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 Demi-Gods Logs

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PostSubject: Demi-Gods Logs   Thu Aug 31, 2017 11:39 am

The Warning
You only get one.

This roleplay makes references to the Percy Jackson series but it not part of that series.
We DO NOT care how much you know about the series, it doesn't matter.
Follow our rules or get out.

There are as follows:

  1. Gods claim their children whenever they see fit. You must play your character and its parent appropriately.

  2. Just because a god is your parent doesn't mean it's your character. At best it's your Notable NPC. Do not over use the presence of your parent - this isn't about them. Be sure all children use the same guidelines for the parent behavior.

  3. Monsters give off a foul odor to demi-gods no matter what form they are in.

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PostSubject: Re: Demi-Gods Logs   Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:49 pm

The Premise

In the beginning the world was without shape and without form, until life sprung forth from the depths of chaos in the form of Gaea—The Great Mother Earth. Without the union of love she gave birth to the hills, the seas, and the heavens. Both divine and mortal beings alike rose up from her flesh, as well as others of unspeakable terror to keep those who might think to rise up against her subdued. Like the abyss from which she arose, her reign was characterized by complete and utter chaos. However, her divine children saw the potential that lay within the planet should they only be able to cultivate it, and so they plotted a rebellion in secret. No matter what actions were taken she, as the Earth itself, would never simply cease to exist; however, she could be lulled to sleep long enough for them to seize control and redirect mortal worship to whatever changes they implemented upon the land. Their plan was successful, and thus they were able to gain enough power to weaken the protogeness.

Eons passed and the immortals, now gods, split into many pantheons, ruling over the world in areas where their domains were strongest. With few exceptions they kept to themselves, refraining from venturing into the others’ territory. In order to maintain this division the gods used The Mist, a supernatural force that twists the sight of lesser beings to perceive only what they know and understand. In truth, the pantheons’ only uniting goal was to keep the Great Mother from fully rising. Her slumber, however deep, allowed her lucid moments in which she was able to summon creatures that might seek to weaken the gods by harming their mortal followers. Therefore, the gods sought to raise a force to combat the monsters so that they would not be distracted from their own divine purposes, and began the practice of copulating with mortals in order to create demi-gods. These beings, with their heightened strength and lack of dependence upon prayer, were able to move unnoticed amongst the mortals combating the monsters with powers derived from their godly parents. However, with the passage of time so little focus was paid to protecting the globe in exchange for advancing technology that the monster attacks and the Earth’s lucid moment were few and far between—the gods were untouchable.

Completely sure of themselves and their ever-evolving power, the gods did not anticipate that the very being from which their power derived would serve to be their undoing. The mortals are turning their attentions back to conserving the planet and “going green,” which generally sounds like a noble-enough cause, but simultaneously the world begins experiencing an array of ‘natural disasters’ like it hasn’t experienced in…eons. The stronger their efforts the worse the catastrophes seem to be, ranging from hurricanes to forest fires, even rare astrological events. Mother Earth is awakening, slowly but surely, and it will take the combined effort of all the pantheons in order to defeat her. The gods are once again calling upon the aide of their half-blood offspring, whisking them away into specialized camps to prepare them for battle, forming operative teams to take on missions all across the globe. The mist will be lifted to expose their differing origins to one another in a way that has never happened before in order to save mankind and the world we know.
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PostSubject: Re: Demi-Gods Logs   Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:55 pm

Biird: There was a soft static hiss and a loud crackle followed by what could be taken as shuffling or settling before a voice stretched across the open space and all to chipper began to speak. "GOODMORNING, CAMPERS." The voice announced letting a pause fall into still before they took a deep breath and began to whisper into the microphone. "It's time to wake up, campers. Time to get up, campers." Another pause. "Today is an exciting day - WE HAVE NEW RECRUITS. Now, lets all be welcoming to our new recruits. New recruits, come on, don't be shy. Head out to the common areas and all will become more confusing! This is a wonderful and dark time in your life campers. Get ready for a ride!"

Grimm: The eerily upbeat voice permeated through the wooden hut with haunting ease. Shifting on the bunk that was definitely not his regular resting spot, Drake tossed his legs over the side of the bed and brushed his forearm across his brow and eyes. A few blinks brought the foreign surroundings into focus as pale brows furrowed and lids narrowed into a scowl, his unnatural red eyes glancing around the room to bodies still not stirring from their rest. The next thing his eyes took in were the cloths he wore and though they were his own, they were not the last thing he remembered wearing. Black basketball shorts with a white t-shirt, his high top shoes resting by his feet on the floor. Wanting answers, Drake grabbed the shoes, slipping his feet into them and decided to see just where exactly it was he had woken up. Moving to the main door, he pressed it open and exited into a very bright exterior that carried a heavy scent of the ocean, not something he was too unfamiliar with but the warmth of the air outside definitely was a change from the climate he was use too. Looking around, Drake buried his hands in his pockets and slowly walked further into the open.

Brute: Being startled awake wasn’t a new thing for King but this time was rather different from all the others. A voice of odd tones filled his ears as he pulled himself up off the floor and looked around to the other still unconscious bodies that lay around the room. “Where the fuck is my bed?” He spoke out loud as his neck moved from one side to the other, the floor was about as comfortable as it looked, there was no lacking depth to his voice even though numerous people were clearly still sleeping; but this wasn’t about them. As if on instinct his hands started patting down the pockets of his dark blue jean jacket, the dark hoody he had on underneath and then his ripped jeans, it seemed everything from his money to phone was missing and he still had no idea how the hell he got here, or why the fuck he was the only one in the room not to wake from a comfy looking bed. Making his way outside the only other person he spotted looked like he had just stepped out from a basketball game, though as normal as his attire seemed to be what caught his attention were the unnatural red eyes that seemed to be scanning the area. The door he walked out of wasn’t that far away from where the stranger stood and as he breached the gap his own oddly fiery golden eyes landed on the guy with ash blonde hair. “Weird eyes, pretty cool. You just waking up too? Know what the hell is going on here?”

Olena: Mary outstretched her hand from under the pillow to hit the snooze button, but it never came. Was she further over in the bed than she had anticipated? Who the hell was that talking? She didn’t have a radio alarm. She quickly jerked her head up, taking in her surroundings, drawing in a sharp breath as she realized the room she was waking up in wasn’t the one she had gone to sleep in. Perhaps she had inhaled too many chemicals when they were cleaning the hospital floor. This wasn’t right. “Camp?” She glanced around, taking note of the other beds filled with unfamiliar faces. Maybe it was just some weird pipe dream, and it was best to play along. She slid out the bunk, oddly enough finding her Vans in a similar location as to where she took them off. Standing, she turned back and adjusted the covers on the bed, quickly hospital-tucking the corners before moving in the direction of the door. Then it occurred to her that she had been able to see her hands as she had been moving about…wasn’t that not a thing with dreaming? Then came the familiar sound of...the ocean? She lived fifty miles inland. "This is too much."

Biird: Eve was facing the wall when the voice started to penetrate the deep sleep she usually had. At first she thought it was just the usual voice that filled her head at all hours of the day and night, so on instinct along she reached up and pulled the pillow over her head, but as she started to wake more the voice was not familiar, it was annoying as shit. With a groan, Eve rolled over and sat up rubbing her face with both hands, then through her tussled hair, which covered half of her face. Getting off the bed, she followed another fuzzy body through what was basically a portal of a light at this point. The sun was too much, it was always overcast in Jersey. The air was warm and the smell and sound of the ocean and that fucking voice. Slowly others were starting to gather outside. She took up a post a little away from the others and folded her arms, looking around, wondering what the hell was up.

Diitzy: While the voice erupted against Riley’s eardrum she groaned and tossed away from its direction. The voice was not only loud but it was peachy, too happy for such a morning. Why on earth would anyone think morning is good? She pulled the pillow from behind her head over her face as she inhaled against the feathers and fabric material. “FIVE MORE MINUTES. BETSY ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE!” She was still being punished for doing one trick, just one trick on the boss man. Which leaded her to scooping out Betsy, the albino elephant’s stall for who know’s how long. Probably for a lifetime. Just as she sighed and relaxed slowly falling back asleep she sprung forward sitting up as it just dawned on her. “Who is that voice?! What you mean Camp?” Confused she listened to the voice as she moved outside. She was surrounded in the middle of nature and absolutely not a single clue of where the hell she was. “Great. Just great” She sighed as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Biird: "ATTENTION CAMPERS." Came the voice, as the last of the "new recruits" came groggily into the open common areas between the boys and girls cabins. "I am sure you are all the brightest bulbs in the closet where you are from and no know that this is no ordinary camp. Welcome to the isle of Halfbloods!" There was clapping hissing over the microphone. "Everything you thought you know is mostly bullshit now. One of your parents isn't your parent or the one that's been missing all your life? Well it's because they're a god!" More clapping. "Incoming, campers! More confusing stuff for you!"

Grimm: Every building was the same, though perhaps calling them buildings was an overstatement considering each one had visible gaps and were made from full logs of wood and slates of timber. Brushing a hand through his almost white hair, pushing it back along his head, Drake heard a far less annoyance and more masculine voice than the one that woke him a few moments prior. Looking back behind him, he saw another guy walking his way dressed in a more everyday look rather than the one he himself woke up in, looking like he just came from the gym. "Your's aren't so normal either but no, no clue and by the looks of it no one does." Drake's accent was thick Irish born and bred and as he talked he nodded his head towards a few females that had left a similar structure a bit away from them and they seemed to be just as perplexed and out of place as this new guy and himself were. "If we are lucky, or unlucky, that voice might tell us what's going on. Though I'd prefer a pamphlet for this so called camp rather than listening to that again." Just as he had finished speaking again the voice came across the intercom once more and Drake visibly flinched at just the tone alone and the clapping was rather precious. When 'it' finished talking, Drake's left brow rose rather rapidly but before he could utter a word or really grasp the gravity of what was said Drake was engulfed in a light as if he were center stage to some Broadway musical and a slight burning sensation on his inner right wrist. Grabbing his forearm but looking skyward above himself, the symbol of what looked to be some sort of dog head floated above him. At the same time Drake's eyes began to glow and eventually the light faded. Looking down at his arm as the branded symbol of the dog like creature was etched itself into his wrist seemed to pulse in time with his heartbeat. Growling some, Drake glanced towards the guy he had spoken too moments before to try figure out just what the hell was going on.

Brute: Once again that voice shattered all the thoughts he was having at the time, how could anyone get anything done with that thing speaking all the time, was there an off switch? If so he’d find it. The moment the stranger started speaking King’s features changed slightly, his eyes narrowed at the individual with the thick Irish accent and almost as if giving approval he nodded as he listened to the guy speak. “Pamphlet? I’d prefer a boat to get the hell out of here.” Just as he finished speaking the voice started once more making him visibly cringe at the sound, though it seemed like that wasn’t the only odd thing going on right now. His head tilted to the side as his fiery golden hues scanned the sight in front of him, whatever was happening in that moment clearly had something to do with what the voice had said about them being all being the children of gods, clearly they were at the special camp of special individuals if that’s what story the voice was trying to preach. Those same eyes widened as he watched the Irishman be engulfed in a red light that looked like it came from the heavens, just in case it had he had to look up but to no avail, there were no space ships in the sky or overly large flashlights. Different colours caught the corner of his eye and he turned just as some sort of jackal head appeared over the guys frame and his eyes got even brighter in that moment…Yep, it seemed to be happening all around him, mostly regular colours with not much hue or brightness to them but here and there some colours stood out, way more vibrant than the others; special snowflakes amongst the special snowflakes it seemed. He waited though, and waited, his eyes ever scanning the others as the time passed by and eventually he turned back to Drake. “Looks like I really am in the wrong place, sucks for me, but on the bright side I won’t have to listen to that damn voice much longer, I’m telling you that voice is worse than Jennifer Timbles and every time she opened her mouth it sounded like nails on a chalk board, needless to say she was a screamer and we got caught in the school closet, it was a whole thing at the time.” The conversation just took a whole different turn.

Olena: Mary stepped out into the courtyard, which was quickly filling with the presences of dozens of other people about her age. She took a moment to look back at the small wooden shack she’d apparently woke up in…what..the fuck. The boob-sweat is so real right now. Having grown up in the Deep South, humidity was not an unfamiliar concept to her, but this was taking it to a new level—everything felt so sticky. Thankfully she had pulled her hair back into a ponytail before she lay down or it would be stuck to the side of her head. Then, the voice went off once more, radiating out of some tower….on the other side of the island?…why were they on an island? How did they even get there? She noted the groggy woman who had come out the cabin behind her standing nearby, but her attention was soon drawn to the burning sensation radiating from her wrist. It felt like someone had just branded her, and she reflexively grabbed at it only for the pain to have faded as quickly as it had come. “A tattoo?” The symbol of a peacock with a crown about its neck was now imprinted on her left wrist. She was then surrounded in a beam of glowing gold light, and the same symbol was then hovering over the crown of her head. “Waaaay too much.” A god? Her parents were lawyers…wasn’t that the opposite of a god?

Biird: As the others started to be claimed by their immortal parents, Eve took another step back. She wasn't going to be claimed, she'd already been claimed. The symbol of her mother tingled on her wrist but didn't appear. So this was it huh? This was how they were going to gather everyone? Well, shit was about to hit the fan. Looking around, Eve found she wasn't the only one not claimed at the moment which made her feel a little less obvious in the situation. Rubbing the top of her head, Eve tilted her head up and looked over that the tower where the voice emmentated from.

Diitzy: The chatter of the campers began to grow once the voice faded. Her shoulders dropped with a sigh of relief as she closed her eyes. If only she could fall asleep standing up. She heard that there were people in the world that could do such things. They call it a medical condition called narcolepsy, she called it a damn good talent. Just when she was nodding off blissfully, the voice rang through her ears once again as she nearly jump a good foot back from where she was standing. She listened to the voice as she shook her head looking around for possible camera men. “This is a joke right? Is this all staged?” She bluntly spit out her words as she glanced around at her surroundings as people looked just as confused as she was. After being told one of their parents is a god she couldn’t help but burst out in disbelief laugh. “A god? Clearly your kidnappers got lazy and picked up the wrong people. I’ll just excuse myself outta here..” She shifted her body through the group of woman trying to leave to somewhere. Not exactly sure where to leave. She came to a halt as a bright orange light nearly blinded her from above like a spotlight or it might be possible whoever this voice is was about to abduct her. She stared as her iris glowed to the light briefly as the symbol above her formed what looked like a helmet. A burning sensation carried down to her left wrist as she looked down watching the same symbol of a helmet form on her skin. Plusing rapidly just as fast as her heart beat. For once Riley was lost for words.

Biird: Clapping. Happy clapping. "Congratulations campers ... well to most of you campers. That glowing light and burning sensation is your godly parent claiming you! For those of you who were not claimed, it doesn't mean they don't love you just that you're not worth their time yet! Never fear we have no qualms that you'll get their attention some how or another. For those of you who have been claimed, please find the pamphlets with the matching symbol to your godly parent on the tables in the recreational room. Have a lovely day campers!"

