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 World One: Cremoura

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PostSubject: World One: Cremoura   Tue Aug 08, 2017 2:10 pm

Leaving the Citadel

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Biird: As Lux came through great double doors out of the dark hall of the castle and into the great open world of this new place, her hand shoved deep down into her thigh pouch then shot into the air in triumph brandishing the map that had been materialized in front of her. Of course, from the quick glance she'd given it earlier the details of the map were already logged into her memory bank and being sorted through on her visor, but the physical map served her psychosis much better at the moment. [c]
Biird: "Do you know what this means?!" She beamed, without looking back at her boys. "Do you have any idea?!" Before them was a long stone platform that sloped into long stone stairs into a bustling little township below them. Map in the air, Lux began a happy jog forward, "WE'RE GOING ON AN ADVENTURE." [c]
Biird: She bounced down the stairs, slid down the thick stone rails, and finally rolled through a crowd like a lost ball only to pop up like a Jack-In-The-Box admist a bewildered crowd. The map was back in her thigh pouch, its holo-gram mirror projected on the small screen in front of her eye, but that was of no importance right now. She arched back, taking a breath so deep she to put her hands on her bare stomach as if she'd had a full meal. Her nose crinkled, her lips pouted just slightly and only for a fraction of a moment until her eyes found her constant companions. "The air is kinda toxic. It gets stronger the further south east you go."[c]
Biird: A gaggle of children caught her attention and she was off. Her glamour tech constantly changing to match the outfits of the others around her and she was quickly pulled into a strange game of futball. The ball bounced off her head, her elbows, her chest, hips, backside, knees and feet as they ran into and open field. By this point her glamour tech had peeled back near all of her clothing for boy-shorts and her tattered top. Her backpack had dropped into the tall grass and Lux rolled. The tall, cool grass tickled across her bare skin but what should have been a moment of silence or at the very least stillness was short-lived as she noted creeping little bodies moving through the grass. Rolling onto all fours, Lux stalked her prey deep into the grass and pounced, sending a flurry of giggles rushing away from her. Standing, Lux started to walk back to where her boys were, her tech re-instituting her usual attire, the garb completely back on by the time she snatched her backpack off the ground and put the near weightless accessory back onto her back. [c]
Biird: "We gotta go three hundred miles that way to the mines of Moria and talk to some grumpy, selfish dwarf king." She said pointing to the southwest. "As long as we take the left at Albuquerque, we should make good time." She latched onto Gage there, always on the side of his good eye and began to whine. "Can we take horsey things? Can we? Can we, please?"[e]

Grimm: As they descended the stairs away from the dark and musty main hall, Gage rolled his shoulders, almost like he was rid of a weight that had been bothering him since he arrived. Moving his Katana, he slotted it into a hoop that normally hung empty against the belt loop of the combat pants. It was rare he went without it in his hand, but as it stood, it was going to be a fair trek to where they were instructed to go.
Grimm: When Lux announced her excitement, Gage barely had to read her lips to know just what she had said. Often did the small female incur such a saying when they left the little compound they called a base back within the realm of Mythos. Why would she be any different here where death was so close it was almost part of the very air. Resting his hand on the base of his blade, Gage's stance somewhat relaxed, though not completely, he never could, what with being deaf and all, his other senses were always firing at triple speed to make up for the one they were without.
Grimm: The note of toxins in the air explained the almost acidic taste that permeated Gage's mouth. It wasn't too detrimental however, otherwise Lux would have offered some quick tea or a jab of some sort with 'just the thing for the job' tag that accompanied all her remedies. Gage's expression rarely changed, almost as if it were frozen to it's current demeanor, though inside he chuckled each time his short companion got so excited he thought her head map explode, and then she was off, straight into the crowd and off with the children. Bringing one hand to the bridge of his nose, Gage tried to lessen a none existent headache of annoyance. Obviously there was nothing there but one day, there would be a leash attached to that woman.
Grimm: Once they were in the crowd, Gage turned his head to the side, and with a crouch of his legs, he jumped, straight onto the roof of a near-by building over looking the field of long grass the little thief had wandered into. There was no use chasing her or following her, he would just end up going around in circles. From up on high, he could keep a very close eye on her as she darted this way, then that, her attire changing to suit the situation as it always did.
Grimm: The children loved her, no different than animals, though this was the first time Gage had seen her interact with kids. Mythos was not exactly a known tourist spot. Finally though, her play session was over and she came back towards them. Hopping back down off the rooftop as she arrived, he watched her lips closely. A horsey thing? A dwarf? The worst part was, Gage could rarely tell which part was a reference to one of those moving picture movies she so often watched and which part was actual information and a question. Shrugging his shoulders, unsure if this world even had something resembling horses, Gage looked around, then over to Archon and also to the tall male that demanded so much information. maybe one of them might have seen something he had missed. -E-

Brute: Archon’s mouth open and closed while his tongue scraped against his teeth, clearly he was doing everything he could in that moment to clear out the odd flavour that had assaulted his taste buds as they made their descent further into the town below. With what seemed like a flick of his wrist Archon held a new item in his hand, a large dark ceramic looking jug that when the lid was release gave off the sweet scent of wine, tilting his head backwards and bringing taking a long drink from it seemed to be enough to stave off the taste in the air, at least for now.
Brute: When he’d finally gotten the bottom of the stairs, albeit a little slower than Gage and Luxia due to his wine habit, the Sentinel looked around and took note of everything in sight, which currently included Gage watching over Luxia from the rooftops like some kind of dark knight vigilante. Luxia started detailing just where they were going and finally arrived at how they were getting there…Horse thing rides to the mines of Moria where they’d talk to this selfish dwarf king.
Brute: The dark haired Atlantean took a few steps forward in the way she had pointed, like Gage he was already looking around the area for some kind of transportation because he wasn’t sure if this was the kind of world that had horses, though knowing Lux she would ride anything with four legs so long as it looked cute or deformed enough.
Brute: “There.” Archon lifted his hand and pointed out towards someone coming into the area they were in, the reason being that pulling the carriage were a set of long looking lizards, each strapped and tied to the a post that connected onto the wooden structure they pulled…Everything looked like a normal carriage, except the rather large lizards that were pulling it steadily along without a care in the world. Heading towards the carriage while assuming they were atleast somewhat following behind him, Archon held out his hand and moved closer in while speaking to the driver of the carriage. “Excuse me, do you know where we could also purchase some animals such as these, ones capable of long distance travel at a reward pace…Also, did you perhaps pass Albuquerque on the way here?”

CardinalSinn: Noble was not far behind the others, only a few feet in fact, his small "tiff" with Fayke was short lived at best though when he made his way through the door if you looked close enough it was obvious something was bothering him. He noticed once there that the woman at first seemed to be gone. Her "body guards" though were near by, it would not take long for him to find her, his head recoiling as he noticed her change in attire *how in the hell* he wondered as he squinted to see if he could discern the how of it, perhaps this was more of that blasted technology?
CardinalSinn: It might have been funny to notice he to had reached to rub the bridge of his nose as he gently shook his head and began to join with the others. It might have looked odd as he smacked his lips and crinkled his nose, the air here, it was indeed unpleasant, that being the case he was quick to retrieve another of his "cloves" and light it, the smell filtering into the air around him, and the sweet smoke ripping the bitter taste from his mouth.
CardinalSinn: He took his first drag and took them all in once more, one of them had already seemed to have found possible transportation, the woman had finished playing with the children…and whatever it was she had been doing in the grass. He cleared his throat trying to get the scratch out of his throat, the air here, it did not agree with him at all it seemed.
CardinalSinn: Once it had become apparent that this group was going to be going "that way" he quickened his pace to catch up just in time to join the one who was asking about the lizards, they seemed hearty beasts of burden, though to Noble they were quite larger then he was accustomed too, likely there would be many odd beast he had never seen before, perhaps some of them might make for good trophy hunting.

Biird: While Luxia begged Gage, Archon was the one that actually found her something new and fun to love and hug and squeeze and pet. With a squeal, Lux bolted from Gage and stopped dead in front of one of the lizards, locking eyes with the creature. The man driving the carriage seemed both bewildered and annoyed before turning his attention to Archon and giving him a once over. "These beasts ain't no good for along travels, son, and aint no place here I ever heard with that strange name." [c]
Biird: Lux giggled, she and the beast exchanging licks for a moment before she dropped to the floor and skittered behind her boys. "He's right!" The words toss over her shoulder. "Ain't no Albuquerque 'round here, son." Another giggle rolled off of her as she slithered up to the side of Noble, watching the smoke from his close swirl and dissipate. "Do you want me to sew your shadow onto your shoes or do you think he'll be a good on our journey?" Her eyes, swirls of galaxy light, sparkled with her offer, but she didn't really wait to hear his answer. Her reference was to a fairtale he probably had no reference for anyway. She whirled away, arms in the air, face full of whimsy. [c]
Biird: "You gon' have to take your business to the Beastmaster at the far end of town." The man went on, then nodded to Luxia. "He gon' make you a nice harness for that one. Go on down that road, don't take no turns or nothin', it's just at the end there. He ain't no easy man, but you'll find what you want. Go on, now, get outta my way, I gots work to do." [c]
Biird: Lux was already headed down the road. Someone had given her a weird flower that glowed when she cupped her hand over it and gave it darkness. It smelled like mixed berries and sunshine. "I do love rusty spoons." She preened creepily, and licked the flower. "Mary Margaret you taste like sunshine dust." [e]

Grimm: As Gage walked after Lux, passing by the one known as Noble, the scent of his habit was a nice change to the toxic sting of the air around them. Gage was not a smoker, but with a sense of smell as keen as his, the nicer things were much appreciated, even if they were possibly as dangerous to ones organ system as the toxins itself. The brief ended as Gage arrived next to Archon, watching the other males lips as he spoke.
Grimm: Gage may have been deaf, but he could still tell there was an odd twang to the mans speech by the way his mouth moved. Having had to read lips for so many years, Gage could almost read the accents as they flowed from their lips. Watching Lux interact with the beasts before moving like a monkey free of it's cage around him and then over to Noble, his hand tightened slightly on the pommel of his sword. As it still, the merc still knew nothing of this male, and anyone he did not know was an enemy, though they were not a target, not without payment anyway. With her position, Gage couldn't see what she was saying to Noble, but as quick as she was by his side, she was off again.
Grimm: Turning back to the male on the cart, Gage caught the last section of his words and turned in the direction indicated. Of course, Lux was already making her way down the path towards their destination. Gage had to admit, he was slightly curious to see just what this world counted as rideable creatures, given the oddity of, well, basically everything else from the people to even the structure of their buildings. As Lux would say, They definitely were not in Kansas anymore' -E-

Brute: From the second the stranger started speaking to the moment Lux shuffled off down the road Archon had really only picked up on a few words of the what the man had said, his way of cutting words short and leaving out letters or stretching some were definitely something the Atlantean wasn’t used to, were there rules on this kind of speech, did it make a conversation go by quicker or perhaps there was just something wrong with the man who was speaking, much like the way Gage’s speech was altered.
Brute: With Luxia already heading in the direction the man indicated Archon waited for Gage to pass by before stepping onto the path that would lead them to hopefully some horses and if not then perhaps something just as fast. Even as they walked towards this Beast Master of sorts Archon was still taking random drinks from the jug he was carrying and it was without a doubt a jug, larger than most should carry around, once filled to the brim with wine but it was slowly getting lighter and lighter as he drunk from it like it was going to make him richer in one form or another.
Brute: Sadly by the time they’d finally reached the large stable looking building the Atlantean’s eyes were finally pulled from the scenery and with another swipe of his hand the jug vanished into seemingly thin air. Though through all of the drinking he’d just partook in, it clearly hadn’t effected the dark haired male, through all the time spent in Mythos and the collective of Chaotic Energy in his body, this had been the one downside to it all; the feeling of weightlessness and the world spinning.

CardinalSinn: He reeled back when Lux mentioned his shadow, he had no clue who peter pan was though. Fayke on the other hand thought it was hilarious. If any one was watching it would be painfully obvious now to every one there was something amiss about Nobles shadow. Noble was standing there quite surprised, his shadow however seemed to be rolling back and forth laughing its ass off. Almost being dragged as Noble continued his walking now, further down the street towards this "beast master".
CardinalSinn: He was not from these lands, but he knew damn well what a beast master was, and with the recent antics of Lux and Faykes hysterics, he was more then anxious to try and get just a bit of distance, he though it was still a bit too soon to have them know about Fayke. Sinn were rare, and most people hated them with a passion. Noble himself was not terribly fond of them, but he would also admit they could be very useful.
CardinalSinn: After a few moments and Fayke regaining his composure Noble would approach Archon, the boy seemed young, but perhaps there was more too him. He was going to need to break the ice at some point this seemed like a possible opportunity, he lifted his head with a nod once he was a few feet behind and to the left of Archon "you, boy…can I interest you in a trade, one of my cloves, for some of that drink you have there…I believe its wine?"

Biird: The flower ended up tucked into her braid as she skipped down the dirty cobble stone pathway toward the end of town where they would find what they were looking for, and of course they did. It wasn't a long walk, but it was fun enough. The beastmaster was a big bulky man standing in a pasture, pulling thick leather reigns on two great beasts that looked like badgers and bears. He was speaking some foreign tongue that her gear couldn't decipher just yet but it sounded wonderful to Lux and guided her to the fence around his pasture. She climbed up on the fence and hung her arms over, watching as the man tried to get the two wild creatures to trot in unison around the circular pasture. [c]
Biird: Frustrated, the man yanked hard on the reigns, pulled the wayward beasts down onto their faces, causing them to growl and swing wildly at their capture. He spewed anger at them, as Lux rolled between the slats of the fence and and toward the animals. "Don't be so mean!" She yelled, pulling his attention away from the beasts to her. "Stop!" He roared. "BE NICE." Lux stomped like a small child. The beastmaster, lashed the reigns around metal spike in the center of the pasture and stormed toward Lux, using his great orge like size to show just how unhappy with her presence he was. "What do you think you're doing? You think you can just show up here and tell me how to do my job?" [c]
Biird: With a smirk, Lux shrugged. "I would slow down if I were you." But he didn't, he lunged for her, intent of grabbing her by the throat and shaking the life out of her, but Lux just dipped and moved to the side. "And yes. To all of your questions. I think I did anyway, because here you are." Back tracking, Lux moved to the fence, hopped up and sat down. "Hey, man, chill. We're patrons of your fine establishment, that is... so long as you're nice. I don't like mean people. I DON'T LIKE THEM." [e]

Grimm: Lux was ahead of their little party, she always was and it sometimes bothered Gage, though he also knew she could handle herself. All the bustling of the city stalled Gage for a moment as a swarm of people were pulled to the chanting of someone announcing new wares. Grunting, Gage started to shove his way through the people, though as he did, Lux had vanished from his vision completely. This was something he was not too fond of even at the most relaxed of times, in a foreign land it sent a ripple of annoyance through him.
Grimm: When he had almost made it to the other end of the swarm, Gage noticed a couple of people looking in the direction Lux had run, though their faces were furrowed in a questioning look. Something was not right. Even for an unknown people, the look of concern of curiosity towards something possibly dangers or unknown was unmistakable. That was all Gage needed as he shoved the rest of the people out of his way, knocking some of them down as his hand gripped the handle of his katana tighter.
Grimm: Bursting from the other side of the crowd, Gage bolted towards the beast masters location in time to see him lung for Lux who side stepped the males advance easily enough, backing up to the fence though leaving the male completely exposed. Anger overtook the Jackal, something that unfortunately happened rather easily, and as the Beast Masters hand still stayed raised, fully intending to get them upon the short female, especially with her provoking nature, Gage launched over the fence, placing his foot on the top, splintering the wood from the force of his accelerated jump.
Grimm: The Beast Master had no time to react, so annoyed was he that a small woman would try to tell him something he had been doing since he were no more than knee height, that as Gage's hand surrounded his face and smashed the back of his head into the ground behind him, he could do nothing but open his eyes wide in confusion and quickly shut them in pain. Unconsciousness licked at his mind though Gage did not release the males face, pushing more and more down upon it to the point his nose threatened to shatter against his palm. Lucky for this individual that he was made of stronger stuff than a normal human being from Gage's world. Anger still boiled within him as Gage's shoulder rose and fall in quick succession with increased breaths. -E-

Brute: It seemed liked the universe was forever pushing Archon to remember, trying to bring his memories to the surface and let loose the chaos in his body onto the world; what an event that would be. Even with his eyes and attention focused on Luxia climbing over the fence into the pasture of the Beast Master and his animals the words from Noble still cut through the air and rattled the inside of his head more than a few simple words should do any man. The Atlantean’s eyes that were once calm and collect shifted to that akin to a storm, cloudy variations of the colour white started giving off the same feeling as his now visibly dark blue aura; sorrow mixed with hatred and resentment.
Brute: While his eyes narrowed onto the creature that had started a chain of thoughts that were slowly leading down a rabbit hole of chaotic memories that brought about not only feelings from a time thought long since forgotten but also clear visuals. Images of a young Atlantean leaning over what seemed to be his doppelganger lying dead on the sands, surrounded by armoured men who stood colossal when compared to the boys; tears fell and turned the dry sands darker as a voice clear as day spoke about how the boy died for a cause greater in worth than his own life.
Brute: Commotion from the events inside the pasture seemed to grab the attention of some of the nearby citizens, as they rushed to try out the new wears in town and got distracted by the Beast Master being manhandled for one reason or another. The constantly bumping and noises finally interrupted Archon’s train of thought, pulling him from the hypnotic like trance he was put in by a single word, even after all the chaotic thoughts that he’d fought against over the years, all the times he’d scraped by and not went completely off the edge he was still rather susceptible to the memories of his past and anything that triggered those; more so to do with the fact that beside the four years spent with Gage and Lux, Archon had little to no interaction with people so triggering his memories had never been an issue before.
Brute: Moving with the crowd the Atlantean followed the stream of people, his body shifting each time another form almost made contact with his own. Unlike Gage and Luxia who had jumped over the fence into the pasture, Archon made his way around the edges and lifted up the hatch of the gate, stepping inside and headed towards the other animals in the back of the pasture who sat under cover of shadows from their stables. Though on the way there he stopped beside Gage, who was still forcing down the man’s head into the ground, whole hand around his face and wasn’t showing any signs of letting him go without either major injury or loss of his head. His hand landed on Gage’s shoulder, with each breath the Merc was taking his chest, shoulders, arms all rose and fell in unison but it didn’t step Archon’s hand from giving a squeeze just hard enough to warrant attention away from the male who incited Gage’s wrath. “I think the man has learned his lesson, let him attempt to live as a man who has learned his lesson, rather than sending him to the afterlife without giving him a chance to redeem himself.”

