat upon. While baring a bright smile he dared look over the edge, a wave of nausea hit him and caused him to advert his eyes. The young shinigami was obviously afraid of heights, though not a day went by without him attempting to get past his fear. *I’ve even jumped higher then this….* He mockingly thought to himself while smirking, though his eyes were seen carrying a fear, a fear of the invisible pull which the below seemed to exert on the above…. Quickly he shook the idea off however, while throwing himself flat on his back, only just in time to see a large eagle soaring right over him. “Woosh- was heard, covering the noise of the -splash- which was created, by the bird droppings upon Solar's face. “Must be a lucky day…” Solar thought to himself, while bursting out in a loud bellowing laughter. Slowly he rolled over onto his stomach, in order to open the small door which led to the stairways, a small dark space going down 40 yards. Without a thought Solar was seen jumping down it and a few seconds later he came walking out the door below. “Did I just…. Ah nevermind.” His lips seemed to spread further and further, revealing his bright ivory beam as he made his way to the outpost, greeting everyone he saw on the way. Arriving at the outpost Solar let out another loud laugh at the sight of Aido-Taichou looking about the deserted place. Calmly Solar walked up to the captain and made a low bow, before rising once more, revealing the bird droppings covering his cheek. “Greetings Aido-Taichou, a blessed day is it not?” After the respectful greeting, Solar cast a look towards the massive orb of heat. His bright emerald hues seemed to carry a natural love for the sun, which showed in the bright way they reflected the heat of life.

Aido: The tilting oh his head to the side brought about a loud crack, the same effect being created as his head moved to the opposite side. Following this was the rotation of his shoulders, elbows, wrists and ankles, all carried out in order as if a ritual of sorts to loosen the joints, one could never be too careful after all and even if he was a lazy sob Aido wasn't an idiot. Pausing though mid stretched as he leaned backwards the sound of someone else's voice hit him. Still tilted back his head half turned to the side to take note of the male, tall, slender, smiling. 'Tch' was the only form of response mustered until he finished and stood upright once more. Turning around Aido glanced at the man again, an odd greeting to say the least and one that went ignored as the young captain walked towards the center of the side of the outpost looking over the wooden structures that lined both the left and right of the grassy field. A soft breeze animated his long white coat causing it to flutter slightly around his form, the same effect being played through his spiked hair, loose strands falling over his eyes that should annoy him and sometimes did, but being that they were always there it was something he just got use to. "Why are you here?" The question was direct, Aido was never one for small talk.

Solar: A quirked brow was quickly withdrawn as Solar was slightly taken aback by the various cracks, the short captain with deadly Crimson hues was seen walking past Solar, ignoring the latter's low bow and bright smile. As the captain walked past him a invisible brush seemed to run through Solar's hair, throwing up the long black locks which partially covered his face, the same brush which had caused the captains haori to flutter by its will…. Solar's body moved to the pond which held the most beautiful of Koi, kneeling down by its edge as he swirled a finger through the calming water. The head of the tall tanned shinigami turned around, followed by his athletic torso, as the voice of the captain spoke out. Solar was known to joke around, but the discretion with which the question was made, caused for Solar to reply as sternly as he could. “I’am in drastic need of training.” The truth was that he was feeling lazy and came to the outpost find a nice quiet corner, however he didn’t dare put up a lazy attitude towards a captain. Slowly after replying… he turned back to the pond and used his hands to splash water over his face, in order to clean it of the birds droppings. A few of the splashes droplets however, sparkled as they reflected the sun and flew through the sky. Solar finished cleaning himself before submerging his head within the water. A sudden slimy presence was felt suddenly felt by Solar, as a large red Koi slipped itself onto the back of Solars head, sending a shiver down the latter's spine which caused him to jump up high, sending the fish straight at back of the captains head. Solar's form was seen turning around in slow motion, before bursting out in a loud laughter, completely unable to help himself he clutched his stomach as he fell down on his ass in laughter. Though he never even saw the fish hitting the captain… a unusual soul… Solar….

Aido: Training training training, the amount of times people came into the 11th division barracks to ask for training when they were not even members was annoying. They had their own divisions for such a task, though just as he was getting into the swing of his internal rant something struck the back of his head. With this his left brow twitched, hand quickly shooting back to snare the connection object only to notice it was a fish. Lip curling, fist tightening and his mood going from relaxed though slightly annoyed to pissed off. The more his fist closed the more the fish flicked about until it was crushed and blood/ water and innards ran through the half gloved fingers of the captain. Turning around slowly the sound of the mans laughter did not aid in his mood. Starting his advancement Aido walked, slowly at first but speed increasing until his pace carried purpose. The odd thing about the captain was that he carried no Zanpakuto, one of the only in seireitei that did not it seemed. When he was 4 feet from the man his body shimmered before appearing to the mans left, the sound of a shunpou easily distinguished though no sound came when he vanished again and reappearing once more directly in front of the taller male with a fist aimed directly for the mans mid torso

Solar: The loud laughs which were heard throughout the outpost came to a sudden halt, as Solar was seen upon his feet with widened eyes, apparently the captain had not taken to the fish very well, which displayed in the bloody remains resting in the latter's hand. As the captain turned around, shadows seemed to try and crawl over Solar's skin, temporarily blocking out the joy of the sun on his skin…. Menacing was the pissed off look on Aido-Taichous face as he turned around, which gave Solar all the information he needed. Whilst the captain began his advance, Solar drew the kodachi which was attached to his left shoulder, clutching the hilt with his left hand as be brought the blade in front of him. He first noticed the captain appearing at his left side, causing Solar to jump 6 yards up in a shunpo himself. Looking below he saw the captains fist where his own chest had been, slowly a drop of sweat ran down his forehead. His arm covers slid down slightly as he lowered both arms before dashing off in another shunpo only a instant later. Appearing at the Captains left side, with the tip of the kodachi coming in from the left with a wild swing of Solar's arm, aiming to drive the tip in the captains chest, or Aido-Taichous fist should it still be held out. While Solar's right knee was seen coming up at the same time, aimed at the lower part of the Captains spine. Solar's left supporting leg was seen standing strong in order to balance the tanned shinigami as he executed his movement, whilst his lips were seen slowly curling back into a smile.