Grimm: Drake's brow narrowed even more as the pulse symbol branded on his wrist also started to dull, yet it remained visible a while longer. The guy beside him though kept speaking, and speaking and speaking. With his mind torn between what the voice over the speak said about one of his parents being a God, this brand, the fact he wasn't exactly human and Mr. Blonde going on about some Jennifer person and also more information that he ever needed to share, Drake just shook his hand a couple times trying to dull the slight pain. "You talk a lot." Before he could really say anything else, that banshee's wail echoed again and Drake couldn't help but smirk as he glanced back at Mr. Blonde again. "Looks like you're not out of the woods yet." The whole situation had Drake's mind whirling, but his naturally quick wit wasn't dulled. Turning away, his thumb rubbing against the jackal headed brand, Drake moved towards the next area suggested to find out a little bit more as to what was going on.

Brute: His attention diverted from the rest of the crowd back towards the white haired guy and as it did he started shaking his hand, King watched for a second as he checked out the symbol that had appeared both above his head and now on his wrist, when he eventually spoke his own red cantered golden hues looked off to the side as he slightly shrugged off the first statement. “Fuck.” Drake spoke again and with it another fuck came before he watched the now claimed guy walking away to the suggested area for more information. He thought on the conversation for a few seconds, the whole thing replaying in his head, did he really say that much? At best it was a light conversation or maybe it was the subject matter that had been brought up, though he couldn’t think why. Shaking his head as he finally decided to give up on the reason and move on King continued to look around the crowd of confused looking people, some looked hyped, some still very confused. Yet there was one who like him hadn’t been claimed, she looked neither confused nor hyped for the colour fest that had just ended, it seemed like they were in a similar situation. He crossed through the crowds easily, even in this situation people had already started grouping up, safety in numbers and all that jazz, as he marched through the crowds avoiding he did his best to avoid touching those who weren’t quick enough to move from his path and it didn’t long for him to clear the waves of people so he could finally approach her. “Looks like we’re both all alone here huh, you know maybe we have the same parents, what an asshole…Maybe we’re siblings, I always thought I had a little colour in me somewhere, I mean spicy food is the shit and the way mocha chicks can dance was probably a gift from some perverted god. So where you from Caramel?” Even as the words left his mouth without so much as a second thought to what he was saying, how it sounded or came across, he still had the presence to continue looking around, he clocked a few others he had seen when the light show started; the symbols over their heads already had him guessing to who their parents were, but then again just how much association did the gods have with cartoons, video games and obscure mythological books?

Biird: Flicking her fingers through her hair for it only to fall back in her face, Eve padded barefoot toward the recreational room. She was quickly joined by a guy who started talking and didn't sound as though there was any stopping him anytime soon. From the words spilling from him, people either didn't tell him off often or when they did he wouldn't get it anyway. She had no doubt his pick up lines had worked any a time, so why change the game? "A candy factory." She said absently, joining the crowd instead the barn like rec room. She scanned one table then another with her dark grey eyes and then picked up a pamphlet on Hades. There were none on Kali-Ma, but Hades was passable. Flopping down in chair near a tree full of books that looked ancient, Eve flipped through the pages, the voice of her mother quietly complementing her quick thinking.

Olena: She followed the crowd in the direction of the recreational center. From what basic knowledge she had of mythology the peacock seemed to be correlated with some goddess whose name she couldn’t call to mind. Marriage or something? The other campers parted as she slipped between them, going for the tables. After scanning for a moment she arrived at a table holding a single pamphlet—Hera. Her mother was the supreme goddess of Mount Olympus and sister-wife of Zeus. How did this make sense? There were literally pictures of her mortal mother holding her in her arms after she gave birth to her. Was she a lesbian? Mary scanned over the printed notes at the bottom, which had clearly anticipated this very question. She scanned over the crowd, vainly hoping for sight of a familiar face, but the only one that was vaguely familiar was the one of the girl who had followed her out of the cabin, now plopping down in a seat, speaking to some male. May as well. Walking over she continued to skim over the pages, basic history, demographics, domain, wallet-photo…bless it. Despite the gravity of the situation and the emotional toll it seemed to be taking on a number of the other, demigods? Mary felt oddly calm. Panicking on an island somewhere in the middle of who-knows-where, surrounded by strangers, and not taking the time to assess the situation seemed impractical. “Hey, I’m Mary,” she nodded politely as she took a seat across from the woman, glancing briefly at the man and offering a similar nod. Though her sapphire hues remained on the printed pages, she kept her body language open enough to allow for conversation. There was no apparent way out of this place and the woman happened to sleep in the bed directly beside her own, so an introduction was only appropriate.

Diitzy: While others listened to the voice she was looking down at the imprint on her wrist. Every Time it burned she grabbed her wrist for a moment and then let it go. “Fuck. This is real.” After realization she picked up her head and looked around at all the lights that beamed overhead of individuals. “Indeed it must be real or some fucked up dream. Either way, I guess I’ll play along. Let’s see who Mommy dearest or Daddy dearest is.” She shoved her fists into her leather jacket pockets as she exhaled deeply taking in the thought of her parent being a god. After that sunk into her restless brain she clenched teeth as her throat tightened up. The fact she actually had a parent that existed now came to realization. Mindlessly her legs began to move with the group. Dazed she stared forward as she tuned everything out around her as they made way to the next location. She didn’t exactly know what to think or perhaps too many things were running through her mind to concentrate on one exact thought. After taking a step into the recreational center insisted to hold her breath as she crossed the tables searching for her pamphlet. After finding the document she unleashed all the air built up her lungs as she saw her father’s name Loki the Trickster god of Norse. While she scanned a few sentences she looked up in a daze moving to find a seat to adjust to everything hitting her at once.
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Brute: A candy factory? He shook his head as the chick started moving and he went with her, moving from one section of the camp into the inside where she picked up a pamphlet and sat down on a chair as she started flipping through the pages. Like every other time he came to a stop his eyes wondered outwards as he watched those who were looking at the pamphlets of their parents, some seems pleased, other slightly irritated, perhaps they got the shitty end of the stick, but hey at least their parent had actually claimed them; this was going to be kinder garden all over again. Shaking his head to get the thoughts out of it he moved his gaze to candy girl and leaned over as he flipped the front of her pamphlet to see the god she was looking at. “You didn’t get any light though and no flashy symbol, why Hades?” Did she know something he didn’t? Probably, at least it was starting to seem that way. His head turned as another walked over holding a pamphlet from the same pantheon as caramel chick, maybe there’d be some sort of situation now, not by the greeting of the female but Hades hated the Olympians, right? But then again his knowledge of that was based of a game where some demi god became a God of War and killed all the Greek gods…Maybe there was some fantasy in that one. “Mary huh…I would have thought a Greek demi god would have a more exotic name…You sure you aren’t from the Christian pantheon? Jesus maybe? Is he even a god? Or what about God? Surely if gods are real then God has to be in there somewhere…Any of you see a symbol of the cross? Some bloody thorns? A carpenter’s tool?” The questions just kept coming and just as he was about to continue on with them he leaned out and brought both of his hands down onto the shoulders of another girl who was looking rather dazed and confused. “Here, sit, try to take deep breaths or something, you look like you’re gonna throw up and I don’t think anyone here will thank you for the mess that comes with that…We all good?” For the second his attention was on the dazed chick but just as fast it moved back to the questions he had left lingering between the supposed child of Hades and possibly the child of Jesus Christ…Or God…Maybe even Hera.

Biird: "Matches my personality..." Eve said, tossing the pamphlet onto the table in front of the chairs and pulling her feet up onto the chair. The arches of her feet were resting on the bar of the chair and her arms were wrapped her legs, chin resting on her knees. "I'm Eve." She replied to the Southern Belle with the pages of Hera in her hand. Laying her cheek on her knees, Eve tilted her head in the direction of a flood of questions coming from the guy that had followed her this far. It was the first time she was actually looking at him and he looked as though he were a golden statue come to life. Gold hair, gold eyes, even his skin had a golden undertone and not in the normal way, in a polished jewelry kinda way. "You need a lot of attention huh?"

Olena: ‘Did this fool just say Jesus?’ She lifted an eyebrow and held up the pamphlet for him to see Hera’s image and that of the crowned peacock on the cover, her name written in Ancient Greek, “Hera, actually. I don’t think there are any monotheists here, from what I could see.” She glanced back at the woman, hearing a variant of an American accent, a Yankee no doubt. “Pleasure meeting you, I’m sure. Given the circumstances, anyway.” She bit at her lower lip to keep from laughing at Eve’s comment towards the golden chitter boy.

Brute: Matchers her personality? Well that was fucked up. What kind of personality matched up with the ruler of an underworld…A God who had kidnapped his wife and spent his days in hell torturing people for his own amusment…Well fuck. “That’s pretty fucked up.” The comment wasn’t really towards anyone but just thinking about those details brought the words out. As Eve shifted in the seat and tilted her head in his direction he looked back at her, waiting to see what was going to be coming from her next but when it did his eyes shifted sideways as his cheeks lifted slightly in thought. As he did he also started piecing together what Mary had said about Hera and her continued statement, there seemed to be quite a few pantheons on the table from what he could see but it seems God was no god after all…The Christians would go ape shit if they ever found out. By the time his mind stopped wondering around he was back on the question of his attention and the need of it, did he need attention? Not really, them answering him made no difference in whatever was going on but that probably wasn’t clear yet, plus he had never needed any special attention growing up. “I don’t think so; I mean I only had two nannies as a kid and I don’t think that’s what we should be talking about right now anyway. If you’re the daughter of Hera and you think Hades is your daddy then are you guys gonna fight? I mean they basically hate each other right, and your step dad Zeus fucked over his brother to get the throne and sent him down to the underworld where it’s all cobwebs and shit.” Just as he finished speaking his view turned to check out everyone else that was picking up their pamphlets and moving on. “Wonder how many people are going to get into fights because of their parents...This is bound to be interesting.” The last comment really wasn’t to anyone, he was still checking out each person as they picked up a sheet and left, his eyes attempting to scan the pages he could make out as they did so.

Biird: It was pretty fucked up, but it was her saving grace. There were a lot of traits she took after her mother she could pass off as a child of Hades. How long she'd have to pass it off, she wasn't sure, but the goal for now was to not make to many waves or be forced to pick a side. Someone somewhere must have known she was on the fence or else she wouldn't have been here, unless her mother sent her there as a spy. As soon as the thought came into her head, her mother started to laugh mockingly. She didn't need spies. So there must have been another reason for her being there. No doubt she'd found out soon enough. "Hades is a possibility. I'm not really about fighting other peoples battles, especially not for absentee parents." Her dark grey eyes flicked to Mary, the daughter of Hera, as her mother sucked her teeth at the slight dig. "Why did you have to have two nannies? A set of ears wasn't enough?"

Olena: Mary had no intentions of fighting anyone based off the concept of who their mother or father was. Especially when more than half of them, including herself, didn’t know until around three seconds prior to this moment. Although, if anyone wanted to get froggy they could go ahead and leap. She’d always had a bad case of Chihuahua syndrome. Eve was friendly enough, as far as she could tell. Didn’t say much, which was a quality one could admire in a person. She appreciated the sarcasm. “I imagine they had to take turns,” returning her eyes back to the pamphlet to scan over the information and see how this might actually affect her. It went on to explain how demigods were typically dyslexic when it came to reading English characters, and even why they might seem to ‘suffer’ from anxiety or attention deficit. “Fighting someone over a parent that you hardly know when there really isn’t an established bond between egg or sperm donor and offspring seems somewhat pointless. I’m sure half the new recruits don’t even know their hereditary lore, let alone all the connections between one another unless they actually sat down and read it.”

Brute: He nodded to Eve as she pointed out that her guess was nothing more than that, a mere possibility which in itself seem rather sad that she had to guess who her parent was, but then again he couldn’t even guess for himself so atleast she had that going for her. Further questions were brought up about having two nannies and Mary jumped right in there afterwards with the take turns comment, but that was never really a thing; not that he could remember anyway. Before he got a chance to speak she continued on about having no reason to fight for someone you didn’t know, no bond between egg or sperm donor and offspring which was all fair and well if they were actual humans, which they were not. “Did you not just get claimed by a god? Do you really think that comes without a price? If this is some kind of camp then what is the camp for? To teach us how to get along and be friends? I doubt it. Now I have no idea how gods actually make their kids, be it one way or another but I doubt it’s as simple as normal people, clearly there is more connection between you and your parent shown by the claim to you, you’re basically marked as theirs and I expect they all fully intend us to stand on their side and not make our own; they are gods after all, why would we get a say in it?” Perhaps he’d read too many books, seen too many comics and movies, played too many videos games portraying the gods as assholes who cared for no one else but themselves; though even the stories he could remember about Hercules, Achillies, Perseus, Theseus and the rest all eventually became famous…Once they earned favour of their parents and never before hand. He couldn’t help but think it was rather odd than the only demi gods he could remember from myth were greek, did that make him a greek demi god too, was that why he could recall the stories so easily? Maybe he’d have to look around and do something to figure this shit out, after all even if no one else believed it, he knew they would have to pick sides eventually and what were they going to do, go against their godly parents? “No, they never took turns. Not that I remember. I had a real hard time learning to read and write, was told I was on the spectrum which was the nicer way of saying my head was fucked, on top of that they also said something about Asperger’s and a few other social disorders, hence the two nannies and multiple tutors who eventually came to the conclusion that I’m rather adept at picking up languages but English just doesn’t seem to be one of them, Scottish-Gaelic though, I got that down before high school.” By the time he had finished speaking more people started appearing in the area, older looking groups who wore clothes that weren’t exactly common, leather breastplates with woven signs on them, weapons on their backs or sides and the rest of their attire matched rather perfectly…It was a like a whole new world. There was little to no time between him noticing the new comers and pushing himself away from the chair he was leaning on, he could hear a group already asking for the Roman Demi-Gods to step forward and with that it was enough to send heading over there, more questions were to be asked. “Are Roman gods actually a thing? I thought you guys were basically the less popular version of the Greeks? Maybe that’s all bullshit, damn main stream media and their lack of coverage…Anyway. That’s Mars right? Ares’ counterpart?” As he finished speaking King moved his hand over to the guy standing in the middle of the Roman recruiters, moving his rough tipped fingers over the circular symbol with a spear sticking from. “Pretty cool symbol there, what’s the Ares one like though, is it even better?” Yeah, he was asking all the wrong questions.