OrderOfGashes: Parched, and running low on supplies; the Wanderer took upon himself a personal task. His carrying bag had since grown lighter and lighter as he had been more than generously handing out his beloved oranges, and eating them. It was time for him to go out and gather more. Blind, and lost upon his own path, the Wanderer relies on his other senses to dictate his location. Blocked from the outside world this greatly limited his ability to perceive what was around him. Stuck as any blind man would be. After the others had started their exiting of the MAin halls Valkar would begin walking about himself, his staff placed in front of him at an angle so that it would touch whatever was four or so feet in front of him. He begins to sweep the staff back and forth allowing him a wider range of understanding what was around him. He continued in a straight path until he reached a wall. Once he had done so the wanderer walks with his hand against the wall until he found an opening. He moves his staff in front of him and feels the floor missing. He pushes his staff lower, hearing a click as it hit the step below. He smiles and begins descending the stairs, He reaches the southern gates of Profane and exits them. The moment he took a step outside the world began speaking to him. The cold air tickled his lungs coating it in acidic toxins; bringing with it many traveling scents, tastes, and stories. The earth beneath him was rocky, misshapen. The sound of moving water attracted his attention and he begins to walk towards it. His walking staff Yggren reflected a cool blue glow present within the gem affixed to its head. After several moments, each one surpassing the other before it more rapidly, he reaches an area directly over the source of the sounds. His feet slapped bare onto the worked stone. The ever present smile upon his face grew even wider as a speculation arose in his head. He was upon a bridge. And what it was bridges do intrigued him, they connect one zone; or area to another much like a path, yet they seem to not go through the path of which the water moved, but rather over top of it. There was a large amount of layers to how he chose to acknowledge this structure. It was truly beautiful in its conception; a means of crossing over. This vague idea inspired him to proceed down his strange philosophical ideals. He began to walk faster at this point getting to the other side of the bridge. Immediately following he begins to walk down the side of the water’s path. From sound alone he could tell it was likely a brook or a stream. The smell flowing from the water how ever was anything but fresh smelling. It held the smelled of burning, acids, and slightly chemical. As they were though, they transposed no change to the Wanderer’s mannerism. He reaches into his bag and begins rummaging around in it as he continues in his expedition, heading due south following the river. He noticed that the further south he went the more healthy plant life around him was. He reaches a rather large bend in the water way and breaks off the river of it heading west toward the smell of fire. Where there was fire, there was people and he was sure to find supplies there.

Biird: Making no move to save the Beast Master, Lux simply sat on the fence swinging her feet, humming to herself and watching the animals moved freely around the pasture. Some of them settled under shade, and the two that the Beast Master latched to the metal post were grazing happily. No one, save the people gathered at a distance, too afraid to interfere, seemed to care about the dying Beast Master. Of course that was until Archon wandered casually by and preached atonement.

At that point, Lux swung her legs forward and launched off the fence moving closer to her old man and her feiry mute. She swatted down by the Beast Master, looking over the puddle of blood that was darkening under his head. She shoved her finger into it with no delicate touch and came away with her forefinger's knuckle completely covered in thick red liquid. Pressing her finger to the edge of her visor, Lux gave herself a crude read out of the Beast Master's physiology, and when her eyes lifted to look over the thinning crowd she could see similar structures in others. "I guess he's gonna die." She said with a shrug. [c]

Standing, Lux looked around the pasture then darted toward the brownstone style home looking thing at the edge of the pasture. Half way there, she turned back to Gage, making sure her mouth was in his line of sight, and began walking backward toward the residence. "So I guess we'll have to go into the house. I'm sure he keeps a ledger of his customers and the animals. I'll figure out which one is best for our adventure. Plus I'm hungry and he doesn't look like he's missed a meal. I wonder what people eat around here." Waving her hand she went on, "Well come on."

Grimm: Deaf to the growing crowd in both hearing and presence, Gage's hand continued it's crushing force upon the males skull. That was until Archon had arrived with a hand upon his shoulder. For a brief second Gage's hair ignited, turning from a dark golden to pure white, dancing like a flame upon his head, but as his head turned to see the possible assailant, Gage immediately returned to his normal state. The single eye still functional falling upon Archon's lips, and with a scoff, Gage released the males face and stood, not looking back down at the withering figure until Lux crouched by his side.-c-
Grimm: Sometimes Gage wondered if Lux intentionally did some of the things she did to cause such reaction in the merc, but at the end of the day it did not matter because even if she did, Gage would still react in the same rage induced manner. A brief look was cast upon the crowd, though no care was given to the possible consequences to what he had just done. This was not his world, or anything close too it, these people meant nothing to him, just wood for a fire should it be required.-c-
Grimm: Glancing back towards Lux as she trotted towards the house that belonged to the, soon to be, former Beast Master, unless someone appeared to save him, Lux was already planning their meal and their transport. It was nice to have someone that cared so little for life that a task was never hindered by the loss of someone so insignificant, though Archon was another matter. Gage was sure that at some point, the peoples advocate would have something to utter in disapproval for needless life taking, at least in his eyes anyway.-c-
Grimm: With that, Gage stepped forward, left hand still resting upon the pommel of his katana, moving towards the house, his stomach announcing through a rather visceral grumbling vibration that it was indeed time to eat. Stepping past Lux, Gage pushed the door open, but remained outside, nodding his head towards the inside of the house for her to enter first, then a glance to Archon to get moving, unless he had some touching words to say for the male that lay struggling to breath. Once Lux was within, Gage moved to follow but left the door open to add a little bit more light to the houses innards.-E-

Brute: He watched as Luxia went about feeding information to the contraption that she carried around almost everywhere she went, the words that followed her interaction with the computer weren’t comforting ones, seems like the man was already fated for death and with that the karmic scale would once more be slightly tipped. Archon’s fingers gripped the bridge of his nose as his head moved forward, walking behind both of them he still couldn’t help but shake his head as the ideas that passed through it threatened to bring on even more thoughts that could lead to a bad place. The bridge of his nose was almost worn thin from worry but this wasn’t a care for the man who had all but invited Gage’s wrath, no this was a worry for those that he had grown closer to over the years. Archon truly believed in karmic merit, one good deed would never go unnoticed and a bad deed would always be punished and that the gods, no matter of which world or universe were always watching, weighing merits and eventually a day of judgement would come to all men, even those who thought themselves more than simple beings, even those who would oppose the heavens.
Brute: When he finally got to the door Lux had just passed through, Gage was starting to head inside and Archon followed, the door being left a jar so light would pass into the building because apparently it when raiding ones house one should always have light to see the contents of said house. From what he took note of the building wasn’t in the best condition, it was far from the home of a rich man but it still held qualities that would have a lot of poor people fighting over it; such as the well put together roof that had no holes in it and the mass amounts of fur that lay piled up around the room.

Biird: "Why thank you, kind sir." Lux beamed at Gage when he opened the door for her. Other could say what they wanted about the merc, so long as it wasn't outloud, but Lux loved that man. He was sweet to her. Little things like opening the door swelled her heart. She gave a little curtsey, a bright smile, then skipped inside. [c]
Biird: The hard wood floors creaked under the pressure of her mecha-boots. The small foyer opened up into an open room, it's uses separated by rugs. Three plush fabric couches framed one couch, facing a large stone hearth. There were candles flickering on a small dining table in the corner by a big bay window over looking the pasture. Deeper in, there was a bed on large fur rug, dark, but sheer drapes giving the illusion of privacy. On the hand crafted nightstand another candle flicked with life. [c]
Biird: Lux moved directly to the bed. Her original intentions had been to fill her belly with stolen food, but the bed was sporting and over stuffed goose down comforter and big fluffy pillows in dim light. She hadn't realized how tired she was. She had been two days deep in her "research" when Gage said they had to leave. Usually when Lux got deep into something she forgot to sleep, and sometimes eat. Pushing through the thin curtains, Lux unshouldered her flat-space backpack and tucked it under a pillow, before falling face first and almost instantly to sleep. One of her legs was hanging off and she'd only managed to pushed the big snuggle blanket half way over before dropping down. A soft sigh of contentment left her as her eyes fluttered shut. [e]
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Mission: Heading to the Cave
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Biird: Lux slept like a baby, but only for alittle while. After about an hour or so, she’d rolled herself up in the big comfy blanket, picked up her backpack and wandered through the dead beast master’s house in search of Gage. It was her usual routine, whether she fell asleep before him or not to half asleep seek out his body heat and return to her chaotic dreams half on him. When morning came, she replaced the blanket on the bed and raided the kitchen for food, preparing a decent sized breakfast, then stocking her back pack with whatever could be taken on their journey. It was a wonder she could stay focused long enough to do any of that before prancing out into the pasture and the stables looking for animals good enough to ride around this new world. Instead of actually trying to distinguish a good animal for riding, Lux found herself just playing with them. This was only disturbed when the villagers came trampling into the beast master’s house, demanding justice for his death. It wasn’t so much that they mourned the death of the grumpy old loner but that now they’re requests would not be filled until a new one was appointed. So the three left the village without a ride but at least they had food. [c]
Biird: They traveled south west as the map commanded for three days, crossing an open prairie and moving toward a thick wall of trees. Most of the time, Lux talked, more to herself than anyone else. Each abstract thought that crossed her mind flowed freely from her lips and often became some sort of song. She drifted this way and that across the open plain and spent nearly a whole day down on all fours in the tall grassy areas “hunting” Archon and Gage. They encountered little but themselves on their walk and once a small farm house with a family that was clearly wary of strangers, but they gave directions and access to their well, so it wasn’t all bad. [c]
Biird: By the end of the third day, they had reached the line of the woods. As the sun started to set, the trees and shrubby began to glow eerie shades of purple, blue and gold, which of course only served to excite Lux. “It’s like Avatar!” She squealed, her glamour tech changing her outfit so she looked like some sort of post-apocalyptic Little Red Riding Hood, basket and all, and she skipped deeper into the woods. The visor on her head, closed over her eyes and displayed, not useful information, but the scene from “Into The Woods” with Little Red Riding Hood, and Lux sang along. Even while doing nonsense her visor managed to scan the woods and make sense of the terra it found, storing the information for a moment when Lux might consciously access it or it became relevant. Until then she was skipping and singing.[e]

Grimm: Gage did not sleep in the Beast Masters shabby abode, not out of some misplaced sense of remorse, but rather he did not particularly like sleeping in a location he was not familiar with until he did at least minor reconnaissance, but considering they were going to leave at first light, he took the time to eat as much as he could. The rest of the edible contents, Lux packed away next morning.
Grimm: The trek was simple, the terrain far from the wastelands of Mythos, more of a walk in the park one might say. The fauna was, interesting to say the least, but thankfully not everything was trying to kill them. Or at least everything wouldn't be trying to kill them if Lux would stop chasing certain creatures and poking others, at one stage trying to ride some thing crossed with a duck, a cat and some kind of reptile. All because it was fluffy and walked on all 4's.
Grimm: As the forest came to view, Gage drank deep from the flask and polished off the last of his water, though there was plenty more with Lux's Mary Poppins backpack as she so often refereed too it as. That well they had stopped at the day before was almost emptied of it's contents, though it would be a while before the family could even notice, and by that stage the rains, if it rained here, would have replenished it again. The forest itself was anything but normal. The tree's were not tree's, the looked more like giant Mushrooms in some places, others were what one could describe as giant single blades of grass reaching 20 feet in the air and a deep blue color. Granted there were your contemporary trees in some places, but Gage had never seem purple bark and golden leaves before.
Grimm: Keeping a tighter grip upon his weapon, Gage started into the forest with the small traveling group, if nothing tried to eat them it would be a miracle, or a boring excursion, depending on your view of life. Gage also could not shake the feeling of being followed, yet he had yet to pick up on the source. Anytime he felt it closing in, there was nothing to be seen or sensed, hearing was not really his strong suit,. Though, atop one of the purple and gold trees a figure crouched, tail swishing, arms resting across knees as it's shadowed figure simple watched with a broad smile and fangs very prominent, yet should one glance in it's direction, it would be gone, never seen, never fully noticed. An itch one ones sixth sense.-E-

Biird: Lux wasn’t unaware of the presence that stayed with them, she just didn’t really care. To her it was like the little squiggle line in your eye that you only saw when you weren’t looking at it and the presence would therefore henceforth be called squiggly; if ever it chose to make itself present. Until then Lux was only fascinated by what she saw and could touch and bother. She turned and started walking backward so she could see Gage’s face as she held her backpack over her forearm, of course right now it looked like a basket, but it was same pack she carried on her back since they’d arrived. [c]
Biird: “Are you going to fight and die for Nero? You think we’re all gonna die? What do you think these crystals do?” Her foot sunk into something squishy. It looked like glowing green putty and it was pulsing with light. Lux suddenly felt light headed and woozy. Her visor flashed red lights and a mechanical voice in her head kept saying “Warning, unknown substance. Vitals low. Warning. Warning.” [c]
Biird: It was only one foot and Lux was swimming through a fog. She felt heavy as she tried to lift her foot, that was slowly sinking deeper into the little puddle of ooze, out. To her left side and Gage’s right, a flower of prehistoric size started to blossom. A pulsing purple light started up its arm thick stem as if fueling the flower to open. Its petals glowed from within, red and orange like a sunset in bloom. When the long petals folded back and revealed a long pollen stem, the crazy thing launched for Lux’s face, the tip of the stem opening like the mouth of a creature from the movie Alien. [e]

