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 Gage Warrick - The Jackal

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PostSubject: Gage Warrick - The Jackal   Tue Sep 19, 2017 4:55 pm

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Basic Information

Name: Gage Warrick
Nickname(s): Gage, War
Alias(es): Jackal
Gender: Male

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 210lbs
Eye Color: Reddish Orange
Hair Color: Black roots, blond hair

Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
Scars: Multiple
Distinguishing Marks: Eye patch covering right eye, scar running from left cheek, across his nose and disappearing under his eye patch.
Tattoo: Rather than a tattoo, Gage has an odd shaped [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] burned into his right forearm just below the inner elbow joint.

General Appearance
Standing at 6'2'', Gage is an imposing individual in not only height but demeanor. With an eye patch covering his right eye, a single reddish orange left eye, a large scar ripping through the center of his face and a generally annoyed disposition, Gage does not seem the approachable type. Well built, muscular, broad shoulders and normally dressed in black with a long coat, combat pants with metal plated boots, gauntlets covering his forearms and an ever present katana in his left hand.

Born to an addict of a potent drug, Gage is deaf, and communicates primarily through sign language, but has exceptionally strong vision and lip reading skills. Because of this, he is also an addict and needed to take regular doses of said drug. Although he is capable of speaking, the manner in which he does can be hard to understand as formulating words and pronouncing them properly is very difficult, so when he does speak he sounds like he has a very strong lisp. Most of the time he is very quiet, but only in sound as he loves to move around, touch things he probably shouldn't be touching. If he possessed all of his senses most would think he would never shut up, so some thank the gods for small miracles.

Being a child mercenary, Gage is not the type to trust easily, though he may give off an overly friendly demeanor, it is all part of a game to him to throw the other party off their game, or maybe open up and let their guard down. The drug he was born dependent too has, for the most part, damaged Gage's real capability to feel true emotions, or so he was lead to believe. Anything he outwardly portrays as happiness, sadness, caring, empathy to others plights are his attempt at mimicking something he has seen, and having been doing it for so long, it is very hard to tell it's all fake.

Other Information

Ruin - a sword that is known for its exceptional speed. It is in the form of a katana that Gage carries with him at all times. The blade itself underwent it's own change within the Realm of Mythos causing the metal itself to alter to the point of being almost indestructible.

Physical/Mental Prowess
Due to being a child mercenary, a profession he continues to this day, Gage's mental state and capacity were well suited to combat operations behind enemy lines. He was calm under pressure, adaptive, and somewhat critical. Also adept with a variety of weapons, from small arms to surface-to-air missiles. His primary weapon choice is a katana. Gage also shows great mental and physical endurance, perseverance and is also skilled in scouting and tracking. He also possesses a photographic memory and the ability to speed read an entire book in seconds.

Having been born addicted to a certain drug, he possesses incredible strength, speed, and endurance. His strength enables him to lift a tremendous amount of weight, punches capable of tearing apart a car or a slash of his sword with enough force to cut a small building in two. Along with this, he is extremely fast with incredible reflexes. Capable of running so fast he can scale walls, denting the very surface with each foot fall.

With his complete lack of hearing, Gage's other senses have reached an almost inhuman level. Along with eyes eye sight, Gage can smell a target from an incredible distance, on par to that of an animal, capable of distinguishing different scents even in the middle of an over populated city. Along with this, and the drugs alteration, he also developed an almost, sixth sense. One would think it is easy to sneak up on a deaf person, but for Gage it is next to impossible to sneak up on him. That is, unless he wants it to appear you have.

Soul Power
A shocking force actualized by "Igniting One's Soul"; it significantly increases one's speed, strength, resistance and even one's regenerative abilities. This is known as "Spiritize". This 'power', was unlocked after his time spent within the Realm of Mythos. The key to "Spiritize" is injecting one's "Soul Power" into one's weapon of choice, enhancing its power. Beyond even "Spiritize" lies another level of mastery called "Limit Break". This completely shatters all limitations posed by a weapon's physical form, allowing the user to unleash all kinds of unfathomable attacks. When he Ignites his soul, Gage's hair turns a pure white and almost seems to flow like a burning flame atop his head.

Remnant Flame - Multiple condensed waves of super heated air are sent out by slashes of the sword. The waves are not only strong enough to cut iron but also hot enough to melt normal steel.

Limit Break
Ruin's blade takes the form of an ancient and worn katana, severely scorched by fire. The heat of the blade is so intense that the very moisture in the air surrounding Gage dries up making it difficult to breath should one stand too close. It neither burns nor erupts, but anything it cuts or touches of weak composition is instantly turned to ash. Prolonged use of his Limit Break could not only destroy the surrounding area by drying up the moisture in the ground, lakes and atmosphere completely, but also destroy himself. As such, Gage only uses it for a limited period of time.