Biird: Finally, something other than the sound of his voice; Eve turned in her chair, kneeling and folding her arms on the back of the chair before laying her head on her arms and watching as what looked like Roman soldiers came collectively into the area. She took in their garb and weapons, it all just added to what the chatter box had been saying. He was by no means wrong or off track but Eve had already heard all these stories and all the questions had been answered for her, even if she hadn't asked. She could have answered his questions but that would make her stand out like a sore thumb and she didn't need that. Goldilocks passed her vision assualting the first of the group not only with his onslaught of questions but now he was touching things. They looked uncomfortable. Not attack ready just purely uncomfortable - none of them had been ready to be touched. With a sigh, Eve sort of rolled over the back of the chair and tumbled oddly gracefully to her feet. In the same fluid motion she moved between the two and flicked Golden Boy's hand off the armor. "You'll have to forgive my brother, he's on the spectrum." The guy in armor blinked at her, opened his mouth then shut it. It seemed his whole train of thought had been thrown off. He shook it off regaining his composure and nodded, "You should, huh, keep and eye on him." "Sounds painful and unsanitary," Eve replied. Making it clear he was done with them, the Roman half turned and address the group again, looking for more recruits. Before leaving the room, he looked back at them, his features twisting in confusion; they didn't look anything alike. "Your brother should watch his back." "Again, uncomfortable and mildly impossible."

Olena: She laid the papers across her lap, “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize someone appointed you the expert on the topic.” She glanced about at the symbols the other demigods and demigoddesses carried around, trying to discern their pantheons. “Only, I don’t see why they’d bring us all together and begin claiming people left and right if they didn’t have the intentions of our working together for some common cause. Otherwise they’d likely have us separated by pantheon, preparing to strike against one another as united forces. Hell…s, even The Hunger Games series paired people from the same region together to kill one another off. I don’t recall reading many examples of the gods acknowledging one another’s existence beyond staying out of one another’s territory, outside of their own lore, of course.” One could only assume that there was some encroaching enemy force for the gods of different mythologies to bring their half-blood spawn together. Of course familial bonds might unite certain people stronger than others, as one could see in the approaching Romans who were calling for their own kind to come forth. Before she knew it Mouth was making his way over to them, comparing Mars with his Greek counterpart, her brother, Ares. Eve jumped in to keep him from carrying the encroaching ass-whipping by the sweaty and grimy sons of the Roman war god. Mind you, he was only saying what everyone else was already thinking, but certain things were simply better left unsaid. Personally, she didn’t care to stand that close to them, she could smell them well-enough from where she was sitting.

Brute: The situation turned from one semi light hearted reunion to a tense stare down between the supposed son of Mars and the guy who just wouldn’t stop asking questions and touching stuff. He had already opened his mouth to speak once more when his hand was pushed away from the demi god’s armor and Eve pressed herself between the two. His head tilted to the side as he listened to her speaking, the features of his face narrowing slightly at her words, and the fact that she was nowhere near the height of either male, who seemed roughly the same height and build. It seemed like everything was finished and the conversation hadn’t even started yet from his point of view, but it just went to prove what he had previously said, or atleast it had to him. He laughed lightly from the situation as his hand reached up and pushed his hoody backwards off his head, his full head of golden hair was finally free of the hood and as he scratched the back of his neck like a child who had done something wrong he looked around the room while trying to think of the right way to apologise to Eve for her having to get involved in a situation he had started; meaning to or not. As he did he still couldn’t help but take notice of the rest of the people in the hall and what Mary had said previously, even in The Hunger Games people were paired from the same region, but wasn’t that exactly what the Romans were doing? And just from the distance they tried to maintain from the other pantheons it was pretty clear that all wasn’t good in paradise, or Camp Half-blood; whatever this place was, it was no friendly get together. The smile that had previously adorned his face vanished from it in the next heartbeat, the Roman’s words were loud enough for him to hear and anyone else who wasn’t deaf, his fiery golden hues bypassed all the others in the room and landed on the half turned around son of Mars as he finished speaking and straight away the golden haired male stepped forward, those in his path seemed to move out of the way enough for him not to hit directly into them. “Guess I was right, the Greeks must be more popular because I’m sure I read about Ares taking his enemies head on, but apparently the Roman god of war likes to target the backs of others, sounds like Mars is all about being a coward and attacking people from behind.” Did he take the words literally, yes he did, but then again his response clearly got to the Roman kid and the others around him, even the people on the side-lines were looking from one side of the room to the other to gauge the situation; was it really smart to call out a god of war and his son as being cowards?

Biird: Eve could hear Mary behind them, even more so when she pushed some locks of her dark brown hair behind one ear. She had a cold and logical way of speaking and sprinkling it all with that sugared southern accent made her sound like a snob. Not that Eve thought the girl was a snob, but it was the way she sounded. Either way things were heating up between the golden child and the Romans. The Roman ring leader flicked his eyes to her adn was still speaking to her as he resumed his stare down with her fake brother,"You're not doing a very good job of looking out for this one." Eve shrugged. "I said he was the spectrum. I didn't say I was his keeper. Big boy, big words, not my problem. Just - take it outside will you, some of us are trying to read." She slipped back into a chair there, with a oily sort of ease and nicked the pamphlet about Hera out of Mary's lap. "Anything good in here?"

Olena: Mary shrugged as Eve took the pamphlet from her lap, not paying further attention to the smelly men that were standing around like jocks from a football team. “Goddess of goddesses, women, marriage, familial love, childbirth, and the atmosphere. Hella jealous and vindictive, my kind of woman, and her husband is a bit of a whore. Half the Olympian council are either my siblings or step-siblings, which I’m sure my mother would rather I not claim. Although, she’s way more forgiving than I’d ever care to be.” Although, she imagined one would have to be when they were simply the goddess of marriage and not divorce. Perhaps she should be more wary of talking about the king of the gods in such a manner, but the page itself said he was a whore-monger. Apparently he didn’t mind because the opinion seemed to be popular enough.

Brute: Eve finished off her statement and slipped back into the chair from before but it was only the Roman one of the two that noticed it, his focus was on making his previous statement that he hadn’t noticed just how close to golden haired boy had gotten to him. Taking a step forward he glanced over the male coming towards him and smirked, thinking he had figured out why the insults had started and with that he started speaking again, this time his words and eyes aimed at brother. “So you think you’re all that because you’re from the Greek Pantheon huh? So what if Apollo is your father, you think those golden locks of yours make you a badass or something because your father is god of the sun? That doesn’t mean shit here, it doesn’t matter who your parent is because they aren’t here to fight for you.” As the Roman continued his supposed insults the only actions that came from the blonde apparent son of Apollo was his head moving from side to side, he wouldn’t outright deny it, because he really had no idea, maybe it made some sense, he’d always enjoyed the sun, being outside on the brightest of days and something about what his mother use to say about his eyes made the idea seem more than possible; but it still had nothing to do with what the demi god had said. “I don’t think you understand.” These were the only words that fell from his mouth as he closed the gap between himself the Roman. “Understand what?” “That I don’t care about who my parent is…” With that he threw the first punch, which was quickly dodged by the Roman only for him to find a knee planted hard into his ribcage, the leather armor would have done something to protect from the impact but it was still enough to clearly cause some pain as his face turned from one of annoyance to clear anger. By this time the blonde haired male pulled his hand across the Roman’s shoulder and gripped the back of his neck, as he used the grip to pull himself forward once more and slam the same knee into the same part of the Roman’s rib cage but this time it sent him backwards, out of the hall and onto the ground. “Nor do I care who your parent is, since apparently he isn’t going to give a shit when I break you and take your pretty sword.” The Roman slammed his fist into the ground, causing a small shake to course through the land around him, as he pushed himself to his knees and further to his full height the voice in his head bellowed in anger and forced him forward. He broke out instantly into a run as he pulled the silver sword from his side, holding it in his right hand as he jumped towards his attacker and slashed through the air, trying to both run him backwards or possibly end the fight all in one attack.
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Grimm: Drake had been separated from the blonde chatter box when the crowd started to get larger and everyone had made their way into the common area with a table full of pamphlets. Each one of these pieces of paper would answer questions some of the people here wanted to answer and by the looks of it, questions a larger number didn't even know they had to ask. Drake was part of the second group because he always thought both his parents were his own, he did take after his mother, heavily, but he also had his fathers pension for helping anyone in need. One thing he did not inherit from them though was the displacement and unjust anger he was shown from those he did try to help. Both his parents were loved in their town yet he was an outcast and obviously this was the reason. Scanning the long table, he eventually found the red dog head like symbol that was still visible on his wrist and below it in some weird picture like characters that slowly started to shimmer to the point they became as clear to him as English should have been. "Set." Drake murmured under his breath, lifting the paper into his hand and raising a brow. Seriously? Egyption? Drake couldn't have been more Irish if he walked around in a green suit and pockets full of gold with flaming red hair. Though even if he had red hair it would still be something he acquired from his God parent. Turning away from the table after what seemed like a lifetime of staring at the image of the Egyptian God of the Desert, Death and Violence, he turned into a crowd that seemed even denser than it should have been. The sound of some form of altercation permeated through the whispers and taunts and after deciding to go around the crowd rather than through it, Drake saw the form of a guy tumbling out into the grass. A quick glance and he spotted the root of the problem, Goldie. Things were escalating rather quickly and before Drake really gave thought to action, the leather clad figure was lunging for Goldie and just as he was about to reach the step back into the common area, Drake drove his foot into the side of the guys head sending him flying once again. Skidding to a halt, Drake brushed off his shorts and adjusted his t-shirt again, glancing over towards Goldie. "I told you you talk a lot." As he finished fixing himself, Drake slid the pamphlet into his pocket and took a rather relaxed looking stance as the dazed combatant shook his head trying to regain his composure.

Diitzy: “Here...Sit..Try-” The words felt like they were just blowing pass her body. The man words slowed and dragged in her brain. She tried to recollect herself but the thought of having a father took her breath away quite literally with surprise. His lips continued to move forming different words but she wasn’t really comprehending his words. “We all good?” Just as he stated she shook her head and tossed her hands up swatting his hands away from her resting on her shoulders. “Hey man, I don’t know who you think you are, but there is this thing called personal space. Back up.” Completely unaware that he was just trying to help her. She snapped right into being defensive. Trying to hide her emotions immediately while being in the presence of another human being or whatever the hell we are now. Too much to simply take in at this moment. She snapped out of her daze as her thoughts slowed down while looking at the pamphlet in her hand. She didn’t dare open it not yet. She glanced at the man, who tried to help her just a moment ago as she sighed. “I apologize for my rude behavior, but you really shouldn’t go around invading people’s personal bubbles. Never know where the hell they have been. At least introduce yourself like this; Hi stranger, my name is Riley.” She stood up from the seat the man put her in as she darted forward into a stride. While she strided forward she completely ditched the conversation was she in shoving his shoulder slightly as she made way to a corner of the room staring down at her pamphlet. “Well, Daddio. Looks like we both like tricking people however I’m not much of a coward. How lame.” She frowned as she skimmed through the pages half-ass reading about giants, shapeshifting and other mischief traits her supposedly father had. She crumbled up the paper as she looked up seeing a familiar face before all this madness started. She managed to snag a seat next to her as she stretched her legs crossing one boot over the other. “Hey, didn’t you wake up in the same cabin as me? Are you believing this mumbo-jumbo god stuff. Crazy ain’t it? I’m even having a hard time grasping it.” She smiled. “Oh, by the way I’m Riley. I think I woke up in the bunk above you.” She rolled up the pamphlet tugging it in the hidden pocket in her jacket.

Biird: While the girl Goldilocks had harrassed tried to get her shit together and wrap her head around the rather unthinkiable circumstances they had now found themselves in. Aloofness was the only thing keeping Eve from looking too comfortable with the situation. Moments after she'd washed her hands of the situation with the apparent son of Apollo, the other girl had come back to sit down, a little more composed. "Yeah.. it's something..." Eve said slowly, pulling her bare legs up to her chest once more. "I'm Eve," She returned, resting her chin on her knees and looking at the girl through a veil of dark hair. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched the son of Mars go flying past. The crowd around gasped and followed the tumbling body outside. Shaken a bit, the boy righted himself and and steadied his sword hand, shouting for the both of them to come outside. Eve nodded toward where the crowd was gathering, speaking as she moved out of her chair. "On the bright side a good show of testosterone is always fun. Come on. Maybe some shit will pop off that will make it all real." Petite, Eve easily slipped to the front of the crowd by weaving under arms and through small gaps between bodies. As she made it to the front, the son of Mars pointed at her with his sword. "You! Tell your brother to get out here." She smiled behind the shade of her hair. "I have a feeling he's coming."

Brute: Even as he watched the Roman want to be warrior gather his sword and move into a jog towards him King stood at the border of the building watching the scene unfold. Even if the world hadn’t slowed down in those moments it did for him, like every other time had fought in the real world his eyes narrowed onto his target and his body shivered from the adrenaline rushing through it, this wasn’t new to him infact it was more a blessing than a curse than he’d managed turn in his favour in almost every fight. The son of Mars finally made his leap forward, launching himself through the air with sword in hand and as he pulled his arm back to swing forward he was suddenly kicked out of the air and sent flying across the ground until his body slammed into the dorms where the females had come from not minutes before. “I uh, I thought that was going to go down differently…” King shifted his head to the side as he watched Drake skidding to a halt and adjusting his t-shirt, when he spoke the golden haired demi-god shrugged like he had done the last time, only this time he added in some words. “I talk a lot but apparently you like going around and sticking your feet into other people’s prey. I appreciate the help, but it isn’t need, don’t do it again.” King’s eyes had narrowed onto Drake the second he landed from the kick, it seemed like this place would be way more exciting than he had previously thought, if this demi-god was new and hadn’t been trained yet then how badass would the ones be had had been training for years? After giving a light nod towards Drake he couldn’t help but notice Eve stepping away from the crowd and as she did the human football had composed himself and as he aimed the sword at her he spoke once more, again with the brother thing. The crowd that were previously in a semi-circle around the Roman abuse victim questioned his intent with their stares, did he miss what happened? Maybe he didn’t see the foot collide with his face because if he did he sure as hell should have been madder at the second attacker than the previous one. “It wasn’t the brother that sent you flying…The second time…It was the white haired guy.” One of the crowd stepped forward with attire matching all the Romans and as he walked he fell into line with his brother in arms, soon after another followed until four of them stood facing Eve, Drake and the golden haired guy who had started the whole situation. “Since he obviously can’t fight fair, then neither will we, but don’t hurt the girl too much; I’d hate for the other Pantheons to think we bully the weak.” With that clear leader of the second year Romans once again broke out into a run alongside the three with him, one had locked on to Eve since she was the brother of the asshole who started the whole thing, he himself was burning a hole in King as he rushed for him and the two at his side criss-crossed as they ran like they practiced some kind of dual martial arts, all the time heading towards Drake.