Grimm: With a single eye, Gage kept a close watch around the 'forest' the further they traveled within it's borders. The hairs on the back of his neck, now always on end, was something he was going to have to either ignore of locate the cause, but for right now, they needed to get to the mines ASAP.
Grimm: As Lux moved back towards him, Gage read her words, they were questions he had pondered himself a few times since Nero had contacted him. As it stood, he did owe Nero a debt from their past, but that debt did not stretch into a life sacrifice against an unknown enemy. just how far Gage was willing to go to repay such a thing, he was unsure yet himself. It was difficult to answer Luxia's question, well, the first part anyway. The second was easy and as he raised his free hand, a few quick signs answered her query. 'No, you will not die for Nero.'
Grimm: Gage would never allow anything to befall Luxia, no matter what he had to do to protect her, even breaking a debt or promise or bargain struck, it mattered not when it came to her safety. At least as much as he could control, as he saw her began to stumble and her eyes go somewhat vacant. Reaching forward, Gage grasped her shoulder, then scooped her up into his arms, avoiding the puddle that lay between them. A quick glance around and it seemed it was not the only one. There were pockets of the slugging ooze all over, like liquid landmines.
Grimm: A growl rumbled in Gage's chest as from the corner of his eye the plant launched for Lux. With a powerful jump, Gage leapt backwards onto the branch of a nearby tree. As he landed, more of this odd flora started to sprout to life. Unlike normal flowers however, they did not seem too confined to their rooted spot as some started to snake their way up the trunk of the tree. They were fast. Moving Lux onto his back, like he use too in Mythos, a piggy back ride as she called it, her arms wrapped around his neck and with one hand he pinned them in place holding onto her forearms, thankfully she was petite and he was rather large, easily able to grip her tightly.
Grimm: Drawing his katana with the other, he tapped Lux's arm with a series of stops and starts, Morse Code, for 'Hold on tight'. Again Gage jumped just as another flower lunged at them, this time the head of the plant getting quickly severed as Gage vaulted the distance to another branch then back to the ground again. This would be a lot easier if he did not have to hold onto Lux because he could set all these plants ablaze, but with Lux on his back, she would only get burned being in physical contact with him. Grunting again, Gage attacked first this time, hacking and slashing in quick, precise slashes and arks of his blade, ridding most of the area of these odd plants while still trying to avoid the puddles of ooze on the ground beneath them.-E-

AntiSaint: ,“Maybe this button?” Zasha would push a button that look similar to the model she was instructed to fly. An alien from the tribe far, extremely far from this location. Would stand with ease, used to being in such a situation. Typically warriors of her kind, were used to being in danger over unexperienced intentions. Mainly because they were enslaved to their tribe. The only sort of learning that came from their training was to survive from not killing himself. Whatever button she pushed only sped up the ship, at which point she broke the atmosphere of the new world. Unsure what to do next she started to random button push as the alarms would begin to go haywire. “What kind of idiot engineered this? Clearly someone without a mind.” She questioned, digging her feet into the ground to steady her balance, meanwhile the sirens would alarm off and the computers to the ship would begin to shut down. :C:
AntiSaint: From a third point of view, one could see the ship soaring for a crash landing. Back in the ship, the alien would look over head to more buttons as she shook her head. “Humans always feel like they need to put more of what they need..Um...this one looks like something.” pulled a lever that immediately thrusted the ship back causing the engine to rotate backwards to decline it’s speed. Shortly after would emerge a random curtain [parachute] that could be seen from one of the side windows. “Well. That was something different. Interesting” She moved away from the control panel as she pulled off the old suit in which she stole from one of the crewmen she slaughtered clearly in defense from her original ship. Even though she broke the speed a little, the ship continued to spiral down to the world’s surface as it slammed the crust. Naturally, most organisms wouldn’t be able to survive this impact. However, Zasha is not built the same as a human. The ship would shatter from the front, causing a huge gap. :C:
AntiSaint: Even though she was alive, she was slammed several times from the walls, ceiling and the floor of the ship. She would find herself curled up underneath the rubble. Flinching she tried to move her arms however she was trapped underneath the seats that were once bolted down as most of the ship’s interior was mostly made out of steel material. She laid there, in some pain but nothing she couldn’t survive through. Looking up, she couldn’t see a single thing. It wasn’t that she was surrounded by darkness but something bright. What was this was blinding. Not only blinding but it felt like it was burning through her skin. She started to panic now. Without being able to see, not only did she not have sight but she didn’t know what was lingering outside. She started trying to move as she began to whine, though not like a pathetic help me whine it was a low echoing that could be sound similar to a bird's chirp. As she began to attempt to pull her arm from underneath the weight of the chairs. :E:

Biird: The moment Gage lifted her out of the life sucking ooze, the haze on Lux’s mind began to slowly lift. Her head lolled on one of his shoulders as her limbs hung loosely around him. Her glamour tech only lasted as long as she was consciously wanting the change, so as she began to shrivel up from the power of the ooze, she fell back to her default state of dress. She had just enough brain and muscle power to latch onto him in order not to fall off with his leaps and slashing. Her visor had quieted down now, the warning gone as her vitals started to pick back up. It seemed only contact allowed the ooze to exact its poison. They were mid-leap when Lux regained enough control to lift her head off of his shoulder. Her mouth felt dry and cottony. Her ears were ringing. She flexed her fingers. [c]
Biird: A soft humming started from her, arms tightening around Gage, legs coming up and around his waist. It wasn’t long before the effects were gone and Lux giggled as they bounced through the strange forest with plants trying to devour them. She gripped Gage’s shoulder and held up one hand. “I got my horsey thing after all! Go horsey thing go!” Of course, he couldn’t hear her and since she was behind him, he couldn’t read her lips either. In rare moments of lucidity, Luxia often wondered why a stone cold, grumpy, killer like Gage even put up with her antics, but the thought went as quickly as it came. Mostly because she didn’t care for the answer, in fear it wouldn’t be the answer she had so long longed for. No reason to pop her own bubble. [c]
Biird: Okay, maybe the effects weren’t as gone as she’d thought they were. Lux gave a big yawn and felt very tired again, so she flopped onto his back and lay her head on his shoulder again. Her eyes drifted around at the deadly and living scenery around them, until a swirling plume of dark smoke caught her eye. She tapped Gage’s right shoulder and pointed, her hand then moving frantically as she spoke. “Look it! Something crashed. And it smells like gas. Let’s go see!”[e]

Grimm: The cargo on his back slowly started to stir though not enough to throw Gage off balance any, Lux was far too light, even with all her gear, for that. With another slash of his sword, more vicious flowers fell until finally they stopped attacking altogether when Lux had fully, almost, regained her composure. It seemed the toxins from the ooze is what drew them, and even though now she was just tired, the allure from the ooze was no longer calling to the plants.
Grimm: Still holding her as best she could as she rested against his back, Gage looked in the direction indicated. The vibrations through the earth from the explosive landing were hard to miss, but the attackers were more important when it had happened. Now that they had a moment to themselves, Gage looked to Lux's lips as best he could with her stretching over his shoulder. Taking a deep breath, exhaling with a long sigh, Gage simply nodded too her and set out in that direction, still careful not to step on any of the puddles of slime.
Grimm: While the two set about on their little trek to the crash site, another figure had already arrived. Mostly naked save for black shorts of no significant conditioning or material, skin as red as blood, large horns atop his head with two toed hooves for feet, behind them, a swish of a pointed tail. The creature giggled as it entered the spacecraft, tiptoeing almost as it gingerly moved within the confines and across to the trapped figure. To her, he would appear as nothing more than a red haze and blurred extremities. "Now now Deary.." he chuckled again, clawed fingers tapping against the metal seat that pinned the individual. "Quite the bind you seem to have found yourself in, wouldn't you say? How about we get you out of this predicament, I do so hate to see one suffer." Another laugh left him, this time resonating throughout the whole ship, and though the words may seem to be one of aid and comfort, the underlying tone was malevolent and sinister, so much so ones skin pay prickle and crawl.
Grimm: Reaching for the seat that held her captive, the blurred red visage of a man tapped the metal surface with a clawed finger and in the next moment, the seat was gone, one might thing evaporated and with it, so was the person responsible, though his laugh still lingered. As he left, it was a few moments later before Gage and his riding companion arrived a few feet from the wreckage. A single brow raising from the merc as he scanned the outside, not exactly wanting to rush inside to unknown craft as all seemed to be silent at that moment.-E-

AntiSaint: At first, silence was traveling against the rubble ruins of the spacecraft. Zasha pulled and pushed most of her weight against the chair that held her down but nothing seemed to help her break free. The alien jolted her head side to side to find something to help her break free. A few small objects could be useful however the lack of her height, these objects were too far away for her reach. She even tried to reach for the bag of tools by her feet but the restraint of the chair pulling on her arm was hurting her. Not the weight of the chair but the pulling of her skin against the steel was just simply annoying. She knew the arm wasn’t broken, by the way she still had the ability to extend her fingers into claws. Though clawing the shattered pieces of glass and steel wouldn’t get the job done either. Helpless she dropped her weight in exhaustion. “...Well...So much for freedom” She muttered closing her eyes, if she couldn’t move. Mind as well, conserve her energy. Knowing something would come after her sooner or later. “I wonder if this planet has humans.” :C:
AntiSaint: Out of the silence, small noises could be heard. Something made it’s way into the rubble of this spaceship. At first Zasha, paid no attention to it. She could feel that tingle sensation within her nose that was familiarly known as Oxygen which with oxygen comes natural winds which explains the breeze pushing against her cheek. Some planets didn’t have this natural gas. However, most planets that do develop this chemical element inhabit human life. Cling, Cling, Cling. The noise awoken the female as her eyes shot right open to nothing but shapes and blurs within her vision. It spoke to her, jumbling words together she collected herself to speak. “Who..Who is there?” She looked around, as her third eye awoken also trying to vision the one who spoke to her. Although with two eyes looking around and her third one looking around she became dizzy and even more blurred in her vision. :C:
AntiSaint: As he spoke to her, the weight of the chair would lift from her arm. In quick reaction, she darted for her weapon and into the shadows of the light to regain sight. As she spun to look at the one who rescued her, there was no one to be found. Startled, the alien slashed her claw-like fingers through the air where the red image was. To only find the breeze through her motion fingers. “What was that?” She questioned, puzzled in the moment, her ears wiggled to the footsteps outside as she gripped her damaged arm, visually looking at the open way. She debated on rather or not going outside but she didn’t know what lies out there. Did she even want to know? What was that red thing? Still dawning on what just happened she slid into a corner and clung to her weapon over her body like a little cornered animal. :E:
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Forest South West of Profane Citadel

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Brute: Something was calling to him, something pulled at the edges of his mind, a siren song of chaos that tugged on the strings and the Sentinel moving easily like some kind of puppeted doll. It was for this reason and this reason alone that the dark haired, white eyed Atlantean had up and left his friends behind and started wandering down the dirtied path that eventually lead into the darkened woods that sat on the south west corners of Profane Citadel.
Brute: The walking had started just after nightfall, mere minutes after he had finally fallen asleep in the home of the beast master who was recently mauled to death by the beast that was Gage. As hours passed and the sky continued to darken while the mountainous standing trees took over as the night sky, the walk continued but slowly the man woke from the hypnosis he had been under, as the voices grew louder and more clearer they pulled his memories to the surface, memories that hadn’t been there in a long time.
Brute: Archon came to a halt in the center of what seemed to be some kind of ritualistic cove in the middle of the woods, surrounded by large trees that were ripe with fruits of all kinds, most of which he’d never seen before, with nothing else but a well carved out crypt placed in the center and no door to bar entry. White eyes easily gave off his position in the darkness, the moonlight barley brought through the trees and that which did only left small beams of hope for the otherwise dreary place he’d found himself in.
Brute: His darkened clothes were clearly still in tacked but he still found himself checking, the silvered ornaments on them hadn’t been ripped off or dirtied and the cloth that sat covering the lower half of his face was still there and holding up; which at the moment was still in the front of his mind due to certain things happening that previous day.
Brute: Each step closer to the crypt was one that the pulling force wanted, he could all but feel the strings attached to his body and it coaxing him to move further, take another step, jump into the lion’s den to find out just what it had intended for him. Yet the voice that came along with the pull was one he had long since heard but not forgotten, it was the same voice that had started him out on the path that was his life; one that couldn’t possibly exist in this place.

OrderOfGashes: It had been many hours since the Wander had started on his search for forageable fruits, and other valuable vegetations. The plummeting in temperatures dictated more than just the passing of time for him. His bones began to shill as he was wearing nothing but a thin cloth. It was rather stiff due to its state of uncleanliness. It was at this point that Valkar would begin increasing his pace. He did not enjoy the cold temperature upon his skin it made him feel sluggish, tired, and lethargic. The sound of movement quickly caught his attention, Gripping his staff Yggren firmly he begins to walk toward the sound of the movement. The whispers of the trees, and the musical rhythm of footfalls sing to his ears. His staff served as a vector for which what he picked up from the his surroundings, in a way amplifying his ability to perceive what’s around him. He comes upon a clustered growth of trees and almost instantly calms down further. He had a very strong connection with trees in particular. As it was them that filter waters, airs, and provide food in the form of fleshy fruits, or nut meats. A smile quickly forms across his face as he reaches out to touch the bark of the tree. The old bark scratched at the palm of his hand. He extended for just a brief moment an extension of his astral form as an arm and hand into the tree coaxing at the sleeping tree’s sprite trying to wake it gently. The result was almost instant. Valkar retracted his astral extension back into his physical form as he did so flowers began to bud upon the tree. A green fresh sprouts took the tree. Valkar smiles as he feels the warmth of the sprite extend through its roots systems in a matter of time other trees would awaken too and begin a new accelerated cycle of growth.
OrderOfGashes: Valkar smiles and continues on his way it was rather easy for him to navigate the woodland areas. The trees each serves similar to how a cellular tower does on a cell phone's service. More specifically it allowed another point of reference for his affinity with nature to help his mind map out where, and what everything around him was. He feels a great flow of fruited trees toward the center of the woods and begins to follow his feeling toward their location. He paused the moment he took note of another being near bye. Not being one to cower from much of anything Valkar quickly regains his pace and enters a thick cluster of trees all gigantic, from his own estimation the youngest of which was close to seven-hundred cycles old. The oldest of which he could not accurately guess but was well beyond a few thousand cycles in age. He tapped his staff at their roots collecting a sample of their raw material. Anything that could sustain itself for such a long period of time needed to be preserved and grown in the most ideal locations. He did not bother with trying to wake the olden trees as it was their habit to sleep very deeply at their age. As such as he would have liked to synch with them on an astral level to learn he did not have the time to do such at the moment. Once he passed through the tight circle of the trees, he reached a clearing, and instantly ran in joy the second the sweet smell of sap and nectar hit his nose. For the moment he dismissed the presence of Archon.
OrderOfGashes: He opens his carrying bag and began to reach up to the fruit bearing limbs of the tree. It seemed very heavy with fruit, the most of which seemed to be in a completely inedible state. He then makes a decision, and uses his staff to help him climb into the tree after wards reaching down to pull it and place it across his back.. Placing one hand on either side of a very weighted branch Valkar. A tear fell from his eyes as he Used a small amount of his druidic influence to drain lifeforms from the area he was touching. Once he had pulled an ample amount He raises one hand high above his head and brings it down. With a loud crack and a snap the bough breaks and the large fruited branch falls to the ground he stops and holds on tight because at the moment that the weight was lifted from the tree it swung back to its standing position. Valkar hops down from the branch and begins picking the remains of the fruit for salvageable goodies. He finds several seeds that seem promising and continues to put them into his bag. He felt like he was being watched and turns just as his recollection hits him The being near by was one that had questioned his habits at an earlier point. In a rather humble way he approaches Archon and offers him one of the more choice of the fruits his harvested. The appearance of the fruit was rather strange. It looked and tasted like an orange, but it had the texture of a potato. “Fancy meeting you here again,” he says tying off the top of his bag. The weight he had just collected would definitely affect his traveling speed. “I am called Valkar, I apologize if I had not introduced myself earlier. Things were much array.” though these fruits were not the oranges he seeked they would have to make due for now.

Brute: The closer he stepped towards the crypt the longer each step took him to move forward, that was until a sound nearby pulled his attention away from the goal at hand, atleast long enough for him to turn and see one of the same beings that were present back in the Profane hall. Archon’s white blind like eyes narrowed on the man who was walking towards him, a held out bag filled with fruit wasn’t enough to make the Sentinel reach for one, and with the addition of words he found himself questioning this little circle of forest all over again, in a whole new manner. As the man continued to speak about when they had first met Archon’s mind continued to turn, gears slowly moving one another until clear reasons fabricated in his mind and all those fabrications ended with the same conclusion; the voice in his head that he was following into the crypt and force that tugged on his body were now gone.
Brute: His back straightened, the arms at his side tensed which could possibly go by unnoticed considering the dark fabric that coated almost all of his body, nature was fighting against nurture in his mind and his eyes were now narrowed but filled with curiosity and something akin to suspicion. As he recalled this man Valkar, standing in front of him was of the opinion that lives of the fallen held no meaning, other than to possibly be sucked up by an old staff for whatever inhuman purposes. The memory of what had happened was more than enough to anger the Atlantean but at the moment that was the furthest thing from his mind. Stepping closer and closing the gap between them Archon spoke with clear intent in his voice, meet the man here was strange enough but now he had added that they had met here previously…Yet Archon had no recollection of this.
Brute: “Again? Do you mean to say that we’ve encountered each other here before?” Brute: Archon like always had taken the words Valkar had used to heart, after all he had no sense of any kind of modern speech, other than what he had taken from Lux and Gage, but even then his understanding of it was at a very low level. This time however he pulled away from him question before the man would even get a second to answer, because there was much more going on here and the only thing that added up in his head to make even a resemblance of sense was that this man in front of him, Valkar, had done something to gain entry to old memories and thoughts.
Brute: “Are you the one who did this? You pull me here at the call of someone who can’t possibly be here only to tear away the veil at the last moment?”

