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 [HoM] Find Your Place

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PostSubject: Re: [HoM] Find Your Place   Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:43 pm

It didn’t take long for the Atlanthean drop the tension in his body, arms, shoulders and fists all loosed up when he realised that that Gage wasn’t a threat and that he had probably caused the current stand still with his previously actions. By the time Archon had turned slightly and opened his mouth to ask the girl if she knew how they could communicate with the male it was already too late.

Archon made no quick movements when the giant creature leapt from the lake even though by this point he watched it as if in slow motion landing top half on the bridge and trying it’s hardest to devour the girl. Now it wasn’t the situation that caused the almost completely naked man to freeze in that moment, nor was it the size of the beast that leapt from the water; it was the fact that he hadn’t felt it, sensed it, and known when and where it was coming from. For all the years Archon had been wondering the Realm of Mythos he always had the upper hand whenever it came to dealing with something large and deadly. A few seconds notice on when the enemy was going to attack was always enough to give him the ability to dodge then counter and since the sense had long since been an established part of Archon it was something that was rather automatic.

An odd sound coming from the female caused him to break out of the daze he was currently under, but by the time his head was back in the game he noticed that his body was further away from the beast and the girl than he thought, the only logical explanation being that his body had jumped out of the way of instinct alone. The current view was something that was definitely impressive to the Atlanthean, the mysterious man that appeared had jumped the gap, hoisted the female off the ground and jumped backwards to safety, all while landing in a pose that even the oversized fish had to have found slightly intimidating.

He had no weapon, no knowledge of this creature; no advantage on its attacks and most importantly no clothes. Now with the girl safely out of the way of the beast and still wrapped under the arm of Gage, Archon took notice of the sheath lying on the ground and moved for it. Of course there was a small part of him that knew it was dangerous to touch a weapon that belonged to someone else, especially if that person was a warrior, their weapons were an extension of their bodies and not just heaps of metal to be swung around. It was a given that the sheath of the blade wasn’t as long as the actual sword but it was better than nothing, and once it was in Archon’s grasp he gripped loosely while stepping forward till he was lined up with the other swordsman.

It was clear from his sudden actions that the deaf male may not have been used to working with others, everything he did was by himself and he neither need nor wanted help, which Archon could respect. Though Archon was of a different mind-set, he may have grown up training alone and fighting his way to General but he also knew the advantages of fighting as a unit and as such he wasn’t going to go rogue and act alone when there was a capable person at his side. His head turned enough that he could see Gage and the beast at the same time and waited for the other male to acknowledge his presence before he simply nodded and faced the beast again.

A darkish blue wave started to cover the sheath in his hands, even though it was much slower and taking far more concentration than usual to do it Archon was slowly managing to cover the blade in his Chaotic Aura, it would reinforce the simple sheath at least to the point of a decent blade, even more so if it wasn’t for the limited power he was pulling from the source at the moment. After roughly a few seconds had passed the entire sheath was covered, dark blue wisps rolled off of it and vanished as they parted with the weapon.

Mean-while the beast clearly wasn’t finished attacking the trio, especially after the taunt from Gage the smashing rock against its mouth. With that part of the bridge basically gone it took back to the water, it’s large body could be seen moving mere inches under the water, if not for the small amount of light coming over from the passage way it would have been even more difficult to spot. It turned, circled on the spot for a few seconds and then rushed towards the bridge with intent on killing its prey, mere meters from the bridge it once dived down before jumping out of the water, this time much higher than before, so much so that it would be dangerously close to tearing them in two when it collided with them.

This time Archon was ready for the beasts assault and as it neared with its mouth wide open ready to devour he dropped while moving forwards, his body turning a whole 360 degrees to get momentum in his attack and when under the belly of the fish that was still soaring through the air he cut at it, slicing the sheath against its stomach in an attempt to gut the thing but sadly his lack of power at the moment wasn’t enough to completely break through the beast’s scales, though if they were lucky and Gage was paying attention they would have had another shot at slicing the thing open from below.
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PostSubject: Re: [HoM] Find Your Place   Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:45 pm

At first it seemed like the wind was picking up in the wake of distress, but soon Lux realized it wasn’t wind, at least not naturally. The breeze was coming from the hard swinging of the prehistorically large creature’s tail. Lux’s head was turned away from the men on the stable piece of the bridge and toward the beast to get a good look at the maws chomping for her life. The entire time, she was wriggling her toes in her boots and reading across the malfunction information spanning across the visor that automatically crosses her vision in times of danger.