Grimm: Tilting his head to the side, Drake's neck cracked as golden boy spoke, but he really didn't pay much attention to what he said given he was so use to people not wanting his help to begin with and yet he always felt the need to get involved. Maybe that was exactly why people disliked him so much, sticking his nose in where it wasn't wanted. Oh well, seemed to be past the point where he could turn away now when the other lads joined their friend who seemed to still be convinced Goldie was the one that hit him a second time. Perhaps Drake had kicked him too hard? Shrugging his shoulders, Drake slid his leg back as the two came towards him in a well choreographed display of synergy . These guys had done with quite a few times, that was clear and when they reached Drake, he stepped towards them, trying to throw off their rhythm as best he could, causing the one of the right to crash into him as the guy on the left swung his fist for Drakes face. It connected, naturally, but Drake still drove his knee into the one that grabbed him, connecting with his stomach and the two went tumbling to the ground. The second also started to fumble as he tried to get at Drake who was now holding his friend in a headlock, his lip bleeding from the punch. Again he glanced back towards Goldie. "Drake." It was an odd time to introduce ones self, but hey, it was a camp full of demi-gods and he was fighting the son of, well, actually Drake had no idea who these guys was the son of when he kicked the other lad but it didn't really matter, the outcome would have been the same he was sure.

Diitzy: Leaning back in her seat, she shifted her arms over her chest. She didn’t like this place. Granted she didn’t like the place she last remembered. That dreadful filthy circus she had been imprisoned at for years now with nowhere to go. Well until she was kidnapped to this place. Eve stood up and what she said perked Riley’s interest. She also picked herself up from her seat and moved outside. Eve moved to the front of the circling crowd as Riley attempted to follow. People of all sizes compacted tightly against one another pushing forward to get a good look at the show. Riley tried to push through trying to keep up with Eve but she really wasn’t that strong. Being pushed back to the entrance of the recreation center. She leaped several times to see the dark hair female directly in front of her. There was no way she was going to weave through the crowd like Eve. She placed her hands on the shoulders of the people in front of her as she pushed her weight up to climb on their shoulders. Scrambling to her feet she tried to keep her balance the best she could. Of course the people below were angry, but that was the least of her concern as she walked forward on people’s shoulders. It wasn’t too difficult for her, she had some practice walking on stilts only difference is shoulder’s aren’t much of a flat surface. As people tried to grab her by the ankles. At least she was quick on her feet. She dropped down next to Eve as she shoved her hands in her pockets. She leaned to the right near Eve’s ear. “Who’s winning? Wanna bet?” She tossed her hair over her left shoulder having part of her face fade away with a snicker as she watched the fight play out. “Man, wish I had some popcorn. I’m starving.”

Biird: Eve didn't always stand with her arms crossed, in fact she rarely did, because her father hated it, but since arriving she'd been subconsciously keeping her body language closed, pulling away from the other in order to keep her identity to herself. So right now she was standing with her arms folded under the line of her breasts in her sleeping clothes which were barely anything at all watching as the Romans lined up to attack. She sighed noting how one of them zoomed in on her. See, this is exactly waht she was trying to avoid by stepping away from Goldilocks in the first place. Eve didn't like to fight - She loved it. On the off chance this got out of hand she'd love it a little too much and might end up ripping, literally, some guy's head off. It wouldn't be a good look for her. At no point was she going to be claimed like the others which was sure to raise some brows at some point, it was best to stay out of the lime light, so how the hell did she end up here, standing beside a chatter box and a guy with white blond hair. 'He's cute.' 'Not now mother.' He was cute but that wasn't the point. Right now she was going to show her mother that all those lessons in Bua Gua were useful. Defensive fighting was going to be her saving grace in not revealing too much about herself. Eve nodded to Riley noting they were about the same height. That didn't happen often. "Let me just take care of one thing and I'll show you how to fish with your hands." She replied, moving forward and away from the crowd. Dropping her arms, her posture was far more open now, relaxed. Eve stopped half way across the field meeting her charging bull head on. She swept her right arm up in front of her, creating a cresent shape that caught the left arm of her attacker. Stepping forward, she twisted the warrior around in a dance like motion and step under the arch of their collective arms coming out on the other side, with her left hand holding the other wrist. Eve kept moving, twisting and turning, ducking and bending under the swinging arms of a sword arm and swinging fist.

Brute: “How rude.” King’s eyes had already turned to the Roman demi-god charging at him with the silver blade in his hand, from the corner of his eyes he could see the others of his team rushing for Eve and Drake and also noticed that none of those three had weapons; so yes it was rude. By the time the attackers had caught up to both Drake and Eve, King had moved slightly out of the border of the building and onto the actual grassy land, Mars’ son was just about there and with that golden hair boy turned his body to the side and lifted both hands, placing the right just about his chin and the other slightly outwards. To anyone with even some sports knowledge of the outside world it was clearly a typical boxing stance, though King seemed more relaxed and less tense than he should have been in that situation, did he miss the part where the guy running at him was holding what was presumably a full combat sword? Or maybe he was banking on it being a practice one. It seemed the Roman learned the lesson that Drake instilled on him, he no longer tried to leap through the air but kept his feet on the ground, dashing forward at the last moment with his sword piercing through the gap between them aimed directly at King’s head. With a dip of his body King ducked, the blade missed his head by an inch or two, and as the Roman slashed diagonally as if trying to cut King’s shoulder or neck King pushed his foot into the ground and sent himself to the side, avoiding the pointy end at all costs. It should have been odd to see a boxer with moves like that, but he wasn’t just a boxer, sure it had been the first martial art he had gotten into as a child but it wasn’t longer after that that he took up Muay Boran, a martial art that was created to combat against weapons as well as unarmed opponents. As he slide to the side and caught his composure the sword continued to swing, it seemed the Roman was rather adept in its use as he spun his entire body in order to keep the momentum going and in doing so it only took half a heartbeat for the sword to be once again searing towards King. King’s arm came up on instinct alone, there was no fancy move that was going to block the blade from hitting his body, so instead of taking the slash on his chest he instead let it rip across his outer arm as he growled and his eyes narrowed even more onto the Roman bastard. This guy was stronger than King had assumed, this wasn’t on the level of fighting he was used to, even in the octagon he had easily dominated his opponents and now he knew why; none of them were ever his equal. Jumping from his position now that the sword had continued its traction to the side of him King gripped down onto the Roman’s dominant hand that held the sword and pulled him forward towards him, his knee soaring through the air till it was supposed to meet with the guys face, but it seemed that trick wouldn’t work twice since the Roman’s free hand was already covering his face, though from the force of King’s knee it still send the arm backwards into the guy’s head. Letting go of his arm and hoping the guy would atleast stumble backwards from the force King turned as he heard a voice from the side, he couldn’t help but smirk at the sight of not only Drake holding one in a headlock but the guy behind him attempting to what looked like either free his friend or cause some injury to the guy who had his friend locked down. “King.” He answered Drake with his own name before he broke into a skid and sent the bottom of his boot into the guy who was fumbling at Drake. “Looks like we’re even.” Just as he turned to make sure the Roman swordsman hadn’t gotten too close already he caught himself watching the fight between Even and the guy she was…passively abusing.

Grimm: Not really having a moment to pay attention to what was going on around him, Drake hit the guy he held in a headlock a few times with his free hand into the guys ribs. The one behind him finally was kicked off when Drake got blonde's name, but he wasn't sure it it was much better. King? Might as well call him Midas with how gold the guy seemed. Another punch struck the guy Drake was holding before he pressed his foot to the Romans gut and tossed him backwards. Rolling onto his feet, Drake stood and without really thinking, which was his usual MO, he walked straight for the guy that was giving the small tanned girl an annoying time and grabbed him by the back of his neck. With his other hand Drake grabbed the guys top and in a quick motion, hoisted him from his feet, turned and threw him at the Roman that had been kicked away by King a few moments prior. Holding up his hands, Drake's eyes seemed to glow red, just as they had done when he was claimed by Set. "Now lads, I think we all need to take a step back. Lets grab some tea, if tea can't fix it, well, then we can go back to punching each other." Drake looked from one to the other and even to the girl he was standing in front of and gave her a wink. "Didn't mean to cut in but he seemed like an awful dance partner."

Diitzy: Eve nodded and then stated about teaching how to catch fish by the bare hand. Riley stood there as Eve walked forward as she remained where she stood. She cuffed her hands over her mouth and replied back as she walked off towards the show. “BUT I am allergic to fish!! How about real meat like a ribeye steak? I am all up for teaching me how to cook a perfect steak!!” Riley is not much of the fighter it’s definitely the better decision to stay where she stood. Riley’s jaw remained open as she watched Eve take part in the fight. As Eve began what seemed like her effortless movements Riley spun around as she yelled out to the audience. “Who wants to bets on the outcome! I have my money on the badass lady, the super overly blond dude, and the white-haired macho man! Place your bets whatever you have! Come on people shuffle your pockets. Ain’t nothing better then an old fashion fight like this ladies and gents.!!” She tossed a 100$ bill in the air that she kept in the right hand pocket of her jacket. It’s considered her good luck charm. She always held onto it as a get out of jail free card whenever she felt like leaving the circus circuit. Even though money probably wasn’t a value here. Few people still had some greed in them as they raised their hands with random stuff they had in their pockets. Riley knew she couldn’t lose not with that awesome kick ass cabin mate of hers, the guys weren’t doing bad themselves either. She searched across the heads for signs of food as that grabbed her interest. “Yes! You with the Snickers Bar. You’re in! Half bag of Skittles? You are in. Uh.. What the hell is this? Erm..Is it food? Is it eatable? Kinda does look eatable. Okay, yes you are in! One at a time, one at a time, one at a time people! Do I really have to repeat myself? ” She took everyone’s wagers as fast as she could while paying attention to the fight. “What are the odds on the Romans? Uhhh..50/50? I think you should bet on them”. Nodding as she grabbed the container of Tic-Tacs. “Sucker-”She paused as the person glanced at her as if she was about to say something “I mean you must be feeling lucky. Happy winning ”. She snickered as people started cheering for their fighting group.

Biird: Allergic to fish, that was horrible. Oh well, she could show her how to make a steak probably not from scratch though, that might have been a bit much for the girl considering how she handled the news of being a demi-god. She was rapidly getting bored of this "fight" she was having. As the boredom set in the urge to really strike was getting almost out of hand. Her mother's cooing voice in her ear, tempting her like some demon, wasn't helping either. The crowd around her was coming to life and just as she was about to knock the guy off his game, he was hoisted into the air and tossed away like trash. Eve stood then, and folded her arms again, peering up at him with one grey eye. "No worries, he was pretty awful." Awful? Yes. Down for the count? No. Scrambling to his feet the guy charged again, looking like he was going to side swipe her red eye'd savoir, so Eve stepped around him. Leading with her left foot, she step into along his side and put her right foot out before her, lowering in a squat as her upper half bent to the side, left arm running across her stomach as her right arm went over her head. Both fists would connect hard with the midsection of the guy, sending him flying back into his comrades and knocking them all over like bowling pins. As she rose to her full out, she turned fully on the Romans an announced,"I'm bored of this. Let it go." They didn't want to let it go as they all gathered back to their feet. Eve let out an exasperated sigh then stomped down on the ground a five foot diameter of the ground around her dying away as her hands began to glow purple. The particles of the dead earth gathering before her in a cloud of dust before she shot it forward, hardening it into a wall that once again knocked them back. "I SAID ENOUGH." The wall immediately disintegrated as Eve turned and started back toward the cabin she'd come out of. 'That's my girl.' 'Shut up, mother.' At least she could play that off as a fluke. That voice came over the intercom again. "Attention campers! Please keep your hands to yourselves for the next 12 hours. Tomorrow you start your training. Congratulations!"

Brute: He only watched Eve…Fighting? Dancing? Whatever the fuck she was doing, he only watched for a second before the sound of annoyance and grunts caused him to look around at the now clearly pissed off Roman. Even as he turned he heard Drake’s offer and thought for a second to turn around and ask him if he really thought tea could solve this issue, any issue…But he decided against it, though for him this wasn’t a time for tea and talking things over. Blood was trickling from his nose down onto his lips and had already splattered across his leather tunic but then again King was also bleeding from his left arm, it just wasn’t as visible due to his hoody and dark blue jean jack, infact the only noticeable blood on him was the small amount that had already reached his hands and dripped down his cloth coated finger tips. Whatever was going on behind him was no longer any of his concern, he paid back Drake by getting the goon off his back and he’d already thanked him for the kick previously, he just wasn’t the kind of person that liked others interrupting his fights; winning or not. Once again the Roman came at him from the front, blade piercing towards King just like last time, did this dude really not learn anything from last time? However unlike last time as King tilted his body back and stayed away from the blade the free hand of the Roman swept out as he tossed dirt towards the blonde’s face. It really wasn’t that painful to begin with, but little pieces of dirt hit his eyes, did these demi-gods really have no fucking honor? Fucking assholes. From one point of view the move was sneaky and dirty, uncalled for but from another it was another tactical advantage and all was fair in love and war, especially war. King swung wildly out with his left hand aiming for the shadow of a person in front of him but his hand met nothing but air, a deep growl left his lips coursed through the air as the pommel on the silver sword smashed into the side of his face. “I’m going to kill…” The Roman was caught off guard by what had happened during his announcement of attempted murder, even though King took the hit clean to the face, even if his eye was throbbing and the inside of his mouth was slowly filling with blood he still had the natural instincts to grab hold of the guys arm when the attack connected, he didn’t have to see his opponent if he was holding onto him. “Didn’t…Your…Father…Teach...You…To…Play…Fair…!” With each growl of a world coming from his mouth King slammed his right fist into what he assumed was the Roman’s body, aiming upwards as he went on until eventually his last two punched slammed into the guy’s face, almost caving it in. As the body started falling towards the floor King’s grip loosened on the arm until his fingers felt the material of the sword and when they did he clenched it and pulled it from the guy’s grip. Having the sword in hand and since the Roman was on the ground King turned as he headed towards the situation Drake and Eve were now in, he caught sight of her double punch kung Fu slam attack and had to nod lightly at its effectiveness, he’d have to learn that; it looked awesome. Another yell was heard from behind but it seemed Eve was already done with the fight, clearly she was not entertained, even before he got the chance to turn and see just what the Roman wanted he watched the earth almost vanish and then appear again as some sort of dust, dirt that was soon shooting forward and like she hit a strike each one of the Romans were sent to the ground as she yelled…”What the fuck was that? When I do get mine?” He spoke out loud, not really caring who heard or anything like that, he just wanted to know when he’d be able to do shit like that.