OrderOfGashes: He took the fruit back only slightly offended that Archon had not taken it, but more so offene that Archon had not introduced himself. This put a slight damper on Valkar’s mood, but never the less he presses though it and begins to eat one of the fruits. “You believe, I called you here to lead you, through some crypt? Sadly, you are mistaken. I guide only the willing, and those who are lost and ask for my help. If your desire is for me to help then I shall., otherwise a stranger i shall remain.” Valkar puckers his face as he bit into the sour taste of the fruit. It would take some getting used to for him to develope a taste for it.
OrderOfGashes: “I have yet to meet you at this location, but mind you, my eyes do not work. Every location looks the same to me. Every day in my blind being i stare into the veil and it stares back at me just as hard. It is unsettling when one cannot recall what left them to be as they are today,” he takes a moment's pause to choke down the rest of the fruit before continuing. “You remember a past that you should miss. I miss a past in which the memory no longer can exist. I did not influence your coming here, but quite the contrary. The trees and plants feel for you and they guided me so, here; too you,”
OrderOfGashes: He walks over toward the entranceway to the crypt and reaches to touch one of the walls of the stairway down. “Do you know anyone who was buried here? Many wars were fought, perhaps this is where your memories are laying to rest, or maybe it is where they need to be placed to rest.” He sighs, he had succeeded partially in his quest to find fruit, but it seemed like the will of Cremoria had more in plan for him on his expedition.

Brute: Words fell from the mouth of Valkar and as he spoke Archon studied him, the odd fascination he had with fruits and the earth, the way he spoke about things that and then the added meaning behind those words. Taking a step back from him the dark haired Atlantean kept his current thoughts to himself, though they would need answering at some stage right now he had more things on his mind. He watched the man walk off and reach out to touch the walls of the crypt, not once did he bang into it and it didn’t take him long to find the placement of it either. Now that there was some distance between them and Valkar was once again finished talking Archon spoke up, questioning the truth of words from the man he knew nothing of.
Brute: “You claim to be blind but you found the crypt with ease, you touched the walls without aid and you have even made your way through the forest seemingly unharmed…Tell me how does a blind man do all of that with ease?”
Brute: He only waited a few seconds, if the man answered him while he was walking then so be it but it wasn’t going to stop him heading towards the crypt, even if he was lying and he really brought him hear then it would be dealt with in time, the truth would come to fruition soon. By the time he reached the entrance to the crypt his eyes were firmly on the stairs leading down into the darkness, they gave off the feeling of decent into hell, an unknown abyss where voices long since heard whispered memories long since forgotten. His head turned to the hermit with the staff, bypassing pleasantries or any kind of apologies for possibly being wrong in the moment, Archon spoke with a certainty that was laced not with arrogance or superiority but something more along the lines of confidence and clarity in his ability.
Brute: “If you are deceiving me, then even the Gods will not be able to save you.”
Brute: There was no need to wait for a response, whatever the fruit eater had to say wouldn’t change the promise that was laid out by the Atlantean. His gaze now back on the stairs he slowly started descending into the abyss, the darkness surrounding his body as step after step the meagre strands of moonlight vanished from behind him and total dark took over.
Brute: Was this the world that the hermit behind him lived in, not being able to see anything at all, eternal darkness at every turn, angle, no matter how hard he tried adjusting to the lack of sense he had used for all of his life he wasn’t able to properly adapt to the current setting. The stairs stopped, he knew this only by the fact that his last step was on even ground, though now at the lowest point of the crypt there was light at the end of the tunnel, in form of flames that danced in the distance.

OrderOfGashes: “I do not see,” was the simple explanation Valkar gave. “Not with my eyes, but with my staff it guides me and helps me notice what is around me. Plants are my guides, and without them i am lost senseless. The smells, tastes, sounds of the outside world I treat as landmarks. Surely your use of sight trumps my awareness of what's around me. But remove the luminaries and I am not the only one stuck in the colorless, hueless abyss of sightlessness. I willingly gave up my sight, as it was more of a hinderance than a help. I could not see properly until the day i blinded myself. Few tend to follow their path if they can see what is at the other end.” The root system of those trees touch and interweave through this crypt I am aware of its location because their roots are embracing it. And through the trees I can smell, feel, and perceive what they can.
OrderOfGashes: He took a few steps in front of Archon once they both reached the bottom of the crypt. A smell of mildew and biological molds strike at Valkar’s senses. To which he grabs at a piece of his attire and wets it before placing it over his nose and mouth. “I suggest you cover your mouth, most things that can grow underneath the earth have horrid effects on lungs.” He presses forward ignoring Archon’s threat or promise for the moment. The growth of fungi within the crypt deceives Valkar’s ability to make sense of his surroundings. Ever since ancient times the Druids were taught by the plants animals and most of all fungi. He however never was fully capable of understanding their complex beings. As far as feeling, they gave off the same biological references as other flora and fauna, but they also held a very powerful consciousness to them that existed in almost no other manner of plant-like beings.
OrderOfGashes: It was at this moment he chose to respond to Archon’s comment, “The gods turned their back upon me long ago, Even if the choice was mine I would never take up their help; selfish, corrupt, greedy for oblation, and praise. The Gods are no better than us who walk upon these mortal lands, or the children we raise. Stuck in their ways of old they will never change, unlike you, you will surpass them. And you will take from them what is rightful. I do not speak of treasure, or power, but the truth. There is little difference between a man and a god. A god will not change, while a man is the change.” Vlakar extends his left hand out and touches a wall keeping it there as he walks further and further into the crypt. He takes a sudden turn left and stops realizing he had no idea where it was he was walking. In front of him was a small gravesite, the names of who had fallen there were obliterated from the stone leaving nothing but the single word “Draugr” a testament to what the being became, or what they were.

Brute: As they grew closer to the light at the end of the tunnel Archon took in the words that Valkar spoke. His explanation of being blind and being guided by nature was rather odd but then again nothing he had seen in this world was normal, nothing he had seen in past years was anything close to normalcy for the Atlantean. When Valkar mentioned for Archon to cover his mouth in order to save his lungs from being injured by growth in the earth, Archon’s eyes flashed to the man as they continued walking, he had no need to inform him that he already wore something covering the majority of his face, and if he wasn’t there no doubt in his mind that such things would injure his body; chaos had seen to that long ago.
Brute: By now the crypt had branched off into a few different halls but Archon stuck to the one with the light at the end, now he could see things clearly and watched as Valkar ran his hand over the walls, why he was doing it though was only guessing at this point, after all he had mentioned about being led by nature and dirt was part of nature, atleast in Archon’s mind. Talk changed to that of Gods and men, something Valkar was clearly not new to, he seemed to hold a certain hate for the Gods, or was it jealousy? Archon didn’t know exactly what it was infuriated Valkar most about the Gods but in his experience it was generally a lack in power or they had taken something from him, perhaps a loved one. The Atlantean stopped for a few moments as the hermit inspected the grave off to the side, though he knew instantly this had nothing to do with him. Archon held no connection to this world other than the two people he had come here with, and even if he the owner of the voice had come to this world, there was no possibility that she was buried here.
Brute: “Perhaps the Gods you know are like that, but not all Gods are made the same, not all humans are alike either. I’ve known humans who have done horrid acts to their flesh and blood and Gods who kill for worshipers and praise. Yet I’ve seen Gods give themselves up for the greater good of mankind and step into help when they were taught to refrain from involving themselves in the matter of mere men. The Gods I believe in would never abandoned me in life or death, and the Gods you believe in do not seem to be worthy of the title.”
Brute: Valkar had his opinions about Gods and their deeds but so too did Archon, after all it was a Goddess who plucked him from dried dirt and poverty and taught him many things, the most important being that nothing trumps belief. Continuing his way to the heart of the crypt Archon stepped down a few more stone stairs into the central chamber, the walls held torches burning bright and they no longer were covered in dirt or grime but instead plated in dark marble, as was the floor and the centre piece of a woman who held within her grasp a dagger that seemed to shimmer in and out of existence. The Sentinels body tensed, shoulders braced from shock and his eyes fixated on the statue as he inched closer, belief was something he had had since his was young and that was so long ago, yet right now it was in question for what seemed like the first time.
Brute: There were no words that would fall from his mouth, his mind juggled with broken sentences trying to place them together just to get some resemblance of an idea of what this was, some kind of joke? his imagination running wild? Or was there still someone playing tricks on him, pulling at his past and trying to make him go crazy. The rough pads of his fingertips brushed over the smooth marble woman before him, her cheeks, the curve up to her detailed hair but the reality of it was now shattered. Crash, with dust kicking up from the ground the statue was gone, crumbled into what could only be described as a pile of hopes and dreams; a shattered existence of what he held protected the most, his past. In place of the marbled beauty at his touch was the dagger she had been holding; only now It wasn’t vanishing, though the purpled shimmer remained all the same. The pull was gone, strings had been cut the second the statue shattered, the only remaining evidence of such thing being the blade he cradled as if it were her heart itself.

OrderOfGashes: He quickly turns away from the grave, such skills of reading words had fallen short of Valkar’s current ability set. And clearly the site was not of profound interest to Archon. He seemed rather caught up in his own mental occurrences that Valkar was sure he paid him no mind. So Valkar continued after the footfalls of Archon. There seemed to be a larger room That Archon was traversing toward. The Wanderer continued at this point walking with his hand against the dirt walls again. In actuality he was probing the walls with an extension of his astral form reaching out to touch roots, or anything that he could pick up on a reading for knowing his position from their above ground growth. Enclosed spaces were something that greatly limited Valkar’s spacial awareness. It was thn that he heard a rather loud shattering and rushed to the site.
OrderOfGashes: “You once had rage for me from what I took from those whose lives have ended. Now you stand here, and desecrate a shrine respecting the fallen. Preserving their memory.” Valkar had no sight of what had happened and was reacting off the sounds he experienced. “Did you hate them so passionately that you couldn’t leave their fate at the grave. Even in their next life you curse them, why? Who were they?” Another tear begins to fall down Valkar’s face as he entertained the idea of being lost and forgotten. Having his memory obliterated by another mad being.
OrderOfGashes: Not waiting for an answer Valkar pulls his staff from his back and grips it tightly. There were very strange things at work around him. He did not wish to fight, but chances were if Archon was in such a frenzy that he would utterly destroy such a shrine he supposed anything was possible. He weighed each possible path, or course of action he could take to get out of their situation as peacefully as possible. He lets his arms go loose and decides the best way to peace was not through sharp words. “ I fear I have lost my calm, sir. I apologize.” he takes the next few moments collecting his own thoughts forcing them into a single concise action. “Assumptions are but a creation of a mind that does not know. So please pray tell who this grave site honors, so I may know if my rage is just. To know if you are one to defile the dead’s sleep.”

Brute: His thumb brushed over the hilt of the dagger, small jewels coated the handle as the bumps and indentations were carved into his memory. The material the dagger was made out of was unknown to the Atlantean, but he was sure it was no metal he’d ever heard of, if it were infact metal at all. Its weight was none existent yet it sat in his hand like some otherworldly force was keeping it there. Memories, voices and emotions all assaulted him at once, enough to send the man stumbling back a few steps, ironically at the same time the Hermit decided to speak up about the broken statue. Swirling white hues narrowed down onto the fruit eater as rage filled the man, so much so that for a second or two it looked like he had intent on fighting. After he was done and cooled down Archon pulled the dagger in his hand to his side, slipping it inside the leather plate that sat above his core.
Brute: “The statue but broke upon inspection with light touch, let the thought of me defiling such a place be gone from your mind, Hermit.”
Brute: Archon turned and moved up the few stairs towards the darkened hall that would lead them out of the crypt, but stopped before actually exiting the room spoke once more to Valkar.
Brute: “This chamber was not created to hold the memory of the dead; it was created as a reminder of faith and belief and has shown us that those who do not hold these things will shatter just as the statue has.”
Brute: The Atlantean much like before had too much on his mind to wait for a response from the other person present, perhaps in the future they’d find themselves talking again but for now he was gone, a single step out of the chamber into the darkness and his mass was gone, the only things left in the crypt being the fruit eater, random graves and the dust from statue that he now knew were real, or atleast real enough that he wasn’t the only one who had witnessed it.
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Location: Forest South West of Profane Citadel
Mission: Heading to the Cave

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Biird: When Gage came to a halt yards from the wreckage, Lux slid off his back, moving on the side of his good eye. She stumbled a bit but caught her footing with a giggle. Giving herself a near comical pat down, she turned to look at Gage and flashed a huge smile. She was feeling much better now; back to her curious self but there was a clear caution to her madness now. This wasn’t unlike her first year in Mythos. There she’s set off a few traps, set a native cave people into a frenzy to the point where their only escape was another plate of existence, awoken a sleeping god, sent animals into stampedes and nearly been poisoned, eaten and even once fell in a hole. As simple as falling into a hole seems, nothing is simple with Lux. [c]
Biird: She stood playing with her braid, watching smoke curl from the wreckage. There was a lingering faint sound of giggling dancing around the wreckage. A sound that had been long gone, yet lingers; a ghost sound, a malicious, teasing sound no louder the soft rustle of leaves in the rain, and yet it could still be heard. It gave her goosebumps and pause like Gage.[c]
Biird: She wasn’t about to run into a broken ship. Well, not one that looked like a fresh crash, anyway, especially with that sound lingering. Had this thing been covered in vines and cobwebs, Lux would have been blur in the spot she stood. Seemed like the coo-coo child had some bit of sense, now whether that came from years in Mythos, the years prior, or just because Gage would have stopped her anyway, was hard to discern. “You think there’s someone or something in there?” She asked, turning her face to his. “How long before it blows? Wouldn’t it be pretty if it blew up?”[e]

Grimm: Gage placed a cautious hand on the exterior hull of the crashed ship, half expecting it to be boiling hot and being surprised to find it quite cool, obviously meaning the ship was designed to enter planets atmospheres and leave numerous times. Taking a long look over it, almost as if he were trying to find anything of familiarity about the craft, even if they were in a different universe, it seemed almost all crafts were designed with the same idea in mind. The craft hummed and vibrated with the remnants of the engine spinning down and what felt like the computer system trying to run scans within, though that was only a guess Gage could muster from a mere touch, but he was a former pilot back on his own world, another secret he had not shared with anyone. It was good to leave a little mystery. -c-
Grimm: Turning to Lux, Gage could see the weariness in her face, there was something she seemed to be listening too, but it was not a sound Gage could pick up on, what with being deaf and all. Though it was definitely unusual for Lyx to hesitate at anything, especially when new technology was on the line for her to tinker with. Removing his hand from the side of the ship, Gage stepped back by Lux's side and continued to watch her lips as she slowly returned to her usual composure of wanting to see something pop like a firework. -c-
Grimm: Shaking his head, he made a slight sign with a shrug of his shoulders. Not being one to try and talk or even signal, both of which he could do but rarely did. There definitely had to be someone inside, but if they survived was another matter entirely. Flexing his grip around the katana in his left hand, he crouched down and picked up a rather large stone. Retracting his arm, he let the object fly straight in the door of the ship to clank around inside, hopefully to drag out what was in there, maybe startle them enough so they did not try to charge and attack immediately. -c-
Grimm: Just incase the latter played out, Gage slid his left foot backwards and turned his body some, right hand wrapping around the handle of his katana, eye squinting and focusing on all exposed sections of the wreckage, just incase something tried to burst out of another one of the tears. Making sure he kept himself slightly in front of Lux, Gage started to slowly count to 20 in his mind, figuring that would give enough time for whatever was in there to make itself known before they duo would head inside. -e-

AntiSaint: The voice sounded like a human. Not just any human but a female human. In all of Zasha’s military life, she only came in contact with male humans. She never understood why or how but it’s simply how it was. This was extremely new to her. The voice was distant but easily could be heard by Zasha. The Alien pushed her body up against the wreckage of the ship, coating every inch of her body in the craft’s shadow. Unfortunately for Zasha, her ability to speak human is extremely limited. By the sound of the woman’s voice in questioning. There had to be someone else there. Either that or this human could be crazy. Humans are crazy, especially from an alienated individual such as Zasha.
AntiSaint: Things became silent, too silent. Zasha’s focus was solely on the single opening to the ship as she knew she was trapped, there was no other way to escape. Zasha was certainly in no condition to fight either. Maybe the humans would spare her life. Zasha shook her head to the very thought. Humans don’t understand mercy. It would be dishonorable to her tribe if she begged for mercy. Then again, what did her tribe ever do for her? Other than putting her into slavery.
AntiSaint: Among the bright light to the opening of this ship, came flying in an object that smacked right into the back of the ship, but ricochet aiming directly at Zasha. The trembling emotions of the anxiety flooded the alien as her third eye slid wide open. Darting toward the object to obtain precise target. Meanwhile Zasha shifted her body slightly from being pressed against the ship to pulling her weapon at an angle from her left, swinging her body back and then pulling forward smacking the rock with the mouth of her weapon back into the direction it came from. Slightly faster, due to the material her weapon was made out of from her home planet. She couldn’t stay like this, the wreckage could collapse any minute due to that small rock. She looked down upon her wrist as she smacked her Codex. “Form Up”. She commanded, however due to the crash it was most likely broken. “FORM UP” She commanded again repeating to smack it. With a thud from her back smacking against the walls of her ship, a small noise of shifting with the steel echoed.
AntiSaint: She didn’t have a choice, she had to get out. With seconds of the wreckage breaking down to the planet’s surface she plunged her body out of the hole landing just barely out enough to avoid being trapped under more rumble. Just as she body slammed to the grass directly in front of the humans her codex would engage coating over body morphing into a human cloak.