She’d been so busy trying to keep her legs out of the monster’s jaw, get her boots to work, and keep her wind splattered curls out of her face with her mecha hand whose gravity leveler was not working. Oddly enough, Lux hadn’t made much of a sound the entire time her life was in danger. She was too busy reading the mass quantity of information flashing before her eyes besides, Lux had never been much of a screamer, not in fear anyway. Squealing or screaming in joy or out of absurdity was definitely her calling card.

She was so used to being by herself she’d almost forgotten about the men that conversed with her not moments ago. Forgotten about them so thoroughly that she was attempting to free herself of this situation without once just thinking to ask for a hand up off the falling slab; so thoroughly that when Mr. Final Fantasy scooped her off the rock all she could do was squeak in surprise. Immediately her hands went up, her jaw dropped with lips starting to move but then her mouth snapped shut. He wouldn’t be able to hear her protests anyway. Wiggling in his grip, Lux was able to twist enough to see the two men making a standoff against the beast. Her head swung to the side, the visor immediately scanning the temple door.

Behind her, the beast was forced to regroup on his attack after the bridge fell beneath its stubbly little legs. It circled in the onyx water then leapt again but Tarzan was ready. The visor picked up his movement and the unusual blue mist he charged the stolen sheathe. Whatever he had done to the creature caused it to roar in pain and roll, crashing against the crumpling wall of the bridge that was already destroyed. The whole structure shook and the prehistoric croc flopped back into the water once more to regroup. In that brief pause, Lux reached back and patted her hero on the back to get his attention. She used quick, brief military commands to get him to move toward the temple door. Tarzan wouldn’t be happy given his past reactions to the mute heading that way, however it was their only way out.

Meanwhile, the croc circled twice for good measure then reemerged on the back that Tarzan had used to make his appearance and raced up the walk toward them. Either this thing was starving or sent by some demon to devour them for their sins then shit them out so something else could devour them again. Lux liked neither of those scenarios. Then again, her imagination was never rainbows when her life was in danger.
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PostSubject: Re: [HoM] Find Your Place   Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:46 pm

Gage was prepared to kill the creature and preferably not die in the attempt, he was a fan of living and the self sacrifice idea never really sat well with him. Why would it? He was a merc by nature and birth. Can't collect your payment if you are dead, now can you. It also meant that team work was rare, but not unheard of, though as per the last reason, more hands meant more splits of payment. Gage was use to being part of a begrudging team. No one on his old world liked Legacy's and less liked to have one on their team or watching their backs. Because of this, even in a group, Gage was use to working alone.

Gage basically ignored the man as he picked up the disguarded sheath. Normally he might not take so kindly to someone touching his stuff, but it was just the sheath so he wasn't too bothered. Plus, the guy was half naked, so it was better than nothing. Though what he did with the sheath was another matter. The entities in this world were definitely different to anything he had come across before. This, however, was not the time to nitpick a situation.

The beast was tough, it's scales like that of a dragon, barely penetrable by normal means, though whatever it was the other male used to empower the sheath was far from 'normal means'. As the giant tuna flopped and roared from the strike, Gage was prepped to slash at its exposed head, but when he did his sword barely cut its flesh, luckily it did enough damage to slice a tooth from its maw.

It was awkward moving with the female under his arm so he barely got enough force behind the overhead slash, though as the beast sunk back into the pitch black liquid, Gage glanced back at the female who was patting his back. Watching her hands, his eyes then moved to the temple. The entrance was large, but it looked like it was just narrow enough that the beast could not squeeze its way through. With that idea in mind, Gage grunted to the other male, then hooked his head in the direction of the temple door before he turned and jumped forward. A single jump almost carried him from one side of the bridge all the way to the other, but as he landed, sliding to a halt and prepped to jump again, the whole bridge shook and trembled.