Grimm: They did not know when to give up, soldiers rarely did and teenagers with ego's were even worse, Drake had spent enough time around both to know that much for a fact. No matter how many times they got knocked flat on their ass, they were determined to return their embarrassing knock backs blow for blow, not that Drake could blame them but when one came again, Drakes sigh mimicked Eve's but what happened next had his eyebrow raise and his hands slid into his pockets, content in just watching. The double fisted punch into the guys gut was rather, unique and he had only seen it one other place before, on the internet, in an anime. The move should have been a little more serious given the situation but Drake couldn't help but chuckle. What happened after that again with a wall of dead earth slamming the three back once more and Eve being done with the whole thing had Drake laugh a bit louder. "You heard the Captain Commander boys." Whoever would get the reference added their chuckling smirks to his own. Not knowing just who this girls parent was had Drake almost wondering if perhaps they were related somehow, given that Set was a god of death and what he just saw had a whole lot of ground dieing, but he wasn't the type to just come out and ask such things, never was, he preferred to let people share personal shit on their own terms. Watching Eve walk away, Drake grunted as the announcer came across the intercom once more. "Bit late on that announcement, don't you think?" Drake grumbled under his breath as he looked away from Eve and towards King who now held the sword. This place was interesting to say the least though Drake wanted off the island, Demi-God or not he needed to get home and tell his mother he was safe and that was all, he really didn't want to share everything else he had just learned today.
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Diitzy: Riley stood there arms hugging all the pieces of random food to her chest. Her eyes darted back and forth through her pile of what she carved most. She leaped up in the air a few times in excitement as the fight seemed to be over. “Well! Best of luck next time chaps!” She unfolded one of her arms waving to the crowd full of losers as she started walking forward to join up with Eve. Though she came to a quick stop and took a few steps back as the opposing side just won’t seem to quit. As Eve raised her voice, “I SAID ENOUGH”. The small little hairs stood up on Riley’s neck as she watched this catastrophic wall swipe away the romans. She found it extremely difficult to clench her jaw shut as she nearly dropped her winnings into the mud. Luckily, she came back from being in awe and grabbed most of the pieces. She definitely took note to ‘not piss off the bunkmate’. As Eve turned around and returned to the cabin. Riley bolted into a sprint. “HEY! EVE! Wait up!! Want a half eaten sandwich?? I bet you are hungry after that!!”

Biird: Eve put her hand on the door of the cabin as she heard Riley behind her. She did not want a half eaten sandwich but she did think it was a nice offer in a strange way. She was half over the threshold of the cabin when something metal formed in her hand. Lifting her hand so she could look in her open palm, Eve saw an old skeleton key with a leather cord attached to it. When she looked up, the cabin had trunks in front of all the bunks. Each trunk had a metal tag with the person's name etched into it. Not thinking anyone was behind her, Eve moved to her trunk and opened it up. All of her favorite clothes and the one befitting the setting were in there. She had a bag full of toiletries and just about everything she'd need apparently. Putting the key around her neck, Eve fished out a pair of shorts and a shirt and picked up her toiletry bag.

Brute: Now that the fight was over and the speaker phone voice had made its announcement King turned to see where Eve was heading, he had questions for her about her powers and how she had them already, and where his was; though there was really no making sense of why he thought she’d know the answer to his last question. As he turned to watch where she was going his view caught sight of the dazed girl from before, even during the fight he couldn’t help but listen to her yelling over the crowd, gathering items it seemed and placing bets on who would win, of course he had no issues with it but he’d be damned if he wasn’t going to collect from the earnings she made off his blood sweat and awesome boxing moves. When Riley broke into a sprint so did he, carrying the silver sword at his side while he bolted for the cabin Eve entered and was soon followed by the dazed chick, the door was already open, well it wasn’t locked…So he let himself in. It only took a few steps before he was looking over Riley’s shoulder, his fiery gold eyes scanning the treats and of items she was holding between her arms and as he side stepped around her his free hand reached out and gripped down on a snickers bar and packet of blue crispy m&ms, snatching them into his hand before turning and heading further into the cabin. “Nice doing business with you.” Finally she was within hearing distance of him, not that he couldn’t have yelled earlier but that would have caused a scene, something he generally tried to avoid doing. “So, Eve…How about them powers huh? Maybe Hades is your father, after all the way you fucked up that dirt and did the whole splash mountain dust attack was all very…Hellish and decay. Did the pamphlet mention when you’d get your powers, anything about them?” While he talked he had already planted himself onto one of the beds in the open room, laying backwards on it so his shoulders and head were against the cabin wall as he left the sword sitting on the bed beside him and started opening the packet of m&ms to eat. "Where uh, where did flying kick dude go?"

Grimm: The crowd was finally dispersing and Drake folded his arms across his chest, looking around to see just what the camp actually looked like now that things were settling down. Almost everyone had found out who their God parent was and were busy reading it or discussing it with others. More groups were coming to collect others of equal parentage though he heard no one call for the sons and daughters of Set. It wasn't too surprising though as Drake drew upon a memory from his school days and remembered reading that Set wasn't exactly capable of having kids. Then how the hell was Drake here? Divine intervention? Oh, wait, that was exactly it. God could do it so why not all the Gods. you know? Shaking his head, Drake spotted the two he had 'talked' with earlier disappearing into another cabin a bit away's from everyone else. Deciding that was probably his best bet to find something out as Eve was the only 'first year', so to speak, that had used their power thus far. Just as he reached the door of the girls cabin, Drake heard King ask where he was. "Right here." Though he didn't enter beyond the door as he leaned idly against the frame. "So, Captain Commander, know a trick to get that power suit to work? Happy thoughts or a bribe? Which is faster?"

Diitzy: The moment Eve disappeared into the cabin, Riley’s eyes stared at the door. If only she could que the dramatic slow-mo action like in the movies as she watched the door come to a close. She darted her gaze forward staring at the door. It was a race against the sliding door as she pushed her stride a little harder. With swung of spinning her back against the closing door she pushed it open again. “Phew! That was close..Wha-Woahhh”. She looked down to see a key form in her hand. She glanced up as she saw Eve open her trunk as she caught a glimpse of it being filled with personal items. She scanned the room to find her name engraved on one of the trunks. So fascinated she barely even noticed King coming up behind her stealing the Snickers and M&Ms. She dashed forward as she tossed the rest of the winnings on her bed and dropped down and opened up her trunk. The trunk was filled with all the clothes she owned. There was maybe four full complete outfits which was more a carnie could wish for. There was a bunch of random things she used to use for her acts. Pretty much her trunk was depressing compared to Eve’s. She slammed it shut and leaped onto her bunk. She started chewing on a pocket lint-full twizzler. Noticing that her beloved Snickers was missing. She glanced up to see it was that one guy from before. The guy that touched her shoulders when she was dazed. Now here he was laying on one of the bottom bunks eating HER M&Ms. The sight made her livid as she focused on him tearing the wrapper open. “HEY. CREEP QUIT INVADING MY PERSONAL BUBBLE!” She grabbed a fist full of random crap as she tossed it at him. Suddenly a new voice emerged coming from the door as she rolled her eyes over in that direction. “Oooo It’s the white-haired macho man. HI! Awesome show you put on back there. Seriously, badass points for all of you. Want some candy corn?” She glanced over at Eve as they bombarded her with questions. She was curious too in a way but also was also concerned of the laundry-soap after taste in her mouth from this twizzler.

Biird: As she shut her trunk and put her clothes on it, Eve heard two voices behind her. She sat on the trunk playing with her own fingers. Her hair hid most of her face so she didn't have to worry that her expressions would be too deeply read. She had known using her power would have caused this reaction, she had been prepared to deal with the backlash but still it was awkward. Before she could respond the white-haired guy who had taken her "dancing partner" off her hands framed himself in the doorway. His comment made her laugh. At least someone around here got her, at least on the surface. "You have to really believe and clap your hands." She said lightly, giving him a smile. In truth she'd legitimately stolen that move from the anime he was referencing. Styling her fighting off of anime seemed to help her control her power. After all she was more physically capable of reenacting those moves than any normal human. Resting her arms on her thighs, Eve looked at the different faces in the room. "Really, though, it just sort of happened. The voice said we'd start training tomorrow. I'm sure we all have something special to unlock. I was just a little annoyed is all."

Brute: It only took a second or two for the first couple of chocolate coated candy to fall into his mouth, as the tiny chick started yelling at him, that was the second time she lashed out at him but before he got the chance to respond Drake appeared in the door way asking more questions on top of the ones he himself had already put out there. His eyes moved back from the Drake to the only one in the room whose name he didn’t know, he couldn’t tell if she was just used to not being around so many people or perhaps she had been touched as a kid, this whole personal space thing wasn’t going to work around here. He watched Eve’s mouth moving as she started speaking but nothing came from it, instead a light laugh filled his head and moments later it was like another voice was inside his mind. ‘I had initially thought you would back down from the plebeian, perhaps there is hope for you yet.’ “The fuck did you say?” Maybe in that moment it would have seemed like he was responding to Eve, or maybe even a late reaction to the tiny one who kept yelling at her personal bubble. Shaking his head he pushed himself away from the back of the bed and planted both feet on the floor as he leaned forward still sitting. “Great, now I’m hearing things.” Maybe he was supposed to, maybe he wasn’t, he really had no idea who or what the voice in his head was, only that it had instantly annoyed him for whatever reason. His fiery golden eyes landed on Drake before moving to Eve, were they going to keep quoting movies and shows the whole time? It wouldn’t have been an issue if it wasn’t for the fact that his own memory sucked, even if he had seen the movie or show they were quoting. He had managed to recall the last few words Eve spoke, she was sure they all had something special to unlock…Well they were Demi-Gods after all, only from what he could recall of myths those demi-gods never had anything on level with Eve, not that he could remember; or maybe they just left those badass powers out of the books. Taking a deep breath he finally found himself looking towards Riley, yes she’d be tiny from now on which was rather silly considering she was practically the same height as Eve, but after what she just done he wasn’t about to label her tiny, maybe Destructo or Death. “Listen up, Tiny. I get that this is new to you, hell it’s new to all of us, but we’re in a camp and by the looks of it you’re going to be sharing your room with a whole bunch of people you haven’t met before, so you’ll need to readjust this whole personal bubble thing before you go and yell at the wrong person. Rather than be worried about your personal space maybe you should try figuring out who around here is gonna have your back, rather than wait for the opportunity to stab you in it. And as for the candy, you did a good job with your hustle and I’m all for it, but you can’t expect to make a killing off our blood, sweat and bad ass moves and not give us a share of the profit, understand? Its basic teamwork, keep hustling and putting your stacks in our corner, because you can bet on this, we won’t lose.” From the sounds of it they’d already become a team, maybe that’d turn out to be true or maybe it wouldn’t, either way he spoke once more, this time he hadn’t thought of a single word before it fell from his lips. “Holy shit, are we having a moment?”
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Grimm: Laughing a moment after Eve had, Drake shook his head. "Relax Tinkerbell, you're not fooling anyone." Two more instances shortly after that had Drakes brow raised and turn to a frown, one being a girl a little shorter than Eve talking a mile a second and offering sweets to which he just raised and hand and shook his head declining her offer. The second being King shouting at someone and it really didn't seem that anything Eve or the other girl had said really required that level of a response and he wasn't looking at Drake so it definitely wasn't aimed in his direction. Either way, a camp full of Demi-Gods from all corners of the world, from what he could gather, was bound to throw up some strange characters. The second thing King said though was definitely directed at those in the room starting with the sweet hoarder. "That's a lot of 'We' in that monologue you had going there lad. 'We'.." Drake made air quotes with his fingers at that word. "..don't know a single thing about one another, so looking out for one another seems a bit of a stretch after only an hour of meeting and two minutes of talking. That guy I kicked wasn't really so much to help you as it was just cause he looked like he needed a kick." Sliding his left hand into his pocket, Drake walked more into the room. "Though, from what I can gather this camp isn't about to have us all start some arts and crafts section, so maybe it would be useful to have a couple people in our corner. Names Drake, apparently I'm one of Set's kids. The only one from what I could gather from that little get together back there." Drake knew King hadn't been 'claimed' as the announcer had put it, but at least this would broach a bit more of a packed between those in the room, provided the rest actually gave a shit about something like that.

Diitzy: Riley sprung from the bed as she kicked off her boots having them slam against her trunk. Startled she jumped a little as she spun around staring at King as he went from yelling about something that she didn’t really understand. She blinked as he spoke to her. “Tiny? AWE! I love that name! I’m going to call you BFG. You are now my Big Friendly Giant.” She claps dancing around as she once again leaped back onto her bed and buried her lower half in her blankets. While stuffing the rest of the awards in her her pillow case. “Hey yall had a good run today. I don’t mind sharing just maybe ask and not simply take some of those pieces of candy I’m sure are laced with some type of drug. Happy tripping!” She held up her fingers with the peace sign. Eve went on about training tomorrow as she nodded. “First day of training it’s going to be a blast. Hopefully I don’t get killed. If I did it’s nice to know some faces.” as Drake started talking about his godparent. “Nice to meet ya, Drake. I’m Riley. I’m one of Loki’s offsprings. Apparently.” She blinked as she didn’t really know how many kids that coward of father had as she pulled her pamphlet out and started reading to see if there was any given information.

Biird: King’s little outburst made Eve bite her lip. She almost told him not to respond but if she had opened her mouth it would have been clear that she knew at least some part of what he was going through and he was far too inquisitive to let it go. Instead, she shook her head and said,”No, we’re not having a moment. You’re trying to start a business based on what you perceive as mutual need.” She hadn’t missed the mild song lyrics or the quoting of Avengers, so there was a slight smile on her face even as she turned him down, following up what Drake thought about his proposal with her own ideas. “I’m Eve.” Was all she said to his introduction. Straightening up her back, Eve pulled her legs up on the trunk and opened her toiletry bag in her lap. It looked like everything she needed was there. Riley was a flurry and movement and words, a one up on King, who was basically a motor mouth. Zipping up her pack, Eve let her legs unfold and stood up, reaching out to get Riley’s attention with a wave of her fingers. “I promised to get you food. You can’t eat fish so I’ll get you something else. Come on, it’ll be better for you than candy.” She’d originally planned to go find a shower and change but after this little heart to heart with strangers, Eve figured she’d better make good on her word. They were right, it was better to know someone than no one. Besides, she was tired of lone-wolfing her way through life. Ripping the blanket off her bed, she pinned it under chin and shimmied out of her shorts, changing over to the knee length pants she’d taken out, then tossed the blanket onto the bed and fished out her sneakers from the trunk.

Brute: Did he just…Yes he did. King’s eyes had already moved from Tiny to Drake as he swiftly turned down the idea of being a team and then changed his mind before throwing it out once again like it was his own idea or something. One of Set’s kids, turns out King was half right in his thinking, from what he could remember there were only two or so Egyptian Gods who were closely related to the jackal symbol that he had seen almost burn into Drake’s wrist. Riley started speaking next and as she did his eyes narrowed lightly at his apparent new nickname, after all he genuinely didn’t think he was that friendly. “Loki huh? It’s all starting to make sense.” Most peoples thoughts were their own but King had no idea what that was like, in almost every situation he’d just say what came to mind and usually it wasn’t something people wanted to hear. With what she had said about the sealed candy bars being laced with drugs King couldn’t help but wonder just what kind of drugs she was on herself, probably very strong ones. They weren’t having a moment? It seemed like they were…Maybe he had to redefine what he thought of as a moment, because everything seemed to click from the current way he viewed it. “Even I can’t have my own back at all times, if that’s not something you think we’ll need here then you’ll probably come to see what I mean rather fast.” Turns out Eve had promised Tiny some food, where was he getting food though, the snickers and m&ms wouldn’t last him for more than a few hours. “So you’re gonna teach us how to be real survivalist huh, count me in. I’d say it was nice to meet you all but I don’t know really know you people like that so I’m going to reserve judgement till later, but either way, I’m King.” Eve vanished almost completely under her covers and they started shaking ever so slightly, either so was doing the weirdest seduction technique he had ever seen, bar that one time in Mexico, or she was just trying to change her clothes in semi-private. By the time she finished his m&ms were all but gone he had pushed himself off the bed and stretched out for a second before he picked up the silver roman sword from the bed, his eyes lingered on it a second longer before moving to the trunks around the room and where she had just gotten her sneakers from. “How come you guys got trunks and we got fuck all? It’s because I’m not claimed isn’t it, fucking racists. Wait, why do you have one then…This is bullshit.”

