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 R. Rinx -The Doctor

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PostSubject: R. Rinx -The Doctor   Sat Dec 09, 2017 1:37 pm

Basic Demographics

Name: Dr. Rinx
Nickname(s): Doc | R
Specialization: Surgeon for humankind and creatures of all sorts
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age:  26 years
Height: 5’4
Weight: 135 pounds
Eye Color: Forest Green
Dominant Hand: Left
Distinguishing Marks: Cracked Surgical Goggles

General Appearance

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Physical Appearance In damaged surgical uniform. Bright blue eyes. Bright platinum hair. Typically in a ponytail. Lightly tanned skin.

Personality: She’s a nut job with a brain. When brilliance meets ditziness. There is certainly not a dull moment in the life of this Doctor. By the book she’s a genius but in the flesh she’s the living breathing definition of your average ditzy-blonde. She’s disorganized, all over the place, and has no concept of personal space. Nothing comes in between her and her research. Lacks emotional stability, leading to be a little over dramatic in emotional traumatic situations especially involving her creatures. May make an individual question her capabilities, but never doubted from her results.

Other Information


| The Doctor’s Journal |
♦ Knowledge of Anatomy and physiology of creatures of all sorts by personal reasearch
♦ Knowledge of the abnormal ecology by personal research


|Medical | Surgical|
♦ Construct personal creatures from the help of other creature’s internal and external body parts
♦ Provide medical attention if needed

|Military Training|
♦ Enhanced situational awareness
♦Basic knowledge of military combat. [Never give her a gun.]


|Surgical Bag|
♦ Contains: Various surgical instruments, gloves, stethoscope, first aid, among few surgical saws.


| R-Cells (Named after your's truly) |
♦ Her prized medical break through: Able to create her secret recipe of a cell that she injects into organisms brain that revives the dead stem cells back to its initial start growth.


“You told me to go make some friends.  So, I did, Dearie. I literally MADE them.”

Character Biography

It was by luck that this child was placed with a rich fostering family. Upon first glance her foster parents wanted nothing to do with her. There was just something strange and abnormal about her. Something was promising about her though as they agreed to ship her off to boarding school. R. Rinx, that was her name. She kept to herself and barely had a social life. She seemed to talk to herself and while the other students tried to harass her anyway they could. They never seemed to get her attention. While everyone questioned her and doubt her very existence she did academically excel surpassing grade levels by the season. Eventually, ended up with a full ride scholarship to one of the leading graduate schools of surgical medicine. The blond-headed brainiac instantly became passionate with the surgical profession. She knew the moment she first spliced open her first organism that she’d spend rest of her life being a surgeon and with that she set the world record of being the youngest student to finish medical school at the age of 16.

The next chapter of her life consisted with serving the armed forces as one of the leading surgeons. After years passed her methods seemed to be questioned. She had a blank slate when it came to the number of deaths on her operating table. Never once did she fill out a death certificate. Her surgical team would tell you in a heartbeat that her methods were unorthodox but why were they unorthodox? That’s something they will never tell you, dearie.

After continuously beating the surgical competition among her colleagues. At the age of 26, she was giving the perfect opportunity to put her medical practice to the ultimate test. By being offered a unclassified mission to an uncharted planet filled with organisms that needed to be categorized by level of threat and researched of the ecology of that system. Which lead her to be known as the new Charles Darwin of her time Till, of course, she stranded from the mission by her research and has been missing in action for the last two years.
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R. Rinx -The Doctor
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