Aido: Aido's fist was not thrown out so idly that it would remain suspended in the air when the target moved. Quickly was it withdrawn to his side again as blood red hues glanced towards the sky, Aido's body seeming too relaxed for the idea of combat as arms hang loosely by his side. Feeling the slight rush of displaced wind to his side Aido lowered his form under the slashing sword and lower again so that with a push to his left with his right foot the smaller captain slid unharmed under the raised shinigami's leg as he aimed for a consecutive strike for another area of the captain's body. Once clear from under the towering male Aido swiftly spun to his left, his right foot aimed for the only supporting column keeping the man upright, kicking with enough force to break the mans knee. With his body off center with a foot raised and an arm swinging gaining the advantage to dodge would require great skill and quick thinking to reposition ones form.

Solar: As the captains foot came towards Solar's supporting leg, he quickly snapped out his right leg to his right, kicking the sole of his foot against the captains shin. The powerful kick caused Solar to be bashed backwards a quite few yards from where he stood, but he wasted no time as he regained his footing and stood upright once more. The green eyes of Solar had fade away, only to be replaced by a fierce golden left eye, and a white right eye, this change was merely visual and awakened by Solar's battle lust. Akari Shinpou spoke out softly in her thick African accent within Solar's mind. *No mercy Solar…. Not towards this man.* The two toned hues of Solar eyed the Captain, whilst his lips were seen carrying their usual smile, quickly he tapped the floor twice with his right foot, before he began sprinting towards Aido, he could feel the sole of his right foot throb painfully as he ran. Solar Jumped 2 yards in front of the captain, whilst bringing up his left knee which was seemingly aimed at the left side of Aido-Taichous face, inches before it would have hit however, Solar twisted his waist to the left and brought up his right knee fiercely, aiming to smash it into the side of the Captains head.

Aido: Standing upright after the block it seemed Aido was unharmed by the forceful connection the other shinigami offered. Sliding his right foot behind his left making his form less of an open target then if he were to stand facing fully forward. Lifting his left hand up a single digit hooked over the top of his hand and tugged at it as if uncomfortably or to just adjust it's placement. Watching intently at Solar, movement noted, expression accounted for, even down to how many times he blinked were all systematically recorded with-in the young captains mind. The lung forward was not an option Aido would have chosen himself though that came from experience. Head tilting forward a mere inch added a slight sinister appearance to the man as his eyes seemed to glow the familiar crimson hue. The uncommitted attack to his side was detected due to the forcible alteration of his body to have to rotate back around in the opposite direction. Quickly raising his left arm Aido brought his forearm up as a buffer between the man's knee and his head, his right arm following in the same motion as his hand placed itself against the back of his left forearm for added support. Once the connection was made a surprising turn resulted as from within the gauntlet that covered his forearm a blade shot forth to stab directly through the knee of Solar. This was the one of the secrets as to why Aido was never seen to carry a Zanpakuto but if it could be figured out in time was another question. Avoiding the attack was unlikely given there was no warning and with the blade impaled directly through the knee cap of the shinigami Aido jumped backwards away from Solar, an odd thing for the captain to instead of pressing his advantage but he was curious to see how the male would react.

Solar: Solars left eye widened in a dramatic fashion, as the captains left arm came up succesfully blocking Solars right knee, skilfully the captain had moved his right arm behing the left in order to support the arm from the imcoming blow. While the block was brought up, Solar already knew his next move, he moved his Kodachi in an attempt to stab it down on the left fist of the captain right after the knee would have connected. However as soon as he felt his knee hit the forearm, a invisible painfull sensation shot through Solars kneecap, something invisible slid straight through his knee before it disseapeered again. Solars view seemed to blur temporarily as the light within his gaze faded away for a moment, all that he could see were the dreadull crimson hues staring at him. All sound seemed to disseapeer in that moment, when it seemed as if something impossible had happened, complete and utter shock ruled Solars face as he fell down upon his left knee and right foot, causing for another painfull shock to run through his right leg, whilest a slight amount of blood was seen coming from the wound. Solar was seen gritting his seen while attemtping to strengthen the leg with his reiatsu, it seemed to work enough to allow the shinigami to stand up, though he had to shift most of his weight onto his left leg. The yellow eye seemed to furiously flicker for a short moment before Solar spoke out calmly. “Come forth…Child of the sun” The Kodachi was seen changing shape to a golden handled longsword, the “blade” of the sword was made of a see-through substance however, and a thick ruby was embedded in the swords handle. As Solar had succesfully released his mind calmed down slowly. *That couldn’t have been a kidou… no freaking way that could be cast that quickly.* Solar continued eyeing the Captain while bringing up his longsword in front of him, with the tip aimed at the captain. * Meaning that either he already released, and those gaunlets are his zanpaktou, or he posseses a invisible weapon..* Solars thought continued to race, but his mind was made up, he couldn’t move in close whilest being so careless.