Burial Garb -This ability is unseen by the eyes of anyone else unless Gage wills it to be seen. It engulfs his body in heat to the same degree as his blade, again meaning, anything of weak composition would be reduced to ash should they stand too close or touch him directly.  The level of heat produced by this technique is so high, it would not actually appear in the form of flames even if Gage did allow them to see it.

Great Burial Ranks of the Scorched Dead - Impaling the tip of his sword into the ground, Gage calls upon the corpses and ashes of the dead who were killed by his sword to come forth and fight on his behalf. They emerge from a rupture in the earth created when he stabs the super heated blade into the ground. Using the heat of his sword on their ashes, he can rouse all the people he has killed, allowing the corpses to become his limbs and attack whomever he deems as his enemy until they become dust. He can bring forth any specific corpse which he wishes, allowing him to inflict psychological damage upon those with connections to those he has slain.

Soul Fracture
This is Gage's full release, a state he reaches when all reason and conscious decision are lost and rage consumes his every breath. The hair that was once pure white turns a jet black, taking on the same visual constancy as before, a black dancing flame atop his head. All distinguishing features also disappear as his face, body, cloths all burn away and leave in it's wake an almost skeletal structure of pure blackness. The only noticeable area's upon Gage now are his glowing orange eyes which resembled more like dancing flames that actual eyes. Across his demonic form are cracks and fissures in his skin to revel more burning striations that make it seem that the very core of his being is a raging inferno. In stark contrast to his body, head, arms and legs are his hands that are not as white as his hair once was, the reason unknown as if the blackness itself was burned away to leave nothingness in it's wake.

Character Biography

Gage is the son of a Mercenary commander named Kain Warrick and prostitute addicted to a drug known as Celebrer. Kain killed Gage's mother after she gave birth and took the child to add to his mercenary group to avoid the expense of simply hiring a Legacy mercenary. Gage was born deaf, and between his disability and Kain's control of his Celebrer supply, Kain kept him obedient and dependent. He endures constant abuse from his father and the rest of the mercenary group without resistance.

Celebrer is a drug that was first created by the military to enhance strength, speed and agility, in other words, to make Super Soldiers. Despite its potency, Celebrer is addictive and toxic in large or repeated doses. Originally when Celebrer was manufactured, it was not made with overdoses in mind and, if one deliberately overdosed on them, their state would be extremely unstable and it would be impossible for them to gain the same amount of power every time; they would eventually end up invalid. Those addicted to the drug were known as Legacy's, or Tags, it is this that distinguishes them from the humans of Gage's world.

A few occasions, however, Gage did OD on Celebrer to deal with a particularly powerful individual  and he learned that his body had a higher tolerance to the side effects of ODing. This did not mean that he was completely immune, as the internal affects on his psyche and internal organs was still taking a toll. shortening his life expectancy. Despite this, Gage continued his rampage of both body count and the drug thinking if he wasn't going to live long anyway, why hold back.

That was, at least, until his planet ended up being destroyed by an attacking alien entity. They never stood a chance, the invaders wiped almost the entire population out in minutes, the planet itself in a following hour. Before he too was destroyed, however, Gage got trapped in a vortex of some sort and was ripped from his world and tossed into a new place known as The Realm of Mythos.

Within this plane of converging worlds, timelines, entities and anomalies, Gage was trapped, for more years than he even knew he had left to live. It seemed the atmosphere had countered his shortened life brought about by his addiction. Now Gage was immortal, unable to die of old age, though it seemed the fates were still cruel as his addiction remained and should he miss his dosage, Gage was subjected to the withdrawal symptoms of Celebrer, leaving him almost crippled with migraines, nausea, palpitations and sometimes hallucinations. These withdrawals were becoming a regular thing unfortunately for Gage was forced to stretch out his limited supply of Celebrer within this new world.

Then, in came Lux, a rather, unique individual who seemed to be the saving grace Gage needed for this, quirky, female was able to analyze the compounds of his drug and replicate it, after a few, less then pleasant failed attempts and keep him supplied. The only issue being, when they moved locations, Lux was forced to find the right ingredients in the area they relocated subjected Gage to her 'test samples' more often then he wished. Their relationship became an, odd, codependency though the two were rarely seen apart as they meandered through their immortal lives, trapped, it seemed, within Mythos.
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Gage Warrick - The Jackal
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