Brute: By the time Lux and Gage had woken up Archon had managed to make it back inside the Beast Master’s house, when they rose from sleep he was just sitting there, eyes on his hand, or more so the item he held within it. No questions were asked at that point about the dagger or where it had come from, after all in the world they’d just come from they’d found many weapons and pretty items that were often worth paying attention to atleast for a little while. Silence from the old Atlantean was a very usual thing, although unlike Gage he could actually talk it was generally only when he had been drinking, lecturing someone or questioning Lux about the many changes since his time.
Brute: Anything that had happened up to them entering the forest was pretty much a blur to Archon at this point, the whole he trailed behind the duo, eyes down on his hand, thumb brushing against the dark golden handle of the dagger he carried, fingers wrapped around the embodied leather that made up the grip. Clearly he was off in his own world, in a whole other time, in a whole other universe for that matter, everything about the previous night was still placing itself together in his mind, from the weird pull that brought him to that crypt to the odd Valkar who had shown up there, not to mention the statue that had turned to dust and the dagger he current held.
Brute: Things carried on like this until the sound and vibrations of something colliding with the ground pulled his attention away from the item that had it ever since he came into the possession of it. Like he knew what was going to happen Archon waited for the moment that Lux would rush off towards the noise, the destruction, and the danger. He’d known her for way too long to know that she wouldn’t miss a chance to check something like this out, something about her always demanded she rush in to investigate things, or try to make friends with the weirdest and dangerous of creatures, but then again back in Mythos this had caused them to not only come into powers of their own but also items that were priceless; perhaps this would yield the same result.
Brute: Even now with his attention gone off the dagger he still wasn’t one hundred percent on the task at hand, so much so that he was still behind them when they came upon the ship. Unlike usual Lux didn’t run inside, perhaps after all this time she was finally learning about boundaries and the dangers of running head first into bad situations…Or maybe she was just having an off day. Archon’s peerless white swirling eyes narrowed down on Gage’s hand as he felt the exterior of the ship, it caused the scene from the night before to flash in his head, how he too had reached out to touch the statue but as he did it crumbled into dust and left him holding a dagger that seemed almost apart of him. However this didn’t happen to Gage, atleast it hadn’t happened so far, the ship was still there, Gage was still holding the same Katana he’d attained in Mythos and now they were just waiting to see what exactly this large hunk of metal had brought with it to this world…
Brute: What happened was something that he could have sworn he’d seen before from one of Lux’s old movies, the small form jumped from the ship that seemed to be breaking due to the rock that Gage attacked it with, though Archon didn’t understand why the man had to be so harsh in his treatment to the machine, after all it didn’t harm him in any way. The Sentinel blinked, white orbs landing on the ground where the newly present human was now laying, though he could have sworn she looked different a second ago, in the time it took the thing to jump from the ship and land on the ground it had changed, she had changed; either that or once again something was messing with his head and at this point he just didn’t know which side of the situation was true or which one he could believe in, if he could believe either sides of this.
Brute: There was nothing coming out of his mouth as he watched the scene unfold, Lux was far better suited to engage in conversation with this strange creature than either of the two males, after all one couldn’t speak and even though the other could he wasn’t about to speak to something he wasn’t sure even existed, so long as Lux spoke to her first then it’d be a clear sign that he was once again not going crazy; this would be the second time he’d had to reassure himself of this in the past twenty four hours.

Biird: Gage only shrugged to her flurry of questions, and picked up a stone, hurling it into the wreckage in attempt to cause a stir. Lux tilted her head slightly, chewing on the end of her braid and listening to the sounds from within; the stone bouncing around causing a lot of metal pings and the sound of a voice shouting in frustration. So there was someone in there. This should be fun. Gage took a stance, always prepared for confrontation –the life of a merc. Of course he was right in front of her, blocking her view of everything. With a soft whine, Lux stuck her head out around the side of his shoulder to watch as the ship collapsed and something green like a person jump out and land at Gage’s feet looking human. [c]
Biird: Lux squealed with excitement as the ship folded into itself and fell down a great ravine, probably one that it created on its crash. Clapping her hands together, she spun around and paused. For their entire trek Archon had been a shadow behind him. Now he stood a good foot and a half behind them, staring mindlessly as some dagger she’d never seen before. Lux had taken a full inventory of everything Archon had and wanted, so this dagger not ringing any bells in her stored memory, almost sent up a red flag, but what did send up a red flag was his absent mind. Moving over to him, Lux forcefully snatched at the dagger, wanting to pack it away. “It’s gotta be marked for inventory,” She squealed, then pouted, “But I got no base so it might take a while.” [c]
Biird: Having the dagger or not, she turned back to the woman who had fallen at Gage’s feet. “Hey! Do you speak our language, you look like you should.” She said with a grin, over looking her humanish façade. Her visor closed over her eyes, scanning the woman looking thing, but coming up pretty short. [e]

Grimm: The creaking and snapping of metal encompassed the area, it was loud unmissable and slightly daunting, like nails on a chalkboard. Alas, as always, Gage stood unaffected by the sound, though the vibrations it sent throughout the area he could catch onto yet he didn't really care much. It wasn't until the humanoid body launched from the doorway and fell to a heap in front of him. -C-
Grimm: Gage's single eye shot from the girl, to the ship that was now a crumbling heap as it fell off the edge of the ravine. If Gage had been a laughing man, the idea of a single stone causing a ship to crumble would have brought out a minor chuckle. A quick glance at Lux as she ran backwards alerted Gage to the presence of Archon, lost, probably, in one of his daydreams of some past event. As it stood, this individual that lay before Gage was of more importance. -C-
Grimm: Taking a few steps until he stood by her head, the deaf, single eyed male crouched, sword still at the ready in his left hand to use as a club, just incase. Reaching down, he went to grip the shifting individual by the chin and raise her head to look at her face. Gage's brow was furrowed and almost irritated looking, not the most friendly of appearances one would like to behold after crash landing on a foreign planet. Grunting, he would release her chin again should she not have jumped away and stood, retreating a step as Lux began her storybook length questioning session. -C-
Grimm: Back against the forest line, high atop one of the outer trees, the familiar figure sat crouched again, tail flicking back and forth in what one could describe as an excited manner as he witnessed the events unfold. A quick glance to the one with the dagger caused him to chuckle. The crimson skinned entity was a very upbeat individual it seemed, giddy, bouncy, almost like Lux one could describe should they spend a moment with them both, but in reality, the sinister air around the red male was far from inviting. -E-

AntiSaint: The squealing from one of the three was unbarring for Zasha. Her sensitive ears would intake the volume at an abnormal level. Like a hound hearing a high pitched whistle as she flung her hands over her ears. Words were flung to the individual, questioning her as she stared puzzled. With her head lifted into the direct light her eyes shut, unaware of her guard being dropped for the other human gripping her by the chin. Drawn to not being used to the natural light the skin upon Zasha shimmered a light teal green combination to the pale morphed skin. Clear as day to indicate she wasn’t human. She scrambled to her feet. Which barely made height to the woman’s chin before her. She parted her lips, vocally nothing made sense to the trio due to her uninhabited language upon this planet. Listening carefully to the woman she managed to parrot. “Language”. In which sounded like a three year old trying to sound out words. She shook her head vigorously at the woman.
AntiSaint: Placing her free hand over her two main eyes, she winced opening them slightly to look at the blurry individuals coming into picture. The man in which held his weapon, wasn’t someone she took kindly at all, however the woman before her made up for it as she drawn her attention them them. Barely noticing the third behind them. Puzzled by the words came out of the woman’s mouth she placed her weapon in front of her defensively. With her third eye popping out of the morphed skin staring at the man and his movements, targeting any motion change he would give. Zasha looked towards the female, unaware to be threatened or welcomed to this planet as she lowered her weapon and tilt her head reaching for the female to simply poke her forehead in curiousity. Making sure she knew the creature before her was what she only thought was a human.
AntiSaint: Unaware of the consequences that could happen in doing such. She kept her eye on the man if he would do anything to confront her. Taking no second chances, she only assumed he would. However she tried to vocalize, in spitting out words with a whine of frustration. It was one thing for her to parrot of a human’s words but coming up with her own especially since most of her phrases were picked up in the moment of battle in war. Her sounds would sound similar to a reference of a bird however it was just due to the creature she was eventually she came up with the following word “Zas”. In referring to her name. If she heard them speak more she could easily pick up their language but the tension was overcoming for her. Instead of staying, she wanted to flee. However the woman before her was different from the other humans she has ever come acrossed. Without thinking she reached for the woman’s hand, if so her own hand was slimey and freezing surface due to her alien charastics. Unaware of their ties she felt that the woman was in danger of this man before her. She didn’t like the essence he gave off, turned her stomachs. If she were able to grab the woman by the hand she would dart of into the forest pressing on in that direction with her third eye awoken she could see the path before them eliminating any obstacle in their way to slow her momentum down. Due to her body, her feet would remain light and would give her speed to distance themselves from the rest. To the woman if she were being dragged along for the ride, could see just blurs of the colors of the trees and rest of the wild life blurring together. Of course, there could be a probability that she couldn’t grab her hand, in this case she would just fled by herself in the same direction.

Brute: If his eyes were still completely focused on the dagger then he might not have noticed her reaching out to grab it from him, but he was already looking towards the new comer from the metal ship so Lux was already in his sight. As she reached for the blade to snatch it out of his hand Archon pulled at the handle, instantly ripping it away from her grip and in the process of doing so it would have sliced across her palm, cutting her open atleast a few inches. Archon stepped back when he saw the blood on the blade start to drip down onto the earth below, blinking slowly it took a few seconds to realise just what had happened and by that time she had already turned away and was talking to the alien like female about speaking their language. Without thinking twice about the situation the Atlantean stuffed the dark purple blade into the metal stomach protector he wore, it strapped in rather well for something that wasn’t meant to be held there.
Brute: The words Lux had spoken to him while reaching for the blade were just now crossing his mind, she wanted to catalog the weapon, make it easier for him to hide it and not have to carry it around, but what about the dagger made him defensive about it, she had kept every other piece of item he currently owned, but the idea of parting ways with the dagger was enough to cause him to retreat into a defensive position, an arm at his side while the other held out slightly in front of where the dagger was now strapped. The happenings between the alien girl, Lux and Gage were all on the edges of his sight, he could see their forms but that was about it, which was all the concentration he had at the moment, for them anyway.

Biird: Lux licked her hand, where the wound opened. If blood dripped off her palm when she passed Gage they’d fight. She didn’t want them to fight. Although, it more likely that Gage was going to smell it as she went past, but if she didn’t make a deal out of it, maybe they’d be okay. They were going to fight later, but Lux didn’t want anything to get in the way of her eyeballing the new girl. She wasn’t sure if the new alien could sit with them or not yet. Keeping her hand closed, Lux shoved it into pouch on her thigh, pretending to reach for something or put something away as she passed Gage. Though her features were happy and curious, as they always were, eyes focused on the green girl, in the back of her mind Lux was not happy about Archon new knife. He was treating it like the one ring to rule them all. [c]
Biird: The girl went on in some language that sounded like birds fussing in a tree when a cat was around. It made her smile. She had attempted to mimick her words, well one word then poked Lux in the forehead. Lux’s eyes crossed and rolled up, trying to see the spot where she was poked. Her visor registered a drop in temperature at the contact point and logged it. Then it did something like “Me Tarzan you Jane,” which made Lux laugh at her own wandering mind. Pointing to herself, she said,”Luxia. Lux. Me Lux. You Zas.” Another giggle escaped her, her head turning to speak to Gage and only to Gage because she was a little mad at Archon right now,”This is fun!” Something cold, icey even touched her hand, causing Lux to hiss almost in pain. She didn’t like cold things. But before she knew it, she was flying to through the other side of the forest, the world a blurr around her and no Gage in any form she could make out. It was very cool and interesting, but Lux didn’t like to be without Gage. [c]
Biird: Jerked backwards with the winds whipping around her at such high speed, Lux was dragged along by this little alien girl and unable to turn around, but her fingers stretched straight in the woman’s hand, trying to slip them free. To no avail. They were going too fast for her to catch a break. The line of the trees broke quickly. The last of the suns rays being squished out by the coming night as a mountain range started to grow on the horizon. They were in another open pasture like the one outside of the citadel, but this was far away. From her angle Lux could the tall tower of the citadel looming over the tops of the trees of the forest they just crossed. Still a blur, but you get the picture. [e]

Grimm: Whatever movements the small females mouth did were completely lost on Gage, it was not something he could follow save for one which he assumed was the creature's name for a few moments later Lux was repeating it which Gage could only barely catch as he moved closer to them both, still not trusting of the new being. Another brief glance was cast back at Archon as he hide something within his attire, though Gage just assumed it was some form of drink as it usually was the case.-C-
Grimm: Just as he turned back, he struggled with a smirk at what Lux had said, but it quickly faded when the tiny alien girl had grabbed Lux's hand. Gage sprung forward to try and grab Lux but he was a moment too late and skidded to a halt upon the open space they once stood. A single eye shot in the direction they had vanished and in the next second Gage growled deeply as his appearance changed instantly. Once blonde hair turned a pure, almost ethereal white and danced upon his head like flames. Contrasting this, his once orange purples and white sclera were engulfed in pure blackness.-C-
Grimm: Not even waiting for Archon to react or even caring if he did, Gage launched forward, the spot he once stood shattering into a small crater as debris rained down. Bolting into the forest, his heart was pounding in his chest as the air around him grew hotter causing some of the smaller branches to ignite and rather than running around the tree's in his path, Gage smashed straight through them. Subtlety was not in his nature and when Lux's safety was involved, nothing would stop him, in fact the longer it took him to find her, the more he turned into a raging infernal beast. The wake of destruction behind him was almost impressive, footsteps engulfed in flames from each step he took as his speed continued to increase, pushing faster and faster to the point he became a black and white flaming blur. -C-
Grimm: As Lux and the small female emerged from the other side of the forest, Gage was behind them a moment later but the 10 or so massive trees that lined their exit exploded, splitters turned missiles shooting off in all directions as Gage roared, he could see them ahead, just out of reach. For the small females sake, she should hope her pace would quicken and remain indefinite for the second Gage would catch her, well, it would not be so good for her health.-E-

AntiSaint: Zasha flung her head back to see the female, she seemed occupied with the change of scenery due to her speed. Zasha would gather letters, sounds, syllables as she voiced out. “Dan-Danger” She screeched having it echo through the forest of the man behind them. Even though the woman behind her was quite light to run with. She bent her knees and leaped in the air, spinning her body around to pick the woman up placing her on her back which didn’t have such a drag in her endurance which sped her up. In the distance was a rock surface, it was tall and reached the sky. In which Zasha picked up words quickly, “Hold. Tight” as she leaped into the air, pulling from the flat ground onto the rocky range as she started clawing up the mountain without haste.
AntiSaint: It didn’t take much time for her to reach the top. As the sun blinded her greatly, being completely exposed to such heat, this would expose her green scaly skin as it shimmered with every ounce of her body. She stood there covering her face yet balancing enough on the ledge with the female on her back. Within the heat, this would corrupt her codex morph and her original form showed. She turned around, knowing the man would shortly arrive. She began to speak fast, in her native tongue at the girl looking down rather or not she should just leap.
AntiSaint: Meanwhile, extremely far away from this point upon the world. Sayomi would lay there, sitting on a throne in which she remembered her once leader would sit. Humming some bizarre lullaby as she sat there. There was nobody around. Silence, wasn’t something Sayomi ever really liked. She wanted to stir some trouble but she was instructed to not to leave. Breaking the silence, would rip vocals of one individual that entwined several voices into a rip of unusual tone of voice. “What has ever happened to our little chicky poohs?” She turned to the ghost that stood lifelessly in the corner, staring at a mirror to a reflection of her once living self. Running her fingers through her hair, missing such a life but then at the same time never wanted to relive such a life. Racheal turned to Sayomi and stared at her confused at what she was rambling on about. “What are you rambling about?” She touched the corner in which a crack in her shattered glass in which faded the mirror away. This was something that held a great deal of in which Racheal processes. If one even had the access of this, would greatly disadvantage Racheal. However since, Sayomi is Racheal’s vessel for her soul to remain. Sayomi already had rights to know such an artifact. “Oh you know those people from before? The ones that went off and did..---um whatever Lord Nero said. What did he say exactly?” Racheal shook her head, she didn’t have a clue about any of this.
AntiSaint: “WELL. AREN’T EVER SO SILENT MOUSY. Go see what they are up to” Racheal stood there and blinked a few times. With a sigh she swung her hands in a motion just below her stomach, breaking through Sayomi’s memories of this meeting and the faces in which she saw. She had to obey Sayomi. Due to the laws set upon her curse. In such, the moment she would be there and the next she would vanish upon the halls of this place, fading into the spiritual realm to gather up the lost time from the others journey. With leaving a soft taunting voice, due to her abnormalities as a paranormal. “Don’t do anything foolish until I return…” The words did reach Sayomi as she pulled her lips apart, tearing up her chelsea grin that treaded from ear to ear, with a giggle to trail the halls. “As I would ever do such a thing?” Sparking the little tingle between her index finger and thumb, feeling the course of energy impulse through her veins of her new inhabited power.