Aido: With his hand laying flat again his left forarm it was a miniscule target to hit in such a pridiciment and as such the coating that covered his arms defelcted the blade down to the side. Pacing left and right Aido's blood lust was becoming more and more apperance when he reached up with his left arm and pulled the  mask down over his chin to reviel the mouth hidden beneath, rows of sharp fang, seemingly filed to a point were displayed in all their horific glory as the blade of sorts that stabbed Solar emerged once against from beneath the gloves, emerging between the sections of the gauntlets covered in a crimson liquid. Raising the blade to his mouth the slick apendage emerged like a snake from it's cavern, trailing itself against the cold steal and removing the crimson content from the blade before returning to him mouth and coating his lips in the wonderful visage of death. The smile upon the captain's face was almost maddening to behold as a low whisper eminated like a demons call from his throat. "Give me more" The tone was low but the messag was clear as a long, loud and phsycotic below on delight roared from the man. Mist began to slowly form about him, the blade against his arm disintegrating until he was masked from sight. It took a moment before anything happened but when it did the ground beneath him cracked sending dust and debree into surrounded area, the air becoming thick and heavy before finally Aido emerged from the cloud with a scythe larger then himself in hand and bolting towards Solar. "MORE BOY. GIVE ME MOOOOORE" His voice boomed out across the land, stretching far beyond the Outpost . Reaching the Injured Solar in a second the scythe raised above his head Aido slashed down and diagonally from right to left, but before he hit he vanished, reappearing behind Solar with the downward swing still in motion and his laugher coarsing through the grounds.

Solar: A wave of fear seemed to crash down upon the unfortunate shinigami which stood in front of Aido-Taichou, Solars eye were filled with disgust and utter disbelieve as he first noticed the rows of sharp fangs, which made up the Captains teeth. “Are you even human…” He whispered softly while staring at the blood crazed demon opposite of him, the smile which came from Aido-Taichou caused for a wave of nausea to come up Solars throat. Fortunately he managed to supress it with a large swallow. Solar didn’t pay any attention as to where the blade had come from, but his first speculations about the captain being in shikai were cast away as soon as he heard the latter letting out a low whisper. Mist removed the captain from Solars view, whilest the captains reiatsu nearly froze Solar in place , but Solar wasn’t merely standing around, his own lips moved nearly at the same time as the captains, while sticking the tip of his sword in the ground in front of him. Solar awaited the captains advance before he leaned forward, causing him to gradually balance upon the hilt of the sword with both hands clutching the hilt tightly. “Cry of hope…” The palm of his hand rested upon the bottom of his swords handle, whilest a orb of yellow light began covering Solar, the orb was of a excruciating heat, scorching the grass surrounding him within a instant. Solar could first notice the captain coming down in front of him and he shifted his weight forwards slightly, in hopes of ducking underneath the swing. By then the heat should already have begin burning the captain. But before the captain made his hit he had faded away from Solars view in a blur, relying on nothing but pure instinct and the knowelage of the captains cunning attacks, Solar continued his horizontal balance upon the swords hilt, though slightly tilted forward. The weight pressing down on the sword caused solar to lower just enough for the Scythe to slash just over his legs, slicing through his Hakama. But by now his legs should be close to, if not touching, the captains stomach. Whilest still exerting extreme heat from his entire body, making it seem as if Solar embodied the sun itself.

Aido: Aido's body continued forward due to the force of the strike, his chest pushing against the flats of his feet, the burning sensation searing the flesh of his chest and scortching the Hakama that covered his torso, two black charred foot prints of flesh left as a result. Though in the maddening frenzy he was in Aido was not too concerned it seemed with a couple of burns.  With the unconnected downward slash causing the top of the scythe to dig into the ground Aido pushed himself up and over Solar but not by much, pulling his scythe free from the earth, flipping forward and turning 90 degrees to the left and as he came back down hard and fast with the reapers weapon coming down for the back of the neck of Solar aiming to slice his head clean from his shoulders. Was that enough for a captain given the alias of Wrath, and Demon however, no. Landing on the ground beside Solar he lowered his body to the ground and spoun around 360 degrees to the left, the force of the spinning kick would be enough to shatter a blade and knock the body from the elevated position and using the momentum of the spin he slashed directly upwards to cut the body clean in two at the waist. Even if it was a spar the young Captain had lost all sense of reason and should the fight end here one way or another it was unlikely the man would stop now, having lost his mind it seemed to the blood soaked abyss it tried so hard to avoid.

Solar: Solar could feel his feet burning down into the flesh of the captain, though immediatly afterwards the orb of light was seen disseapeering in an instance. The young tanned shinigami already knew that the blade of the scythe had missed and he had guessed it being somewhere to his right. The right palm of Solar moved outwards whilest his feet had connected to the captains chest and only a short moment afterwards, the palm touched against the grass below him, clutching onto the handle of his blade with his left hand, while uttering quickly as he tilted his hand to the left slightly. “Sho”. With a large gust of wind the ground in underneath Solars palm seemed to crumble slightly, while a large amount of grass was seen flying off to his right. The force of the Kidou so close to the ground caused Solar to be thrown to his left, rotating sideways in midair as he did so, only just in time to deflect the captains scythe past the length of his blade, as Solar pulled it from the ground. Quickly Solar brought his left foot to the ground after he had moved sideways a few yards , when his left foot touched the ground, he dashed pushed himself off it, jumping fowards about 10 yards while turning to face Aido-Taichous back. Regaining his stance while skidding backwards a few additional yards, Solar brought his longsword up in front of him once more. The vibrant rays of the sun seemed to be caught within the blade, which tranfered the suns energy to Solar, allowing the panting shinigami to regain some of his lost spiritual power. His entire torso was covered in sweat and his eyes looked as if they had just stared death directly into it’s eyes.

