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 Damien Bathory

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PostSubject: Damien Bathory   Tue Jul 17, 2018 5:14 pm

Basic Information


Name: Damien Bathory
Nickname(s): None
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Height: 6'4
Weight: 210
Hair Style/Color: Brown, slicked back.
Eye Color: Green/Gold
Facial Features: Square face, cleft chin
Build: Standing a full six foot four, Damien
has broad shoulders and is often
referred to as triangle shaped, since his
waist is narrow. He has long muscular legs.
Tattoos/Piercings: None
Scars: None

Appearance: His arms, from the elbow down, and his face, from below his nose to the top of his neck are constantly struggling to regenerate. He wears elbow length gloves made of a special material so that his venom doesn't deteriorate it. The latex mask on his face is also immune to the venom and acid that leaks from it. Both are not completely immune, however, and have to be replaced after a month or so. Sometimes with the help of a very powerful necromancer, Damien gets grafted skin to place over his missing pieces. Even then the then it only last about a month.

Personality Traits: Since childhood it's been very apparent that Damien was very sadistic. Though the term serial killer wasn't coined until the early seventies when referring to Ted Bundy, Damien defiantly was one. Damien is prone to short blunt sentences in the presence of strangers, mostly because he doesn't like the grinding sound his jaw muscle, or the lack there of, makes when the bones grind together.

Prior to his brush with a scorned lover, who happened to be a witch witha grudge, Damien was charming and seductive even if he was a nut casewith a sadomasochistic streak. Nowadays, he's not as demonic as he was and his charm shows up when needed but he does avoid conversation if possible.

Other Information


Capabilities | Powers:

General Abilities | General Mental Abilities
Human Servant Creation
Animal Servant Creation
Resist Silver
Call Shadows
Self Rotting
Feeding On Fear & Pain




Damien Bathory was born to Andrew Bonaventura Bathory, a former Voivod of Transylvania, in 1570, in Transylvania. There wasn't a word for it then but the kid was a psychopath and a sadomasochistic one at that. By the time he was ten he'd lured his nanny into the woods and brutally murdered her, strangling her with her apron after beating and mutilating her. Having been gone all day, he was met at the edge of the forest by his parents and the local authorities to which he confessed his crime in chilling detail. Money and influence saved him from hanging that day but did nothing to slow the bloodlust that was growing in him. Over the next four years nearly eleven maids would go missing from the family manner while others did their best to conceal bruises and burns.

When the villagers began to fear the manor and his father's patience had run thin, Damien was sent to live with his distant cousin Erzsebet in Little Carpathians. It would only be a few days before he discovered that Erzsebet would be come an outlet for his baser instincts. A single drop of blood from a freshly disciplined maid sparks Erzsebet's fascination first with blood then, with Damien's gentle guidance, the macabre. Together they would destroy over six hundred and fifty lives in order to sate Erzsebet's increasing desire to remain beautiful by bathing in blood. When the pickings became slim around Little Carpathians, Erzebet and Damien began seducing young women at lavish parties thrown by nobles.

During one party, Damien met a mysterious French woman known only as Morte D'Amour. His fascination and attraction to her would drive a wedge between himself and Erzsebet. After a very public fight in Venice, Ezrsebet went back to the Little Carpathians where she was arrested for her atrocities. Meanwhile, Damien was learning about an alternate type of existence from Morte D'Amour and submitted to becoming her fledging. Feeding was a rush of its own, having fear and pain rushing through a victim's veins while feeding didn't seem like anything he couldn't enjoy for an eternity. But it was only a year before he return to Erzsebet and attempted to share his new gifts with her and save her from execution. She was walled into a tower in her home and wholeheartedly refused his offer saying she didn't want to be a "beast". So Damien began a hunt for another vampire known as Belle Morte and promised to sustain his cousin with his blood. He wasn't able to attract the attentions of Belle Morte and his cousin died in the tower but at least she died at the height of her beauty.

So Damien returned to his maker until he was completely trained and left to his own devices. Early into his hundredth year, he learned to command shadows making him a Master. With no interest in vampire politics or commanding other vampires, Morte D'Amore left him to roam the world. He might have appeared as a rogue, but he never lost his connection to his sire and reconnects with her every fifty years or so, never refusing her call. Didn't take long for him to get deep into shit he shouldn't have been in though. In Salem, he met a witch and debauchery in the New World began. Like life with Erzsebet, it would go down in history and he would be explicitly missing from the records. No one would ever know how wrong a love affair with a witch could go. Spurning the affections of a very powerful witch left you missing the lower half of your face and every thing on your arms from the elbow down. No more magic hands or tongue. It took years for Damien to find the means to cover up his ever rotting and ever attempting to heal arms and mouth. Although his rotting appearance upped his fear factor it was pain in the ass to get used too.

Early in 2018, the council convened and soon after Morte D'Amore summoned Damien to St. Louis. Drudging himself up from the modern Sodom of New Orleans, Damien came to a call he couldn't refuse and met with a Master of the City who was a complete fucktard. He was lazy and incompetent coasting on his natural strength but letting the city go to shit. Wasn't much of that that Damien cared about. He couldn't wait to get out of that city and away from the constant suggestions of tests of strength and prowess as if they were living in Rome. When Damien couldn't take it anymore, he ripped the guy's throat half way out and spent a week cutting him to pieces before throwing those pieces into the daylight. Most fun he had the entire time he was in the city. Only downfall was, killing that annoying little shit made him the new MotC of St. Louis and pinned him to one city and the vampire politics he'd avoided for nearly five centuries.
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Damien Bathory
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