Brute: In the blink of an eye things had changed, it seemed like the second the dagger was out of contact with his hand was the same second clarity almost kicked back into Archon’s mind. If not for that fact he would have missed Lux being dragged into the forest and Gage vanishing after her in a form that was much more hostile than his general one. Much like Gage had done but without leaving a small crater behind, Archon vanished forward only to reappear in the same spots that Gage left broken in his wake. Even now with each piece of tree or plant life that Gage past he left in a smouldering state, Archon could already see air changing around the man as his heat effected the atmosphere and much like other times this had happened soon every small piece of forest life that came into contact with the edge of his aura turned into a flame, burning and leaving smoke to rise in the air.
Brute: It wasn’t that Archon had a policy to not burn down forests, or that he was some kind of save the plant fanatic, but at this point he was lucid enough to know that if he tried to take over Gage, which may or may not have been possible at the time, it would just leave him with burns and wounds that he really would rather be without right now. Taking away the reason behind it, the Sentinel vanished from site to site, smacking both his hands together and patting at the tree branches, flowers, sticks and even full on trees that Gage had left on fire. If anyone was following or watching the scene it was bound to look rather comical, one man setting the forest on fire as he dashed through it like a mad man, and a mad man following the flaming beast patting out all the fires it had left behind.
Brute: Archon’s dashing left much less disturbance on the forest, one because he had no flaming aura around him to burn the place down and two, due to the fact that he was actually focusing on lessening the damage that Gage was doing. Ahead of them both and at the very edge of the forest Archon watched the show as trees exploded into deadly splinters grenades like they were made of high explosive materials and not just regular old wood; clearly Gage was pissed. His gaze shifted past Gage and found the thing that had essentially kidnapped Lux, though by this time Lux seemed firmly attached to the creatures back and the creature in question had started climbing a nearby mountain like her life depended on it, at this point at time it really did. It only took Archon a few extra seconds of dashing in and out of view to put out the fires coming from the trees that blocked their path, if Gage was concentrating on making them stay ignited though it would have taken longer, much longer.
Brute: Unlike the kidnapper Archon didn’t scale the mountain with desperation to escape, he simply jumped from the ground and each time his feet came into contact with a ledge he’d do the same thing again and again, much like how he’d followed Gage by using the thick branches of a tree to continually propel himself forward; real Ninja like. By the time he’d stopped Archon was standing at the top of the mountain, just like the two females were; only he was behind them by a good few yards. His composure was nothing like Gage’s, which was rather odd considering the way the dagger had twisted things in his mind and even caused him to cut Lux, he was sure he’d have to drink some tea or new type of concoction later to make it up to her. Whether she had noticed him or not from over there on the edge looking down, Archon spoke as he took a few steps closer, again his voice was calm like his presence , and there was no need to compare it to the rage induced sound that would have been Gage’s voice, if he ever used it.
Brute: “You should put her down and run, it might just save your life when he gets here.”

Biird: This was exhilarating. The whipping wind at such high speed, the dancing of the scenery as it blended into something else and moved like an old flip book, constantly changing. Lux was having a blast. The fresh air, the adrenaline pumping through her veins from the tension that cloaked both of them. Of course, Lux had no idea where this tension was coming from. She hadn’t gotten the reference to Gage’s grumpy face, because Gage’s grumpy face didn’t bother her at all. It never once dawned on her that people… ish things, and other beings might find her boys daunting, even dangerous, because they weren’t to her. Not even Archon with his weird new precious. “I’m going to take it away.” Lux vowed aloud, nodding her head to confirm it, when suddenly she was whirled around and dropped onto the back of this little woman’s back. Danger? What danger? [c]
Biird: It’s a good thing they were going up a mountain otherwise Lux would have been practically walking, since home girl was much smaller than her. “Holy rotten cabbage, BATMAN, you’re like a gargoyle.” She growled, scraping her hands along the rough rocks as they went up, tilting her head back and letting the wind take her braids. When she pulled herself up, Lux looked down to see Archon bouncing up behind the, like some badly drawn Cubert and beyond him Gage’s ultra violent form. “HI!” She giggled, waving down at them. “You have to come up. It’s beautiful!” [c]
Biird: Moments later, they were on a small ledge on the highest point of this particular mountain in the midst of a great range. Immediately Lux dropped off the woman’s back and looked around. The expanse of Cremoura for miles around was blanketed in dark. Star were bright this high up, the air was thin, yet some how not hard to breathe. Her visor closed over, taking a scan, just as Archon appeared near them, trying to diffuse a situation that didn’t register with the loopy girl from Mythos. “Don’t talk to me.” Lux said holding up her bleeding palm to his face. “I’m mad at you.” [c]
Biird: She didn’t wait for his response, instead moved to the edge where she could see Gage’s flaming form coming closer and closer. Her arms spread wide, her eyes closed with such peace, you’d have thought she was falling asleep. She turned, her back to the ledge and let herself fall. She fell with the wind pressing hard against her back, stunted only by the back pack she’d brought with her and directing in line with Gage. She had no fear, not a single doubt in her mind clouded her judgement --- He would catch her. [e]

Grimm: Smashing into the ground just a few feet away from the mountains edge, Gage stood tall, his head tilting back as he watched the female clammer to the top with Lux now holding onto her back. Just before his legs bend at the knee and vaulting towards the top, Gage then spotted Archon who was going after the little alien girl also. At this point, Gage barely registers who Archon was, he only had one objective, well two if you include smashing the small female into a smaller being.-C-
Grimm: Roaring again, Gage jumped, a quarter of the mountains mass scaled in a single jump, another quarter within the next, yet just as he was about to smash into the rock and force himself to clear the last of the distance in one leap, he watched as Lux came falling down towards him. Not knowing what happened, Gage howled as the image of the small female throwing Lux off filled his mind and this only enraged him further, sacrificing Lux in order to by time for her own escape.-C-
Grimm: As the two met, Lux was engulfed in a warm aura as Gage tempered his rage only around her, the rest of him flared as smoke quite literally, streamed from the edge's of his mouth. Clearing the mountain top and the another 30 feet beyond that again, Gage almost vanished into the glare of the sun. As he hit solid ground again, the stone cracked and though his body was still very human, as he left Lux to stand upon her own two feet, his own form took on a slight slump forward.-C-
Grimm: Arms hung limply down in front of him, the katana still gripped in his left, legs bent slightly at the knee, pure black eyes regarding the small female, ethereal white hair ignited atop his head, dancing without the aid of wind to the appearance of flames. Again he exhaled and once more, white smoke expelled from the corner of his lips. Beneath his feet, the stone itself almost started to melt as he stalked towards the little alien who was now standing between Archon and Gage with no way of escaping easily, even with her speed.-C-
Grimm: Reaching across himself, the demonic entity that was formerly Gage, drew the katana from its sheath and held it loosely in his right hand, the tip of the sword dragging against the stone itself, sparks jumping from the contact. At the moment, Gage did not attack, instead he slowly started to walk to the girls left hand side, not to study her or gauge her power or technique, he was merely trying to terrify her before he killed her, dragging out her demise as long as possible. All because, in Gage's mind, not only did she kidnap Lux, she then tried to kill her by throwing her off the top of the mountain, not that it ever entered Gage's mind that Lux was giggling the whole way down and back up again. Because of this act, there was no repenting these actions and the Jackal would rip his prey limb from limb for threatening and trying to kill what was his heart, even if he never outwardly said such words.-C-
Grimm: Back upon the ground below, with hands clutched together behind his back, the red entity walked casually through the destruction left in Gage's wake. A long smile spread from ear to ear as its clawed feet scratched at the scorched earth. To this being, all the destruction and carnage, well, it was just like what the humans would call, christmas. Tilting his head back, ivory hued orbs fixed on the top of the mountain and though he were a mile or more away, he could see everything that was transpiring which brought yet another giggle to trickle through his fanged smile. "It's all so very exciting, isn't it?" Without looking at the creature it spoke to, an obsidian crow perched upon his shoulder and cawed in response. "This is going to be easier than I could have hoped." The crimson male laughed again before fading from side leaving red smoke where he once stood and his laughter lingering just as it had around the ship.-E-
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Location: Forest South West of Profane Citadel
Mission: Heading to the Cave

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AntiSaint: Zasha watched as the man came out of the forest making his way to the foot of the mountain. Trembling from this danger, the alien began to pace. With the feeling of danger just spiraling through her mind, her third eye hooked on her predator and watched as it wouldn’t be long now until he reached the top. She stumbled a few steps back having the surface of her feet shiver from the cold breeze that blew, realizing there wasn’t much options for her.
AntiSaint: She heard a calm voice, as she arched her head up to see the man that trailed along behind the man and woman from before. His words did make some sense to her. Very little she understood life, as she glanced over to the man and then back down to the other man. While in the mix, she noticed that the girl from before was no longer on her back. With panic, she dropped her weapon on the rock floor and began to pat her back twirling around realizing the only one that seemed to make sense was no longer near her. It was a miracle that she caught sight of the woman on the ledge as she took immediate action and tried to reach for the female’s hand to pull her back. What was she doing? Was she committing suicide? Judging by the human like traits of the female, someone like Zasha assumed the woman was in no capability to survive such a fall. She started to back away from the ledge, shaking her head. This was exactly the reason why her race never could coexist with Humans. Or whatever that man was below her, or even the man just above her from behind, or even that female just fell from the edge.
AntiSaint: With the eruptor noise crackling below gage’s feet, Zasha just froze at the sight before her. The man wasn’t the man she first saw back at the ship. The weapon that he drew would spark flames from the surface below him as she pulled her own weapon before her with her free hand behind her taking formation. There wasn’t much that this woman could do. She had the ability to defend herself, even though she would rather run from this situation. A small piece of her wished she never took over that little medic ship up in space, the isolation of loneliness sounded quite better than the situation she was in now. With shaking her head vigorously, she started talking rambling fast in her own native language to the man as she tried to plead her case before having this fight start. She didn’t know how strong he was, especially due to he wasn’t a normal human being using gunfire like what she experienced. He was very much different. All three of them were so much different than what she experience. She swung her weapon before her basically indicating for him to back away from her as he drew closer.
AntiSaint: eanwhile, our ghost friend trailed along the starting point to this journey. Due to people not being used to spirits roaming about Racheal walked the spiritual realm to avoid any confrontation with the living. Of course in this realm there is absolutely no interference with the humans unless the spirit is provoked.Also unlike all the light in the world, there was nothing but neverending darkness. Occasionally she would run into other spirits. Mostly these beings were wandering souls or lost souls. From her knowledge the demonic entities were rather hard to obtain to stumble across. Especially since they had the ability to pester not only in the non living but the living realm as well. Racheal paused a moment, it’s been awhile since she felt any human presence. She must be far enough from any civilization. Which in this case, she didn’t mind returning to the living world to scope out for the individuals Sayomi commanded her to follow. She broke from the realm back to the human existence as she glanced up, In the far distance she could see smoke rising from the trees. “I wonder what happened” She question as she took a step forward fading into the forest.

Brute: He tried to get through to the little alien female but he wasn’t sure if his words made any sense at all, though he hoped they did, because if she didn’t let Lux go and continued on trying to run with her, it would just infuriate Gage more and that was never a good thing. It seemed like something he said caught her attention and she understood it, because in the blink of an eye Lux was free from her back and peering over the ledge, while the alien girl dropped her weapon and started frantically patting her own back, for which ever reason.
Brute: Archon’s swirling white eyes fell on Luxia’s cut open palm as she forced the sight into his view, basically yelling at him at the same time and informing him that she was mad about the cut and that he wasn’t to talk to her. A thumping took over his ears; his own heart beating had become more prominent in the past few seconds as his stomach knotted at the realisation that he actually cut her hand open. In the seconds that he was lost in thought over the cut he watched her walking to the very edge with her arms spread wide, turning and falling off like there was some kind of cool lake ready to receive her below. Once again the Sentinel’s heart beat hastened in the moment, because even though he knew she would be fine, this was still another time she’d placed herself in the forefront of danger and no matter if he knew she’d be fine each time, it still had its effects on him.
Brute: Just like what had run through in his mind Archon watched the scene unfold when Gage landed on the rock surface, Lux in arms, safe and sound from the fall. Though there someone else here that wasn’t on the safe side of things and Gage straight away made that perfectly clear. The Atlantean watched the Jackal as he stepped to the side and approached his prey, he stalked her like all beasts do those they wished to hunt and this was no different and chances were there was nothing at this point the female could say or do, that would get the transformed Gage to stop. His eyes narrowed at the stone beneath Gage’s feet as it started to melt and he fell into the indentation he was making in the earth. As Gage further manoeuvred into the stance that was ready to take lives his white hair danced like flames on his head as smoke left the corners of his mouth.
Brute: How long had it been since they’d gotten into a situation that had caused one or them to transform, Archon had to think for a second because he was sure it was slightly different than last time, slightly more advanced towards to realm of beasts, or maybe that was just the real Gage coming out in the heat of the moment. Too many times the Trio had gotten into situations that should have been the best of them, should have been their last trek into unknown places or last words they spoke with self-proclaimed gods who just didn’t like being questioned, especially by a small female who clearly gave no fucks about their power levels.
Brute: The dark haired Atlantean’s eyes widened ever so slightly as he watched the new female picking up her weapon and swinging it in the air, no form in it, no reason for it other than to hold the beast Gage at bay, he had seen things like this in his past when people were tossed to the Lions and the poor slaves thought that swinging around sticks would hold off the animals…How wrong they were. Just like Archon had predicted Gage didn’t stop or alter his movement what so ever, whether it was the reckless swinging to fend him off or just the hatred he had right now in his heart, Gage pressed forward, ever closing the distance between him and the alien.
Brute: Dust from where he once stood kicked up in the air, rocks danced on the ground as his body past them with the same speed that had kept up with Gage when he was chasing down the kidnapper. His form came to a halt only when he was in front of the alien girl, of course he was far enough in front of her that unless she stepped forward her sword wouldn’t have cut at his back, but if she did take that extra step and cut at him she truly would have lost all hopes of surviving the situation. Archon’s hand moved out towards Gage, held upright as he spoke, hell even if he was trying to talk him down he wasn’t about to not put any defense at all, just in case the beast won over the man.
Brute: “The girl does not need to die. I refuse to believe that she was trying to hurt Lux, it was a simple misunderstanding…You have her back, there is no need to take this any further, Gage.”