Aido: The smirk never left Aido's cruel and sinister visage as he pushed himself to his feet again, the long scythe  scraping along the ground creating an eeri echo around the normally wide open area of the outpost, though not it seemed oddly compact to the few that may be caught inside. It took a strong mind to to stand in the presence of a demon, and a stronger one still to fight against one. Once again his snaked tongue coiled its way from behind the row of ivory fangs to trail itself  against the crimson flesh of his lips, the stray remnants of blood tantilising his taste buds and making his mouth water at the prospect of more as his crimson hues fell upon the visibly wounded pray and the blood soaked ground upon which he had been and now stood. Letting out another billowing laugh Aido unexpectadly threw his scythe at Solar, something completely against everything a shinigami was thought, letting go of ones weapon. As the 6ft scythe flew through the air closing in on the man it suddenly exploded, returning to the mist that coated the Captain earlier. Though the change lasted a second before it altered form again and a shower of fine senbon needles rained down upon Solar. Not being one to just stop at the simplist of things, Aido dropped onto all fours like a beast, a growl now replacing the laughter as be bounded forward. Jumping left and right, launching himself from pads of solidified reishi as he began cirling Solar, around and around he went with no signs of attack until he skidded across the air and vanished, appearing very low to Solars front, clawed hands gripping 4 senbon needles each and stabbing them forward towards the mans only remaining good knee.

Solar: Brightly shone his blade, while Solar continued to hold the sword in front of him, allowing the zanpaktou to channel the absorbed heat onto Solar, in the form of spiritual power. The breathing of the caramel tanned shinigami seemed to slow down gradually, as his silver right eye hid itself behind his raven black bangs. The golden eye which was held in his left eye socket, shone brightly as it eyed Aido-Taichou. *What kind of creature is this man… What is this odd sensation… It feels as if all the light is being torn from my soul, with every second I continue to merely stand here….* Unsecure thoughts raced through his mind, slowly Solar felt himself succumbing to fear. His view seemed to blur while his right eye closed slowly, his hearing was filled with the screech that felt as if knifes were being drawn across his own bones. He felt as if he wanted to die, perhaps as if he already was dead, gently he fell down to a knee…. *Snap out of it!* The voice of Akari Shinpou called out through Solars mind. His right eye responded to her voice, as did his entire heart. “The one voice I cannot ignore….” He spoke out to himself as he stood up just in time to see the Schythe flying at him. “Harvest of hope!” He shouted while he leaped back and stood with both feet pointed towards the scythe. A cover of intense heat came upon the blade of Solars zanpaktou. It seemed as if Akari shinpou became engulfed in the sun itself, radiating a bright yellow. The scythe suddenly exploded into a mist that lasted a second, before a shower of senbon needles came down upon Solar. The latter reacted by jumping backwards, spinning his blade in front of him to deflect the needles which he didn’t dodge by the jump. Some of the needles were seen dropping down in small molten blobs, after they had collided with the scorching blade. Though as Solar came to land again, he had already lost track of the captain completely, all that could be felt were the pads of soldifies reishi around him. *Where could he….* His thought was broken off as the captain appeared at the same moment Solar came to land, the demonish looking captain came in low and pierced Solars knee with 8 of the senbon needles. “Gaaaaaah!” A loud shout came out from Solar, as he felt his left knee losing it’s strength. Blood poured out from 8 differend holes while the Shinigami fell to his knees. His right eye widdened furiously while he spun his sword and aimed the tip down, clasping the handle with both hands, before aiming to smash the tip of the heated blade, on top of the captains head. After doing so Solar muttered softly.”Shine….” A large slash of yellow coloured intense head came from the blade, as the cover of heat disseapeered into it. The slash came outwards from Solar in a straight line, hoping to burn or drive the captain away.

Aido: Blood spurted from the wounded knee and dripped over the animalistic captain's hands, coating them in the exotic crimson liquid he so covited. His red orbs barely took note of the shinigami falling to his knees and the decending blade aimed to kill it would seem. Leaning back slightly the tip of the sword dragged diagonally down across Aido's face slicing from above his left eye and over his nose before coming to a halt against his right cheek. The heat of the blade sealing the wound as quickly as it was made. Blinking a could of times he took a few steps backwards and fell into a position much like that of a dog sitting down. Raising his right hand to his lips the familiar sight of his tongue came to view again as it dragged over the crimson coated digits, licking the blood from each and was about to do the same when the voice of Sloar caught his attention again, the wound across his face, though burning, seemed to go unnoticed for the most part. Watching the man raise his sword Aido's raised hand closed quickly into a fist and the senbon needles scattered about mistified once more and quickly surrounded the captain. Then just as the superheated slash was set loose upon him the mist solidified into a resonably thick wall of metal. Had he not been seated he would have left parts of his body exposed due tot he minimalistic size he could created the sheild. Crashing into the metalic wall it quickly began to melt though gave Aido enough time to slam both fists into the ground beneath him and tear loose a large chunk of the earth itself, tossing it upright as the metal wall turned to mist again, it's job of granting him precius seconds complete and when the slash of heat was set free again it struck the earthen wall and exploded. Aido was sent flying backwards against one of the posts that held up the the wooden roof tops. The structure collapsed ontop of the captain, dust and debree kicked into the air masking his presence from sight. All seemed to fall quiet over the outpost for a long moment until Aido suddenly burst from the very ground behind Solar, raising a couple of feet into the air with his fist reared back, the mist turned into a metalic glove that coated both arms to the elbow, blood covering his face and slight grazes lined his arms as he crashed down towards the shinigami with a punch aimed directly for between the mans shoulderblades.

Solar: The tip of Solars blade stuck down in the ground, whilest blood ran past the sharp edge of the blade. The glass-like material of which it was made, reflected the light of the sun through the blood, causing a bloody red reflection to shine upon the ground. Solars head was lowered and he was seen panting, whilest the large slash clashed with the wall of metal. The entire courtyard seemed to shake slowly. as Solar looked up with fear-filled eyes, just in time to see a large chunk of earth exploding, after colliding with his slash of heat. Gusts of wind and small pieces of debris flew by Solar. Quickly he moved his right hand to shield his eyes , while lowering his torso. All of his senses were deafened by the large clash. He coughed loudly, before a grunt come from his lips and he threw up. While whiping the slimey remains from his mouth, he looked up and saw the structure ahead of him collapsed. A relieved gasp escaped his lips as he used the handle to attempt standing up. *Solar…* He heard the saddened voice of Akari shinpou while she returned to her sealed version. His knees were shaking due to the thobbing pain and never had he expected what came next…. A pain which drove all the air out of his lungs smashed onto his back, in slowmotion Solar was seen falling down besides his zanpaktou. His entire body was numbed due to the sheer impact of the punch, though he still managed to cough up a large amount of blood, turning his head slightly while forcing his left eyelid to open slowly. All that he could see was the beastly shadow, of the devil reincarnated. It was near to a hallucination, Solar saw the captain towering above him, with crimson eyes that shone with death. A soft gasp escaped from the young shinigamis mouth, whilest the shadow grew into a pure darkness and Solar passed out.