Grimm: Each started to introduce themselves and Drake stood listening, happy they agreed with HIS plan, though he knew it really wasn't but it was funny none the less. So a kid of Set, a kid of Loki, one not claimed and another with some power to kill things, all in one cabin, sounded like the start of some bad joke. Looking back to King, Drake shrugged his shoulders some. "These weren't even the cloths I last remember wearing. I'm kind of curious who changed my pants." Drake pondered as he watched Even emerge from her towel like it was a cocoon and was now a properly dressed butterfly who he had to admit was rather attractive, minus the whole she could probably kill you if she touched you. Got that whole Rogue from X-Men thing going on he figured. "Also don't remember seeing a trunk in our bunk. Favoritism maybe? These are gods we are talking about."

Diitzy: Riley missed Eve’s offer for real food as she completely fell asleep in the conversation. The only reply Eve received was her rising vocal snores. Most likely she crashed hardcore from the sugar, or it could’ve been for once she felt comfortable finally sleeping on a bed consciously (considering the first time wasn’t her choice) then an elephant’s stall.

Biird: After putting on her shoes, Eve noticed the daughter of Loki had completely crashed from her sugar rush. She shrugged a bit, hearing Drake and King talking as she did. "Well she's out for the count. Guess the excitment was too much for her." Turning she made her way out of the cabin, looking around at all the people milling around. The scent of food was wafting from the rec hall they'd just left. "It isn't favortism. The trunk was here when I came back. Go look in your cabin. You'll see."

Brute: He wasn’t watching her exactly but he did notice when she dozed off, probably due to lack of yelling and the term creep being thrown around but more than likely because of the rising vocal snores coming from her. He laughed slightly as he caught the end of Drake’s curiosity about who had changed his pants, unlike him he had been wearing those clothes from what he could remember, but then again that wasn’t something that was ever absolute. Maybe it was favouritism because Drake was right, Gods were known to be a certain way, not that he knew much of them outside of the stories he’d read or the games he’d played, but hey stereotypes were there for a reason right? When Eve finally had herself prepared for the heat outside and Island environment he started walking as she hit the outside of the cabin, maybe she was right, or perhaps she was just trying to cover up the conspiracy of the feminist organised who had given out the trunks to the females first. “Guess we’ll find out soon.” He didn’t turn to see if Drake was following him or not, he just assumed he would hear whatever it was he said, much like how he heard Eve speaking. It wasn’t that far away from the cabin they had woke up in so it didn’t take long for him to approach the shadow of the building where he’d be spending the next god knows how long. Once inside he found himself standing in the same spot he woke up, spot, not bed. It didn’t take him long to notice that there were three sets of bunk beds, so six people were about to be sharing this tiny ass cabin, possibly five. King approached the bunk nearest him and noticed that not only at the bottom of it but also at the side and on the lower bunk were trunks, similar to the one Eve had and the others around the very room he was standing in but just a few more of them. Almost immediately after he noticed a key appeared within his grasp, no comments or mentioning of why there were extra trunks but he knew they had to belong to him, after all his name was etched onto the front plate of each trunk. “Well…Guy I won’t be sharing a bunk then?” He wasn’t sure if Drake had already come in the building behind him or was off looking in his own trunk, he was too preoccupied opening one of the three chests that had his name on them.

Grimm: Tiny, as King had now dubbed her, was passed out on the bed and rather quickly. Seemed she couldn't handle her sweets all that well given it looked like one hell of a sugar crash she just had endured. Stepping aside as Eve walked passed him and then King a few minutes later, Drake mused over the idea of his own trunk being in their room now. To be honest it seemed like a waste of time to get surprised over ever little thing that was out of the ordinary on this island and following after King to the 'boys cabin'. Crossing the threshold seemed like all it took for the strangely designed key to appear in his hand and the receiver of said key was the trunk, obviously, that sat at the end of the bunk he had woken up in. This was an all too familiar scene for Drake having spent so many years on camp with the Irish reserve army so he didn't care much about bunk beds or who would be in the one above him, so long as they weren't weird and could keep themselves clean and organised. Reaching his bunk, Drake crouched in front of it, unlocked it and was pleasantly surprised to find his own gear inside. Grabbing a tank top, shorts and high top shoes Drake then realized something and immediately checked for boxers. Good, he was wearing them and it looked to be the same one he last remembered putting on. Standing, he quickly rid himself of his current attire and put on something that was almost the same but this time he choose it. 'Hey, I preferred the red what can I say.' Drake looked behind him at King but only shook his head and returned to getting changed. The voice wasn't exactly like Kings but it was definitely something King would say. Shrugging it off, Drake moved and sat on the edge of his bed, pulling his shoes on and loosely tieing them.

Biird: At first she was hadn't moved from in front of the "girls' cabin" when the boys started off across the way to their cabin. She had been more interested in going back to the mess hall but then something King had said about people who had been claimed getting their trunks. What if it was true? What if only the claimed kids had their trunks and her mother had dropped her a trunk? Eve picked up step and fell behind them, leaning against the door as Drake had. Not only did King have his stuff, he had two extra trunks. For some reason she wasn't surprised. Her dark grey eyes shifted over to Drake as he moved to his trunk and before she knew it she was watching him change clothes. Ahem. That was nothing to shake a finger at. 'I told you he was cute.' 'Shut up, mother.' 'Death and violence, at least he'd be a match, not like those mortal trolls you've been with.' 'Holy shit, shut up, mother.' 'Mind your mouth.' 'Shut yours.' Silence. Finally. Pushing her hand through her hair and having seen more than enough, Eve turned to walk out of the cabin and headed toward the recreational room again, her stomach growling.

Brute: After a few seconds of checking out the trunks King started opening them one by one, pushing his hand through the mass of items inside that consisted of items he knew he owned, items he wasn’t so sure about and then things he knew he didn’t own at all, perhaps this was some kind of give to a demi-god situation. Seems like Eve had the right idea after all, it was way too hot outside to even step out there in these jeans and hoody again, so like she had done and like Drake was doing too he started getting changed. It didn’t take him long to get off the boots, jeans, hoody and jacket and even little time spent pulling on the army camo shorts and tank top, though unlike Drake he wasn’t sporting any kind of underwear. By the time he’d lifted his head from sliding on the pair of army toned boots and made sure the laces were hanging off the sides King looked up to see Eve standing in the door way, eyes focused on Drake and presumably his whole outfit change. “And they say we’re the perverts…Well I guess we are, but apparently so are you.” After putting the past clothes into the trunk and locking it over he slid the key into his pocket and moved towards the entrance of the cabin where Eve was standing, leaning against the door frame like Drake had done previously, the smell of food was already in the air and it seemed the m&ms hadn’t lasted as long as he thought they would. “Looks like it’s time to test out the food quality in this place, if it’s one of those oh natural veggies and whole grain places, I’ma take my chances swimming home.”
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Grimm: Once his shoes were tied enough so they wouldn't slide off, Drake caught a glimpse of Eve moving from the door, he hadn't even noticed she was really standing there at all but once again given all the years he spent with the army, there really wasn't such a thing as personal space or reasons to be embarrassed about anything. With her gone and King following quickly behind, Drake rose from his bed, kicked his trunk closed and locked it, placing the key in his pocket and finally realized another thing, he had no phone. Would it even work all the way out here? Unlikely. Then again, Gods didn't really need cell reception to get their messages to people. Sighing and shrugging his shoulders, he left the bunk room and started out behind Eve and King towards the scent of food and back into the crowd. Maybe this time things will go a little smoother.

Biird: "I never said you were perverts." Eve said, but it was over shadowed by King musing on the quality of food they might encounter. "I get the feeling it'll be more like a fully immersive LARP kinda buffet." After all, everything around them seemed to made by elves. It was like being on the set of Lord of the Rings. As the three of them came into the mess hall what was once a loud boisterous affair lowered to murmurings. Eve turned away from the tree shaped book shelves and went back toward the tables. It was a pretty immersive LARP. Each table had a large dead animal on a tray surrounded by roasted vegetables. There were a few other tables set up like a buffet with desserts, serving ware and dispensers full of all sorts of drinks. At the end of the drink table were drums of water. Eve picked up what looked like an old ale mug and scooped up water. Then she took a plate and silverware to a table where chickens were stacked on a tray and sat down. They were average sized chickens, so Eve stuck one and put it on her plate taking some vegetables with it.

Olena: After the fight broke out between Goldie Locks and the three bears from the Roman group, Mary took her cue to leave and find something worthwhile to do. Fighting people one had never met on an island in the middle of nowhere without so much as even knowing why they were there made no sense to her. Best to explore and gather further information about their surroundings; however, she hadn’t made it farther than a trail leading to the beach before she had been surrounded on all sides by a group of children belonging to the Roman Goddess of Love and Sex—Venus. Joy. Given they were friendly enough to offer her a brief tour she accepted, but soon regretted the decision. Flirtation had never been her strong point, nor did she care to be the recipient of such attentions. She was reputed for being slightly unapproachable in both high school and college, turning down the captain of the football team’s prom invitation and overlooking the local frat president’s existence. Children of a love god? Unbearable. As soon as they made it to the mess hall she took advantage of her small stature and dipped into the crowd to get away from them, grabbing a tray in the process. She grabbed mostly fruit, but the sight of a table littered with chickens caught her attention and Mary made her way over, noting her roommate happened to be standing right beside her, “How’d things go with Big, Tall, Ugly, and their brother Smelly?”

Brute: He couldn’t help but smirk slightly at Eve’s idea of what the food was going to be like, though he also wouldn’t complain about an old school set up, just meant there would be way more meat that veggies and he was all for that. As the three of them came into the mess hall King stopped for a second to check out all the tables of food and then the other tables where people were actually sitting and eating. Unlike most of the others who were already hand picking their food onto their plates and heading for a seat King turned the opposite way as he headed across the back of the room where people were sitting at earlier, within a few seconds he collected whatever left over pamphlets were sitting around on the coffee table and gathered them into a bunch in his hand before heading back for the food. He had no real plan of attack when it came to the buffet spread that was laid out, but by the time he was done placing all sorts of meat and roasted potatoes onto his plate he knew he was in for a hearty meal, it didn’t take long for him to finish filling up his plate before he spotted atleast one person he knew and parked across the table from her, like she had done as he walked there he stabbed a fork into one of the cooked chickens and brought it to the side plate beside his main plate. Half of his attention was on the food he was placing into his mouth while the other half flicked through the numerous pamphlets he had sitting on the table beside him, his eyes scanned each section of every piece of paper as words were spoken in the background but he wasn’t paying enough attention to make them out quite yet.

Grimm: With hands buried in his pockets Drake entered the hall last, though he wasn't really sure it could be called a hall given the lack of any real walls. A more secured tent would probably have been better, or a marquee perhaps. Either way, he was hungry and the food was very inviting. Not being one for the greener side of food, Drake made straight for the table Eve, King and now another girl were sitting at and just in time to hear her comment about the people who he guessed they were fighting with earlier. Grabbing a chicken, Drake didn't take much time to get any cutlery as he pulled the dead animal apart and started his mini feast, head down and not really too interested in idle gossip when food was to be had.

Biird: Eve shrugged to Mary, giving up on the knife and fork thing when she came upon her chicken, just as Drake did. "We just talked. Handled it like adults you know. Did you hear the announcement about training?"

Olena: She nodded, stabbing at a some of the mixed fruits with her fork and taking a bite. From what she gathered from the talkative sons of Venus, the half-bloods trained basically every day while they were at camp, learning to use weapons that seemed rather archaic to the modern young-adult. "I did," she patted her lips with a napkin, placing it back across her lap. "Sort of hard to miss."

Brute: After he'd finished a few pieces of meat and got to the bottom of the pamlet pile he looked up to the conversation going on between Eve and the girl at her side, there really wasn't much to add in about the training in the morning other than he was excited it for it, the hairs on his arms were still standing on end thinking about the combat to come...Hopefully it was combat. "So apparently lots of gods or goddesses have blonde hair, a general shared trait by their kids so it seems...Really doesn't help with the narrowing down part though, let's just hope it isn't one of those Roman gods, though I guess it could be worse." Like almost every other time he spoke he wasn't really talking to anyone specific, the words in his head were coming out as he thought them and after they had finished more meat filled his mouth from the side of the chicken.

Grimm: Drake was half way through his chicken at this point and was eating the meat like it was going out of style or was just off some strict diet. Being part of the army made one manage their time pretty well, that and horde food by eating as much as possible as fast as possible before others came and took it from you. With that thought in mind, Drake grabbed another chicken and placed it on the plate while still eating the first. "Least you won't get arrested on this island for fighting. Don't think there is a Demi-God on Demi-God violence protection act. Not that I have seen one anyway. Also, not that I can really read it even if there was." Drake shrugged, not really being one to hide if something was wrong or even may make others uncomfortable. Fact was fact regardless.

Biird: Eve was practically eating like a savage too, she just wasn't eating as fast. Mary wasn't easy to talk too, but it was all good, she didn't really think she was easy to talk too sometimes either. King on the other hand... well if you're paying attention you'd get it. "You're not blonde. They -" Eve motioned to a table full of curly blonde kids that could have the children of any Greek demi-god. Throw a stone and pick one. "They are blond." She went back to eating as Drake began to talk about fighting. "I'm sure whatever written language they choose we'll be able to read." So far he was about the third person to mention not being able to read English. Eve didn't have issues reading in any language and she could speak several. 'I am all things.' Eve rolled her eyes, thinking she really didn't need an answer.

Olena: "The struggle is too real. That pamphlet was the first thing I've been able to read without help from an IEP since high school world history when they covered ancient Greece for all of two minutes." Unlike the others she was pacing her eating, never one to really gorge herself, and just picked at the assortment on her plate. "According to a few of the others I spoke with training is a daily thing here. They teach the demigods to hone in their hyper-activity and/or anxiety and channel it into what it's actually there for--combat. They mentioned something to do with monsters, but wouldn't go into great depth with it. Apparently 'we'll find out soon enough.' " Mary glanced at the two blondes at their table, one platinum and the other golden. From what she gathered her own mother was a brunette, more often than not, like herself. A particular table of blondes then caught her eye, the escorts from earlier, so she slid her stool just a bit towards Eve in order to better hide herself behind the whiter-haired son of Set.