Turning to his left, to his side with the only working eye, Gage released his package with a hump of his hip and a flick of his arm. It was enough of a move that would have flicked the woman upright and back onto her feet and a bit of a bump to propel her towards the temple entrance. Turning fully now, he took a step towards the charging Dino. The beast roared with enough force to cause Gage's jacket to flap violently behind him, though Gage couldn't hear the scream of predatorial rage, he could feel it in the area, anyone could.

Swapping his sword into his right hand, Gage twisted it, and now with the other male behind him somewhat, he lifted the sword, turned it so it pointed down and stabbed it into the concrete ground. A normal weapon would have shattered, but Gage's cut through the rock like butter. Raising his hand again, releasing the sword, he then brought his fist directly down into the pommel of the handle and drove it deeper until the hilt connected with the ground and a crack split width ways across the bridge. Grabbing the handle again, he pulled back on it, and almost like he were digging a hole, the sword acted like a shovel and the bridge itself began to lift and split. Then in another quick movement, he released the handle and slammed his foot down on the sword grip and the bridge shattered, sending a massive clump of solid concrete to face level in front of the other male. Gage only gave him a quick glance, but after seeing how hard he had hit the croc earlier with just the sheath, he figured why not do it again and launch this debris at the monster like bullets.

Hopefully the guy was paying attention for as soon as Gage had launched the rock into the air behind him, he jumped again towards the entrance to the temple. Even if the guy did not add to his attack, the bridge was shattered enough that it would cause the croc to need to circle again before trying to jump and get them. If he was hit, maybe they could have some big ass tuna for lunch.
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PostSubject: Re: [HoM] Find Your Place   Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:46 pm

He knew he didn’t have enough power right now to slice through the beast and end the fight in one swift strike but what happened next wasn’t as bad as being swallowed whole or ripped apart by the feral being in the water. His attack had done enough damage that the beast flopped over giving Gage enough time to strike at its face which ended with a tooth flying into the air. Archon’s eyes followed the beast closely until a grunt was heard; eyes shifting to the silent male who hooked his head towards the temple before jumping towards the entrance left an uncomfortable feeling in the bottom of his stomach.

From watching the lone wolf jump across the bridge it was rather evident that he was beyond a normal human, atleast from what Archon could remember men couldn’t jump that far even when their lives depended on it. Archon however was different now, he was no longer the man that had arrived here years ago and like the man in front of him he too had means beyond that of a normal human being. Even with his lack of connection to his source of power Archon still possessed a rather limited amount of Chaos within him; after all he’d spent countless years in the Realm of Mythos and in that time it became part of in, imbued within his blood, skin and bones. A blur was left behind as the Atlanthean pushed his body to the limit for what was only a split second, and in that second he too like Gage had crossed the bridge; arriving at Gage’s side mere moments after he had landed.

With Gage finally letting go of the female and edging her towards the entrance of the temple, which now sat directly at their backs, Archon watched as he plunged his blade into the concrete but instead of the blade breaking the bridge started giving away, cracks appeared and slithered into larger breaks until finally the bridge completely shattered. Still the beast persisted with its attempts at taking bites out of the air, the only difference now being that it was struggling to stay on top of the bridge as the concrete below crumbled and fell into the water.

Archon took notice of the glance from Gage, how could he miss it after the man had crumbled the entire bridge and managed a massive piece of it to recoil into the air directly in front of the almost naked man. Like he had done moments before, Archon pushed the limits of his body and his form shifted, both hands gripped the end of the sheath and in a fashion similar to that of baseball or someone chopping a tree the Atlanthean General batted the piece of rock directly towards the face of the beast by using the side of the sheath to hit a larger area rather than the narrow edges. He turned and took off, following both of the new people into the entrance of the temple, not stopping until he came up behind them because the death of the beast meant little to him, it wouldn’t be able to get through the narrow passage into the temple which meant they were safe from its monstrous apatite.

If there wasn’t any other distractions on the way down the narrow corridor and if neither the male or female had stopped to discuss things Archon would have kept walking until they atleast came out into an open chamber; after all now they were inside the temple and whatever there was blocking off his energy they would soon find it, though whether that was a good thing or not was yet to be discovered.
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[HoM] Find Your Place
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