Aido: Hitting the ground again on all four's, Aido stood hunkered over the unconcious shinigami as he lay still, shallow breathers the only thing to mark he was still even alive, for now.  A long loud roar escaped past Aido's lips, his left hand landing heavily down around the neck of the shinigami with enough force to push him further into the ground but just under enough to snap his neck. Raising him off the ground Aido then once more slammed him back into the crumpling earth, back first and his head almost disappearing into the debris. Raising his right hand a series of powerful strikes plummeted into the face of the unconscious shinigami, over and over again slamming down before he was removed from the earth and tossed aside into the kio pond beyond., the water washing away some of the dirt and blood that caked Solar's face. Again a demonic roar escaped Aido as he bounded upon the structure to the right, the opposite of the fallen one and then off over the wall of the outpost. Where he was going was unknown yet in his current state anything was possible for the crazed captain of 11th.
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DemonicOnyxInferno: *Kaze grinned, his eyes not leaving the 'Division 11 Captain'*... My name is Kazeshini Ijin.. And yours..?*He would ask whilst bringing his right foot back, Reaching over for his Zanpakutou's hilt with his left hand, Curling his fingers around the blue, fabric covered hilt, he pushed his hand all the way down to the hilt guard, and gripped tightly whilst taking hold of the sheathe with his right hand, He un-attached the sheathe from his belt, and crouched some, waiting for his opponents move*(e)

OblivionEdge: ::The response came in a low voice with lack of any notable emotion, his vacant liquid silver hues regarding the challenger with plantent contempt as if fighting the man was beneath him, then again the arrogant persona of the captains of 11th division were always as such.:: "Kenpachi Aido Minami" ::The reply was swift before he tilted his head from left to right and an audible popping of bones popping echoed from the given area. Deciding not to reach for his Zanpakuto yet Aido stood tall, 6'1'' to be precise and slowly slid his right foot behind his left before tensing the muscles in the right leg. A moment later hew as gone, a slight puff of smoke the only mark to his previous location. It was less then a second later he reappeared before the crouching captain with a knee aiming for the base of his chin followed by a 360 degree spin where his right heel came towards the side of the mans chin. The power was evident and if correctly connected would of could break the mans jaw -e-

DemonicOnyxInferno: *The kick connected, the sound of broken bones could be heard. Before his body hit the floor, it began to break and tear itself up into the air. Kaze was no longer standing there, he was behind Kenpachi, with his back to him, 5ft apart from each other*..Way of the Omnitsu...3rd of the Shiho..Utsetsemi..*He stated as he turned, Before even planting his foot into the floor, he was gone, A Loud crack stating his disappearance. What he had in fact done was used the move 'Senka', Coming side by side with the Division 11 Captain. He made an attempt to cut through his soul sleep..*(e)

OblivionEdge: ::Satisfaction of the kicks connective feeling was quickly lost when the realization that the attack had failed. Landing upon his left foot first before his right Aido heard the mans words, an odd thing to state ones ability for if he had said nothing Aido may have counted it as pure speed, but now that he new what it was measures could be taken to prevent it. Turning towards the other captain he spotted him just as he vanished with highly impressive speed, one that Aido knew he could not match outright but then again he never found the need for it. The other senses and abilities he possessed were more focused on in training such as agility and reaction time. When the feeling of rushing wind washed over him from the mans forward assault Aido flicked the hilt of his right katana releasing it from its sleep within the darkened sheath, one of the two heaven and hell katana. As it rose swiftly the point of the attacking captains weapon ran along the side of the sword handle, the thickness enough to knock it off course enough for Aido to crouch slight and also spin around 360 degrees. His left hand fully drawing the blade as his right index finger pointed directly at the base of the mans rib cage. The hastened mumble of incoherent words escaped his lips:: "33. Sokatsui (Blue Fire, Crash Down)" ::One of only 2 Kido the 11th division captain knew. Then in a split second a bolt of blue lightning like concentrated energy blasted from the tip of his finger towards the mans side and next to point blank range::-e-

DemonicOnyxInferno: *Kaze had ceased that attack, and was gone, Not able to pull off the Utsetsemi that he had hoped to achieve, He instead used Shunpo, and was Directly across from the Captain, clutching his bleeding side, breathing somewhat heavy from the amount of effort he put into trying to get out of the attack without a fatal wound. He had stepped off to the side during the Shnpo, so that the spell didn't Catch him directly where the 11th squad captain hoped to hit him, but more off to the right.  He Sheathed his Zanpakutou, Letting go of his bloody side to reveal a deep burn from the connection, his placed both of his wrists together, and held his palms up to the Captain.* Hadou number 73, Soren..*He was gone, the same crack from before indicating that his exempt Shunpo was used. Another loud Crack indicated his re-appearance, Crouched low infront of the Captain, both of his glowing blue palms extended up at his face*..Soukatsui..*He released the Hadou at point blank range, hoping to fatally wound his opponent* (e)

