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 Luxia Amalthea Kincaid

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PostSubject: Luxia Amalthea Kincaid   Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:51 am

Basic Information


Name: Luxia Amalthea Kincaid
Nickname(s): Lux | Master Baggins | The Dealer
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual - ish

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Appearance: She has a small narrow face and heart-shaped mouth, with full lips and almond-shaped eyes. Standing only 5'2, she is shorter than the average female. Pear-shaped, Luxia has a swan-like neck, narrow shoulders, a small, pert bust line, rounded hips and short lean legs. Her natural hair is shades of brown in long, wide curls, but that's subject to change based on her mood and her "make-up tech". After her encounter with the raw dark matter, Lux's eyes went from her natural hazel to a flashing cosmos in shades of purple and blue. She has augmented her glamour tech to appear normal when needed.

Personality Traits: Luxia is quirky and talkative, a defender of meeker persons around her, even if her ability to fight is often no match for those she would stand up against. She has very little head for politics and shady back door dealings often avoiding any sort of polite political banter and the usually sharp conversations of the colony leaders, instead she focuses on scavenging electronics and being of help with her creations. She is also quite medicinal. The culmination of her knowledge of computers and botany have aided her in surviving and aiding many injured parties.

When her colony dissipated and she was forced to wander. The days spent without human contact or any contact with anything for that matter, drove her slightly mad. She's prone to mix-matched movie quotes and an unfiltered mouth. She has little regard for hierarchy or rank, as her world was void of politics by the time she would have had to understand them.

During her time in Mythos with Gage and Archon hadn't changed her much, in fact, if anything she became even more mad; a made scientist of sorts. Gage’s addiction and the many worlds to explore in the broken realm of Mythos heightened her abilities both physically and mentally.

Other Information


Capabilities | Powers:

  • Heightened Senses and ReflexesEven in her own dying world, Lux was quick; a little jack rabbit. She wasn’t one of those horror movie bitches that was always tripping in the forest in a panic. She was more like Tarzan or Mowgli, quite agile and able to navigate well while moving, using her surrounds to create barriers between herself and those that would chase her. As such, she’s quite good at free-running, scaling just about any terrain and able to squeeze into tight spaces with ease. Lux is also extremely limber, able to twist and contort her body in ways that baffle others.Despite being small, she was always shown herself to have immense strength, able to match strength and durability with men twice her size. She took a cold clock from Gage once and was able to stay on her feet even if she was seeing stars for a while, of course it was completely by accident but the point is Gage is a heavy hitter. Years in Mythos only made her better and stronger, possibly to super-human levels. It’s kept her alive. Archon says the strong are fed by Mythos and the weak die quickly, so Luxia counts herself lucky. [/li]

  • Hand To Hand CombatLux doesn’t count herself as a fighter, but she will fight if she must. She carries a few weapons on her person, but more often than not they will not come out unless she needs to cut a bitch to make point or cut someone’s head clean off to never have to deal with them again. Though she’s never had any sort of formal training, her hand to hand fighting style resembles that of Ba Gau, Muay Boran, and Aikido. She’s a close quarters type of girl, often using her tininess to get inside her opponents reach and slam them with hits they wouldn’t expect from someone her size, often with her elbows and knees; with all eight limbs. She’s also good at knocking people off balance and using their weight, power, speed or force against them. [/li]

  • Hunting/TrackingLife in her original realm was not easy. Despite the advanced tech she was able to both find and modify, her world was low on humans and overrun with monsters, prehistoric sized beast and plants, and violent scout robots. In the years before, being able to modify a scout bot’s head to a visor, Luxia learned to scout areas the ancient way. She is able to track prey for miles, even though water and other substances that would otherwise cover their scent. Her sense of smell is highly evolved, even before the enhancements of Mythos. It is such that she can detect poison from smell alone. While Luxia loves all life and thinks everything, from the deadly beast to deadly men, are cute as a button, she has no qualms about killing and gutting either to feed herself. Because of her agility, speed and reflexes, she is able to hunt down and kill beasts many times her size; be it through trapping or maiming. [/li]

  • ThieveryBeing sent on raids, Lux discovered an affinity for moving so silently that she would inadvertently frighten some of her party members and also that she had quite sticky fingers; able to sneak past great beasts or opposing colonies and come out with a treasure trove of useful and sometimes large items. This earned her the nickname "Master Baggins". Once she developed her flat-space tech, her fingers became even stickier.[/li]

  • MechromancyLuxia has always been keen with electronics and loves to tinker. Her ability with electronics and mechanics, even before the effects of Mythos and the Dark Matter, were such that she was able to get a truck, in her old and dying world, running using spare parts and even get light to her colony hide out by modifying found solar panels. That was only the beginning however. As her world began to tear into itself and become less and less inhabitable, Lux's inventions become more and more lifesaving. Unfortunately there were often only enough parts for her own personal use, forcing her to hide her inventions from others or die trying to protect them.After years in Mythos, the effects of the realm heightened her mental capacity to near that of an AI. Once she came across a mine of dark matter, the dark matter linked her with any and all electronics she touched. Once touched, even if the equipment was dead before, it came to life, linking with Luxia and coming under her control. She learned to control the amount of life force shared with each object and can disconnect from those objects in order to save herself the physical pain that accompanies the damage to those objects. [/li]