Biird: The fall was just as peaceful as the serenity that had fallen over a moment before Lux released herself to the wind and Gage’s arms. A rational person would never have fallen into the arms of a flame man, in rage they’d caused themselves, but Luxia was far from rationale and throughout it all, she’d yet to register there was a problem. As far as she was concerned, Gage always looked like that when they played chase with other beings. [c]
Biird: She fell easily into his arms. His flames dancing around her, cradling her in the fire of his rage and even though they licked across her skin, she was completely unaffected. Her ability to completely disregard reality wasn’t the reason for this however, no, this time it was all Gage. The poor, emotionally crippled merc had to either learn to control his rage around her in a pinch or risk becoming the monsters he so often chased to get her back. In Lux’s mind this was love in its purest form. The first time he’d saved her from anything had been the moment she’d fallen for him completely. So in essence, falling from that ledge was only a physical representation of what made her heart beat. [c]
Biird: She was set on her feet, the moment they reached the top of the mountain, a gathering of the strangest characters. The heat of his body had sealed the cut Archon gave her by being a selfish little Golem about his stupid little knife, because she’d placed her hand on Gage’s shoulder when he’d caught her. Now, looking over the scar on her palm, something that would not heal now that it was sealed by Gage’s power, Lux frowned. Having completely missed, Archon begging for her new alien friend’s life, Lux thrust her hand in Gage’s face as he advanced on Zas. “That’s right! Archon cut me! He had this knife thing and I only wanted to inventory it but he wouldn’t give it me and look. Look what he did! If it hadn’t been for your fire I might have bled to death!” [c]
Biird: Dramatic, that was Luxia Amalthea Kincaid. She was the girl that had spent so much time alone, nearly dead in a world of viscous monsters and even more dangerous humans that she’d gone slightly mad. Her madness only amplified when she met Gage and Archon. She was a constant chaotic force in their lives, a fuel to very specific fires. This, of course, could not have been the first time she’d turned Gage against Archon for something so minor. No, Gage was a weapon in the hands of child, who had little or no remorse and even less sense. The mad woman was not without her wiles. There was a point to her tantrum this time and it was going to take all of their strength to accomplish. [e]

Grimm: The little green sparkly creature was scared, nervous, Gage could smell it and it only encouraged him further to stalk and prod at her mental defenses. To him, he had all the time in the world, the original mission long lost to the recesses of his mind and a single goal all encompassing. It was a familiar feeling, one he had allowed to consume him numerous times and to a point it was an almost euphoric sensation. Even before Gage had acquired his powers within Mythos, this mindless beast was always present, but since that day he had gained them, well, the beast came out in a blaze of glory far easier now.-C-
Grimm: When the female retrieved her sword and started to swing desperately towards Gage, his lips curled from a snarl to a smirk, the white smoke still lingering with each breath as he continued to slow, methodical pace. However, when Archon appeared in front of her, Gage's smirk quickly returned to a snarling growl. Even though he was almost completely consumed by the beast, Gage still retained enough humanity to read the Sentinels lips, reading his request for him to stand down.-C-
Grimm: The single eye Gage still possessed narrowed. Did Archon care so little for Lux that even though this little girl kidnapped her and then threw her to her death from the peak of the mountain, that now everything was fine because Lux was back in Gage's possession? Either Archon was going soft, or maybe it really was a misunderstanding. The thought gave Gage pause as, internally, his mind battle with itself to come up with any sort of rational reason that this could be in any way a mistake on Gage's part.-C-
Grimm: As he started to ponder further on this, not wanting to cut his way through Archon, this time, Gage's posture almost started to return to normal, slowly straightening up, the heat around him lessening but still present to a degree. That was, of course, until Lux shoved her hand into Gage's face showing a rather long scare scrapped straight along her palm. The single black orb darted to her lips as the flurry of explanation flew forth.-C-
Grimm: Once again, the beast gripped at his mind as his fiery aura engulfed him but this time it was even more intense as his rage turned upon Archon and for a moment he had forgotten about the small female. Another roar echoed from his lips yet this time the ground around him trembled and a few loose stones shook loose, his hair seemed to grow a bit more and became so white it was almost impossible to distinguish and strands, it was just a white flame atop his head. It did not even register with Gage that the slice was not as life threatening as Lux had made it out to be, but with everything that happened, even a knee scrape would have put Gage over the edge.-C-
Grimm: Darting towards Archon in the blink of an eye, Gage's free hand shot up and went to wrap around the Sentinels face and pick him from the ground then quickly smashing him back down into the stone surface of the mountain, just like he had done to the Beastmaster a couple days prior. That slam would then be quickly followed with with Gage retracting his arm, fist balled and smashing it straight down towards Archons face. The sheer force of two attacks would be enough to almost shatter the top quarter of the mountain they stood upon.-E-

AntiSaint: There was form or structure to the repeated swings that Zasha tossed around. From her past, the slaves fought for the military yes, but their training wasn’t specialized. The only training she could recall is just to stay alive from those that stood side by side with her. From her surprise, the man who spoke calmly. That didn’t shed any sort of angry composure. Stood in front of her, this made Zasha freeze in motion as she winced at the other individual who clearly terrified her to the core as she scurried back away from the two.
AntiSaint: Watching the man ignite again in fury after something. Due to her point of view she didn’t see the cut on the girl’s hand. She was completely lost in the situation as she covered her head and most of her body, turning into a little ball from what it seemed. Coward as they come, Zasha is completely new to this planet and these bizarre people. The only one she really kinda liked was Lux who was on the other side of this cliff which was probably best for her to keep away, not wanting the white hair human like thing to come after her. Then again, probably be safest next to the one of the three that doesn’t really scare her the most. Lux does somewhat scare her considering she jumped off a cliff willingly. Zasha has never seen anything of the sort to these creatures. In a scared tactic, she formed her body into a small ball similar to the size of a soccer ball. She poked her head out to watch what would happen next. With the ground shaking from the power emerging between the two she rolled her body around the two with similar speed to when she dashed off out of the forest. This was to hide behind Lux as she really didn’t know what to do next in this particular situation.
AntiSaint: Trailing through the woods, Racheal would come to a halt seeing an abnormal space ship wreckage. More like a heap of pile of metal and steel. She placed her hand on some of the remains as she watched the dust fall to the ground as she pondered what could've happened here. Gazing up noticing the smoke she saw before wasn’t from this location as she looked around. Everything remained still, the only abnormality of the nature life was the broken down trees that lead a pathway of destruction as she frowned. “Poor trees…” Saddened of their broken scenery as she lifted from the ground touching each she came across, apologizing for whatever came to the ending of their lives. Pulling white roses from her sleeving mourning the nature’s lost of course, to a spirit nature is binding to their world. In which was for the reasoning to her liking for nature period. She continued her journey to catch up with the individuals devastated to see such massive destruction.

Brute: Clearly the alien shouldn’t have grabbed Luxia and tried to run away with her, but was that really enough to warrant death? Archon didn’t think so. The other things that happened as a by-product of this weren’t even the girls fault, up to Gage assuming Lux was in danger, Lux taking everything as a joke and fun time like always and the fact that she jumped off the cliff just so Gage could catch her; of course in Gage’s mind he would have bet money that he didn’t see it the same way or even knew that she herself had jumped. The area was covered in silence for a few moments, he watched as Gage loosened up, the tasteless heat in the air was slowly dying down, and even then there were still beads of sweet on Archon’s brow. Just when it seemed like the situation was over and done with, or atleast somewhat under control, Lux opened her mouth and pushed out her hand to show off the new wound she had gotten while grabbing for the dagger. Archon’s eyes widened at the accusation she presented like facts, her words cut him deeper than the shallow mark she had on her hand and to that end his arm fell from the defensive position he had it in to his side.
Brute: By the time her sentence was finished Gage was almost a completely different beast, it was clear he had no reasoning left and the smallest remnant of Gage that remained while listening to Archon before was now completely gone. From the sides of his eyes he watched as his hair evolved into a more feral fire, strands couldn’t even be made out at this point, he was literally wearing a crown of flames. Archon’s eyes were still narrowed on Luxia, even as rocks danced on the ground around Gage and his power level that was slowly creeping up to new heights. It was only when Gage made his final move forward that Archon’s body tensed up for the attack, on nothing else but muscle memory his arms, chest, face and the rest of his bodies muscles tightened and waited for the oncoming assault that he may have been somewhat physically ready for but his mind was still elsewhere, it was on the words that Luxia had spoken as they echoed in his mind.
Brute: In the seconds between Gage vanishing and appearing in front of the Atlantean some minor changes were made around the male, most noticeable was his face as the flaming hand wrapped around it gripped it with enough pressure to crush most skulls. Yet right now Archon’s head coated in a darkened purple hue, hardened material that generally made up the swords he used to fight; only now it was coating his head and slowly working down his neck towards the rest of his body. Much like him tensing up this was the work of his body alone and it was for this reason that it didn’t completely surround his body quickly but instead moved to the most vulnerable area and protected that part first, not only from the hand of the beast that was burning away earth with his steps but also the beating that was to come.
Brute: Archon’s body bounced against the ground as Gage forced the back of his head into the dirt, like some kind of rag doll with bad physics he went limp on the ground, blood coating the dirtied ground as it dripped from the back of his neck and created a stream of crimson. The follow up to being slammed on the ground was worse than the actual choke slam that had first occurred, the reason being that when Gage’s first collided with Archon’s somewhat protected face the sheer force of punch against the chaotic shield caused an eruption of power that cracked the roof of the mountain they were standing on. Almost instantly the entire summit gave way and chunks of earth collapsed into itself and fell into the ever growing hole that Gage’s slam and punch had caused, being that Archon’s body was smashed into the earth he also fell into the darkness of the mountain; with no conscious or sight to see just what was happening around him, even the sight of a large force field starting to repair itself slowly from the edges, closing over the hole that Gage had created.
Brute: Whether they had gotten separated in the fall or if Gage was nearby to his body, Archon didn’t know, the banging in his head was more than enough to distract him from the fact that Gage may very well be attacking at any second. Pushing against the ground to try and get away from the rubble surrounding him Archon found himself collapsing once again and hitting the floor, pain exploding from his stomach, growls leaving his mouth as his hand rushed to the spot and was greeted by warm blood and the feeling of steel poking into his stomach. Archon’s eyes narrowed in the darkness as he rolled over onto his back, even now he didn’t notice the change within his body, the white swirling eyes he had from birth were now darkened purple, vibrant and storm like in appearance. His mind wandered to the dagger in his stomach till he grabbed at it and seconds before removing it he watched it retreat into his body, further evolving the changes that were silently and somewhat unnoticeably taking place within him.
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Location: Inside The Caves
Misstion: Tag, Locate, Retrieve

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Biird: At this point it didn’t really matter that Lux was not even attempting to hide the smile that came over her when Gage’s eye found focus on the rather minimal scratch on the palm of her hand. There was an almost eerie way Gage’s head turned back to look at Archon. He had a single functioning eye, but it pinpointed his new target, forgetting, not caring, about the years of friendship between them. His transformation continued, becoming an even more fearsome beast than he had been before. To call him a monster of flame was an understatement of epic proportions, but he was her monster of a flame and he was doing exactly what she wanted. [c]
Biird: Looking over to Archon, Luxia almost squealed to see his chaos gathering around him like a protective coating. Their powers were elevating. One was out of pure rage, and the other a protective nature, but it was all too perfect for what Luxia wanted. The reading of her visor, yes, amidst all the chaos she had started, had been that this mountain was the range right over the end location to their journey, with one catch – the entire place was protected by some sort of force field generated from inside. So instead of trying to calm her companions and figure out how to get into the mountain to obtain some crystals for a man she didn’t know, Luxia decided matching power for power would not only be much faster, but far more entertaining. Entertainment was the spice of life. [c]
Biird: Gage’s massive flame engulfed hand reached for Archon’s face in his signature move and the only thing protecting Archon’s face from being crushed under the force of pressure that was coming off of Gage in waves was the cloaking of chaos about his head. Gage lifted him up by the face and slammed his full weight down on the top of the mountain and then it happened. In one glorious moment like fireworks shooting through a dark night sky (and night was quickly coming down on them), the force of power stretched between those two beings from a world of endless power and chaos, cracked the protective covering of the mountain, sending opalescent like ripples through the air and the sound of egg shells cracking, for whatever barrier stood in Luxia’s way was nothing more than the fragile shell of an egg when confronted by the raw power of her boys. Gage’s second lift and drop of Archon, shattered the top of the mountain. The sheer force of his rage coupled with Archon’s dire will to protect himself, the chaos’ need for its vessel to survive, sent giant riveting cracks through the top of the mountain and the rock and rumble immediately began to crumble in onto itself and fall into the depths of the caverns that wove their way underneath. [c]
Biird: With a squeal, Luxia felt the stability of ground fall away from under her mecha-boots, which reacted immediately by deploying thrusters to keep her a float, but the crazed girl swung her head in the direction of the green alien that had brought her this far and yipped with excitement,”WE’RE GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!!!” a moment before taking a swan dive into the hole after Gage and Archon. The thrusters propelled her past Gage to the bleeding and impaled Archon. She watched curiously, as they fell, that dagger begin to worm its way into his bowls and frowned. With the sheer speed with which they were falling, she wasn’t able to snatch the stupid Golem dagger out of him, but instead just let him hit the floor with a great wallop and watched dust plume around him like some sort of atomic explosion. The crystals in the cavern in his nearest vicinity shattered and exploded outward. When the dust cleared, Archon was lying in a crater with chaos melting off his form and the hilt of the dagger disappearing into his gut. Luxia, who had gracefully floated to the floor feet first, came to stand over him, feet on either side of his body, upper body bent in half at the hips to look down at his groggy face. She was beaming. “I forgive you!” She chirped, her hand reaching into her thigh pouch, “I can’t inventory that thing now, but that’s your fault for being greedy and mean. It’s probably going to destroy you or tear you in half or make you mean and Gage will have to kill you, but it was nice knowing you!” Her hand came out of the pouch with a long spray can that looked much like a can of air with the little straw attached to the end and without warning Lux shoved it to Archon’s neck, behind his ear where there was a huge gash from Gage’s assault, and pushed down on the plunger, filling his open wound with a glowing blue foam that wound undoubtly sting like shit. “There. Since I forgive you, I’ll give you this.” Pulling back, she dropped the can back into her pouch and moved away from Archon, looking around for Gage and the little green girl. [c]
Biird: The cavern they stood in was alive with color. There were pillars of crystals in a multitude of colors in patches on the floors, the walls, the ceilings… well the parts that weren’t destroyed. The sound of rushing water was near by and the cavern was full of the fresh scent of earth and water and something sweet. Closer than the sound of water, was the sound of shuffling and old amour clattering. Luxia wiggled. They were about to be attacked. She knew that sound from the many scavenges they’d done in Mythos. Some sort of guard was coming their way and sure enough, appearing from around the many corners with which they could have turned down, there were seven foot tall beings with bodies like bone, and fingers like claws, heads like alien crowns, wielding various weapons seemingly made of the same bone-like material as their bodies, lumbering half hunched toward them. [e]

Grimm: Everything crumbled around them, falling through the chunks of the mountain top as the plummeted to the cavern below. Even as they fell however, Gage still tried to clamber across the larger pieces of debris to catch Archon even in mid free fall. It was not to happen however as the group crashed against the cavern floor, and before he could move, a large number of rocks engulfed him, pinning him as he tried to recover. -C-
Grimm: When he did finally manage to free himself, Gage watched as Lux interacted with Archon, though what they were saying he did not know, but it was enough for his temper to subside enough to regain some normal human functioning thoughts, though his hair still danced like pure white flames atop his head and his eye was a deep obsidian tint. Gripping the handle of his sword still, Gage's one functioning eye turned from the two to look for the other little green person that was the cause of all of this, she still had to pay for trying to kill Lux by throwing her off the mountain top.-C-
Grimm: Yet, even that had to wait now as another matter needing to be dealt with came marching towards them. A growl rumbled low in his throat as the inferno of Gage's rage remained present, his long trench coat flicking around him due to some invisible wind about his person. Though, without waiting, he launched again, perhaps the human side of his brain was still playing catch up. Vaulting past the group of two, Gage slashed at the first of the bone guards, yet instead of it connecting with the intended target, one of the other guards grabbed Gage's wrist faster than he could react. -C-
Grimm: The contact seemed inconsequential at the start, that was, until the flaming aura that had engulfed Gage started to surround the skeleton and about his head adorned a white flame, exactly like Gage's hair, yet Gage's started to fade, returning to its normal hue. A second later the skeleton delivered a hard kick to Gage's midsection, driving him back to Archon and Lux, sliding along the floor on his feet, keeping his balance but doubling forward once his momentum stopped and clutching his stomach. The skeleton he had come in contact with now wore Gage's flaming appearance as if it were it's own. Gage blinked, looking at his own arms and body, unsure exactly what just happened and what it meant.-E-