Brute: He smirked lightly at Drake’s words, he was right, there was a major upside to this place and that was precisely the lack of rules; well atleast from what he could gather. He was sure there’d come a time where they’d be given some but for now no one had said anything was particularly forbidden except the whole keeping your hands off others but he could just as easily kick someone if they deserved it. Eve pointed out the difference between the other types of blonde and the hair on his head, it’d be dishonest to say he never noticed the difference in his life but it really wasn’t anything he ever thought special. He nodded to her as he went on eating, his ears perking up slightly as Mary started speaking of the plans for training and…Monsters? As she tried to shuffle slightly and hid in the frame of Drake King started speaking, clearly his attention had once again been caught. “Monsters, are we talking actual monsters or just really bad people, because actual monsters sounds like fun, and I can’t imagine them being overly monstrous or they wouldn’t let us fight them right?” Was he excited about the prospect of fighting a fully-fledged monster, hell yes, though there was a part of him that knew it would probably be a bad idea, and he was way too young to die, there was still at least two tables full of fresh demi-god ass that he hadn’t tried yet; no way was he dying young.

Grimm: One chicken down, however many more it took until he was satisfied to go. Though his eating had slowed, he was still enjoying the free food immensely yet not he could actually look like he was paying more attention to the conversation at hand. Daily training wasn't anything special or new, combat training wasn't either though Drake had figured it wouldn't be target practice from 100 meters with an automatic and more, swords and boards like a majority of games he played used. Another leg was torn from a chicken and now the mention of monsters. Sure, why not? Demi-Gods, Gods, annoying voices. Monsters seemed like the logical step in this fantasy novel. Mary's movements hadn't gone unnoticed and Drake was a curious sort of lad, so when she re-positioned herself he turned to see why. It was like high school all over again but instead of a bunch of girls gossiping about some cute boy in a corner, it was a group of guys. Weird. "Friends of yours, Bell?" The girls southern accent was thick and the notion of a southern bell just popped into his head when he started to speak so he ran with it, but he already knew they were definitely not friends of hers. Perhaps it was another opportunity to kick something. Although, those guys looked like they would run screaming at a broken nail let along a kick to the head.

Biird: "Daily training huh? Sounds about right." Eve said bobbing her head as if to answer her own question. Once again there wasn't more she could say on the matter without sparking some questions and raised eyebrows. To her luck they were being joined by what looked like an ad for every upscale teen modeling gig anyone had ever seen. When Drake spoke, they all turned up their nose and the one in front retorted, "We thought we lost you. Pretty girl like you shouldn't be surrounded by hooligans. These guys have already started a fight." Eve planted her elbow on the table and leaned in so she could look around Mary and Drake. Tall, blond, sparkling eyes, wicked and overly charming smiles but each was wearing a shirt with the sigil of Venus on peck. She squinted, turning her head to look around the rest of the room. So far all the other sons and daughters had joined up with their respective groups. Why was Mary being pursued by children of a Roman pantheon and not carefully cradled in the arms of other Greeks? Resting her chin on her hand, her looked up at the ceiling. "Hooligans. I'm a hooligan, am I?" "By the looks of it, an unstable one." Came a sneered reply.

Brute: King turned when Drake mentioned the people paying attention to Mary, or Belle as it were, looking them over for a few seconds he turned back only to hear new voices come from the very same people Drake had mentioned. King laughed lightly at their newly found titles as holligans but it really didn’t bother him, even if his mother was richer than the average family put together and he had grown up in a fancy house with everything he could ever want King was still custom to violence, so much so even though he had the means to live off his inheritance alone he ended up fighting professionally in the Octagon. The corner of his lips turned into a smirk as Eve questioned them about and when one of the guys responded with a sneering reply King turned to see exactly which one it was. The fiery center of his golden eyes raised up slightly to take in the form of all the guys that were in the group, he didn’t see which one had spoken so rather than try to guess he simply spoke to them all. “We also ended that fight, rather epically if I do say so myself.” Turning around he raised his hand in the air and held it towards Eve in a high five motion. “High five for sweeping the floors with the Romans, though they didn’t make the best of brooms, they were indeed solid tools.” He’d only have waited a few seconds to see if Eve responded with a high five of her own and if she left him hanging then he’d retreat the hand onto the table, leaning forward as he brought his other hand to the drumstick of the chicken before ripping the bone from the bird and taking a piece from it.

Grimm: Drake didn't react to the words spoken in a fashion he assumed was to antagonize the group at his table. Seemed like a rather foolish thing to do given who those guys were, but perhaps fighting was something almost all Demi-Gods were prone too. An altercation twice in one day? It wasn't a record for Drake given he his past and his lack of luck with people in general, but this was kind of irritating given it wasn't just his natural allure to be disliked that was the issue. Seems everyone in this camp that had been here more than 5 minutes carried some kind of ego with them like a badge. "Picking up the last piece of meat left on the second chicken, he toyed with it for a second while sighing. "Do you really want to end up like the others?" Popping the chicken into his mouth, Drake rested his head on other other hand propped against the table and proceeded to lick his fingers clean.

Biird: Eve put her hand up and the sound of skin contact skin echo'd a moment before Drake started speaking. She was pretty much done with her food now and using her other hand to bring that old ale mug to her lips. The sons of Venus were staring at them. They were all gung ho to say something to King but when Drake spoke it seemed the gears of their mind started working. Eve was wondering what the children of a whore goddess could possibly do in a combat situation. After all this wasn't a Hentai and if that's how they were going to treat the situation she wanted no part of any fight involving them. 'Hmm, maybe I am a little bit of a pervert.'

Brute: Drake seamlessly finished off the rather up front threat that King put out there, what was it about this guy and taking ideas then putting them out their like they were his own. When he had finally finished eating he opted to try some of the ale in the large mug at his side, it wasn’t bad, wasn’t that good but it wasn’t bad. It seemed like the cheerleader squad of The Roman Pantheon had died down for now, least they seemed to learn rather quickly, that was until the sound of someone speaking rather close to his side caught King’s attention. “Where’s the sword?” “What sword?” “My sword.” “You have a sword?” “The sword you took after our fight.” “Oh, my sword, what about it?” “I want it back.” “But it’s mine.” “How is it yours, it belongs to me.” “Then why don’t you have it?” “Because you took it.” “Which makes it mine.” “…” “…” The Roman demi-god’s eyes narrowed at the odd and rather rapid fire conversation he had just shared with King, was this guy for real? Just because he had managed to take something didn’t give him the right to claim it as his own, that wasn’t how the world worked; though that was how King’s world worked. Finally King turned to actually look at the demi-god who was still at his side, he could see the annoyance in the guy’s face, not that he cared enough about it to hand over the sword, but he atleast knew it was there; which was progress for him. Just as The Roman pushed himself against King in order to start another fight or perhaps try to intimidate his opponent. King turned and his almost burning fiery gold eyes to the second year as he spoke. “You know the weird speaker voice said to keep your hands to yourself for twelve hours, so how about you come see me in ileven hours and thirty five minutes, bring something worth my time and you can have the opportunity to win back your sword.” “How many hours?” “Ileven…” “Say that again?” “Ileven…” “Seriously, I’ve no idea what you’re saying.” “ILEVEN!” This was probably the first time King’s Scottish accent actually over powered his otherwise mixed way of speaking; after all he had lived in American for some years now and it was generally only when he said certain words or when he got angry that the accent really came to life.

Grimm: Drake snapped his head to the side after a moment of all the back and forth talking and then King trying to tell time. "Mother fucker, he said eleven. Eleven. After ten but before twelve. Got it? Awesome." Sighing in annoyance he turned back to his plate but pushed that away too.

Biird: Eve snickered at the back and forth and almost choked on her water when the Roman genuinely couldn't understand as King's accent thickened. He blinked looking around the table then up at the sky as if to tell time by the movement of the sun - how Roman. He gave the table a shove and huffed as he looked down at King, "I'll see you on the field tomorrow." Eve raised her mug in toast as he stormed away then pushed her plate away too. "Well as lovely as all of this is, I'm off to look around."
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Biird: The following morning everyone was awoken by that voice over the intercom. The greeting was much the same as when they first arrived only the person behind the microphone was chirping happily about how they would go about their training. Those that hadn't found the showers and facilities would be shown to them then they'd all get a hearty breakfast. Once that was done everyone was to return to their cabin where they would be provided with a means to communicate with their loved ones for fifteen minutes. It was expressly forbidden to tell your family where you were and funny enough, as Eve was texting her father, her open ears picked up on the fact that most people didn't ask. It was almost as though they were pre-programmed to believe they were on some holiday. When the fifteen minutes were up, whether you were done or not, your device disappeared and was replaced by a slip of paper with a symbol on it. Dressed in all black like she was ready to hit the gym, Eve pushed her feet into black sneakers and headed outside. In front of the rec room there were long tables with what looked like armor and next to each table was a rack of training weapons and a person. "Attention campers!" Lord. "Meet your new trainer! This is a camper that has been here for four years now and has completed all of the mandatory activities with flying colors. In order to find the trainer for you, please match them with the symbol on your paper. Happy training campers!" Eve glanced as the slip of paper between her fingers and followed it to a male fourth year with coal colored eyes and hair just as black. He was tan, tall and muscular and wore a frown as if it were jewelry. Dress in all black armor, he looked like he was ready to step into a gladiatorial arena. They exchanged a look before Eve picked up an armor set that would fit her and started to strap it to her body.

Olena: Her normally inquisitive-as-hell lawyer mother was not half as questioning as she normally would have been, but Mary found comfort in the fact that she wouldn’t have to tell her mom that her dearly departed husband wasn’t the father to their posthumously-born daughter. That or the fact that said daughter was marooned on some island in the middle of who-knows-where, surrounded by a group of illegitimate children of the ancient gods. She opted to double up on sports bras this morning, at the mention of their mandatory training, not wanting to be knocked unconscious in the event that any running or jumping was involved. Finding that she was required to wear a breast plate was all the more exciting, but it fit surprisingly well without suffocating her. The paper, which had been a phone only moments before, lead her to a place beside her roommate, standing in front of their darkly garbed trainer. “Good morning,” she said quietly, stepping beside Eve. Mary tugged at the long-sleeve shirt beneath the plate, finding herself slightly crowded now, but she wasn’t planning on stripping into anything less.

Grimm: Even before the sun cracked over the horizon Drake was awake, pretty anxious to get the next day underway and see just what this 'camp' had to offer. As everyone else slowly started to rise, Drake went through the normal morning routine of camp which involved, making his bed, grabbing a shower, putting on cloths, putting in a quick call to the parents to let them know everything was okay, getting food then turning out for parade. On this camp though it wasn't so much standing in a square for roll call and more, grab another piece of paper and match the symbols. It was almost like kindergarten all over again. As he looked for the person he was suppose to report too, Drake was in a much lighter mood today, though his face echoed more a sullen, brooding individual. Getting to talk to his mother and make sure she was okay relaxed him to no end, didn't really care too much if his father was okay considering they never really clicked and now it made sense as to why. Once he found himself with the right trainer, Drake reached for his training gear a moment after Eve had and gave her a slight smile. Perhaps it was something to do with Gods of Death that they were keeping them together, least in Drakes mind given he was still oblivious to Eve's true nature like everyone else. "One size fits all I guess." Drake strapped the chest plate, then the pants and boots and finally the gauntlets, opting to leave the shoulder pads and upper arm guards behind. Given this wasn't kindergarten, much to the disappointment of those that loved to match shapes, the fourth year with them didn't really seem to care much if they even put the armor on at all so he cared even less when someone left pieces behind. Once strapped, Drake leaned against a nearby pillar and folded his arms waiting for who he assumed would be the rest of their little training band and it was quickly added to by one with the southern belle. Glancing around, the other fourth years instructors were filling up with first years at a far faster pace. The hell was this? The remedial group?

Brute: Everything was going rather well in the morning up until a phone appeared on his bunk and as everyone else dashed around to contact their families King left the phone where it was and went about checking his other trunks to see what they had inside them. By the time he was done pulling on fiddling with everything he watched as the phones in the room turned to little pieces of paper, and even if he didn’t need the phone he knew the paper was something he should hold onto. It seemed like almost everyone else had already gotten to their stations by the time King arrived, his fiery golden eyes scanned all the possible groups where he could end up until he matched the paper with the trainer and the people standing around it, turns out it wasn’t the worst outcome; least none of them were Roman…Wait, maybe he was? He quickly followed suit and got changed, no matter how normal sized the gear looked on the table when he picked it up and placed it onto him it fit rather perfectly, unlike Drake who had opted to leave off both shoulder pads and upper arm guards King only left off the shoulder parts of the armor. Oddly enough there were no overly long good mornings or ramblings about things that really made no sense to the situation, hell even if someone had paid even the slightest attention to him before it would seem like he was almost a different person.

Biird: "Morning." Eve said to Mary. They were soon joined by two others and it seemed they wouldn't be joined anyone else. Pushing her hair out of her face for a moment gave Eve a chance to look around before it fell back. It looked like all the other groups were matching siblings. They weren't very different than the ones that had already started to form yesterday after figuring out who their parents were. There had been no other pamphlets on Kali-Ma or Set or Hera so they were all the only children of their respective god, which meant either King was a single birth or just with them because he was unclaimed, or both. As everyone finished up putting on their gear, the fourth year motioned to the rack of training weapons. "Pick one. Tomorrow will be something different. You're not gonna get four years to go over all of this, we don't have time. If you can't learn in a pinch you'll be cast out as useless." He went quiet for a second then it seemed like a light bulb went off. "Oh yeah, I'm Q. Don't ask my real time, we don't have time for that either. Mayan Pantheon, in case you care." He seemed to wait long enough for everyone to choose something to play with then started to walk away from the table. Eve picked up two wooden katanas and followed. "Don't worry about the issues you had before you came here. They're pretty much irrelevant. This environment is something you'll thrive in. Start letting go of your human limitations. You're faster, stronger and more durable than you think. Which is why you won't be fighting each other." They moved west of where they started to where the island dropped off as though it were the end of the world. Below them were tall tree with thick branches. Q didn't say anything as he dropped off the edge and it wasn't until a soft thud followed his descent that his voice up. "Come on. Get down here. Make it work."

Olena: Mary glanced around at the others, nodding politely, but ‘Q’ quickly required their attention. He directed them towards a table littered with weapons, so she grabbed a bow and quiver filled with arrows—the only objects she could truthfully name with confidence. Before she knew it they were on the march, heading to another side of the island, and then homeboy threw himself off the cliff like it was nothing…goddamn. Get down where? She peered down at the tree below, which obscured her sight of the ground. This fool had lost his damn mind. There was no other explanation; however, there didn’t seem to be any way out of it. Hopefully her body was as durable as he claimed it was because she followed suit directly, aiming for the tree. As she lept, thinking she might fall short, she felt a gentle but firm breeze push her to meet the bow beneath her. Her small body slammed against the tree, but she soon found her footing and shimmied down, going quickly from branch to branch like it were second nature to her. She dropped the rest of the distance, approximately a meter and a half, landing in a squatting position. “Is there time to ask what we’ll be fighting if we’re not fighting each other?”