  • Pressure Point StrikingWith her extensive knowledge of the human body, Lux can strike sequences of pressure points, immobilizing Gage to various degrees. She has the ability to paralyze a single body part or his entire body. While this technique can be used in combat, Lux uses it almost exclusively to incapacitate Gage when he needs new meds.[/li]

Armored Limbs

  • On her right arm, forearm to fingertips, and both feet, knees to toes, Lux wears armor. They are stolen from MP's in her old world. Military police in her world often wore Iron Man-like combat suits. She was only able to restore three parts of the thrifted armor but it seems to be enough. The pieces provide complete mobility and the metal is lightweight yet still extremely durable, though they suffered damage from her free fall into a new world. The foot guards have thrusters, who's thrust levels can be varied; from enhanced speed to hovering or rocketing. Being that it's on her right arm and she is predominantly right handed, the gauntlet is not for defensive purposes but rather it helps calculate and regulate the health of her other tech and even those in her company. [/li]


  • While in her own realm, Lux stole the head of a military patrol bot and gutted it. Reorganizing the bot’s parts, she created a visor that used the bot’s initial programming for scouting in a much smaller, lighter and functional unit. With this tech, Lux could quickly scan areas for life, usable tech, and differentiate between poisonous and edible flora and fauna. In Mythos, she had to re-modify the visor to map the same readings to this new realm and because Mythos was made up of so many different worlds. After her encounter with raw dark matter, the visor organically integrated with her brain and became infinitely expanding in its gathering of information. Directly linked to her brain, the visor should not be remove. It has become a sort of bio-mechanical sensory and memory device. Usually it remains open, but when it closes over, covering her eyes, the device allows Lux to interpreted events and perform mental functions as fast as a super computer. Another enhancement of the visor also increases Lux’s already heightened reflexes. This is done by bypassing her human reflexes, however enhanced and allowing her to react almost instantaneously to situations.[/li]

Dimensional Compression / Dimensional Gallery

  • Sometimes referred to as Flat-Space technology, dimensional compression is used to store objects in a pocket dimension. Simple objects are stored/retrieved and more complex ones systematically deconstructed/reconstructed in a flow of sparkling lights. A significant number of items can be stored for easy retrieval without burdening the user with either weight or size. Luxia has enhanced many items with this technology, including but not limited too; the pouch on her thigh, the hilt of one of her swords, and a backpack. [/li]

Flat-Space Full Tang

  • Another variation on the flat-space technology Lux uses for her pouch was integrated into the hilt of her sword. This allowed Lux to carry around just the handle of the weapon and with a flick of her wrist, the blade itself would extract from the pocket dimension and formed into a normal bladed weapon. The compact design of the retracted sword allowed Lux to carry such on her lower back and conceal it with relative ease.[/li]

Self-Heating Products

  • In order to heat or cook without giving away her position, Luxia developed cookware that uses an exothermic chemical reaction to heat their contents. These pieces are stored in her Flat-Space backpack.[/li]

Gravity Leveler

  • The Gravity Leveler is a device about the size of combination lock that redirects (rather than nullify or reduce) gravity, enabling Luxia to stand and maneuver on walls, or even ceilings. Precisely how this technology functions is unknown to Lux as it was created entirely by accident. It is on the palm of her gauntlet.[/li]

Glamour Tech

  • Again something created out of sheer accidental tinkering and has no real value other than Luxia's own superficial entertainment, is her ability to change the color of her hair, her suit and even her mecha add-ons. Mostly the tech is focused on changing her hair style and color. She also calls it her "make-up" tech. Superficial. The triggering mechanism for this is in her gauntlet. By waving her hand over her body, face, or brushing it through her hair, she can change the color, style or even texture.



Luxia was one of seven children born in a world devastated by crisis and man-made disaster. Her world was bombed, taken over by machines, ravaged by zombies and disease, and just so destroyed and mutated that what vegetation did grow back was mammoth and prehistoric in size.

For years, people became sterile then were able to reproduce again and with no contraceptive numbers grew dramatically but supplies were quickly run through, making man the enemy of man in order for their individual families to survive. Though small colonies were formed they become more like warring parties than patches of farmers.

As the years went on, the earth began to crack and what little patches of real earth were left were swallowed up by magma. Smog and ash devoured oxygen. Storms never ceased, with lightening cracking the sky daily, tornadoes dancing across open plain regularly and sand storms that you could set the time by.

In Luxia’s family, her parents led the colony with determination to keep spirits high. They kept alive the stories of old and encouraged the scavenging of books as well as goods. Lux was the second of seven, often left to her own devices when not practically raising her younger sisters and brothers. This is probably where her strong maternal instincts stem from as well as her proficiency with botany and herbal medicine. Many of her younger sisters were killed by disease or mortal wounds.

Weapons training, hand to hand combat, hunting, tracking and farming were taught in her colony. All skills which have served her well the past few years, now that her family is gone and her colony dissipated.

After her dying world was sucked into the realm of Mythos, Luxia met Gage and Archon. They became her constant companions and she is not only very fond of them, but also very protective of them. Although not nearly as protective as they are of her. The trio traveled all over Mythos together before Gage was summoned to the Ira universe, where she and Archon followed.[/li]
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Luxia Amalthea Kincaid
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