OblivionEdge: ::Lazily Aido turned to face his opponents new location, his eyes betraying a lazy note within the confines of the liquid silver appearance. Still holding the blade of his hell katana he began walking forward almost like a wild animal being drawn to the scent of the split blood although his advance was halted when he heard the captains words. A slight smirk crossed his face for the distance between them it would seem pointless to fire such a kido from there and judging by the way the man had been fighting so far Aido came up with numerous theories in the space of seconds. He was a master tactician much like a lot of the great fighters were so upon hearing the first couple of words Aido also started chanting along with it.::"Hadou 63 Soren...":: Aido had started a second after the other captain at with the break the man took to use shunpo and appear before him gave Aido the precious second to catch up with the incantation:: "...Soukatsui" ::Not having to turn saved him also a second at most for the captain had appeared before him. Placing his finger and inch before the captains both Hodou fired at the same moment. The resulting blast would definitely cause damage and sent Aido flying backwards skidding along the floor. Finally getting his balance again he was down on all 4s like a beast with a madding grin on his lips. Not taking notice of the slight cuts and minor gashes he charged forward drawing the sword katana from its resting place. Baring down upon the other man in seconds a series of consecutive slashes erupted forward. Aimed for the knees, shoulders, chest and arms.  Each cut not designed to kill but instead wound. The blood loss doing its own bit of the damage. Along with the cut on the side the captain had already received blood loss was not his main concern. This would lead to a lack in metal ability and awareness, vision becoming blurry and weakness was inevitable::-e-

DemonicOnyxInferno: *The resulting explosion caused a smoke cloud to whip up, but before Kaze could regain his footing and concentrate on where the opposing Captain was, the smoke was split open by various slashes by 'Aido'. Using his Sheathed blade, Kaze managed to fend of the Captain's attacks, Using the advanced training he had received from the Division 2 Captain back in his Lt. days. He stepped out to the side Barely dodging one of his attacks that slid across Kaze's shoulder guard, He span a full 360 degrees, drawing his Zanpakutou in the process. The reverberating sound of metal being scraped against metal rang through the room. As soon as his blade was drawing it was sheathed, as he had made an attempt to slash at the Division 11 Captain's hip*(e)

OblivionEdge: ::Slicing straight through Aidos hip was just the thing to send the man into a new high of euphoria so to speak. His grin widening to the extent it almost seemed as though his face was going to tear at the corners of his mouth. Fang like teeth baring forth as he stared directly into Kazes eyes with a deathly cold stair. The move of drawing the blade was impressive indeed but sheathing it again perhaps not so much as Aido pressed forward stabbing with left katana forward but not at the man instead it was too his left while flicking the right one around so the hilt was facing toward and jabbed straight for Kazes nose. The close proximity meant drawing his katana in defense was not an option  and dodging to the left would only cause him to run straight into the other katana. Every part of the sword could be used as a weapon and that was none more obvious then to the captain of 11th squad, the greatest swords master division in seireitei. His spiritual power also erupted, baring down on the man like a pile of bricks. Luckily for him he was captain level otherwise if he were any lower in rank he would be in his knees. After the handle jab Aido flicked the sword around again and then with both blades began to rapidly stab for his chest numerous times. The exact number of strikes unknown, the swords almost a blur as he withdrew them and stabbed again over and over. Always pressing the advantage forward hoping to give the man little room to react let alone give him time to think of an adequate strategy -e-

DemonicOnyxInferno: *The hilt-jab connected with his nose, as did a few stabs.. Before his body disintegrated. Kaze was stood behind aido, 10ft back, Ready to quick-draw his Zanpakutou if he noticed this..*..Utsetsemi..*Kaze had used this technique as soon as the slash connected with the mans hip, Blood was splattered over his Haori, both his and his opponent's. He took his hand off the hilt for a second, and Extended his index finger to the back of Aido's head.* Hadou number 4, Byakurai..*Kaze would chant, a pale blue lightning bolt erupted from the tip of his outstretched finger, aiming to pierce the back of his head*(e)

OblivionEdge: ::Watching on sadistically as the swords slashed numerous times into the body of Kaze, Aidos smile quickly faded to a look of annoyance even before the body vanished.:: "Can you do nothing but run little rabbit" ::His voice spoke out as he turned and slashed through the weak leveled Kido. The lack of incantation making it almost an insult to fire it. Using the technique as much as he had allowed Aido to see how it worked and its mechanics though he could not use it himself nor could he do so in the future for it was more then likely like a Kido, he was just not able to learn them. Although the image was palpable and connective the spiritual power in the after image was not present, although it fooled him the first couple of times not he was on the look out for it. Walking forward again he spoke low:: "Taisan, Sono Shiranai Futago" ::The left blade disintegrated into a metallic mist like substance, handle and all while the right one did also but formed up again as if it were canceled on that blade. The shikai was activated and pointed his left hand forward the metallic mist flew towards Kaze and surrounded him blocking Aido from his view. A moment later the mist separated at one point and the Hado 33 blue fire crash down flew towards Kaze. The incantation was not able to be heard due to the rustling of the metallic mist and when it did come into view it was very close to Kaze so avoiding it would take some work. As son as the Kido was done the mist altered its structure and formed into 5 kunai all flying at different sections of Kaze. One for each knee, one for each shoulder and the final one for the center of his chest -e-

