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 Ten Commandments Of Roleplay

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PostSubject: Ten Commandments Of Roleplay   Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:53 am

1. Thou shall not MOD!
2. Thou shall not talk to people when they are in a different room as you.
3. Thou shall not be an indestructible god like character who is immensely annoying.
4. Thou shall not act out other peoples’ characters.
5. Thou shall not bring RL into RP.
6. Thou shall not bring OOC comments into IC actions and comments.
7. Thou shall learn math and know you can't be half dragon, half drow, half elven, half vampire, and half shape-shifter.
8. Thou shall read the rules and sign them PROPERLY.
9. Thou shall understand that a monarchy is not a democracy, and democracy is not anarchy.
10. Thou shall remember that the character and typist are separate, and information privately given to the typist is not to be shared with the character.
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Ten Commandments Of Roleplay
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