AntiSaint: Zasha was lost for words of the setting before her. The two males struck against each other. Preparing for destruction, meanwhile the female of the three squealed enjoying everything unravel together. She wasn’t prepared for what would happen next, feeling the floor beneath her body rumble and shatter. Crumbling downward as she latched her attention to Lux, saying something that she could only assume was bizarre. What the hell did she get herself into? The only thing she could possibly think of is the fact she wished she was back on her original combat ship with her deceased crew. This was all chaotic. Worse than any war she has ever seen and it only consisted of three individuals. However, there was no way to come back from where she came. The only direction she had was forward, or in her case falling down a massive rabbit hole. [c]
AntiSaint: The alien would fall aimlessly, with her body shifting out of its sphere form as she covered her head from the rocks that trailed with the four. Before she knew it. She slammed into the floor breaking her fall as her body constricted taking in the impact. The damaged hurt greatly, there wasn’t much to her structure then the slim muscle that coated underneath her skin that harvested her skeletal frame. Assuming she was the lightest in weight among the four individuals she might of been the last to land. In which she was covered with the remaining rocks. Only adding more to her body as it began to swell up with bruising impact. Took her a moment to even gather the strength to move. With how events have been recently for her, she would rather just lay there anyways. Until she heard clashing, growling, and more noises just in front of her. As she scrambled her hand to pop out of the pile of rocks and rubble to pull her away out of her little cocoon of rocks and dirt. [c]
AntiSaint: Once she found her way to her feet she hung her shoulders. This was exhausting. From what she experienced from the past to these individuals. Humans aren’t lazy. If they are humans at all. Of course Zasha had no idea of the races other than Human and the inhabitants of her planet. Just as her vision came clear of the cavern. The tremble would crawl tremendously over her shoulders as they began to shake in fear. What the hell is that? She stared at the Skeletons that moved towards the intruders. To make it worse, she was one of these intruders, as they were closing in on her she swung her arm over her back to reach for her weapon. In doing so she only felt the bare of her back as her heart race in disbelief. She swung her other arm back to feel nothing. She frantically looked around as the skeleton reached for her. She started screaming, which sounded extremely similar to a high pitch bird chirping. Being picked up by her arm she began to panic as she swung her other arm to the skeleton’s head trying to break free. Only word she could think of that human’s could understand is “HELP”. In which she learned from the crew she slaughtered just before she stole their ship to this god forsaken planet.[e]

Brute: As he fell from the top deep into the bowls of the mountain there were many things running through the beaten man’s mind but by the time his body bounced off the rocks and crystals below his mind was completely empty. All the loose thoughts and situations that could have been or would have been were now gone, replaced by a clear mind that was only wondering what all the noise was about. Archon’s eyes opened as he tried shifting his body from side to side, even though the back of his head had taken the majority of the damage when smashing in the mountain it was actually his back that hurt the most, followed by the pain in his stomach, after all his chaos had protected his head for the most part, save a few scratches here and there. Even though he was used to holding a body heat higher than normal humans he could feel an itch under his skin, something akin to small bugs scattering in his bloodstream and traveling all over his body which was starting to become rather unbearable until his eyes fell onto Luxia who was beaming with excitement and looking down at him.
Brute: Her words sparked a couple of things in his mind but he didn’t speak, after all he didn’t have an answer about why he was so protective over the blade or even what was going to happen now that he knew something darker was behind it. As she continued speaking about it destroying him he had to agree with her somewhat, it had changed the way he acted back then but surely now that he was aware of the situation it wouldn’t be able to control him ever again…Right? Growls emitted from the Sentinels throat as Lux injected him with one of her items, even though the pinch at the start was enough cause a growl it was still healing all the cuts around his head and neck, yet there was nothing to be said for the wound in his stomach and the cuts on his back.
Brute: When she moved away from him to check up on Gage, not that he could see her doing that but hell he knew where she was going the second she stepped off, Archon pushed himself to his feet and pressed his hand under the fabric of his top and the guard he wore to protect his lower stomach. Three fingers found blood, but luckily there was nothing hanging out and the wound wouldn’t be something he’d die from, maybe back years ago before he landed in Mythos but now, it wasn’t much more dangerous than a scrape from falling over. Pulling a hand to his head the white eyed Atlantean rubbed in circles, thump after thump took his attention away from the fact that he’d landed in a bed of crystals of unknown origin, whether or not they were the same crystals they had been sent out to find or not was yet to be seen, but either way there was without a doubt broken off shards from the crystals lodged in his back and just like the dagger had done it was slowly breaking down into liquid and assimilating into his body.
Brute: His eyes had been forced closed for the past few seconds, the sounds of rushing and goings on around him was barely enough to make him open them up and when he did the light from an on fire skeleton not only surprised his mind but also shocked his eyes. He couldn’t help but stumble slightly as wave after wave of something hit him, attacked him and caused him to act like a bee caught up in a storm, waves just sending his body rocking in one direction then another, only difference being the directions were all coming from the people surrounding him. The temperature of his core continued to rise as the itching seemed to burrow further into his bones. From one side he was assaulted with anger and it continued to fuel the heat he felt yet from another of those present his stomach turned with anticipation, excitement that was enough to make him want to throw up on the spot, like some giddy little kid on Christmas morning not knowing what Santa had left for them over night and finally there was fear, sadness, a want to get the hell out of the caves and be anywhere else in the world but there. Confusing started taking over his mind as his bright white hues turned back to a rather deep violet, dark purple aura seeped from his pours and surrounded his body as his left arm took on a similar form from when Gage had attacked him, only this time it held more offensive features, namely his fingers had turned into what looked like clawed gauntlets and his shoulder was now protruding a large spike and the left hand side of his face had dark purple liquid like essence slowly trailing along it as his entire arm and shoulder shifted.
Brute: The cry for help from the alien girl was enough to shock the half changed Archon into action and much like Gage had done before he vanished, leaving a trail of smoke and crumbled rocks in his wake. His now transformed clawed hand swiped at the head of the skeleton who was holding the girl making the noise, whether or not he was attacking at the sound that was being made or trying to help her out at this moment was yet to be seen, either way the head of the skeleton rolled as it was already grabbing onto the female and had no time to reach out and grab for the Sentinel. Small waves of energy blew away from the Atlantean as he continued on, vanishing one minute and attacking from obscure angles the next, though when two or three of the skeletons had fallen, more could be heard from the distance, their footsteps echoing in the caves with a promise of the warriors to come.

Biird: Her blood began to pump with adrenaline, her eyes widened, pupils dilated as her visor closed over her sparkling eyes. Lux was almost bursting with excitement that was until... until some forward, grabby, rude skeleton grabbed Gage's hand and sapped him of his overwhelming power. The site of that warped Lux's usually smiling and gleeful face into something twisted and angry. Her feet cratered the earth beneath her and she launched forward. The doubled down sword she kept on her lower back, stretched to its full extent as she held it in a backwards grip with her left hand, and with her right she removed the long tang sword on her hip. Now, despite the three visible weapons on her person, Lux wasn't what you'd call a combative person. There was a level of skill she held having survived this long and longer still before she met Archon and Gage, but that skill only every ventured forth for two reasons; either she was feeling playful and violent, or just flat out violent. Taking something from or hurting her boys left all things playful behind. [c]

Biird: In a blur, Lux bolted past Archon and Zasha, the alien screaming help and her dazed and disheveled comrade who she was mad at, but two minor creatures crossed her path. The first took the full force of Lux's throttle and they went skating across the floor, gathering earth around their thread. This creature was like the two that Archon had now dispatched; a touch smaller than the one who had stolen Gage's power, their heads where more humanoid than the other one, her hands only had three claws. The second one was hot on their trail, derailing her escape from from her underneath the first by flurrying her with jabs, or grabs... Lux wasn't sure, but she dodged them regardless. Her left arm swung upward, so her bladed gleamed reflecting the light of the crystals as the sharpened steel, sheered off the boxing buddy's arm. The guard's reaction time was flawless, his good arm coming across to grab Lux, claw-like fingers wrapping around her arm. His face came inches from her own, a deafening roar launched into her face. With a hard kick of her mecha-boot, the material was hard enough to rival that of the creature holding her, she shattered his awkwardly jutted knee, causing him to roar again and topple to the side. As they fell, Lux drove her tang sword into the ground and used the other hand to pound down on the its skull. The little woman, who's default mode was either damsel in distress or dramatic child, she was freakishly strong, most likely from the years in Mythos' strange environment. The skull cracked and fell inward under the fury of her slugs, but Lux was ripped away from her target by the other one. He gripped her by the arms and flung her over the head of his deceased comrade into the wall. With a hard thud, Lux huff air as the wind was knocked out of her and fell to the ground. [c]

Biird: Leaping after her, the creature came down hard on the ground and gripped Lux by the arms hoisting her up. The visor closed over her eyes, scanned the creature quickly. These lessor guards lacked the power to steal power, not that they would have gotten much Lux, as she had no obvious powers. However, she still had one sword in her hand, which she dug into the head of the creature holding her. He shrieked and pelted her again. Lux cracked the wall again, fell onto her hands and knees and scrambled forward, taking a running slide to gather her tang from the ground as more of the creatures marched into the open cavern full of rubble in which they landed. Twisting her body, Lux moved around and used her own momentum to pull her other blade free of skull. She was up and ready when the others started to march closer. There must have been about another seven minions and three more of those flat headed power stealers. Her fury had settled quite a bit and was falling back into battle bliss. With her swords back in her possession, Lux stood ready again, she was closer to Gage now, so all was well in her world. [e]
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Location: Inside the Caves
Mission: Run for your fucking life but also steal crystals

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It took a while for Gage to recollect himself and his thoughts at least to the point he could understand what was going on around him in the rather large cave they all were now fighting for their lives in. As he tried to push to his feet he stumbled and landed down on one knee with a grunt, sweat dripping from his brow. It seemed the larger skeleton creature had sapped a rather large portion of his stamina along with his overall general appearance and power. Luckily it seemed there were far fewer of the larger creatures and only they seemed to possesses this ability to strip someone of their abilities. That did not mean the smaller ones were a pushover however as a couple were giving Lux a good go around while Achron dispatched a number of the others.

The smaller female though who called for help was only granted a grunt of disapproval from the Jackal. For every strike Lux was given, Gage could feel a spark of his rage return until he could finally stand again and his dirty blond hair ignited once more atop his head in the familiar white dancing flames.

Moving forward, one of the smaller skeletons moved to intercept his advance but now Gage was in full control of his anger and his thoughts as his cloak of heat draped about his shoulders and body once more. Avoiding the touch of even the smaller ones was the best thing to do until they could figure out just what these creatures were. Side stepping to the left as the skeleton lunge for him, Gage quickly slashed for the creatures midsection and cleaved it in two, leaving it to squirm upon the ground behind him, not missing a step and walking forward towards the new group that was coming at them.

Tightening the grip on his swords handle, Gage slashed 3 times in quick succession towards the roof just over the tunnel the new batch of enemies were advancing from intending to cut them off and give his own group time to breath. That was not to be the case however as the larger skeleton that had stolen much of his power at the beginning unleashed the same attack and used it to negate Gage's causing a small explosion of heat as all his attacks were stopped. Growling low in his throat in frustration, Gage turned to that creature, his eyes succumbing to the obsidian tint once again, ready to rend the creatures skeletal head from his body.
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The small alien girl silenced the moment she was free from the skeleton’s grasp, thanks to Archon. Not a moment to spare another skeleton latched on to Zasha. This skeleton must have already had its run in on the others she was with because the legs were nowhere to be found.  As it gripped and pulled on the alien’s shirt to mount over the alien in hopes to drag her down to the ground. The alien stumbled backwards pushing off the skeleton off her. Only to trap herself back at the start of their entrance pinned against the wall.  Zasha’s eyes reached to the distance to see the others already moving forward. Her heart raced with each beat, pounding against her chest at the sight of each slaughtering scene unfolding before by Gage, Lux, and Archon. The alien tried to find the will to move but remained pinned against the wall, as the marching of more just moments way. She knew she met her doom. It was only just a matter of time.

Meanwhile, two to three tunnels down (lower in the caves), in the finer and darker side of things.

“You know Guppy, I think we are lost again.” The Doctor reached down and gave a simple pat on the stitched-up creature. “I know, I know, I know you wanted me to fix your leg with a new body but it’s going to have to wait. Ever since that earthquake I can’t seem to find those little minions. Absolutely nowhere to be found! You'd think something just fell from above and killed them all or something. Besides, five is the new 6 for beetles. Trust me, I am a Doctor.” The female doctor slid down the giant overly life-sized Frankenstein beetle as she pulled her stethoscope to listen against the wall. “Hmm...There’s crawling over here Guppy, do your stuff!” She pulled away and wrapped her stethoscope along her neck, while pulling out her dirty, previously used gloves. Tied at the waist was a leash between Guppy and herself. Mainly not to stray too far from the only source of light which was surgically embedded in the beetle’s head . To keep it close from wandering too far. “Always believe in the miracles of surgery! What a wonderful day or night to create a new creature”.

Nothing pleased this Doctor more than building a new creature from all her findings. A simple voyage into an unknown cave to collect various creatures for her work nothing more. Of course, she gotten a little carried away and ended up getting lost in the process. That and she had a way of butchering half of her findings before remembering exactly what body part she wanted to keep. Alas, she searched for more specimens and wandered further away till now who knows exactly how long she’s been down here.

While Guppy, the Frankenstein beetle whom was one of the many weekly prized possessions of this crazy Doctor, digging away at the location it was instructed. It found something, they were both not prepared for. Crystals that must have been amplified with the volcanic energy being so closed to the core of the mountain. Even the slightest touch of Guppy’s multi built tusk ignited the crystals in an explosion as the giant beetle ricocheted backward against breaking through each floor to the cave. Just behind the beetle was the woman herself flying upward with her hands over her head yelling with excitement sparking through her broken glasses. “Guppy, you are a genius! Why didn’t I think of this before? Scare them out! Brilliant idea Guppy!”

Breaking into the scene of the skeleton battle, Guppy launched bursting from underneath Zasha. The poor tiny alien went launching forward leading to her death being impaled horrifically.  Also launching multiple boulders in all different directions. While Guppy’s body slowed down enough for it to expand its wings as the female pulled back from the gap in the rope and back on the ground. Just as she landed, so did a piece of the aliens mutilated body fell down beside her. “Oh, how perfect! a leg! I guess you are getting your leg after all Guppy!”
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With everything going around him it was surprising and different for The Sentinel not to be watching the others with worried eyes, usually his position was always the last standing his ground and moving out on when he thought one of his companions were in actual danger, yet currently neither his chaotic purple orbs or attention were on anyone other than the skeletons that were amassing by the minute. His saving of the little alien girl in the moment just past was a lucky coincidence for her, if his clawed hand had been just a few inches lower he would have taken her head off along with the smaller skeletons but she got lucky, or maybe not so much considering what was in her future.

With each turn his body moved and swiped through the air towards a minor skeleton which resulted in the same way as the first he had taken out, their bones crashing and smashing against the cave walls, before falling onto the floor but something wasn’t right, it felt far from over and he could feel it in his own bones and the power that he had bathed in for millennia. Something beyond his general transformation was happening, sure he had used his powers before to shift certain parts of his body into a deadlier form, but this time it seemed to take over his mind also, pushing him closer to the edge of himself; forcing his body to leave his mind behind as it took on a personality all of its own. What was a body that moved on its own without a mind? Was it still a perhaps just instinct had kicked in, for thousands of years he had trained and prepared himself almost every day, in Mythos he had pushed past everything else he knew from his human life and entered a completely different level of being from mere human.

With nothing more than feral instinct guiding his moves and attacks Archon shifted and walked in a way he had never done before, in a way that not even his closest companions would have seen from him. Each time a skeleton tried to attack his body shifted ever so slightly, the miniscule movements at first not appearing to be enough to avoid being damaged but ending up to be very precise and effective. As the already defeated skeleton bones around the cave started clambering together and rebuilding himself Archon let out a howl of a scream, the sound echoing and bouncing off the cave walls as a massive beetle burst forth from the ground and ended the life of the little alien girl he had previously saved from Gage. If his mind was still in the right place he would have attacked for that reason alone, but it wasn’t and his attack was for a completely different reason; it was big and he wanted it dead. Purple energy crackled around his body, distorting the air around him and giving off immense heat, though not quite as hot as the heat that came from Gage when he was pissed off. The Sentinel, if he could even be called that anymore bent his body forward and vanished from sight before appearing at the side of the giant beetle as his massive clawed hand tore through the air and aimed directly for the insects head, fully intent on ripping into it like tender meat and tearing it apart on the spot.
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World One: Cremoura
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