DemonicOnyxInferno: *Because of his Division 2 training, His reactions were cat-like. His Zanpakutou was unsheathed, ten sheathed. the Soukatsui was sliced in two. Kaze raised his Reiatsu, and looks up, noticing no roof to the encasement, he Crouch slightly, His eyes widened as his noticed the Kunai, He Shunpo'd directly up, the Kunai aimed for his shoulders caught his ankles and impaled them, As he got out and back to the floor, he fell to one knee, but refused to give in. He could barely stand, and was using his sheathed Zanpakutou to keep himself steady. He was breathing heavy, as he looked up to the Barely scratched Division 11 Captain in his release. Kaze hated his own, as it was weak, and a poor excuse for a Shikai. He pulled himself up with a lot of effort, and staggered, Finally unsheathing his Blade and re-attaching the sheathe back onto his belt. He took hold of the hilt with both hands, And forced out his Release call*..The..The world..The world is at your disposal.. Show him his Apocalypse..Howl..Senkou-Ookami..*His focused Reiatsu erupted in an updraft of Dark blue, Vapory Reiatsu rippled through his Haori like wind, Knocking his fringe out of his face to reveal his hidden eye, It had a blood red Iris, a Scar ran down from his forehead, all the was down his cheek, and half was down his neck, It was a parting gift from the Previous clash with the Arrancar lorde. Kaze smiled. The Reiatsu exploded, Cracking the floor, and sending Shock-waves through the room. Kaze's body froze up, staring blankly at the Division Captain, with a Kendo stance, He showed no movement, It didn't Even seem like he was breathing..*(e)

OblivionEdge: ::Following his movements as he moved skyward Aido smiled lightly, :: "Caught you little rabbit" ;;he murdered to himself low enough to he barely heard it himself. As the kunai impaled both ankles they seemed to break off and fall to the floor along with the other 3 before turning back into mist again and returned to Aido forming around his left arm like a mini harmless tornado constantly swirling. Cocking his head to the side he saw how the captain was tiring but was impressed that he still managed to release his swords power, the mark of a true warrior, never giving up no matter the situation. Although that could also be seen as a bad thing to Aido it was a victory for the other captain in and of itself. Although as he just stood there instead of pressing the advantage was not something Aido expected and with that along he raised his left hand above his face and clicked his fingers. Because Kaze had not immediately removed the kunai from his ankles Aido had managed to execute a plan, if noticed carefully only a fragment of the kunai that imbedded his ankel had fallen away, the remnants of the kunai was still there, the click of the finger was a pointless gesture but one that signaled a change. The metal still in his ankle changed from a kunai to a flat blade that pierced straight out the back of Kazes ankles severing both Achilies Tendons. There was no way to avoid an attack that was already there and it happened so fast it was over before it began. Standing was not impossible without those vital muscles so instead of attacking himself Aido simply stood and waited to see what the man would do:: -e-

DemonicOnyxInferno: *Claws began to extend in front of Aido's face, His other hand resting gently upon his Shoulder.*..I see you like my summon..*The false Kaze's skin imploded, Showing it's true form. A wolf, which howled in pain, unable to stand. Kaze had no Kunai in his ankle. He swapped himself for a Summon in the blink of an eye.. Not even that.. faster than the speed of sound.. Kaze's wounds had not changed. Except for that fact that he had removed the Kunai in his ankles, Due to the pain of them even being there, not because of the fact that he had any idea of his plans. But the way he uses his release became an advantage.. He pushed himself off Aido, and hopped back a few, crouched low on all fours like a wolf, and snarled*..What you see here, is all I have..*He referred to the Claws..*..Unluckily For me, I can only use that clone trick once.. I was hoping to keep it for other Situations..*He sighed, and gritted his teeth to block out the pain of his previous wounds. He vanished. Using his heightened speed, To dart at the back of Aido, Aiming to land a series of quick clawed punches on his back(e)

OblivionEdge: ::Sighing as the man continued to talk Aido took the time to return the remnants of the kunai to the swirling mist on his left arm. With that done he looked towards wolf like male before the right katana also disintegrated around his right arm. Both then forming into sleeves of metal at the end of which extended forearm blades. Turning to see the new wolf style attacks Aido raised his arms to block a few of the strikes, others did land across his chest and torso drawing blood though within such close proximity Aido had the strength advantage do to his position in the gotie though Kaze had the speed. The metal casing ho his arms fell away though the forearm blades remained and as the finally strike of the claws came in Aido stabbed for the dead center of the mans left palm. Rotating the blade he would the grab the mans arm before slashing at his chest with the other blade. The mist turned to needles and all aimed to the base of the mans skull just above the spin, an area that would knock him out but not kill him. Pushing himself back away them Aido bended his knees slightly in a ready pose ignoring the blood that warmed his chest as it trickled out. His reiatsu acting like an armor the lessen the deepness of the cuts.:: -e-

DemonicOnyxInferno: *Each strike hit him in turn, He coughed up blood, and fell to his knees, He fell forward, His chest spurted out blood.. But then again, His body disintegrated. He was standing 20ft across from Aido, Using his speed, and Utsetsemi to his advantage. He didn't get off unscathed, his forearms guards were cracked and he had a clear cut hole through his left palm, Everyone could see the strain Kaze was putting on his body, He had blood trickling from his mouth, a slashed up Haori, his Hakama was burnt and cut in places, and his top was splattered in blood, He still didn't want to give in, Pushing himself further. He Staggered, starting to get dizzy. he doubled over, and spewed up a lot of blood. He pulled himself back up, and undid the buckle on his left gauntlet, Removing it and throwing it to the side. He gently cut through his blindfold, Indicating that he was keeping up without sight. He was hoping for Aido to use it fist.. But If Kaze didn't use it now.. He'd be dead. He fell forward, put caught his footing, curled his fingers into a fist, and raised it up to his face*..Ban..Kai..*He swiped his hand down and across the air, His Reiatsu erupting violently, the bearings that held the building up began to crack, as did the walls and floor. Kaze dropped onto all fours, His reiatsu began to encircle him, Thickening to block him from view. Sky blue, With dark blue sparks. It seemed to spin. The floor glowed, and as Kaze was at the center, a Pentagram type clock glowed across The floor, The edge(Circumference) Glowed twice, Indicating that none of them could escape, locked inside a dome like arena. The outside world to both warriors began to die, Showing nothing but a barren wasteland, instead of a roof there was a night sky, with a glowing moon. This was nothing but a mere illusion. His Reiatsu exploded, Sending out a shock wave that could tear skyscrapers in two. It was blocked by the barrier of Kaze's Bankai dome, stopping it from harming the spectators. Kaze stood up, his wounds were lessened so he could withstand them although not fully healed. He tilted his head, then howled at the moon, showing that he had taken up he true form of a wolf. As this was done, It seemed like clock hands had appeared upon the Pentagram, the rolled back, Doing three Counterclockwise full turns, before slowly and quietly ticking forward. The sound of a bass drum was hit, and a timer appeared above both Aido's and Kaze's heads, they read 3 minutes and 55 seconds.. counting down to something Aido nor Kaze knew what.. as Kaze had never battled that long in Bankai. His voice was deep, and somewhat Demonic*..Kaijin'Shirokujichuu..(e)