Grimm: There was a pretty nice selection of weapons, none of which Drake had ever actually used in any sort of training situation and the only sword he ever owned was a replica from a movie, hardly a trained samurai in his own right. Pushing from the pillar, he scanned across the table, pretty much ignoring Q for the most part, fingers dragging across the edge of the table, not touching a particular weapon yet. Eventually he did settle on one, a single edged sword much like a katana though the blade, even made of wood, was a little thicker than a standard katana. Guess one might class it as a cutlass, maybe? Who cares really, it was just for practice and it looked pretty cool. Picking the wooden weapon from the table, Drake felt a tingled spark shoot down his arm and through the training sword, a spark of red it almost looked like but it vanished as soon as it happened. Dismissing it as his imagination or just another weird quirk of a demi-god training camp, he swapped the weapon to his other hand, gripping the blade just below the hilt withe the pointy bit facing backwards and followed after 'Q'. Once at the cliff edge and Q jumping off, Drake raised a brow but it was quickly shaken off when Mary jumped after him. Not really being one to be left behind, Drake jumped, a little less thought out than Mary however as he fell straight down to the ground and slammed into the earth, going so far as to bounce. Letting out a cough, he pushed himself up to his knees slowly and brushed his top off and adjusted his hair, speaking in a wheezed tone. "Smooth landing."

Brute: “Pick one.” Normally this would be the point where King zoned out and focused solely on the thing that currently interested him; the weapons. Though this was one of those situations when he really had no excitement left in his system, it was all used up yesterday when arriving here and now his body was running a whole other way. Listening as Q continued about being Mayan he watched as Eve stepped up and claimed her two wooden katanas from the table, soon after Mary seemed to find the right weapon for her with a bow and quiver, it didn’t take long for him to notice the slightly thicker sword that Drake picked up and even the red spark that surged from his arm all the way to the end of the weapon...That was interesting. It didn’t take him long to decide on which weapon to pick up, even if the table had quite a few on it he always had a few weapon types he liked from childhood, from whatever book he read or video game he played. The weapon he picked up wasn’t wooden like most of the others, it was a bronze colour and to the touch obviously some kind of metal, but the tip of it was dulled so it wasn’t exactly pointy though did it really have to be that pointy to pierce something? For a spear it was rather small, from what he knew of them anyway, only about five feet in length from the tip to the end of it, though there were no longer ones so this would have to do for now. As they walked and Q continued about the issues they had before coming here, King brushed off any he may have had in the past, though there probably were some he just wasn’t willing to think about them right now. Q jumped off the edge of the cliff like it was second nature to him, soon followed by Mary and Drake, King glanced to Eve for a second and then downwards before he stood a step forward and his body plummeted to the ground. With a thud he landed, bent down with one knee pushed into the dirt, it went exactly as planned, even if the plan came from an old ass movie about male witches; but hey, it still worked.

Biird: One by one they jumped down behind Q. Mary was the first to go even though she looked the most bothered by the idea. She was quickly followed by Drake and King, so Eve close the distance between herself and the edge of the world and stepped off with her arms out at her sides and her katana in a backwards grip. She had one leg bent and her toes pointed to the floor before she hit the ground with a slight bend in her knees and continued forward to where the others were standing. 'Underworld landing and it stuck. One point me.' A slight smirk fixed her lips but it'd be covered by her hair. Q nodded as the hey all fell one by one, some not so gracefully as others, but held off answering Mary's question until they all could here. "No point fighting each other. Some of you will either go too hard or too soft, besides chances are none of you have weapons training of this caliber, so..." He pointed up, back to the ridge they'd just left. "the daughters of Earth Goddesses there and some nymphs will be creating your training dummies. Find your feet quickly, remember we don't have time to hold your hands." Just as he spoke something that looked like fucking Groot took a swing at Eve. Its massive arm came swiping down in front of her, forcing Eve to lean back in order to keep her face from being wiped off. She doubled back as Groot came around to face her square and thrust out his hand, his branch-like fingers jolting toward her like knives. The broad side of her sword wasn't enough to block anything, so she dropped to the floor and rolled away. She had two seconds to put up her sword as she got to her feet because Groot looked like he was about backhand her into next week. Connecting her wood sword with its..wrist? Eve still had the other in a backwards grip that made it easy to launch three hard shots to its side.

Olena: Mary raised an eyebrow as the first of the two guys landed, bouncing across the ground most gracefully on his arse, and he was soon followed by the other only slightly more graceful. Last came Eve, and then Q made the point to finally answer her question. They would be facing opponents that were the creations of nymphs and the daughters of Earth goddesses, so woodsy stuff? Correct. No sooner had the thought crossed her mind did a creature made of…treebark…attack Eve. Mary quickly stepped back away from the swinging beast, and nocked an arrow into place, pointing at the thing’s eye. She wasn’t sure if the bark would form some protective barrier or not, but the ocular cavity seemed open enough. Her stance formed a perfect T-shape, as she pulled back on the string, instinctively using three fingers to do so. Eve had her weapon against its wrist, and the other pummeling its sides, and Mary looked closely before loosing the steel-tipped arrow, to avoid hitting Eve in the process. She drew in a deep breath, focusing on the animal’s eye, releasing both the arrow and her breath as soon as she felt everything lined up. There was a wind that blew in from behind her as she did so, pushing the arrow in a direct path.

Grimm: Drake didn't really pay any attention to Q's introduction to what they would be doing, he was too busy brushing himself off and adjusting his armor that was very snug and form fitting. Once he did catch up with the rest, Eve was already being attacked by an Ent? What's next, Bilbo Baggins going to steal some shit? Flicking the sword around so he was holding it properly again, Drake started to run for the walking tree ready to assist the two girls that were holding it off. Before he could get there however, he was stopped in his tracks, something had grabbed his foot and in the next instance shit had gone sideways, in the most literal of ways as Drake flew through the air, sideways, and slammed into the cliff he had just jumped from. Laying face flat on the ground he could only sigh and eventually stood again, arching his back with a few loud pops and caught sight of a second Ent that was coming his way. With his grip now tighter on the training weapon, another few red sparks trailed down through the weapon but yet again vanished almost as quick as they appeared. The tree was bearing down on him fast and when it was about to overrun the white haired male, Drake dove between it's legs, rolled, turned and then did a quick dropkick into the chest of the creature when it turned. Again though he fell on his back and the tree barely moved an inch. Rolling back out of arms reach, he steadied himself, sword by his side and head shaking. "Where is a Roman when you need one to use as a spring board."

Brute: After the successful landing and while listening to Q go on about the reasons they wouldn’t be fighting each other King took the time to look over the spear in his hand, it was way too light to be completely made from bronze and as he found out upon inspection, it wasn’t. The shaft itself was a bronze colour indeed but it was made up of some kind of flexible wood, the lowest point of the spear had a wrappings of bronze metal, some bars accented the shaft and of course the spear head was bronze also, though lacking in sharpness from what he could see; still it would make a good thrusting weapon and was rather flexible to boot. He had barely finished looking over the weapon in his hand when the sound of something massive moving caught his attention, looking around he couldn’t miss the giant Ent like tree swinging at Eve and her fighting against it. He wasn’t one to jump into other people’s fight, if they were training then they were training for a reason, to combat something and carrying someone’s hand through the endeavour wasn’t going to be any useful to them when they got in an actual life or death situation. Even if he hadn’t been in this kind of situations in his life, he’d been in enough fights, seen enough fights to know that you couldn’t just step into the ring with Ali because you took a few boxing lessons. It seemed he was probably the only one who thought like that though, considering it didn’t take much for Belle to ready her bow and fire a shot into the eye of the beast, it was a good shot, if she meant to hit it in the eye that was. Soon after Drake took off running towards the fighting tree but was hijacked by something else, another Ent who had his name on it it seemed, but from what he’d seen previously the Egyptian knew how to handle himself so once again, he didn’t even think of offering a hand. All around him smaller Ent like creatures had started to…Spawn? Appear? Assemble from the ground? Basically they were there now, though somewhat smaller than the Ent’s Eve, Belle and Drake were facing their also seemed to be a few more of them facing him, some also split off towards the archer, taking out the support was always a good tactic in battle after all. King flipped the spear in his hand and held it like the weapon should be, rather than when he was just carrying it around, his grip was light but firm, wrist angled so it wouldn’t break if he connected the wrong way, just like in boxing and when the smaller tree beings got closer to him he slowly forced the weapon out, aiming for their legs at first before switching it up and going for their heads; everything needed a head, even gods couldn’t survive without one, so that was his go to attack.

Biird: Eve caught sight of the Mary squaring off and setting up to loose an arrow, but having been behind Mary when she fell, she was still behind and the Groot had its back to her. The idea was good but the execution was going to need a little help, so Eve stepped over the tree monster's leg and moved around front, pulling his arms around her body as if she were setting up for a prom picture, except the massive thing was bending to accommodate her height or lack thereof. Just as Eve moved around the arrow hit with a force strong enough to snap the recipients head back. Eve kept moving, pulling the slightly disabled creature over her shoulder and onto the ground. She flipped following suit until she was sitting on its chest. The swords fell out of her hands, at the side of its head, as she gripped it, twisted and pulled up. The thing didn't come off, but the roots strained to extend as she tried to rip it off leaving the creature screaming bloody murder and flailing around. Ripping out the arrow from the thing's eye socket, she rolled off, leaving the katana behind. Her adrenaline was pumping as she turned back to Mary who was being encroached by two more smaller forms of what she'd just dropped. Eye for an eye, as it were. Eve took off in a sprint, running up the side of an actual tree to gain some ground and dropped it back into Mary's quiver, as she stepped on the arm of one of the attackers, looped her legs around it's neck and used her momentum to take it to the floor. It took a punch to the face before wrapping its vines around her body and rolling over, pushing Eve into the earth. They started to sink, the dirt parting just enough to swallow them up. 'Tell me to shut up will you.' 'MOTHER.' 'You hurt my feelings. I was just trying to talk to my daughter.' 'MOTHER.' 'MY FEELINGS, EVE.'

Olena: As Eve turned the Ent around, the arrow landed where Mary had intended it to. Deja-vu? Quite. However, just as that one hit the ground two more came running in her general direction, fuck all. Armed with only a bow, and not one for hitting a tree bare-handed, she opted to head the opposite direction for higher-ground, feeling her arrow dropped back in the quiver as she moved. “Thanks.” Mary just managed to reach the very tree from which descended, jumping up to grab the closest bow, but the Ent grabbed her ankle and started pulling her down; however, she swung her free foot as hard as she could manage directly into its face, knocking it backward and causing it to loosen its grip on her other foot. The action, though effective, also cost her the grip she had on the branch, making her fall flat on her back, and she only just managed to roll out of the way quickly enough before the creature pounded at the ground where she lay only a millisecond prior.  It felt as though adrenaline had taken the place of blood, flowing through her veins. Before it could land yet another blow to the ground, seeing how it had stepped forward in pursuit, Mary grabbed an arrow and stabbed it into the moving-tree’s thigh...?, distracting it long enough for her to at least sit up and quickly fire another arrow, aimed for its face. The Ent wailed and fell backward as the arrow struck, and Mary knocked another arrow to follow behind it. Out the corner of her eye she caught sight of Eve sinking into the ground? What? Then she felt the throbbing of her foot which pulled her back to her own surroundings. Holy shit it hurt, but she was able to move it so it wasn't broken...hopefully.

Diitzy: A voice emerged from the intercom awaking everyone for the next day. God, how she was already hating that voice as it broke through into her lovely dream. So much for winning that drag race. She tossed to the side as she tried to fall asleep. A moment later her eyes sparked wide open. Believing it was probably a minute after wake up call when really it was close to 45 minutes. With a heavy side she rolled on to her left side having candy wrappers fall from the top bunk. “It’s too early…” She muttered in a froggy tone as she swung her legs dangling on the edge of the bed. She closed her eyes wiping the drool from the corner of the lip. “Where--is everybody?” She noticed the beds across from her were neatly made and Eve was nowhere to be found. Dropping down from her bed, she walked over to her trunk switching out of her clothes she wore the day before. Dawning on the fact she was going to start training today she dressed herself in what was semi-workout clothes some ripped shorts and a torn T-shirt. She hopped on one foot putting on her hole socks that were cleaned for once probably things to the camp considering she was lucky if she ever had a chance to wash her clothes. The other carnies back at home never let her in the wash room so this was certainly new for her. Even her shoes were worn and old, clearly she hadn’t shopped for new attire in a good minute. She scrambled out of the cabin as she heard there was a chance to phone home. Too bad she didn’t have anyone to call home. Maybe her ring master but why would she waste her time being yelled at for being missing. In her hand was a paper with a with symbol on it, how it got there who knows everything here was magical. By the time she made it in front of the recreational room and found the table of her brothers and sisters the trainer was already moving away. Gathering bits and pieces of armor and what was left was a rusty wooden dagger. By the time she caught up to her group they were already attacking what looked to be dummies. “About time you joined us. Since you are late you can run four miles.” Riley was told nothing else as the trainer pointed to the trail as the trainer turned her back. “I would hurry if I were you” The trainer smirked as they continued their training. Riley darted off into the trail by the time she made it back the group moved down towards the island’s lagoon. Which was also a distance, by the time she reached to them, she was winded and exhausted not just from the cardio but also not used to wearing armor. Ready but not ready to train she returned to her trainer who she newly knew was named Sayo, short for Sayomi. “Good. You finally made it. All you have to do next is grab the ruby from the chest in that cave right behind you. Easy-Peasy.” Behind the trainer were the rest of her group snickering and giggling as Riley turned to the cave. “Sounds easy enough”. She replied as she started walking into the cave. As soon as she was far enough to hear, the trainer waved everyone to move forward. “Well, it was nice knowing her.” “Yeah, she’ll never make it out alive.” Back in the cave, Riley’s stride turned from walking to as small inching steps as she could’ve sworn she heard something. Further in the cave she continued as she now was peeking around every corner. Soon the path was in complete darkness as she came to the dead end where torches were lit to give some light. She saw the chest out in the open. As she moved forward to it she noticed there was a giant gap of darkness that covered her the moment she reached the chest. She blinked as she looked to the left and then to the right of her as there was nothing in site. “What the..” She turned around to be face to face with a giant monster that was barely touching the roof of the cave. “Holy shit.” Her eyes grew big as her legs shaked in fear. Good thing she didn’t drink anything before she would've made an accident. She stood there unable to move as she tried for the life of her to move. “Move Riley, you fucking idiot” She then darted forward running underneath between the monster’s legs trying to make out of the cave. With the monster chasing after her the vibrations of each stomp caused the cave to shake having the opening cave in. Being locked in she pinned herself against the wall as all she did was scream on the top of her lungs scraping away the rubble she was able to move. “AHHH!! SOMEBODY HELP ME. HELP!!
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Demi-Gods Logs
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