OblivionEdge: ::Sliding his left foot back followed by his right Aido edged back slightly, not out of retreat but more common sense, a man in Kazes position was bound to do something reckless and it seemed he was correct, bankai in a highly weakened state was dangerous for not only the swords spirit but also the shinigami wielder. Either way if the man was going to go out at least it was going to be interesting. Holding either arm out perpendicular to the ground the forearm blades disintegrated into dust, staring at the tip they began to fall away like sand with a strong gust of wind. Allowing his arms to fall to his side then as if they lost strength his liquid silver eyes went pure white, the iris and pupil fading away so only the cornea remained. His voice taking an ethereal tone as if a spectator was talking, hollow and soulless.:: "Bankai, Senkei Sono Shiranai" :: The metallic mist doubled in quantity swirling around him like a tornado  reaching the tip of the dome like barrier created by his opponent. All the time Aido ignored Kaze as he went about his own transformation. The mist then began to coat Aidos form, every inch of his clothing and skin being covered completely in the metallic mist almost as if he were not a living metal statue. Just like the blades had done earlier, blowing away like the sand in the wind his own body went through the disintegration stage. His whole form falling away as the mist began to cover almost the entirity of the area. Aidos reiatsu remained, thick and heavy barely recognizable as reiatsu at all. As the mist swirled and weaved in and around itself it suddenly came together and created the top half of Aidos body. A psychotic smile plastered across his lips as his metal teeth seemed to resemble that of Kazes, wolf like, more fangs then anything. The clock that hovered above him was in Aidos original position for it could not stick to every spec or grain of dust, it seemed to freeze due to their being no true for of the 11th division captain. Suddenly the torso vanished and the mist flew at Kaze all of it aimed for the center of his chest though then end, tail like part of the mist went underground to attack from below to catch the wolf and tear him to bits, though Aido may try to refrain from killing the man -e-

DemonicOnyxInferno: *Kaze clapped his hands together, then slowly pulled them apart, a Glowing blue light nested in the depths of both his palms, His eyes opened and he grinned at Aido as he released his Bankai. He took note of how aido's body changed, and decided to experiment, Knowing this would hurt.*..Yobidasu..Jigoku..Shirokujichuu..*As the 'mist' came closer, and touched his torso, Kaze's body seemed to collapse into itself. Then Exploded a split second later. The sound of Nuke could be heard from the centre of the Pentagram, the power of the explosion was close to the of a Gran rey cero.. but not quite. Kaze had Shunpo'd to the left side of the dome, to the tip of the Pentagram's star. He crouched, using the Summon explosion as a diversion, he crouched, and began to draw a symbol in his own Blood, The timers read 3 minutes and 43 seconds* (e)

OblivionEdge: ::As the explosion ensued the mist was fired in numerous directions, expanding extremely rapidly to the point where it was moving faster the a bullet. Although the mist molecular structure had changed to that of needles. The needles firing into almost every possible section of the dome. Indeed it would have hurt Aido but being in this form meant just how extensive the damage was is unknown. Slightly expecting the shunpo style avoidance Aido had made precaution. The section of the attack that had gone underground moved to the new area desired. Unknown to Kaze it would trickle out of the ground between the grains of dust until it covered the ground. With the wolf like mans attention elsewhere it would be next to impossible to notice grains of metal the size of dust moving around. When all was in place the dust would cover the wolves feet holding him in place be charging into spikes driving down into his feet and then ascend up his legs, this would make his legs useless, the additional wounds from the battle he had sustained should mean that Kaze was almost done. Bankai or not he was not at full strength when entering that state and the extensive damage done would be becoming fatal. With him held in place the needles would rip through him like hundreds of machine guns firing at him simultaneously. Avoiding left around right would only move him into the path of other needles. -e-

DemonicOnyxInferno: *Kaze was oblivious to the situation, His vision was blurred, and He only had a slight idea about what he was doing. Not realizing that he was getting attacked, He finished the symbol, and darted on all fours to the next corner of the Star. His vision blurred more, he shivered violently, and  began to cough up alot of blood. The wound becoming to much to endure along with the strain he had put on himself, Even coming this far against the Division 11 Captain was what Kaze had hoped to achieve. He blacked out, and lost his footing, he skidded across the floor, and hit the side of the barrier. Upon contact, the Barriet sparked, and shot Kaze off, He flew through the air and landed in a heap in the center of the Pentagram. Using the last of his strength, He reached out to the corner of the star, Even though He knew he wouldn't make it, His pupils widened, and his Iris' began to change back to blue as the effects of his Bankai wore off. The timer above his head hit Zero, And since Kaze had no idea where Aido was, He simply lay on his front..*..I enjoyed this-- *He said with his last breath. He passed out, Lying in his own blood* (e)

OblivionEdge: ::The needles that were flying towards the fallen captain halted mere millimeters from his skin. One or two however touched him but did little damage merely a prick. The mist began to form into a humanoid like figure before it finally returned to the noticeable form of Aido. His katana by his side as he stared down at the mans unconscious body. Nodding to him was a sign he also enjoyed it though instead of helping him he turned away and suddenly vanished with shunpo, a wisp of dust marking his exit::

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Fight Logs
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